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As our Primary Elections are now unfolding in States
where large minorities or majorities of our Fellow African
American and Hispanic Citizens reside, sending a message
to them seems appropriate: We may not have in the books
anymore Jim Crow Laws segregating and dividing this
Nation in Education and Voting Rights. But we still have,
as you feel everyday and as those of us that are open
minded and receptive enough to see and sense realize
everyday, segregation in fear, discrimination in the
provision of basic necessities
, such as Education and,
even drinking water, and segregation in Opportunities
for Advancement and Levels of Education and Income
In a Nation that wants to hold itself to the Highest Ethical
and that wants and aims at Economic Prosperity,
leaving voluntarily and through suppression and unequal
opportunity, a large minority of its Children and its Citizens
behind is anachronistic, unacceptable and reprehensible
It is unrealistic for us to expect change and it is sad and
pathetic to cheer and celebrate once in a blue moon when
a successful Individual, ACLU or Department of Justice
Lawsuit allows specks and drops of Justice as a consolation
to trickle down in the rotten pipelines of Suppression,
Segregation and Injustice, while Local Law Enforcement
and Local Government send the Armies, only dressed up
as police and armed to the teeth, to quell Cries for Justice
never delivered and for Equality never established. We must
Act in Elections to Provoke and Induce Radical Change
and to Condemn Lip Service and Soothing of the Ears
once every four years when someone remembers needing
our votes again
. Bernie Sanders in the only candidate
that promises radical change. I am almost certain that,
either because he is insincere, or because he is a politician,
or, simply because he will have to bow to the system and the
establishment despite honest intentions, nothing will
come out of a Sanders Administration anyway. But,

Vote en masse and Vote Intelligently and Vote with
FEAR and VOTE WELL, my Fellow Citizens!

VTech is absolutely right declaring that ``no company that
operates online can provide a 100% guarantee that it won't
be hacked". For the same reason the cyber-security experts
are also right to call on PARENTS TO BOYCOTT VTech's
. While it is reasonable for adults,
that have the information and the experience to balance
pros and cons, to be expected to make decisions and take
appropriate balanced risks when engaging on web related
activities, it is dangerous and unreasonable, even when
risks are small, to expose a child without such maturity
and experience to the same risks. In addition, since young
children get their first impression, education and information
about the web based on their first web experiences, it is
wrong to allow them to play carelessly and carefree with
the medium without appreciation of the dangers and the
risks involved
. One should wait until an age when such
information can be properly disseminated, processed and
understood to allow extensive engagement with such a
risky medium
, in a way similar to other risky activities,
such as drinking and driving.

BRAVO to the Indians! A State that respects Freedom of
Expression and Freedom of Information should be in the
forefront in opposing selective internet providing services,
arbitrarily discriminating against certain sites and arbitrarily
anointing others as ``preferable" or ``prioritized". Internet
Access must be Unimpeded for all sites by all providers and
the users should be left the discretion and the judgment on
which ones to visit and which ones to avoid.
Moreover, all
Western Companies, including giants and behemoths, such
as Facebook, should be strong and vocal proponents of
this openness in every and all States where they operate
and should boycott operations in States that restrict or
prohibit internet access. It is absurd and embarrassing
that the opposite is happening in India.


I am deeply ashamed by this despicable act. The Lawyer's
statement captures perfectly both the absurdity and the
dirt bottom nauseating feeling that such an act, by one
of those that swear to ``help and protect" and betray to
the most outrageous extent possible his oath and the trust
shown to him by his community, induces: ``FIRST YOU
Rotten, deep, gut upsetting shame...

Jeb's mother may be right that he is decent and honest.
However, his biggest handicap is that he is the brother
of someone that has a questionable and controversial
legacy and, despite some signs of weak, reluctant
criticism, he has not been courageous enough to lambaste
his brother's catastrophic foreign policy and to admit that
Secretary Clinton's policies, in that respect, were much
more attuned to a modern, more cooperative and more
globalized World, where all Nations need as many others
as possible as Friends and Allies in order to survive and
to prosper. Moreover, as Jeb's mother has admitted
before, in a Democratic State, there should be a concern
about a third President from the same family. If I recall
correctly, she has said ``two Bushes were enough" and
many of us, regardless of Jeb's personal qualities - not
that exceptional in my opinion - would agree with that.

The despicable beast knows we are not particularly
fond of our Lawmakers. But, if we dislike their
bickering, their ineffectiveness, their propensity
to be bought and sold to special interests and their
insatiable appetites and greed for status and for
money once, we dislike the embezzlers and the
pharmaceutical, inhumane, avaricious beasts
a thousand times. So Skato-Shkreli take your
pompous tweets and shove them up your a**.

The Italian Government and the Italian Public are
getting a taste of their own shortcomings when it
comes to delivering Justice and a taste of the same
exasperation that other States are feeling when
their Citizens get entangled into perpetual, oscillating,
ever-changing and inconclusive Italian Investigations
and Italian Trials. I wish that all Police and Justice
Systems around the Globe had been Honest, Efficient
and Transparent. Unfortunately, for many States this
is far from the truth, and Italy's system has become
one of the predominant Notoriously Negative Examples
in the developed World of what is to be avoided at all
costs and how an erratic and malfunctioning Justice
System may plague Citizens and Visitors alike and
cause great concern and occasionally tremendous
grief, disbelief and disappointment...

Frankly, Ex-First Lady and Secretary of State Clinton
is very progressive when compared to the Republican
Candidates and, also, to many in the Democratic Party
itself, and her positions and her opinions are forward
looking and seem well-thought out and reasonable.
On the other hand, it is pointless for her to argue that
she is more progressive than Bernie Sanders, who really
is Radically Progressive and, despite the fact that many
of his promises are doomed to failure because, as was
the case with Barack, one cannot do much with limited
support or outright opposition from the other Branches
of Government, his outlook is for a completely different
America, an America where, Ethically, Conceptually
and Practically the Principles of Equality, Democracy
and Equal opportunity for All are paramount and where,
a Reasonable Redistribution of Wealth - to alleviate and
rebalance the evil of having very few owning and
administering so much and towards allowing more to
participate and to climb higher in the social ladder -
is not regarded as forbidden fruit, but as a Natural
and a Desirable Policy to pursue and implement.

State Broadcasters should boycott supporting the
Pseudo-Olympians in Lausanne by buying rights
for broadcasting the Pseudo-Olympic Games, that
are all about Money, Fame and big Fortunes
, not
only for the Participating Athletes, but, also, and
more so, for the undeserving Officials and Bureaucrats
in the Headquarters of an Unnecessary, Corrupt and
Nepotistic Organization. I would have expected
specifically the U.K. and its Government, that
have semi-consistently lent their support to the
reform of these Redundant Super-Structures and
Organizations and their questionable practices, to
have refrained from supporting them in that way...

Some footballers have so much money that they cannot
find any place big enough and any way devious enough
to conceal it.

