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If you are not trained sufficiently to use potent weapons
that other States provide, DO NOT USE THEM. It is
a fine line between legality and illegality and it is very
likely one may cross it, if they do not know what they
are doing and how to use those weapons. Also, do not
inhibit the investigations. An International Crime has
occurred and knowingly disturbing evidence or
intentionally impeding the investigation by blocking
access to the scene of the crime is unlawful under
International Law. The situation in Ukraine has burst
so much beyond reason that the ICC has to indict and
to press charges regardless of whether the political
situation readily allows for the apprehension of the
political, military or militia leaders, officers or war-
lords responsible. Do not let again something like this
pass with minor civil litigation; send a clear unequivocal
message that this behavior is not acceptable in the
Europe of 2014.

Even if there is the tiniest of probabilities for a passenger
plane to get hit while overflying war theaters, the relevant
air traffic scheduling authorities should change the planes'
routes to avoid such geographic areas. It is not worth risking
peoples' lives, however small the risk...

In view of the 2016 Presidential Elections, a superb, constructive
and benefiting development would be for an agreement to be
struck between both major Parties to come up with a joint ticket.
This could potentially lead to a thaw of inter-Party relations with
accompanying major theoretical and practical advantages:
First, the Chambers of Congress would be able to work much
more cooperatively and agree on passing legislation on pressing
and burning issues more readily. Second, the billions of dollars
that would, otherwise, be spent on campaigning and electioneering
could be donated, instead, by the Super PACs and other private
organizations to support other causes.
Here is a suggestion for some of the posts, based on observed
evidence of effectiveness and a feeling that they may be positive:
President: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder;
Vice President: Either Joe Biden or John Kerry
At State: Hillary Clinton
At Defense: John McCain and Carl Levin
At Health: Barack Obama and a Health Care Provider CEO;
                   The ACA is here to stay and a pair consisting of a
                   strong theoretical advocate that knows the Law inside
                   out together with a person that is very familiar with
                   the implementation issues at company level will enable
                   good future regulation and legislation for impovements.
At Education: A joint Democratic-Republican nomination with
                         no vested interest either in teacher unions or in
                         private for-profit education. Here, my opinion is
                         that the mandate should be about 1. Increasing
                         again State funding for public education and re-
                         making it a State priority expenditure; 2. Reducing
                         questionable bureaucratic add-ons, such as incessant
                         assessments and needless piling of extra administrator
                         levels (if some believe they can do a better job, they
                         should be in the classroom to the direct advantage
                         of students; not telling other people how to apply
                         their pioneering methods and techniques); 3. Finally,
                         refocusing education on its main subjects and objects:
                         Students, Teachers, Parents and the Subject Matter
                         that makes participants and recipients more
                         informed and better Citizens.

Hamas must accept a ceasefire, recognize the State of
Israel and lay down its weapons. In return, Israel must
reconsider its position towards recognizing the Unity
Palestinian Administration and allow the political arm
of Hamas to participate in a constructive way in intense
negotiations towards finding a permanent and viable
solution, avoiding sabotaging moves, questionable
under International Law. There is simply no other way,
no other possible alternatives. MUTUAL RESPECTFUL,
honest COMPROMISE is a one-way street. DO IT NOW

The World is poorer today... Nadine Gordimer
is with us no more...

Follow this girl and write down a million times on the
streets of Jerusalem her message of Peace, Fraternity
and Co-Existence. Send to your political and military
leaders, including your Prime Minister, the message
loud and clear, because you are the only ones with the
force and the power to do so: These lands are not mine
or yours or theirs, these lands belong to the Universe,
to all of us, because me and them and you, we are all
departing tomorrow and we want to leave to all our
children and to their children a land full of beauty and
a World full of harmony and a humanity full of the
noblest of feelings of fraternity, of tolerance and of
peaceful coexistence; not an injured and violated youth
and a scorched, bombed and uninhabitable planet...

Unfortunately, in India prosecuting a few offenders is
not going to be anywhere close to sufficient as regards
the plight of the female population. It sounds like the
mentality of large part of the population is such that
radical changes, starting with a vigorous educational
campaign and a social awareness ``onslaught", are
absolutely necessary. As things stand, in this largest
democracy on earth, right now it is safer to be a cow
than a girl or a woman...

It is contradictory and disturbing for a Prime Minister to
call the family of an innocent victim offering sympathies
for the loss
and assurances of a swift, honest and fair
investigation and rigorous prosecution of perpetrators,
and less than a week later to send the armed forces to
kill comparably innocent sons and daughters of other
families as collateral damage
in a conflict that, perhaps,
he did not have the greatest responsibility in starting,
but, undoubtedly, has had great possibility in avoiding.
Unfortunately, not only has he not undertaken any
effort to that effect, but, on the contrary, at times, he
has adopted decisions and allowed actions that he
certainly must have known would have a destructive
effect by flaring tensions.
Call your counterparts, start negotiations, make brave,
daring and generous concessions and reach a permanent
agreement for the sake of both communities' children.
You are old enough to discount short term political costs;
think of the future of Israelis, Palestinians and the East
Mediterranean Region, think of the future of all our
children, their development, their well-being, their
right to live decently without constant fear and of their
children's future. Look beyond your short remaining
time on this planet, look into what comes next.
STOP killing each other's most innocent.

Eduard Shevardnadze is with us no more.

I hope HMS Queen Elizabeth will not perpetuate wars
of the past or fight new wars in the future, but rather that
it will get the chance to fortify International Peace and
Security in the Spirit of Our Charter and that its Sailors
and their Officers will use this majestic vessel in the best
traditions of helping Humanity in their most difficult
hours and in their direst need. May you always sail safely.

Powerful global banks: Unbounded, Unchecked
. Σκοτώνω και Πληρώνω. Simple as that...

