Girl at the falls                                                                Girl at the Louvre
Girl at Musée d'Orsay                                                     Girl at the park

Cleopatra in the Cities 2011

Abby at the movies                                                         Becky at the zoo
Candy at the concert                                                       Dee at the fashion show
Effi at Gus' party                                                                                         Faigy at the same party
Gail at the festival                                                            Ijena waking up
Jakie before the play                                                       Kaila enjoying a night out
Lomita at the dinner boat tour                                         Mina watching the NBA finals
Nicole just before dinner                                                 Opal at the Ojibway
Paquita at the beach                                                                                    Querita at the pool room
Stacy at the Christmas Party                                            Tulip on Good Friday
Uv(enishk)a daydreaming                                            Victoria after a dinner outing

Antonio and Gina dancing a tango                                   Rosie at the mirror

St. George                                                                                                   Ste. Marie
St. James                                                                                                    Ex Church
United Methodist                                                                                       

Ashmun Bridge                                                                                           Edison Sault Hydro-Plant
Katmai Bay at the Marina                                                                           The Mansion
The Court House                                                                                        The City Hall
Ramada Plaza Ojibway                                                                               The Fire Station

Piazza della Signoria                                                        Piazza dei Miracoli
Ponte di Rialto                                                                                            St. George Lycabettus
Seaton Delaval Hall                                                                                     Villa Almerico-Capra "La Rotonda"
The Parthenon on the Acropolis                                                                  Shah Mosque, Isfahan
Piazza XX Settembre, Sulmona, Abruzzo                                                    Piazza Tartini, Pirano, Istria
Okinawa Bridge                                                                                          Ivan the Great Bell Tower
Saint Sophia, Novgorod                                                                              Theaterplatz, Dresden
Novgorod Kremlin Fortress                                            Kreuztor, Ingolstadt
Alferaki Palace                                                                                           The Tower of London
The Grand Army of the Republic                                     Schloss Spyker, Rügen
Pembroke College, Oxford                                                                         Château de Montaigne
Burg Hülshoff                                                                                              Teatro alla Scala
Wasserschloss Klaffenbach                                                                         Bundeshaus, Bern
Moliceiros de Aveiro                                                                                  Osaka Castle
Ascension Cathedral, Astrakhan                                                                  Oud Poelgeest Trekvaart
Villa Konstantinówka, Zakopane                                                                 Weizmann Accelerator
Al-Fateh Mosque, Manama                                                                        Vadstena Castle

Burg Satzvey

Peter und Paul Kirche, Ufnau                                                                      Heidi hiding behind the curtain
Last House Standing, Holland Island                                                           Church of the Holy Cross, Akhtamar Island, Lake Van
Paul Klee Zentrum                                                                                      The Great Wall
Pont d'Avignon                                                                                           Vaux - le - Vicomte
Domaines Mousset                                                                                      Palace of the Knights, Rhodes
Swallow's Nest, Gaspra                                                                             Perast, Bay of Kotor