If a State and its Citizens wish to stay in the periphery
or outside the Union, they have every Right to stay in
the periphery or exit the union. But coercing the entire
Union to change its Vision and inhibiting progress or
distracting focus from the Grand Project of European
Integration and Harmonization is an unwelcome,
shortsighted and despicable tactic
. I suggest that the
Leaders of the 27 reject the proposals and tell the U.K.
that it cannot enjoy a special status and be a Member
of a Union that is based on a Uniform, Unprejudiced
and Unbiased Treatment of all its Member States
The U.K. has to decide in or out depending on whether
they want to integrate or to stay separate. If, as I hope,
they opt in, then they may try to change specific Laws
and Regulations by amassing the necessary consensus
and the necessary majority in the European Institutions,
as required by the Union's Treaty and other Instruments.
Any other way and any other favorable, exceptional or
special treatment of a single State is UNACCEPTABLE

I am wondering whether the Italians were told to
cover the nude statues by the Iranian Embassy or
by the Iranian Foreign Ministry or they themselves
showed an overzealous ``respect" to the Iranian
President and overdid it on ``propriety". I am
sure that the President is such an educated person
that, first, he would not have minded enjoying the
Art in the same way that all people (except perhaps
pretentious religious radicals and fanatics) do and,
second, he might have felt insulted and taken for
a child by having the Italian Authorities ``protecting"
his ``innocence" in such a crash and distasteful
way. Maybe President Rouhani would do well to
informally communicate to Prime Minister Renzi,
together with his formal thanks for the hospitality,
the non-necessity at his age and at his level of
maturity for such a rigorous ``protection" of his
chastity and purity when visiting the Land of the

It makes me sick to the stomach and want to vomit on
Trump's face when reading statements like ``Let's see
how much money Fox is going to make on the debate
without me, OK
?" IDIOT! Have you not gotten yet,
after so many months on the trail that the debates are
not about channels earning or losing money, or about
your and other IDIOTs' sex appeal and attraction as
soap opera personalities or TV reality show stars?
They are for us, poor and battered and disrespected
audiences, to labor to get some information out of the
mud and the sewage that you are subjecting us to,
and to try to become as knowledgeable as we can to
judge in the best way we can those IDIOTs like you
that want to lead our Nation in the next decade, without
(unfortunately) any self-consciousness of your severe
mental limitations or any degree of embarrassment
or shame for allowing your uncontrollable mouths
running before your defunct minds and of any degree
of recognition of how this is a handicap serious and
debilitating enough to disqualify one (and you) from
holding the most powerful public office on this planet.

I am very excited! I just found out via the incorruptible
Malaysian Attorney General's Office that some Saudi
Princes are distributing ``personal donations" to some
parties without it being an inducement or reward for
doing anything in  return.
So I am hopeful that these
amounts are not given only to Prime Ministers and
Heads of the Malaysian Government since, I also
consider myself equally qualified to deliver absolutely
nothing in return and equally eager and willing to
receive such a generous and unselfish donation.

I heard it being mentioned that the Kochs would be willing
to hire ex-convicts because of their own ``non-privileged
status" with the Justice Department (Read: Status of not
being able to get away with various infringements of the
Law). Well, I know that the Kochs know that their audience
is not a deeply analytical one, willing or able to dissect the
riddle-ridden meanings of their statements. I am less sure
that they would be willing to hire a wrongfully accused
by corrupt cops and wrongfully convicted by corrupt,
unscrupulous prosecutors black or latino, who lacked
the funds to hire the Glorias Hallelujah of our times to
defend them. I am more certain that they would be willing
to hire the cheating, embezzler, Madoffs of our times that,
despite having the power and the wealth to be represented
by the most wiling attorneys, were not able to convince
some Solid and Unbiased Judges of their ``innocence"
and, despite having left innumerable assets and large
fortunes to their wives and offspring, are ``paying" for
their financial improprieties and crimes and getting
out early for an, otherwise, exemplary and impeccable
behavior and for good deeds and charitable activities
and ``good prior behavior and responsible citizenship".

``Governor" Snyder and ``Attorney General" Schuette,
stop ridiculing your Offices and fooling the People of
. You are appointing an ``independent"
investigator to investigate your own admitted mistakes,
omissions and mishaps??? Which State do you think
you are living in, Saudi Arabia, Sudan or Egypt? Because
in a Well-Governed State, like the State of Michigan, U.S.A.,
the accused do not appoint themselves people to investigate
the cases where they are themselves implicated. The teams
investigating are supposed to be impartial without even
the appearance or the suspicion of collusion and of any
potential conflict of interest. The Citizens of Michigan
demand Integrity, Ethos, Real Accountability and Real,
not Botched and Pretentious, Investigations and Justice.
By this move, you proved that you have overstayed your
welcome in Public Office. It is high time you depart,
before you further contaminate the offices with dubious
practices and disgrace the Government of this Great

Breaking News: ``Donald J. Trump is calling for a total
and complete shutdown of all Zikas entering the United
States until our country's representatives can figure out
what is going on." I am not Donald Trump and I endorse this message.

David Inskeep alluded to but did not dare to ask the
Egyptian Academic the hot question
: Why was it the
case that Egyptian Revolutionaries liked Democracy
as long as Democracy meant having their own Party
in Power and not the Party of the Majority in Power?
That is why the Egyptian Spring was ultimately put
down and condemned by the same immature activists
that supported it in the first place... those same people
that cheered and hugged when the new Dictator
crashed what were supposed to have been their
dreams for an Open, Free and Democratic Society,
with Well-Established Institutions and Practices and
the Prevalence of the Rule of Law.

BRAVO to Mrs. Tompkins
for undertaking this initiative.
The donation is for all the Good Reasons, including the
cause of Preservation and the cause of Open Access and
Enjoyment of the Natural Beauty. The Hope now is that
Chile's Government and its Environmental Agencies and
Park Authorities will embrace the Pristine Status of these
Lands and take the Responsibilities assigned to them, not
only by the Tompkins' Estate but also by all Humanity,
of Preserving these Beautiful and Untouched Lands in
their current state as a Heritage to all Mankind very

BRAVO to Mr. Goldberg
! He talked about the ANC's
position and the ANC's corrupt practices in South
Africa because it is the Organization and the State
that he is familiar with and has had experience with
from the inside. But Mr. Goldberg's statement is
actually valid and should be a welcome call to many
post-colonial and post-racist parties in the Continent,
and, I dare say also, to many Native American Councils,
Governments and Administrations in our United States.
Many of the Best Values and Practices, like the sense
of Community and of Mutual Support and the lack
of avarice, extreme greed and selfishness that the
African and Native American Societies could have
espoused and promoted with success when integrating
with the Western Societies in a Globalized World, have
been abandoned and their leaders have chosen instead
to imitate and follow some of the worst features of the
societies of their former oppressors, including avarice,
greed, corruption, self-aggrandizement and lack of
interest in their communities' well-being, or at least
delegating such interest to an afterthought behind
personal enrichment and personal financial and social
well-being. BRAVO, Mr. Goldberg!

Hudlin and Rock are doing a disservice to the Cause.
By not only not withdrawing their participation and
boycotting the event, but, to the contrary, advertising
deliverance of ``something that people will be talking
about for weeks", are in fact helping the Academy to
increase viewership by upping expectations for some-
thing unique and extraordinary. If the viewership is
increased, since all the producers, houses and people
responsible for the mess are interested in are large
audiences and related larger revenues, they will
declare the event a success. How, then, can you, in
all earnestness say that you are helping correct a
malfunctioning process while at the same time giving
grounds to the people responsible for the failures to
celebrate and tout the same event as a big success?

What goes on in the United Kingdom in terms of the
financial deals that are negotiated in lieu of fair and
transparent taxation
seems to allude to an unstated,
but, nevertheless, clear, economic policy that supports
and encourages redistribution of wealth, but in the
opposite direction from which the term is used in the
political debates in our United States. Her Majesty's
Government collects taxes (without breaks and deals,
at least on the scale reported) from the poor and the
middle-class and allows multi-billion dollar worth
and multi-billion dollar revenue companies to evade,
delay and negotiate their taxation and their taxable
brackets at will. It is disheartening, distasteful and
incomprehensible, to say the least, if not, based on the
scale of the allegations and the scale of these practices,
outright criminal and fraudulent behavior on the back
of the State and its Citizens...
And mind you: The argument ``the others had not
collected and, thus, collecting peanuts is a vindication
that absolves the collector from similar responsibility"
is an unacceptable argument that, hopefully, will be
derided and send back to whoever has the audacity
and shamelessness of making it by both the media
and the United Kingdom Public.
One more remark: If the Law does not support the
move to collect taxes because of European Regulations,
as some commentators suggest, then that is the one Law
that David Cameron should be INDIGNANT and be
FIGHTING about instead of trying to ``reform the
Union" by saving a few hundred pounds at a time by
cutting support for immigrants and refugees and by
restricting benefits to working and middle-class families
that are emigrating to the United Kingdom.