If it was deemed OK and legitimate for Russia to annex
Crimea, based on a local referendum, then why would it
not be legitimate for the Kurds to do the same in Iraq
or Turkey, for the Scots to do the same in the U.K., for
the Basques to do the same in Spain, for the Serbian
enclaves to do the same in Bosnia-Herzegovina or in
the Serb regions in Kosovo and the list goes on and on
and on and on and blood spills on and on and on...
and the World has made zero progress and has taken
insignificant steps towards fraternity, humanity and
coexistence after the second big war

For the sake of all your children, sit down and reach a
viable, permanent solution
, rather than periodically
killing each other's most innocent
. When are you going,
at last, to peek into an internal, however small, light
of humanity, grace, generosity, magnanimity,...........

How can one take European solidarity and European
determination and steadfastness seriously???

The British Prime Minister trying to convince his counterparts
in the European Union that changes are needed and engaging
in political disagreements and struggles inside the block's organs
to advance the Union in a direction that he sees the most
beneficial for both the U.K. and for the E.U. as a whole is
a noble and commendable effort and not to be taken lightly
or criticized cheaply. On the other hand, the continuous
reference on the part of various leaders and members of the
British political scene of withdrawing from the Union or of
taking unilateral actions inside the Union or continuous
unimplemented threats of holding referenda for similar
reasons are not helpful to Britain, nor are they constructive
for the goals of advancing, modernizing or solidifying the
Union in times when these developments are necessary.

I strongly applaud the move by the United States to signal its
intention to stop the production and the purchases of all anti-
personnel landmines and to eventually accede to the Ottawa
. It is the right thing to do and the militarily
strongest nation on earth should have done it a long time
ago. The BBC reports that 161 States are bound by the Treaty.
Let us make them 193 starting with the Permanent Members
of the Security Council.

Honestly, if your country falling out of Government control
and being ready to fall apart into pieces is not ground enough for
the formation of a ``salvation" or ``unity" government or other
emergency administrative measures, then I would not even
know why these terms exist or in which situations it would
be appropriate or necessary to apply them... The perplexing
attitude of Prime Minister Maliki of an almost nonexistent
country, sticking to inexplicable statements about ``respecting
the ``democratic process"" in this almost non existent State,
having a Government that is almost in the fringe of what would
be deemed, at least for legal purposes, noneffective, seems to
suggest that he has altogether lost touch with reality and that
he is looking at things through completely distorting glasses...

Now that the legs of his chair are trembling and crumbling,
the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki remembered that
there is actually something called ``unity" and is urging the
people of Iraq to unite. Maliki, good night...

1. No one in the World has a duty to support Governments
    that exist only for the enrichment and the empowerment
    of individuals.
2. Every one in the World has a duty and the responsibility
    to hold sacred and abide by the Laws of Armed Conflict
    and Human Rights Law and all relevant International
    Treaties and Protocols, especially those reflecting Customary
    Law. In particular, executing prisoners of war cannot be
3. 300 or, for that matter, 1,000 U.S. Special Forces are not
    going to provide any help to the Diplomatic Mission in
   such an unstable and volatile situation, which may erupt
   to an all out war and the creation of new States. The U.S.
   President has a responsibility and would do wisely to
   withdraw all U.S. Citizens and personnel from the Embassy
   in Baghdad right away and suspend Diplomatic Functions
   pending further developments. The safety of people comes
   before all else. Do not tell us you were not able to foresee
   the chaos and start idiotic, interminable discussions in
   the media of whose fault it was after the damage is done.

This international criminal, instead of feeling fortunate
that the International Court of Justice has not been vested
with the appropriate powers to arrest and indict him on
the gravest of International Crimes of planning, initiating
and waging a war of aggression with the gravest and most
damaging of consequences for humanity, under false and
fabricated pretenses, has the shamelessness and the audacity
to argue in Intenational Political Affairs in a way reminiscent
of the catastrophic arguments and the catastrophic influence
that the handgun, rifle and weapon lobbies do in American
domestic affairs
. Enough is enough is enough; at which point
is he going to realize that his opinion is not only undesirable
and not needed, but, in addition, when he was in charge
and had the chance of making the World a better place
for future generations, he failed both his countrymen and
the World community as a whole utterly and miserably...

For Minister Lavrov to make insightful remarks on Iraq
is very constructive. For Minister Lavrov to be learning
some lessons from his analysis and the criticisms that he
formulates when it comes to applying them to the foreign
policy of the State of which he is in charge would have
been much better indeed...

Just a message to Hamas: Those of us that do think that
you could engage constructively and, perhaps, decisively
in the efforts of the Palestinian President on behalf of the
Palestinian People in the difficult road to Statehood are
watching carefully all your moves in the region and would
like to see a firm commitment to the Universal Values of
Peace, Fraternity and Cooperation. Moving towards
engaging or, even, allowing or condoning, acts by ill
meaning outside forces to poison even the tiniest
existing understanding between the Israeli and the
Palestinian sides is completely detestable and utterly
and, not only is it going to lead you
politically nowhere, but it is also going to deprive you
of the outside political support that is key to attaining
your political aims.

While it is true that attendees at the World Cup games should
show courtesy and respect towards others, the Brazilian President
should not use her years as a young freedom fighter and her
pleas on behalf of families and children to deflect her own
personal, her Government's and FIFA's despicable directors'
responsibility for all relevant issues that the Brazilian fans
are justifiably not happy about and that they are chanting
and demonstrating against
. After all, her imprisonment had
the ultimate goal to restore to her fellow countrymen these
fundamental rights of criticism and protest. It's just that,
when one becomes older, one tends to feel more comfortable,
more conformist and to forget the substance of what they
had so vigorously fought for as a younger, freer-thinking

Congratulations and Good Luck to the newly elected Premier
Kathleen Wynne of Ontario.
My first advise to her, as far as
meaningful and substantial reform priorities to make our
neighboring Province better administratively go, would be
to drastically reduce bureaucracy and cut middlemen in
every sector of public and private business. One hears by
Ontarians, occasionally, stories that remind one of the terribly
unmanageable bureaucratic labyrinth that existed in Greece
before some of the troika directives were implemented and
the German consulting teams arrived. Such things should
not occur on this side of the Atlantic where the administering
apparatuses are much younger and could preserve quality,
speed and efficiency with much less sacrifice.