Congress Members: Not even a discussion about
granting immunity to this inhuman, avaricious
and malevolent embezzler. On the contrary, you
must make sure that, at some point in his life,
he faces Justice; if not for criminal conduct, at
least for uncontrollable greed to the detriment
of the most vulnerable and unfortunate.

To every actor in Hollywood: If you agree ``in essence"
with the fact that there is substantial lack of racial and
religious diversity and significant ethnic and religious
bias and prejudice, expressed in preferential choices
and partiality, which lead, indirectly to the complete or
partial exclusion of certain races, ethnicities or religions
from the movie industry (not just from acting), in the way
awards are dished and decisions about awards are made
and in the way producers and film companies handle
casting and other movie related decisions, often not
to the best auditionee, but based on prior connections
and other racial, ethnic and religious biases, that lead
to these catastrophic end-results, do make a pledge not
to attend the Oscars next month
. You can say you agree
and, under various excuses, go and smile and be photoed
like nothing matters and nothing has really happened,
or you can be proactive and, if this hopefully leads to
a massive abstention, it might destroy one year's
ceremony, but it will bring seismic and radical change,
not only to the Academy, but also to the industry by
sending a strong message to producers and houses.

Why are large drones having so many crashes? It seems
that there is a mental and psychological attitude involved
in their construction, piloting and deployment that is
detrimental to the DoD's finances and, by extension,
disrespectful to the Citizen's concerns about general
budgetary issues, and DoD expenditures, in particular.
The fact that these are umanned aircraft and, therefore,
a crash does not involve loss of life, does not justify the
industry having more lax construction standards or
the pilots being careless (or less careful) when piloting
them or the military and political command deploying
them to carry out missions that transcend their
capabilities and surpass their operational specifications.

First, we all appreciated Governor Snyder's detailed
reference to the Flint Water Fiasco and his - heartfelt
or not - apologies for his own broken promises and
failed responsibilities on protecting the Health of All
of our State's Citizens
. On the other hand, one thing
became clear that, in my view, constitutes such Grave
Liability that may warrant his resignation: When
the facts and the data were still unclear and a person
in charge had the choice of erring for the side of the
Health of the Citizens he is supposed to protect or err
on the side of Economy, Cost-Saving Measures and
appointed Managers, the Governor chose, in balance,
to err on the side of financial considerations. And
since his gamble failed and it was a gamble on the
wrong side on ethical grounds, he has in my opinion
lost the moral statute and the legitimacy to lead the
People of our State. We want a Governor on All of
our State's Citizens' side with the Right Priorities
and the Right Ethical Stances; Putting Sound
Finances ahead of Citizen's Health and Well-Being
does not fulfill this simple standard and fails this
most elementary and primitive of all tests.

Now the Trump campaign is supported by every and all
idiots in this Nation. The screeching, nerve-wrecking and
repulsive loudspeaker lent her support to Trump. My
Goodness, Senator McCain! What could an intelligent
man like you have possibly found in such an unintelligent
and unpleasant being to choose as a running mate?

Some strong intuition is telling me that these two incidents,
one of avarice and greed in Israel, having History as its victim,
and the other of a lack of diversity and of a monocultural
Hollywood, having Arts, Humanities and Culture as its
victims, have something stronger than is apparent in common.

Did I hear correctly on NPR the other day, a National
Political Correspondent acknowledging that her husband
is a member of some Presidential Hopeful's Political
Organizing Machine and, then, dismissing this fact,
as having no impact on her own objective and unbiased
reporting on political developments on the Campaign
Trail? If that indeed happened, I am stunned at how
unintelligent and idiotic this Organization and its
Journalists are thinking the listeners are... When the
State (U.S.) acknowledges through legislation the entangled
financial interests and the interdependence of two people
in marriage (e.g., in tax code, property litigation, right
to avoid testifying, just to mention a few), how is
it possible to declare that a husband's financial and
political interests can leave his spouse uninterested
and that they do not constitute a conflict of interest
significant enough to disqualify one from self-declaring
objective status? People should understand that the
only way to be completely independent, i.e., to retain
complete financial and political independence to assure
unbiased reporting, is to be unrelated through either
self-employment or spousal employment to any
political group or organization.

How could an intelligent sportsman assert that in his
sport the percentage of bribing and fixing is small
while at the same time acknowledging that, even as
a newbie, he was approached to give a match away...
It is statements like this that make one suspicious
that either the speaker is mentally deficient or that
there is something going on and there are many
things swept under the carpet and something to hide
to protect one's sport and personal reputation...

If Switzerland wants to seize the property of refugees
because it considers their maintenance a burden, then
Switzerland should, by symmetry, seize and return all
property deposited in Swiss banks and vaults that is
a burden to the States from which it has been stolen
or embezzled and is unduly and illegally enriching
the Swiss State. If you want to do the ``right thing" one
way, on the backs of the most vulnerable and unfortunate,
then do the right thing on the backs of the devious, the
rich, the criminal and the fugitive whose properties,
stolen from States, from People and from Companies
you have had such a long and secretive record of
successfully amassing and accommodating...

As the number of brutal assaults on non-threatening
Black Chicago Citizens increases by the day, the Mayor,
who is the Archbishop of secrecy, covering of truth and
biased justice beyond the shadow of a doubt, is refusing
to step down and the authorities and Chicago residents
are powerless to give him his stuff and push him,
preferably gently, but, if necessary, forcefully, out of
office. No person that has ceased to have the legitimacy
of impartially and fairly leading his community has
any right to remain in office.

What a disastrous debate last night in North Charleston.
First, the personal boxing match between Cruz, a.k.a
``the Canadian", and Trump, a.k.a. the ``serial loving
husband" or the ``featherless peacock", was reminiscent
of why the public is tired of this sort of politicians.
Second, the miserable existence on the stage of Carson,
a.k.a. the ``placebo ad man". I hope the spent surgeon
has enough smartness left to realize that this ridiculous
game is over and that he was not cut to lead. Medicine
and politics are two very different beasts and, even
though I do not know how good he was at the first,
we can all see how poor he is at the second...
Finally, it seems that idiocy runs into families. Bush, a.k.a.
the ``Bro of the not so distinguished for his brain power",
did not escape the horrible spell. How else could one
explain in a reasonable way the fact that at the same
debate, not so much as 15 minutes apart, on the one
hand, he chastised the featherless peacock for his
statement about ``banning all Muslims" and, thus,
destroying chances of building a coalition with the
Nation's Muslim allies, while, on the other hand, called
for ``moving the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem",
having the equally devastating effect of igniting the
burning powder keg of the region and equally, if not
more seriously, alienating the Nation's Muslim allies?
The explanation is that he is either an idiot or he does
not understand the repercussions of what he is calling
for or that he wants to lick a certain rich and influential
lobby in certain places at the expense of this Nation's
security interests and moral standards. Alas, whichever
of these three alternatives hold, it would fatally put
into question his ability and his adequacy for holding
the Highest Office of this, the Most Powerful Nation
on the Planet.

If the Law does not predicate punishment of a Policeman
for attacking and injuring a person who had not threatened
his safety in any way, then the Law has to be changed.

No person who was in a decision making position high up
in the hierarchy of a stinky and condemned organization,
regardless of personal culpability or corruption, is an
acceptable choice as a leader of that organization. Such
individuals should be forced to leave so that real change
and reforms can be implemented by new officials without
tainted and questionable backgrounds. Lord Coe, do the
Right Thing vis-a-vis the International Athletic Community,
showing respect of your own past accomplishments in the
pitch, and resign, letting someone else, new and previously
uninvolved, beyond the shadow of the recent revelations
and beyond the suspicions of corruption, to take the helm
and cleanse the overwhelming stench that was created
under your own seat...

It was a de facto Historic State of the Union, but the President
seemed to have lost the Passion and the Hopeful Drive of his
younger years, which, unfortunately, happens to many of us,
and the content and tone were a bit wandering and lacking
the Focus and the Sharpness of some of his recent speeches.
In a nutshell, very little was new and exciting, although almost
all points made were not off the mark and most were forward
looking and progressive and made one regret that not as
much as hoped for or promised may have actually been
delivered in the last few years of our political and social life.

It is ironic that Governor Snyder was quick to warn about
dangers from settling refugees in Michigan without a very
careful scrutiny, which is in fact taking place before admission,
but he was extremely negligent in protecting the heath of
Michigan's Residents when it came to a much more fundamental
and necessary resource for survival, that is, their water supply...
I think this speaks volumes on how sincere he is about doing
the ``right thing" versus being entangled in the same old
political games that professional politicians have been for
ever, that have tarnished the credibility of the political system
and eroded confidence into the political establishment to an
almost fracturing and, perhaps, irreparable degree...

Sean Penn in fact cannot apologize for anything because
everything is out in the open, as we can plainly see. On
the other hand, the ``one year or more" that it is going
to take the Mexican (Un)Authorities to decide on an
extradition is plenty of time for new illicit deals to be
struck between the drug lord and the officials high up
in the Government and the Judiciary that could influence
the decision and, also, needless to say, for a lot of money
to change hands so that such an influence be ``worth the
pain and the risk"... Then, the denials and refutations,
that are so habitual in Nieto's malfunctioning Mexico,
will follow...

I hope that the German hosts of Katrougalos are aware
of the substantial conflict of interest allegations that
arose between his private business and his State
responsibilities, which reminded strongly of the
despicable entanglements of the PASOK and the
New Democracy Governing eras. The German Left,
I would hope, would want a change in the type and
tone of Government in Greece. If that had been true,
they would have avoided hosting such a personality in
a Party Conference or in any other official capacity...

Mexico and his President should stop the charade and
the collusion with the Drud Cartels and extradite, at last,
notorious drug lords to the United States. Mexico has
demonstrated beyond the shadow of any doubt that,
whenever large amounts of bribes change hands, its
institutions possess no credibility
and its public ``servants"
cannot be trusted with any serious tasks that contravene
the will of the illicit interests or of those powerful, strong
and well connected. My suspicion is that those at the very
top of the Government have interests and financial stakes
in repeating again the same cycle that we've already seen
happening multiple times. Shame on Nieto and his failed
commitments and fraudulent declarations

What an idiotic statement to assert that ``there was no
malicious intent" in someone's (especially a doctor's)
punching a patient in the head... Who is this, apparently
not distinguishable for her smartness, Yelena Kozyreva,
who has the audacity to make such imbecilic public

Congratulations to all those idiots that, despite VW's
past, despite VW's present and despite VW's cheating,
disrespect and disregard for the Rule of Law and utter
contempt for Environmental Standards and the Common
Good, they went and bought VW's after the latest
revelations. I hope that more people become cognizant
of the power consumers wield to force companies to do
the Right Thing by boycotting their products
. Let us
smarten up and not just pay lip service to demands
for Corporate Responsibility and Accountability.

Bravo to the Polish People for increasing the pressure
on their Government to respect the Freedom of the Press
and all Values and Norms of a Free and Democratic

It is stupefying that David Cameron has stated that he
is going to allow free choice to its Ministers on the side
they would opt to campaign on the issue of the U.K.'s
stay or departure from the European Union. To an
experienced observer this seems like a totally ridiculous
move. A Government that brings up such an important
issue for vote by the electorate, but refuses to take a strong
stance and impose discipline on the position of its members
on the option it favors, is sending the message that the same
issue is not of such political importance as to have a
unified political opinion and line on it as a Governing
Block. One is led to believe that either Mr. Cameron
underestimates the dimensions of his decision or that
he is facing internal conflicts and internal disagreements
in Party and Government that make the manifestation
of this external contradictory approach unavoidable.

In the United States, if passengers in a flight started
complaining about the presence of other lawfully
embarked passengers on the same flight simply because
of their ethnicity, religion or race, then, the perpetrators
would have been thrown out of the flight and arrested
for interfering with the operation of civil aviation.
Unfortunately, Greek Police and Airport Authorities
responded in an absurd way when racism and gangsterism
occurred on the part of Israeli passengers heading for
Tel Aviv simply because of the ethnicity and racial
background of their fellow travelers. I feel ashamed
and embarrassed that my State has not only tolerated
such behavior of intolerance and discrimination, but
in fact, dealt with it by putting the burden on the victims
rather than on the racist perpetrators of the complaint.
I hope that the Israeli President and Authorities offer
a comment about the unacceptability of such requests,
and related posturing, in the future so that these sad
incidents do not become the rule, but the singularly
misguided and reprehensible exception.

Saudi Arabia and Iran should do everything in their power
to reduce tensions, deescalate rhetoric and return to normalcy
in their diplomatic relations and political and economic ties.
The World has no space for superficial enmities, volatile
behaviors from serious actors and hotheaded actions and
reactions; especially so between Neighborly and Brotherly
States, with significant regional influence and important
Historical and Cultural Contributions to All Humanity.

It is funny and very entertaining how these two loud-mouthed,
super-proud, shamelessly self-promoting peacocks ended up
being nothing more than ugly ducklings...

Judge Hennessey is right: There is nothing anymore, including
testifying and providing evidence, that can cause Camille Cosby
more "shame and embarrassment" than those that she has
already inflicted upon herself by having been a supporting
wife and business partner to an alleged serial molester and
having done so for no apparent reasons other than fame and

I heard that after a year of intense negotiations, the European
Union, Russia and the Ukraine reached an impasse over a
Tripartite Trade Agreement that would have allowed a balanced
approach in the Commercial and Economic Interests of the
Block and the Two States. In my opinion, in economic matters
and trade there should not be anything over which agreement
is impossible, given Good Will, Good Faith, a strong desire for
Cooperation and some Political Courage in give-and-take to
reach such a Compromise. Given the immeasurable importance
of Peaceful Relations, Trading Ties and Economic Cooperation
in the short, medium and long term between these three Neighbors,
I would call on Jean-Claude, Federica, Cecilia and Johannes
to renew and intensify the Union's efforts in this new year to
reach an Agreement between the Three Parties, despite
the coming into force of the Bilateral Trade Agreement with
Ukraine. It would be a very important development for Europe
and its Citizens to know that the Expertise, the Negotiating
Power and the Political Will and Political Ability exists to
bridge even wide gaps and to establish Stable, Peaceful,
Amicable and Mutually Beneficial Ties with all of Europe's
Neighbors that have the Courtesy and the Will to Reciprocate
the Unions Pacifist and Amicable Outlook and Intentions.

I feel like vomiting when I hear the despicable and unworthy
mayor of Chicago tearing his shirts and declaring that the
city "deserves answers" when it was himself (his sorry a**)
that conspired with police and colluded with irresponsible
city authorities in delaying the release of a video in a previous
incident, thus depriving the public from the answers that
he is now calling for, with the sole goal of covering up police
brutality and improper handling of (some of) the city's
citizens by the city's police force. Emanuel, you should at
last realize that your stench and scheming has caught up
with you and the City of Chicago and its Citizens deserve
better. If you have a speck of respect for this City left, which
I highly doubt, take you stuff, and leave before doing more
severe and, perhaps, irreparable damage.

A warning to U.S. Attorney General and to all U.S. Parents:
If a police officer can be allowed to plead innocent for killing
a 12 year old boy and be exonerated by a Sham Jury, then,
a fortori, any armed citizen, with much less experience in
being able to distinguish fake from real handguns and arms,
should have an admissible plea of innocence on grounds of
self-defense for shooting a child, if that child happens to be
 playing with a toy weapon at the time when the shooting
It seems to me that the only reasonable policy to pursue here
is to either ban completely toys that resemble weapons or to
accept as ordinary child fatalities in the hands of overzealous
gun-brandishing "self-defending" vigilantes or to cut the crap
and do at last the right thing and indict the shooters of innocent
victims in exactly the same way that any other, non-"serving
and protecting" member of the public would have been indicted
and would have stood trial had the same incident occurred
involving him/her instead of police. It seems that some people
are definitely safer suffering what comes than they are calling
the police to "protect" them and "help" them perish faster...