If the Michigan Legislators cannot properly serve the
public in the most basic of ways - in issues pertaining to
the public's safety - then they have no place serving at
all.  Being a legislator means finding ways to compromise
and to act; not just getting paid lavishly and generously
while failing to act. Unfortunately, it seems, again, like
we'll be relying on the Governor's instinct to do the
right thing and on his analysis alone to deliver...

Governor Snyder and President Obama, if it is at all in
the purview and the jurisdiction of the State and of the
Federal Government, you should jointly intervene to
stop this charade of creditors trying to dissolve one of
the most valuable, not just financially, but, morally
and spiritually assets of our Flagship City. No one
should be allowed to lay a hand for financial reasons,
private interest and personal gains on the immeasurable
treasures and the cultural heritage of the Detroit Institute
of Art. Such collections can be destroyed and liquidated
overnight, and they do not count in Wall Street, apart
from what they cost, or, rather, how much they may
materially enrich, but they take a long long time and
painstaking effort and resources to assemble and they
offer cultural richness, spiritual joy and aesthetic
pleasure to generations and they make people better.

In all seriousness, one thing that Barack could do to leave
behind an ethically commendable political legacy and a
very useful practical tool for future U.S. Presidents and
other World Leaders is to empower the International
Criminal Court to decisively, promptly and successfully
pursue and indict World Leaders and individuals carrying
grave personal responsibility for the threat or use of force
in International Affairs against the sovereignty, territorial
integrity and political independence of States and for
disturbing by such actions International Peace and
Security. Such a decision is long overdue and would
have had as a fortunate byproduct preventing idiotic
crusading leaders from engaging their nations in
aggressive wars that lead them and the World to worse
places than they had been before, at worst, and absolutely
nowhere, at best...

In the United States every other day psychiatrically unstable
and socially challenged individuals enter campuses, businesses
and shopping malls and shoot innocents at will
. In India, every
other day low class uncivilized brutes and uneducated males
are raping and hanging helpless women at will
and an incompetent
and, oftentimes, complicit administration and an unwilling,
antiquated and impotent justice system is looking from afar
as its own citizens and subjects are brutalized and left literally
hanging for the undertaker...

Iraqis have realized that it is not worth sacrificing their
lives to repel an armed onslaught by ISIL
. After all, why
would security forces fight when they realize that their
strives have no effect on their own livelihood and only
serve to defend a fortified compound in Baghdad, where
an incompetent President and an incompetent,  ill
intentioned and ill meaning Prime Minister are amassing
humongous fortunes and a formidable political power,
laying the groundwork and readying themselves to jump
ship and live lavishly in a foreign capital, when the Iraqi
boat finally sinks?

As free-thinking political beings, given the relatively recent
pre-Obama (un)American experiences, we cannot abide by
the doctrine ``when the President does it, that means that it
is not illegal". Therefore, regardless of the merits of the
Bergdahl case (or lack thereof), we cannot accept the President
and the Secretary of Defense not abiding by the relevant Law
(especially so since Barack is supposed to be a gifted Lawyer
and a Progressive Politician and, thus, should know better).

Despite President Rousseff's proclamations, and regardless
of whether the World Cup will prove to be a big success,
it is indisputable, by any measuring standards, that an
expenditure of the order of $11B for a single tournament
is out of any reasonable proportions
. In my opinion the
largest portion of the blame should be attributed to the
FIFA Governing Body that are so used to graft and easy
money-making of outlandish proportions that they have
become accustomed to demanding disproportionate effort
and disproportionate sacrifices from the organizing
countries. Football should again revert to being a
``people's" sport, with organization being more focused
on the game itself, rather than on the politics, the publicity
and  the commerce tantalizing and vandalizing the game.
Too much to ask from Blatter and his thugs, I suppose...

A sad day for Africa. The unanimous selection by the States
of a tortured Continent, that has suffered discrimination more
than any other, of a beacon of intolerance and of discrimination
as a U.N. General Assembly Presidential hopeful is a sign that
the Mother Continent's leaders are not asking enough from
themselves and are unable to rise above and beyond ordinary
pettiness and mediocrity and to safeguard universal values.

The only ``racism" that the despicable Blatter is very
much concerned about is the one that might result by
his opening his Swiss bank accounts, together with
those of other FIFA officials, publicly tearing their
clothes and vocally and loudly proclaiming their
alleged ``love" for the sport, and revealing to the
World and all football fans what it is that they really
love and how they have been managing shamelessly
as a personal fiefdom the World's most favorite sport.
It is high time they came clean and let an impartial,
outside and independent authority or Court to
investigate their notoriously improper wheelings
and dealings on the backs of the sport's fans and
of the game.

Mr. Hague's and Ms. Jolie's campaign to secure an
International climate in which rape will not be in
the picture as a weapon against the innocents in
war is noble and praiseworthy
. I would add that
all States, and especially so the Western powers,
should take their commitments in proscribing
War as a means of resolving International issues
very seriously, and should proceed boldly in the
direction of empowering the International Criminal
Court with the jurisdiction in and the responsibility
for prosecuting aggression and War related crimes.
War crimes will a fortiori be eliminated if War as
a conflict resolution technique is eliminated.

I hope that the new Israeli President, despite his personal
convictions, will follow in President Peres' footsteps and
try to contribute to a relaxation of tensions and to the
building of substantial confidence and understanding
between the Israeli State and the Palestinian Authority,
that will eventually lead to the creation of a Palestinian
Congratulations and the best of luck in serving under
difficult circumstances and in challenging times, that
are requiring courageous decisions and bold measures,
along with determination, to achieve lasting peace.