A story coming out of Kenya of Humanity, Solidarity
and Bravery gives one Hope and shows how, by standing
for each other and by firmly supporting Human Values
and Human Principles and refusing to give in to cowardly
and brutal savages, we can help and protect Communities
and create a better, more livable and Peaceful World.

What was a "masquerade" that gutted his name and
his reputation and exhibited his indecency was not
FIFA's "ethics" committee investigation (itself an
oxymoron), but the prostitution of his "services" to his
despicable, senile, but rich, associate, with the sole
purpose of exploiting lack of accountability, malpractice
and loopholes in these muddy excremental footballing
bodies to enrich his stinky pockets and his unworthy,
untrustworthy and rotting existence.

To use some of the Russian President's most cherished
vocabulary, I am ecstatic by the very open and public
declaration of admiration and by the unnecessarily
exhibitionist licking in certain places between the
President and the crass Republican front-runner.

When scathing reports that catastrophically damage the trust in,
and the reputation of, our United Nations see the light of day, it
is not enough for the Secretary General and the Commanders
in Chief responsible to shed some crocodile tears, offer some
meaningless apologies and hide behind organizational and other
immunities. I STRONGLY URGE the President of the French
Republic to do the RIGHT THING
: Lift unilaterally all current
applicable immunities, start a wide investigation based on the
independent report on rapes and forced sexual exploitation and
severe breaches of the code of military conduct and of contractual
obligations, and, in cooperation with the relevant United Nations
Agencies and Authorities, prosecute those responsible of such
frightful and despicable behavior in an exemplary way to the
full extent of the French and International Law. THE WORLD
must ensure that when troops from any State are entrusted
with a mission under the Blue Helmet, thus acting as our very
own representatives in volatile regions to help
defend and protect
r most vulnerable fellow World Citizens, they fulfill their
obligations in Good Faith and in full compliance with standards
of decency, with Humanitarian Norms and with all Applicable
Military Laws, Regulations and Codes.

In last night's Republican Presidential Debate we had the
bizarre and the absurd. The bizarre was Trump's sudden
agreement in essence with Paul in lamenting the wasteful
and mindless military and reconstruction spending of trillions
of dollars of U.S. funds in the Middle and Further East with
no results, no returns and no stabilizing effect whatsoever,
and supporting the obvious idea that had they been instead
directed towards domestic priorities it would have been
wiser, much more beneficial and to the interest of Americans.
The absurd, unfortunately, reigned once more:
1. Christie talked without self consciousness about responsible
    and efficient government. Surely, he meant efficient in quickly
    and effectively closing down public transport ways as if they
    were personal fiefs to fulfill personal vendetta objectives and
    punish political opponents. The voters are informed and expect
    some decency and despise words that completely contradict a
    devious and shameful personal record.
2. Fiorina talked about the NSA, the smartest minds on this side
    of the Atlantic, not using the right highly-esteemed and world
    renowned Fiorina Algorithms to detect suspicious activity and
    deter, detect and counter terrorism. A typical laughable,
    despicable buzzword-trained and buzzword-oriented ignorant
    business executive, that I am sure knows nothing about algorithmic
    or cryptographic issues, but feels, nevertheless, compelled to spit
    in a buzzword here and there to impress what (s)he perceives as
    other ignorant and feet-licking underlings and disciples.
    Unfortunately, it would have been unwise to expect more from
    a person that says that beating cancer and/or losing a child equips
    one with political skills, political knowledge or political experience
    and acumen in leadership.
    And it is improper and unfortunate to hear an executive whose
    company's hardware was so under par and so often malfunctioning
    that would not run, let alone run any algorithm, correct or wrong,
    offering lessons on computing and on the "miraculous private
    sector"'s  ability in assisting to fight terrorism...
3. Bush still supported the decision to go to war in Iraq and stood
    by the machinations and actions of War Criminals. Just a reminder
    of a United States written and United States sponsored statement
    from 1950. (I cannot honestly understand what this Bush does not
    understand, except that I get the fact that it is very difficult to
    condemn your own brother for Grave Breaches of International
    Law and to equate them with the worse of the worst.)

In 1950, the Nuremberg Tribunal defined Crimes against Peace, in Principle VI,
specifically Principle VI(a), submitted to the United Nations General Assembly:

(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war
    in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of
     any of the acts mentioned under (i).

Anthony Zurcher of the BBC wonders whether Trump
is destroying the Republican Party.
The truth is that
the GOP has been for quite some time now the party
of nay-saying, lukewarm support for, if not opposition
to, social justice, minority and women's rights bashing,
xenophobia and immigrant belittling, and health care
counter-reform, i.e., in all else except the rights of the
gun manufacturers and the unborn, the Republican
Party has been a destructive force in American public
discourse. It is then no wonder, albeit a bit ironic, that
this tsunami of destruction is sweeping away and
destroying the Party itself. Trump was the straw that
broke the camel's back, or, more suitably, the wrecking
ball that demolished the crumbling edifice, but was not
the cause for its catastrophic dilapidation.

I cannot view the first ever election of a woman in
Saudi Arabia as a cause for celebration. At the time
when Canada's Premier appointed a Cabinet consisting
of a balanced mix of men and women and long after
the bin A bin B bin C al Sauds started playboying and
investing billions of dollars of their State's wealth as
if it had been private property, it is a shame that we
are celebrating instead of been appalled and indignant
when women are hesitatingly semi-allowed to do in this
stupendously wealthy and astoundingly backward State
what they have been allowed to do for many decades
at full throttle in almost all other States on the Planet.

Bernie, they want again to use National Security as a distraction
to avoid discussions about serious domestic issues and priorities.
Do not give up!! Keep reminding us that, while all issues and
concerns, domestic and global, are relevant and worthy of our
attention, ultimately our priority should be to put our own house
in order and to ensure the cohesion of our own society, the
viability and health of our own institutions and the happiness
and prosperity of the future generations in our own Lands.
The rest, we can influence, but we do not have sole, or even
majority, control over.

Όλοι γνωρίζουμε ότι εκτός του ίδιου του Ανδρέα, η πιο
υπεύθυνη για την ``απο-Παπανδρεοποίηση" του ΠΑ.ΣΟ.Κ
είναι η κυρα Δήμητρα Λιάνη. Τα λοιπά είναι κενολογίες,
ποταπές παραληρηματικές προσωπικές πίκρες και μπλα
μπλα ``μ' άλλα λόγια ν' αγαπιόμαστε"...
Μία μη προσωπικότης που τα "σκά**σε" στη προσωπική
της και τη δημόσια ζωή και ψάχνει τρόπους να παραμένει
επίκαιρη ``στερνή μου γνώση να σ' είχα πρώτα"...

``It is not about the money" my a**...

I am listening to the news concerning the San Bernardino
incident investigations by the FBI
. A huge and I am sure
very costly investigation is being carried out that is certainly
warranted by the massacre that triggered it. On the other
hand I cannot help but be disheartened by the fact that
many more much easier and less expensive things that
can be implemented as preventive measures are not put
in place immediately. First, the President's request to put
persons on ``no fly" lists on ``gun purchase prohibition"
lists should be implemented immediately because it is a
very reasonable request. It might not have prevented this
specific shooting, but it might prevent or make future
ones more difficult and,thus, it is easy, imperative and
worth implementing. Second, I again support allowing
persons so inclined to travel to the Middle East to join
IS and right after their departure stripping them from
their American or European Citizenship and placing
them in a no fly list and banning them from returning,
so that they have no legal chance or legal way to enter
back into the two Continents again. If someone has
made up his/her mind to abandon Humanity and help
or support the goals of a brutal and dehumanizing
organization or regime, it is very difficult to stop them
from acting. Hence, it is better and safer to send them
to live under the auspices of the terrible regimes they
support and the burden of the ideas they espouse, while
taking away their chance of creating havoc in Civilized
Lands. I view this as a voluntary permanent exile, which
I believe is a win-win from both sides' perspectives, if
implemented carefully and correctly.

It is not difficult to say the Right Things. ``We have no war
with Islam; We have a war against those who are using ideas
in order to create extremism and threats toward the whole
innocent people of the World", said Israel's President Reuven
Rivlin. It is more difficult to do the Right Thing, albeit not
terribly so, given Good Faith and Good Will: The Canadian
Prime Minister opened Canada's doors and Canada's Hearts
to Syrian refugees in greater numbers, although even then,
not nearly great enough for their plight and suffering...
But we Thank both the Prime Minister of Canada and the
President of Israel because even Words spoken from the
Heart and the Mind and Acts done with Daring, Boldness
and Compassion show to us, the entire World, those infinitely
much more fortunate than our fellow World Citizens caught
in the midst of devastation and conflict and stripped of their
livelihoods, families, friends, possessions and comforts,
the Only Way that a reasonable Human Being would find
Possible and Proper to React.

The fact that Ms. Kirchner did not have the graciousness
to attend her successor's inauguration, regardless of the
rivalry and whatever the excuse, speaks volumes about
egoism and self-centrism put on top of the Historical and
Cultural significance in a State like Argentina of such a
move and the message of Unity in Support of Democracy
that it would have send to all directions of the Globe.

A warning to the Obama-bashing hawks: The fact that
the United States has now a smaller deficit and has been
disengaging from Foreign Wars does not mean that we
should be going around looking for ways to get involved
in new ones to start again squandering our Wealth
. It is
time we realize that our debt burden needs to be trimmed,
if we want better days for our Children, and that, when
we avoid needless spending at War, we can focus on other
burning problems here at home, like infrastructure,
innovation and social justice and equality, that, when,
at War, are unavoidably put in the back burner in terms
of both material and human resources that are needed
to tackle them effectively and preventing them from
perpetuating and eroding social cohesion and solidarity
and trust in the State and its institutions, including our
Democratic structures and de facto Oligarchic political

Emanuel does have to go. Shedding some crocodile tears
and asking for a belated forgiveness is not convincing.
This is clearly a person who is consistently acting in
self-interest, a typical maverick politician, who, after
being the leader and champion of the attempted cover
up in order to avoid at all costs the smearing of his
administration, is now trying to pass the blame on to
others in order to cling to his position until his last breath.
In Chicago the fish stinks from the head, as they say,
and that head deserves the trash bin.

No wonder why Trump is a big supporter of Israel and its
current narrow-minded and uninspired administration.
He wants to "unite" a white Christian America, exactly
as Israel seeks a Democratic State (only) for Jewish Citizens
in both Jewish and Palestinian Lands. The only problem
is that, in the United States, we have strong traditions of
Tolerance, Equality and Respect for ALL individuals,
regardless of ethnic origin and religious background and
we believe that these Values are so Fundamental to our
Existence and our Well-being as a State that Trump seems
and sounds so out of touch, a pariah implanted from an
insecure, xenophobic State of another era and of another
continent, which has suffered but has not learned its
lessons or received any useful messages from History...

The President last night gave one of the best addresses to
the Nation that he has ever delivered. It was impressive
for the right reasons: conciseness and precision. He simply
outlined a few points of action to be followed and a few
potentially misguided, hazardous reactions to be avoided.

Michigan should not give preferential tax exemptions to
specific types of companies. However, since the drive to
entice companies to relocate in our State is understandable,
State Lawmakers could pass a uniform Bill allowing for
ALL newly in-State relocated companies to take advantage
of some tax exemptions WITH THE PROVISO that, after
the tax grace period expires, they will remain committed in
staying in our State for a period of additional years that,
I would suggest, would be enough for the State to recover
through taxation some of initially forfeited revenue and
would ensure that Michigan's Citizens would benefit from
their presence, in terms of employment, services provided,
innovation developed and ideas contributed.

I wish all other Professions had been hiring based on
qualifications and merit alone, and not on preferential
or other criteria, exactly as Secretary of Defense
promised when opening all military combat positions
to all, regardless of gender...

A friendly message from a EuroCentric Greek Citizen:
For the Greeks Europe, Peace, Fraternity, Cooperation
and Solidarity do not mean only (not even mostly)
having some fat, overfed and overpaid rats in Brussels
creating common Policies and handing down various
dicta and directives. They mean that Citizens have tangible
daily advantages that are applicable to all and that bring
the People of Europe closer to each other regardless of
Nationality and Ethnic or Racial Background. Therefore,
if the Commission or any other Authority dares to expel
or suspend Greece from the Schengen Treaty, and given
the fact that, more than once, Greece has been on the brink
of being expelled from the Euro-Zone, i.e., threatened out
of the two most Important Realizations of the European
Dream of  Continental Integration in Daily Affairs,
Greeks will not have any reason or motivation to stay
in a bund whose sole remaining purpose, from their
viewpoint, would be feeding and fattening the said rats...
My recommendation is to stop discussions about suspending
or otherwise damaging or redrawing Schengen as it exists
today other that, perhaps, on solidifying and further
expanding its Membership.

BRAVO HAMBURG! With so many and such serious
problems, such as immigration and refugee aid and
support, not even a single cent should be wasted on
extravagant celebrations and fanfares or for the
enrichment of elitist organizations such as the despicable,
stinky athletic oligarchs in Switzerland.  I so much wish
that Rome, Paris, Budapest and Los Angeles and their
Citizens would all similarly decline staging such wasteful
events and send both a clear message to the Pseudo-
Olympic Committee in Geneva that they are irrelevant
and their money to support more noble causes and issues
of greater concern to their Citizens... Bravo!

The Turkish Prime Minister is right in that "focus should
be on the positive bilateral agenda". However, this does not
imply that all other issues should not be mentioned
. And,
indeed, when would be a more appropriate moment to raise
the violations of National Airspace than the moment when
Turkey realized the seriousness of such an offense to such
a disproportionate extent as to down (without other reason
or provocation) a military aircraft of another State? So
the Greek Prime Minister was not going overboard either...

Congratulations to China! It is a great day for both the
Chinese currency and for recognizing China's recent
meteoric rise and welcome role in Global Affairs.

Bravo to the Prime Ministers of Greece and Israel that met
and reemphasized the historic and close ties between the two
States and the two Nations. Bravo, also to the President of
Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot Leader for pushing
courageously and working seriously towards an honest
rapprochement between the two Communities and towards,
hopefully, a final, mutually agreeable, vital and lasting
settlement of the shameful division and status quo.

One cannot avoid to notice that, whenever there is a Russian
interference of one sort or another in the periphery of that
State, there are tensions and undesired events that constantly
occur. This is something for President Putin, Prime Minister
Medvedev and Foreign Minister Lavrov to seriously consider.
A Powerful State should not emit the stench of a petty and
whiny antagonist and competitor to its smaller and less
powerful neighbors, but should, instead, show generosity
and project a protective and reliable partner that can play a
catalytic role in calming the fears and assuaging, not amplifying,
the angst of its neighbors with regards to regional problems.

Unfortunately, even after the strong message that was sent
by the Paris attacks, the situation in and around Syria reminds
one of a bunch of immature and unaware children that, faced
with a grave existential danger, cannot set aside their childish
fights to band together and cooperate to save their skins...
Pity. We are not talking about Great Powers, but about most
petty, narrow minded, uninspired and unworthy States and
political and military (non-)leaders...

Αμάν και πότε θα σε πάρουν και οι Άγγελοι και ο
Διάολος ξεφτιλισμένο ρεζιλίκι του κερατά...

Happy TENTH, Chancellor of Germany! Best wishes with
a prompting for expanding, not limiting, OPEN BORDERS,
for solidifying and fortifying, not withdrawing from, the
commitment to the COMMON CURRENCY, for expanding,
not contracting, Fraternity, Cooperation and Solidarity
among All European Nations and the Entire World, for
Integrating further, not dissolving, European-wide Decision
Making for the Common Good and for showing, with
determination, persistence and unwavering resolve that
GIVE AN INCH to those that fight to fright and intimidate
the Continent. They can experiment with their own
brutality and intolerance in their own lands; we prefer
to live according to own standards, that were handed
down to us through long adventures, missteps, errors
and grave mistakes, and through many lessons learned
at a dear price. And, surely, many more lessons are
awaiting to be taught and to be learned...