Κοιτώντας τον, καμία αμφιβολία δεν είχα ότι τα τρώει
ακόμα. Απορώ πως νόμιζε ότι υπάρχουν σκεπτόμενοι
άνθρωποι που θα χρησιμοποιούσαν παρελθόντα χρόνο
για τις ακράτιές του...

On the anniversary of D-Day French Political idiocy,
insensitivity and shallowness surpassed all expectations
Mindlessly and shamelessly, Laurent Fabius declared
that French jobs are more important than strictly
implementing an embargo in assault weapons sales
on Russia, the only State that, in a rather sensitive
epoch in European History, has disturbed the delicate
status quo with utter disregard for International Law
and in violation of existing Treaties. Perhaps, France
and Fabius have forgotten the danger of repeating the
gravest of past mistakes and of, instead of steadfastly
demanding return to the status quo ante, resorting to
appeasing International violators and aggressors.

The Michigan Legislature did the right thing for the people
of Detroit and for our State
. Despite their conservative
leanings, led by the vision of Governor Snyder and his
passion and dedication for defending the integrity and
well being of the City and the State first and foremost,
above and beyond Party politics and Party interests,
they approved a much needed relief package that is
going to, hopefully, return Detroit on a path of healing,
reconstruction and development. The ball is now back
on the court of the City's political and civic leaders and
its inhabitants that will, hopefully, analyze carefully and
digest the lessons of the recent past and avoid repeating
the mistakes that led to the desperate conditions that
forced the, fortunately timely, intervention by a, luckily
well meaning and good intentioned, Governor.

A stinking body of despicable aging bureaucrats, who are
destroying with every opportunity granted the most popular
sport on the planet, are trying the diversion technique
of focusing attention on another despicable politician of
the sport to deflect attention away from their gross
dereliction and disservice to the sport and from their
multiple erroneous decisions based, most likely, on personal
rewards, illicit gains, graft and, perhaps, other undivulged
activities. What a shame...

On the anniversary of the massacre, it is time a civilized
State did the right thing required by ethos and standards
of accountability and publish the true numbers and the
names of those that perished to both honor their memories
and start a frank discussion on their contributions to
the evolution and the development of the Chinese polity,
economy and society.

The fundamental philosophical question in this case is clearly
whether property and sanctity of property should be placed
above the value of human life
. Since the killer set an ambush,
it cannot be argued that the incident came down to threat
to one human life versus threat to another. But even more
elementarily, if one fears for his property, should one not
take measures to protect his belongings more closely by, e.g.,
installing better locks, anti-theft equipment and/or hiring a
security company, rather than proceed to leave a door open
and a valuable item in sight in order to set a trap and kill
the thief or thieves?

How have we reached a point in our country, where, in some
States, it may be legal for a blood-thirsty murderer to even
set up traps to entice people onto his property with the intent
to kill under protection of the law
, in a way more casual and
more matter-of-fact than even that employed by deer hunters
in Northern Michigan?
I am wondering whether this specific ``fire-fighter" had ever
even thought how such acts square with his duty to help and
protect fellow citizens... Was he perhaps so clueless and
mentally deranged as to think that his primary professional
responsibility consisted, instead, of igniting fires at the exact
right moment to maximize casualties?

Governor Snyder, push the deal through! The entire State
is lending a hand and we want to make this a signalling
turning point for the fortunes of our State's Flagship City
and one of the Midwest's culturally richest and most
historically significant cities and for its and all Michigan's
Citizens and visitors.

As taxpayers we support the State and Federal prison
systems in incarcerating and feeding and taking care
of many criminals for life as society deems fit to do
for the protection of others. However, no one, neither
here or anywhere else, is thrilled to witness primitive
and uncivilized executions 1700 and 1800's style by
modern day authorities
, nor is anyone particularly
happy to dispose of even more State and Federal
resources in supporting an antiquated execution
apparatus or pay legal and restitution fees to unjustly
executed, cruelly punished or otherwise mishandled
death row inmates and their families. STOP THE
The system is broken and it simply makes no sense.

Two important domestic issues. The President is sending
a highway care bill to Congress. PASS THIS BILL as soon
as possible. It is a must-win-win-win: a matter of safety,
infrastructure, economic development and job creation
not only short-term in terms of the construction projects
involved, but also long-term, as far as physical, along
with virtual, infrastructure and its state affect business
and entrepreneurial opportunities and initiatives.
Second, it may be just me and I do understand both sides
of this issue relatively well. However, I am puzzled and
unable to discern the reason why not very much thought
is being directed towards the long-term consequences
of fracking
. More concretely, even though I have heard
much talk about whether it causes moderate tremors
or not, people do not seem to be worried about long term
serious consequences to the stability of the ground
on which they reside
. Also, even though I have heard
many discussions about competition for water and
other resources, especially in the southwest where those
resources are scarcer, I have not heard any analysis or
study certifying that some of the Nation's best agri-
cultural lands are not going to be affected long-term
the possibility of hazardous chemicals under pressure
finding eventually their way higher up close to the
surface where the crops, vegetables etc. are supposed
to draw their resources and nutrients from. Are we safe?

A mesmerizing cocktail of oil, a deep inhalation of
natural gas and, perhaps, some savory grains of
beginning dementia due to old age, has led the
ex-Chancellor to ignore everything that his mental
state is still allowing him to remember. Right now,
there are many more decent places one can celebrate
a birthday at, rather than choose to fade off in such

It seems that for the Kremlin, two States or Blocks
of States being like-minded or cooperative instead
of opponents, aggressors and belligerents is
incomprehensible. Otherwise, how could one
interpret the remarks that ``the EU should be
ashamed for following Washington's lead" when
the sanctions constitute a warranted response to
International Gangsterism by a Goliath against
an almost demilitarized and impotent neighbor?

To have your character assassinated presupposes that you
have a part of character that is still alive and, in the case
of this uncivilized and brute congressman, this assumption
simply contradicts evidence... Good riddance.

I respectfully disagree with President Obama's position on
this issue and I understand that, despite his true political,
economic and military thoughts, Prime Minister Netanyahu
has a hardline portion of the Likud electorate that he must
cater to. In my opinion, the reconciliation between Fatah
and Hamas is a positive development for both the Palestinian
and the Israeli People and offers new opportunities on the
ground. It is promising for the long-term stability and
security of the region and, potentially, if handled correctly
by both sides and the International Community, could be
a catalyst for a comprehensive agreement that will involve
all parties, even those most belligerent in attitude. It would
be a revolutionary development indeed, if something along
the lines of the following document, with mutual concessions
in the spirit of good will, were deposited with the Secretary
General Ban in good faith by both parties after the joint
Palestinian Administration is formed, and its tenets and
promises upheld until a more comprehensive and lasting
accord is agreed upon and implemented:

In recognizing and appreciating the fact that History has brought the Israeli and the Palestinian People to live side-by-side, In respecting each other's achievements, In embracing each other's dreams and aspirations, In sincerely wishing to secure a Peaceful and Prosperous Future for their children, grandchildren and future generations, in which, uninhibited by conflict and continuous fear of escalating tensions, they will work cooperatively together, grateful for their fathers and grandfathers' far-sightedness and vision,

The Palestinian Authority, including all Parties represented therein,
1. Recognizes the State of Israel and desires to create a Friendly Neighboring State that will exist in Peace with Israel and mutual respect for each other's Sovereignty and Security.
2. Undertakes to cease, effective as soon as this agreement comes into force, all armed hostilities against the State of Israel in its Internationally Recognized Territories.
3. Promises to spare no effort in creating a Viable, Stable and Secure Democratic State that will Partner with the State of Israel in Respecting Fundamental Human Rights and in seeking Stability, Security and Prosperity for all People, irrespective of Ethnic Origin, Religion and Race.

The State of Israel
1. Recognizes and Supports the Joint Palestinian Administration.
2. Promises to Fulfill its Financial Obligations towards the Palestinian Authority without interruptions.
3. Undertakes to negotiate in Good Faith, without disrupting and jeopardizing acts, all outstanding issues that will lead to the establishment of a Palestinian State.
4. Pledges to support the future Palestinian State establish itself as a Stable, Secure, Democratic State that will Respect Fundamental Human Rights and become a Partner in Peace and Security, not only in their Bilateral Relations, but in their entire Geographic Neighborhood and beyond.

This agreement will come into force as soon as two copies, one signed by the Prime Minister of Israel, the other by the President of the Palestinian Authority are received by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in New York. The Secretary General undertakes not to make any announcements prior to the receipt of both signed instruments.

The Parties undertake to fulfill their obligations in good faith. This agreement will remain into force until one of the following occurs:
1. A significant and fundamental breach of any of the obligations described herein occurs.
2. A more permanent agreement or arrangement between the two Parties is ratified, in which it is explicitly stated that it replaces the Present Agreement.

The Prime Minister of Israel                The President of the Palestinian Authority

The people of the two communities can!
But are their leaders
attuned and do the ``protecting" powers and the Great powers
really want, or is it rather in their interests to divide and to
conquer? Because, I am afraid that, despite loud democratic
proclamations and indignant democratic demonstrations,
what we saw recently in Ukraine was a total disregard of the
strong will of most citizens on the ground to live together and
in peace with traditional friends and relatives on both sides.
Instead both were tugged in a game of new world domination
by the traditional Great Powers that would rather see them
divided and exploit these divisions to conquer than listen
to their voices and leave them alone to determine their future.

At the same time that Latin America and the World are
mourning the loss of a beacon of Humanism
, in the Pakistani
capital the underworld of hatred and inhumanity, hiding behind
religious veils, stroke again by renaming a library (??!!) for a
murderous inhumane ex-beast...

The moves by President Putin in Eastern Ukraine are
very disappointing and disheartening. They show a
lack of understanding and a major deficiency in analyzing
properly historical circumstances and drawing proper
conclusions and applying appropriate policies.
1. I look at the Gangsterism years in South America
   when the United States under misguided doctrines
   and matching policies and an uncontrolled capitalistic
   appetite for economic penetration and expansion
   bankrolled and instigated turbulence and instability
   in several countries. And these Historical Mistakes
   really hurt: a. One reason is the total disregard for
   International Legal Norms and International Legal
   obligations, rights and responsibilities. b. Another
   reason is the political and economic shortsightedness
   of those doctrines and those moves. Especially when
   one compares the era with the present times, when
   Democracy and Good Governance has been allowed
   to flourish in South America uninhibited by outside
   undue interference, and stable, robust and enviable
   democratic institutions have been leading our South
   neighbors to remarkable successes and have enabled
   them to assume leading roles in World affairs.
2. I also look at the Nationalistic attitudes that Greece
    adopted on several issues at the point of dissolution
    of many of our Communist neighboring States.
    There had been even talk of Greece's military
    making moves similar to the ones that Putin's
    Russia is making now, openly or covertly, with
    similar misguided motives and arguments.
    And I strongly lament the fact that we had not,
    as a State, right away adopted a more fraternal
    and supportive and inclusive attitude towards
    all our newly unchained neighbors that were
    taking their first steps and expounding the first
    hesitant efforts to stand on their own feet in a
    new world under new global political conditions.
But, this is our World and this is the inertia that
accompanies decisions of well and not so well
intended leaders and gifted and not so gifted leaders
of Nations. At least, it is better late than never
to change course and to do the right thing and
encourage and support with all means at one's
disposal the well being and advancement of all
other Nations, especially so one's own neighbors.

It seems that under International Law, the refusal by
the United States to grant a visa to the new Iranian
Ambassador to the United Nations is illegal. On the
other hand, I was very surprised that, given the new
Ambassador's role in the hostage crisis and the well
known sensitivity of the host State about this issue,
the new Iranian President did not exhibit the tact
and the good will to consult with the United Sates
Administration to reassure them about the credentials
or to negotiate about the possibility of appointing
another envoy without any new spats in bilateral
relations. I would think that maturity and the Norms
and Principles of the Charter would have made such
a move an exemplary diplomatic gesture...