When my own State perpetrates and tries to justify these
horrible domestic crimes against Humanity, my first reaction
is to open my arms and try to hug all those that have suffered
or were affected. But I just cry instead, because I know that it
is not possible to reach everyone... But one thing that I promise
myself is to never NEVER be fooled by crass or eloquent
demagogues, that to benefit personally at the expense of
their fellow Citizens and at the expense of History and at
the expense of Dignity and Decency, advocate excusing and
justifying and, therefore, open the doors into repeating
these shameful and despicable decisions and acts of the,
not so distant, past...

It is a shame for Kenya that it has not taken better care and
has not modernized, either by own or foreign investments,
extremely important and vital  for its well being and its
economic development infrastructure and is subjecting the
workers in the transportation sector of its economy in
apparently horrible working conditions. Why not inviting
a foreign firm to build and maintain critical infrastructure
projects in exchange for collecting some reasonable tolls
for a certain period of time? This will dramatically improve
the situation and decisively contribute to economic and
social development.

Coming from a Republican, bigotry and misanthropy
would not have been as surprising. But hearing a
Democratic mayor even insinuating that there could
have been even a speck of justification for the brutal,
shameful treatment of our Fellow Citizens simply
because of their origin and ethnic background, even
in times of Great National Trial and Peril, is, to
say the least, disconcerting, and, to be bland, totally
repulsive and unacceptable. The Wrongs and the
Mistakes of the Past are there for us to learn from
and to avoid repeating, not to imitate and copy.
For those Democrats that show lack of willingness,
desire or capability to learn from experience and
to those Republicans that are ready to repeat Grave
Republican Mistakes of barely a decade ago, know
that the electorate understands and watches closely:
"Το δις εξαμαρτείν ουκ ανδρός σοφού."

Ο πρωθυπουργός από το στρές και τη μάσα έχει βάλει
τόσο βάρος κι έχει αλλαξομουριάσει τόσο πολύ που είναι
πλέον δύσκολο να τον ξεχωρίσει κανείς φατσικά και σε
ύφος από τον απεχθέστατο Κώστα Καραμανλή...

The events in Paris have made clear two things:
1. The Civilized World (avoiding the term "Western Wold"
to include also Russia, China and possibly other Peace and
Security Loving Nations) must cooperate politically and
militarily in an unprecedented scale, by possibly forming
combined military contingents under joint or rotating
command and apply concerted, sustained and devastating
force against IS Control and Command, Headquarters and
Military Positions with exactly the same intensity that was
used against the Taliban in Afghanistan and with exactly
the same (misguided in that case) resolve that the Bush
administration showed against Iraq. We cannot accept
any more infighting and bickering. We cannot accept
dividing petty political interests on the part of the
Civilized World; the enemy is common and should be
fought in tandem.
2. It is high time the Security Council Members, Permanent
and otherwise, and the Members of the United Nations as a
whole, take at last (after 70 years) seriously Article 43 of
Chapter VII and resolve to contribute Permanent Standing
Forces under United Nations Command with Immediate
Readiness for Fast Deployment to places where it is clear
that Effective State Control is failing and Civilization has
ceased to exist. Every one can now see plainly why such
situations clearly and beyond any doubt fall under the case
of a Threat to International Peace and Security and, thus,
under the Mandate of the Organization. If the World
Leaders thought it possible to organize such an Integrated
Force in 1945, today's World Leaders, with so many more
technological means and so much more Unity of Purpose
and Resolve, must make it a reality. When Nations Unite
they can tame Space and explore the Universe. When
Nations Unite, they can, a fortiori, banish uncivilized,
extremist, brutal behavior that degrades Humanity,
trivializes Human Life and Existence and violates without
hesitation the Laws of War and Humanitarian Norms and

Nepotism and cronyism under Barack's Administration's
watch. It is sad when one votes for ``change" and ``hope"
and one realizes that business as usual is going on in exactly
the same way as previously...
with ex-administrators forming
private companies and exploiting connections to milk the
State and burden the taxpayers in a shameless fashion...

Theoretically an International Agreement on currency
non-manipulation sounds great. But one may ask
Secretary Lew, is the fact that the U.S. pays its own
debts in dollars and can print as many dollars as it
itself sees fit and sensible not a form of currency
manipulation? Does it not tilt the plane field, since
other Nations do not have the same advantage?
And is it not pretentious for us to be going around
the World and lecturing about free currency floating
when we have this inherent currency manipulation
advantage through this ``universality" of the dollar?

I am afraid that David Cameron's positions are totally
incompatible with the spirit of European Integration.
As Pro-Europeans, with deep understanding of the
Meaning and Hopes of European Integration and of
the Will of the overwhelming majority of the Citizens
of Europe for Brotherhood, Humanity, Cooperation
and the Dream of Integration, we cannot support
proposals leading to less Unity and less Cooperation.
Mr. Cameron is unfortunately laying the groundwork
for a British exit by making these demands. Now our
only hope is that our United Kingdom fellow Travelers
in this pan-European Journey reject his separatist
dream with a convincing majority and reaffirm the
common European Destiny of the Isles alongside
the Continent. The Pioneers have spent huge amounts
of Effort and have shown too much Courage and
Boldness in making Substantial and Necessary
Compromises for our Generation to Squander and
for our Leaders to thoughtlessly deconstruct one of
the Best Things that Politics has ever achieved in
Europe and indeed Globally.

I hear all these complaints on how the resignation of the
Mizzou President was not necessary. People fail to take
into account that, apart from the day-to-day running
of the affairs of a University in a climate of Inclusiveness
and Tolerance, to ask the least, or Brotherhood, Equality
and Cooperation in ideal cases, which is one of the many
responsibilities of the President and in which Mr. Wolfe
miserably failed, another major component of Presidential
Duties consists of cultivating a positive image, a friendly
profile, adopt strong stances, make decisive contributions
for the betterment of the community and provide an
example of behavior for the students to follow. A person
that is remunerated the highest, or close to highest, on a
big campus, and sometimes in a big city, has many implied
responsibilities other than his formal job description
and in these Mr. Wolfe proved to be an abject failure.

The developments at IAAF and FIFA are overwhelming and
the stench overpowering. And to add insult to injury, we are
just learning first-hand that the despicable Infantino is in
reality running as a placeholder for an alleged criminal...

It is 2015 indeed!

Of course, it is a very positive development that the Leaders
of China and Taiwan met to further improve Understanding
and Bilateral Relations and consolidate Peace in the region.
I guess the only Nation that might be viewing such meetings
and such gestures with suspicion are the Israelis, with Bibi,
first and foremost, touting it as a complete betrayal to the
Jewish Nation and warning of catastrophic consequences
of Biblical proportions should any deal be concluded...

What an idiot! When Jews get harassed and killed, it is
Right to rise in protest and indignation. But when Jews
harass and kill, protesting is branded as anti-semitism.
And when a well-respected Diplomat veers towards
Idealism and seeks Peace, Friendship and Cooperation
between his State and those other States in our World
that want to Reciprocate, he is branded a 12 year old...
I guess we can all see clearly who is the racial and ethnic
bigot and retard, who is giving his Government a well
deserved, I am afraid, bad name and reputation...

Frankly, we did not need the Senior to tell us that Dick and
Don pushed an ignorant and uneducated president down to
the path of Grave Breaches of International Law, which,
since the Nürnberg Trials, in the Charter Era have been
judged by the International Court of Justice and by the
International Criminal Court to carry Individual Responsibility
and Universal Jurisdiction. The Shame is that Powerful
Governments shield their own from indictments over such
Serious Violations and, thus, provide excuses and pretexts
to Governments of smaller and less powerful States to
also evade the Jurisdiction of the World Courts to Hold
Accountable their own Citizens under International Law.