Prime Minister Netanyahu, help Israel overcome its
existential angst and to view the Palestinians as friends
and potential partners in a region that can excel and
become a beacon of promise and hope in our Eastern
. Israelis have nothing to fear because
Israel and Israelis have many friends everywhere.
But the Palestinian People also have many friends
in many places. Try to engage President Abbas
and build more trust and more confidence and use
the honest and good services of Secretary Kerry to
facilitate the process. Do not destroy the existing
level of rapport, however small, by permitting
actions that are harmful to the development of
warmer relations and are questionable from the
point of view of International Law and detrimental
to a viable, cohesive and effective Palestinian State.
Think of that future State as a possible strong Ally
and Partner of Israel, not as a mortal enemy. Your
President spoke well: You have no enemies, but,
even if you had some, diplomacy and good will
would help convert them to Friends and Partners.

Why don't the German art dealer's son, the alleged or
proven rightful owners and the European Governments
do the right thing and negotiate an agreement whereby
all the invaluable works of art that were discovered
recently in Munich and Salzburg are housed and
exhibited in a new Museum in Strasbourg owned by
the European Union. The City's highly symbolic location
and history would make it ideal to house the collection
associated with a turbulent past. Moreover, in return,
the City could be enticed, as a compromise, to give up
its stubborn, but questionable from the point of view
of economy and efficiency, insistence on occasionally
housing sessions of the European Parliament. In my
opinion this would be a win-win-win arrangement for
Art, Politics, the Families involved and World Citizens.

Bravo Québécois! Séparatisme, droit de restriction et de
divisibilité, NON! Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, OUI!

While in our U.S. we are still debating and litigating,
based on antiquated rules and pre - medieval biblical
literature, whether we should be tolerant, inclusive and
accepting of other people's habits, tastes and personal
preferences and choices, the State of the Pope and its
visionary Leader, President Fernandez de Kirchner,
are leaving prejudice far behind
entering a political
and social era in which the Voices of the Citizens
Loudly, Clearly and Unequivocally Demand Justice,
Equal Rights and Opportunity for all.

Any solution to the Ukrainian crisis MUST consist of a
return to the status quo ante. Anything less than that
will be perceived as a policy of appeasement and is very
likely, based on historical precedent, to lead to other new
demands for which the aggressor State is going to declare
the illegal unilaterally created status quo as a new globally
acceptable zero level point and as a valid basis for new
negotiations. Clearly, this would be both a regrettable
and a dangerous state of affairs; so dangerous, in fact,
that, by its creation itself in 1945, our United Nations
was mandated, entrusted and empowered to prevent it
from reoccurring at all costs.

The two Presidents carrying the heaviest historical load
of the Continent met both for a political discussion and
for cultural events.

What I heard on NPR yesterday concerning future measures
intended to avoid a recurrence of a Malaysia Airlines type
air disaster was disturbing. One person spoke of some very
expensive equipment that Air France has on its planes that
costs $100,000 per plane to install. Another spoke of some
resistance from Pilot's Unions due to the fact that intimate
conversations between pilots in the cockpit may be revealed
leading to breaches of privacy. So, I concluded that people,
us, are like terribly dysfunctional governments: we want
Why needing all that stuff is being discussed? Who said
anything about sending gazillions of flight data or even
eavesdropping on what the pilots say in the cockpit? For
Goodness' sake, place some cheap GPS - type equipment
(like prisoners on leave wear in some places) on the main
hull of the aircraft to be able to follow its exact stigma
at the air control location in charge of the destination air
space so as to have an exact picture of its flight path from
take-off to either landing or, knock-on-wood, its potential
disappearance. That is all that is really needed. Do we have
such technology available? Then use it RIGHT NOW,
without further discussions and wishy-washy attitudes.
It is people's lives that are at stake, not companies' interests.

Preserving one's own and his/her family's dignity is much
more preferable and desirable that publicly mumbling
non sequitur
... I guess another catastrophic  failure of
public relations people, legal advisers and other semi -
responsible entourage. But, why am I surprised? Barack's
security passed out on the floor at Amsterdam

I hope that, learning from the Malaysia Airlines airplane tracking
, our Civil Aviation Authorities, perhaps with assistance from
Military Counterparts and Technology Companies, will rethink
seriously of a strategy that can be followed in order to continuously
track, rather than periodically ping, or occasionally communicate
with, planes through their flight from departure to arrival. It is a
shame that with all the available technology this has not happened
Unrelated in detail, but related in essence, I also hope that we will
use equally profitably available technologies to avoid in the future
disasters and calamities like the Washington mudslide, especially
in view of the drastic deformation and abuse of the underground
taking place in several states due to hydraulic fracturing and
other underground resources exploration and exploitation. I
would think that there are technologies available for reliably
inspecting in a periodic fashion the stability of the underlying
ground, especially under bigger residential areas (like mechanical
crews do with the Nation's bridges) and provide evaluative reports
to the local governments and residents on the degree of structural
strength and geological stability of the land their communities are
built upon. We must not, in an era of such pride in technological
advances and technological achievements, still rely on guesswork
for such important information and accompanying decision making.

I am deeply embarrassed that my State, the State of Michigan,
under a pragmatic Governor and a Middle-of-the-Road Judicial
System, has become the latest playground of this unjustifiable
back-and-forth social and political game of absurd and totally
prejudicial bigoted interference with Citizens' personal lives,
Citizens' personal preferences and Citizens' fundamental Human
Rights and Individual Liberties
. It is, moreover, extremely
puzzling, and surpasses my logical analytical capabilities, that the
population in This and in other States consider it a fundamental
right to trade and own guns with very few restrictions, but they
deem it appropriate to forbid people from making free choices
on issues that affect the rest of society in a much less potent, let
alone  perilous or lethal way (if at all) than the free, uncontrolled
and practically uninhibited possession and potential misuse of
guns and other weapons.

Erdogan might as well have not been born in Turkey. By having
completely forgotten that the People in the Eastern Mediterranean
are extremely proud of their Freedom and Unsubmissiveness
, he
offered the opportunity of a big laugh to the followers of all the
tweets letting him know how Turks feel now that they cannot
tweet, since tweeting was officially banned in the Turkish lands.

What I hear from Russian commentators is that Putin is
somehow justified because his adversaries (U.S.A. and E.U.)
in the international scene belatedly remembered International
Law when, previously, they themselves either disregarded its
tenets or outright broke its principles with regards to Serbia,
Iraq and Libya. And my response is that ``two wrongs never
make a right
", the Western powers' disregard of International
Law when it suits them should add to the criticism and to the
other Nations' efforts to abide by International Law to defeat
and embarrass the violators, not to themselves treating
International Law and International Regulations and Norms
with contempt and with disrespect. When we see and realize
wrongs and violations happening, our role, in domestic societies
and in the International arena alike, is to object to those
violations and try to talk the violators into changing their
attitudes; not to start using the same methods and techniques
ourselves. The result of this perturbed and misguided attitude
will be - with mathematical accuracy - chaos and the
reintroduction of the law of the jungle in International
Affairs. Our goal should instead be to solidify the Harmony
and Fraternity that so many of our predecessors fought for
and so many even gave their blood and livelihood to establish
and defend. We should all strive to do right by them for the
benefit of our successors.

Putin has a very dim understanding of History and what led to
the decisions of the World Leaders after WWII, under pressure
from some of the most remarkable political and philosophical
minds in human history. If Crimea being part of Ukraine is a
``historical injustice" and this justifies unilateral annexation by
force outside the realm of International Treaties, then I am
wondering where the Russian President starts and where he
ends with Historical Justice and Historical Injustice.

Mr. Putin, do we start from the migrations of our first ancestors
from Africa, from the first Eurasian migratory movements of
Indo-European populations from the steppes of Asia to the West,
from the descent of the pre-Greek and Greek tribes to South-
Eastern Europe, or should we look at Magna Graecia, or the
Roman Empire, or, perhaps the times of Charlemagne and the
Holy Roman Empire, or you would rather choose the British
or Spanish Empires that are more recent and, perhaps, among
those that you can remember the best? And where would you
consider it most ``just" to attribute all those European lands
that through Wars and Treaties have changed so many owners
so many times over so many centuries? When and where do you
start and when and where do you stop your historical clock,
and your historical memories, Mr. President? Or are you not
aware that to avoid this subjective and destructive call, and
secure a better life for the future generations, the smartest
of our predecessors decided to call it quits and restart the
historical developments on the Continent in a spirit of Friendship
and Brotherhood for the common good in an internationalized
world climate and with a global outlook and fraternal spirit,
rather than choosing to continue looking at all other States as
adversaries and enemies? Goodnight, Mr. Putin. Perhaps when
you wake up from your delirium of a past vain impression of
obsolete grandeur, if you ever make it, you may see the future
and regret your Nationalistic stance that is feeding on totally
bankrupt political attitudes.

The Russians know very very well from past experience
that when ~190 members of the General Assembly vote
for a resolution and ~5 abstain or vote against, the tiny
minority is on the wrong side of international law and
treaty obligations and consists usually of the States that
violate the law and their international sponsors
. Whereas
the overwhelming consensus behind the majority is formed
by an unskewed dedication to the principles of Fairness
and Justice that should underlie all decisions on the
International Arena without exceptions and deviations
So, when they find themselves in the minority in the
13-1-1 vote in the Security Council, they should be
smart enough to realize that every Citizen on the Globe
is going to hold them directly accountable for, instead
of fulfilling their noble and lofty responsibility of defending
fairness, justice, comradeship and fraternity in the World
Scene of Inter-State Relationships, instigating a despicable
infringement and a gross violation of the International
Order and of the sine qua non inviolability of International
Borders (especially on the European Continent), that is
extremely critical for maintaining a stable equilibrium.

It is a disappointing and perilous development in World
affairs that the only State that could act decisively to
deescalate the Crimean crisis, but is instead aggravating
it, is one of the five permanent members in the Security
Council of an Organization that We created with the
exact mission to diffuse similar crises before they result
in instability and unforeseen, potentially grave, consequences.
And  it is also disappointing and mind-boggling that Russia,
the successor to the State that bore the heaviest burden and
suffered the heaviest casualties in the altar of a hopeless
appeasement of demands for annexation under the false
pretense of protecting minority populations, is now expecting
its partners in the Security Council to go along with plans
that Historic Memories make, to say the least, distasteful
and, to say the worst, terrifying and unfathomable.

President Gauck's visit to Greece and his humility and
humanity had a cresting effect on my soul. Auschwitz
and Buchenwald and Dachau and Mauthausen and
Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Stalingrad and Moscow
and Shanghai and Hama and Aleppo and Pearl Harbor
and New York City and the list goes on and on...
If you are a World State or Militia Leader or an
aspiring future one, hold your fire, stand down,
enter the political process, send envoys, talk to the
Secretary General and ask for his good offices and
for mediators and, above all, never ever give the
command for pulling the trigger other than as a
very very last resort. Mobs and bigots may hail your
aggressiveness and inhumanity, but History will be
a harsh, severe and sobering judge and, even centuries
after you disappear, your children, grandchildren and
descendants will carry on their shoulders an
excruciatingly heavy and crashingly tortuous guilt.

Το πολιτικόν γαϊδούρι, που, παρ' ότι έχει και περιβάλλον,
απεκλέισθην από τον επόμενο γύρο, ξαναχτύπησε με τις
ασυναρτησίες του. Πάγκαλε, βούλωσε το επιτελους γιατί
έχουμε βαρεθεί να ακούμε τις περιοδικές σου βλακείες.
«Δεν ξέρω αν θα πήγαινα, αλλά θέλω να επισημάνω πόσο ηλίθιοι
είναι αυτοί που αποφάσισαν να μην με καλέσουν. Διότι αν με
καλούσαν και δεν πήγαινα θα έπρεπε να δικαιολογηθώ εγώ που
δεν πήγα, ενώ τώρα πρέπει να δικαιολογηθούν αυτοί που δεν με
κάλεσαν». - Δε σε κάλεσαν; τελεία και παύλα. Δε χρειαζεται
καμία απολύτως δικαιολογία.

«Θεωρώ ότι απεκλείσθην από την ηγεσία του ΠΑΣΟΚ από την
προσπάθεια για τη δημιουργία της Ελιάς. Κατόπιν αυτού είμαι
εκτός Ελιάς και θα την αντιμετωπίζω κατά βούληση» - Με την
ακατάπαυστη και ασυνάρτητη φλυαρία που σε διακρίνει,
θα την αντιμετώπιζες κατά βούληση ή ούτως ή άλλως,
ανεξαρτήτως κλήσης... Ίσως και γι αυτό δε σε κάλεσαν.

Τα ασυνάρτητα μπλά μπλά του Παγκαλίξ
πονοκεφαλιάζουν και χοντροβούβαλο...

Ignoramus et ignorabimus: The perpetual vulgarity and
ignorance of some ``educated" people on this side of the
has not spared even Michelangelo Buonarroti's
masterpiece from the altar of mercatus belli Americanum.

RECONCILE, we LOVE and we DEFEND to build a
better future for our children and their children. A
big THANK YOU to the Greek - Jewish Community
at Ioannina for reminding us that ``humans should
never again be inhumane"
and for their call to
``overcome the wounds of the past and to build a road
to a future of peaceful coexistence in our Big Common
European homeland"
. And thank you also to the
German President Gauck, who, even though, due to
his official position, has the German Constitution to
abide by and several restrictions to obey, he came
to a tortured land with humility, warm heart, clear
spirit and open mind and returned amply the
hospitality and the friendship of his fellow European
hosts. If I have learned something from history, one
thing I am certain about is that there will be time
and again in the future when one country will need
the other and the other's assistance and support on
one issue or another. Let us all strive to make sure
that, when challenges arise, they, and all their other
neighbors and partners on the Continent, will  be
ready to face them on the same side of history.
SOLIDARITY make everyone and all together
collectively better, more resilient and stronger.


Sometimes amid chaos and desperation, great beauty suddenly
emerges. I could not resist the temptation to post this exquisite
photo by AFP of the destroyer USS Truxtun sailing through the
Bosphorus straits with Aya Sofya and the Sultan Ahmet Mosque
in the background under a beautiful, but cloudy, sky. Sail safely
and may the wind be always at your back.

President Putin, what you are planning to do can be done
and will create a de facto situation on the ground in which
Russia, through a puppet regime like in so many other
satellite ``republics", will be in control of Crimea's
territory and all its political and economic decisions.
But, do you really want to have such a move hang around
in perpetuity as another black stain on Russia's influence
in World affairs, a grave violation of International Law
and a perpetual anomaly in de jure World Order? Also,
take into account Russia's political isolation and the
political troubles and headaches that such a move may
cause your successors for decades to come.

The European Union's Barroso has announced, pending
the approval of the Council of Ministers, a multi-billion
Euro aid package for the Ukraine
, subject to that State's
approval of a reform package negotiated through the
International Monetary Fund. My opinion is that the
least the E.U., Russia and the U.S. could do at this critical
juncture for Ukraine's economic, political and sovereign
future would be to sit down together and create a large
joint aid package for Ukraine which would be primarily
focused on the Ukrainian People's and the Ukrainian
State's needs, rather than each unilaterally announcing
separate aid packages, with perhaps individual hidden
agendas, that would potentially keep the tension high
on the East-West tug-of-war cord and could have other
political priorities in mind; not the Ukrainians' urgent
needs and longer-term interests...

The pope should understand that his humility in material
things amounts to little or nothing as compared with his
stubbornness in denying what mounts and mounts of
evidence gathered globally has showcased very clearly
beyond the shadow of any and all doubt... The Church
that he heads, as an organization and as a political entity
has been covering crimes, malpractices and abuses of
high ranking personnel of its own for many many years
by permuting and reassigning them to posts where their
prior vitae had not been known and where no warnings
had been available for families to protect their own.

Senator McCain, do not just blurb nonsense about
the Ukrainian crisis just for partisan gains. After all,
your service has been under a party whose recent
ineptitude and incompetence in foreign policy and
related decisions have placed our Country in peril
and gravely reduced American influence in World
affairs and politics. Instead, try to use whatever
prestige and influence you may still have, due to
your long service in our Congress and your previous
bid for our Nation's Supreme Office, by offering to
help our President and his administration in whichever
way they deem necessary and appropriate to ease
tensions, disperse the clouds and leave this crisis
behind with the least possible repercussions both
for the long-term Russo-American relations and
Friendship between the Peoples of the two Nations
and, especially, for the Ukrainian People's future.

Breaking News
: Putin just announced that Russia is
starting a strategic switch of its reserves away from
the U.S. dollar and into the Bitcoin market. The
Russian treasury will still be accepting U.S. dollars,
but, effective immediately, with the unforced, completely
voluntary consent of Lukashenko, Kadyrov, Ankvab
and the new Crimean authorities, Belarus, Chechnya,
Abkhazia and Crimea will start accepting payments
from Russia for their bilateral trade transactions in
bitcoins. However, it should be noted that, despite
this strategic economic initiative, personal payments
to the Presidents and other outstanding dues, including
bribes and kickbacks, are still payable in U.S. dollars.

We thought that Vladimir Vladimirovich was nostalgic
about Felix Edmundovich's Cheka, Nikolai Ivanovich's
NKVD and Ivan Aleksandrovich's KGB, but what we
did not realize was that he was also out to avenge the
failures of Nikolai Pavlovich and the ensuing imposed
humiliation on Alexander Nikolaevich...