We want to know: President Obama, who the f**k is pocketing
these humongous amounts of money? Are they - be it companies
or individuals - going to be indicted and are the funds, in excess
of reasonable, going to ever be recovered or are you going to
continue to hide your and the Defense Department's heads in
the sand and perpetuate unaccountability and fraud?

A scum of scums has passed away. Good Riddance!

Bravo to the Japanese Prime Minister and to the South
Korean President for meeting and trying in Good Faith
to iron out disagreements and outstanding issues from
the two Nations' Past. Admitting Fault for past behavior,
on the one hand, and showing understanding for the fact
that Future Generations must be helped and encouraged
to Remember in order to Avoid the Same Mistakes, first
and foremost, and not for being debilitated by the guilt
of their ancestors, on the other, form a Helpful and very
Constructive Framework for Reconciliation. All States
of our World must Try in Good Faith to attain Warm,
Neighborly and Fraternal Relations with all Other States
and, especially so, with their Geographic Neighbors.

Turkey's election results have to be respected by all, those
who like them and those who do not. On the other hand,
the claim of President Erdogan that the critics of the
election process are immature reminds one of the "Look
who's talking" parable. Erdogan, by asserting openly his
goal and attempting, unsuccessfully so far, to enlarge his
personal power has been instrumental in undermining
the democratic process and in poisoning the climate of
Peace and Reconciliation that Turkey was in course of
attaining and so desperately needs. Moreover, by openly
and blatantly imprisoning so many figures that have
been active in opposition in various roles, including
journalists, he has been showing a shaky and worrying
view of his and the Republic's Maturity and Confidence
in allowing Unhampered Criticism and in Respecting all
Rights due to all Citizens under well-established Norms
in States whose Governments have nothing to hide and
nothing to fear from active Public Participation and
Vigorous and Robust Political Pluralism and Opposition.

A simple question to the Department of Justice: How come
and the United States is pursuing relentlessly Mr. Polanski
in France, Switzerland and, now, Poland for having had an
illegal relationship with a minor 40 years ago, but our United
States is so reluctant to seriously investigate and prosecute
another famous, and allegedly serial, molester for repeated
and continuous crimes that have happened over an extended
period of time on U.S. soil? Why such blatant and unjustifiable
double standards?

I agree with the Greek Prime Minister's and the Syriza's
Youth Wing's statements that what is happening in Greece's
Eastern Borders with Turkey is a European Shame beyond
imagination and that Greece should bring down or open
the fence it has built at the land borders with Turkey to
avoid exacerbating the disastrous maritime crossing of
thousands of Refugees daily through the bitterly cold
Aegean Waters. Recently we have witnessing a shameless,
persistent, pointless and pathetic traveling of Foreign
Ministers and other (Un)dignitaries of States and of the
Union itself from Capital to Capital trying to negotiate
involuntary agreements. What if they stopped wasting
the E.U.'s taxpayers money and resources in vain and
offered these funds, instead, to States and Organizations
that do not just pay lip service, but are on the ground and
substantially helping in feeding, housing and taking care
of the basic needs of the Immigrants and the Refugees
that arrive daily by the thousands.

KKE's Koutsoumpas supports lower taxation for private
education in Greece. As everybody knew, many in the
Communist Elite are sending their own children to
private schools while advocating Public for everybody
else's children. And to make the hypocrisy worse, they
are also unwilling to pay extra taxes and, therefore, use
their influence to lower them to suit personal interests,
always under cover of supporting the Public Good...

I am wondering why Senator Rubio attacked Governor
Bush for criticizing him for being an absentee Congressman.
Would, I wonder, the honorable, but dishonest, Senator come
to the defense of a teacher that decided to keep being on the
job on full pay but not go to conduct his classes in order,
e.g., to campaign for State office? If not, why should it be
different for Federal Office seekers than it is for the average
American who, after all, is much lower down in the payscale
and in other freebies and benefits than Congressmen are?

I thought he was just starting to lose it, but, unfortunately,
he has already lost it...

All States must accede to the Convention on the Law of
the Sea and pledge to resolve differences and outstanding
issues through Arbitration and by Mutual Consent to grant
Jurisdiction to the International Court of Justice. Those
States that sit safely outside the Convention and are using
questionable means and military posturing to impose their
will and their interests on the High Seas should be
Universally Condemned by other actors and should know
that, by doing so, they are endangering their long term
interests and they are depriving their Citizens of the fruits
of Peaceful Coexistence, Fraternity and the Economic
Prosperity that can only be realized through International
Cooperation and Understanding between All States and
All Governments.

Δυστυχώς ο Πρωθυπουργός έσφαλε ανεπανόρθωτα
όταν επαναδιόρισε το Γερο-αρχιερέα της διαπλοκής
Φλαμπουράρη και το Ψιλογερο-αρχιερέα της Διαπλοκής
Κατρούγκαλο στο καινούργιο μετεκλογικό κυβερνητικό
σχήμα. Αυτά τα άτομα έχουν προκαλέσει στο παρελθόν
και είναι εξαιρετικά επίφοβο να τα έχει κανείς σα στενούς
συνεργάτες. Είμαι όμως και σίγουρος - Ελλάδα ούσα -
ότι δεν έχουμε δει όλες τις βρωμιές και τις ακαθαρσίες
και ότι, άν η νέα κυβέρνηση ειναι σοβαρή ως προς την
πάταξη της Διαπλοκής, θα δούμε κι άλλα μέλη της να
μπερδεύονται ή/και να παγιδεύονται στον ιστό της

Another LOUD CALL to the Regional Football
Associations: Take the World Cup into your own hands,
send your Members' National Teams to compete in this
New World Cup and deprive FIFA from its product and,
therefore, leave FIFA without revenue to choke in its
excrement without a reason of existence and only as a
club of old, sorry and despicable men who see money
and luxury into everything they can touch and exploit.

A new Liberal Administration, a new hopefully Younger
and hopefully more Open-minded Administration, has
been called to serve the Canadian Citizens and, as one
of the most Wealthy States on Earth, by extension, to
serve the interests of the Citizens of the World. They
have a tough, tough road ahead, both in terms of issues
of domestic character and serious, challenging problems,
seemingly chronic and of unprecedented difficulty, in the
World Arena. Good Luck and may they face a favorable
and strong tailwind.

I am not in substance against all the requests that Turkey
is making to the European Union, but I am decisively and
unequivocally against relating these to the immigration
and refugee issues and using them as bargaining chips in
order for Turkey to accept, at last, to implement in Good
Faith its Obligations when it comes to restricting illegal
trafficking, predominantly by completely unchecked and
tacitly State-supported Turks, of illegal migrants (as
opposed to Refugees) into the European Union through
Greece. The Turkish authorities use their unwillingness
and incompetence in checking the flows to, in a certain
sense, threaten and blackmail the Union into accepting
their demands. This should not be done. All these issues
should be discussed in separate negotiations, unrelated
to urgent discussions on migration.
My warning is that States that do not do the Right Thing,
without demanding unrelated and undue Privileges to do
so, when they find themselves in similarly difficult and
challenging circumstances, would be less likely to receive
Help and Support in Good Faith and without extortionist
demands by other States, since a Fundamental Principle
in such affairs is that of  Reciprocity.

Traveling from our United States for a photo-op
with an alleged war criminal indicted by the
International Criminal Court and a Fugitive
from Justice is unacceptable under any and
all circumstances and I feel embarrassed that
the parents of this boy, who is too young to be
politically sensitive and politically adept did
not act appropriately to inform him of who
- which beast - he was sent to meet and hug.
I guess the family see blood and injustice only
if it is spilled or suffered by their own, but they
are incapable of empathy and do not care about
crimes against humanity in general...

No tolerance for attacks on religious sites. Freedom
of religious belief and disbelief and freedom to
exercise or refrain from exercising the right to
practice should be respected by all People and
all Nations and should Unite rather than Divide
Humanity across all Ethnic Backgrounds and
all Cultures.

Sanders' position that he is aligned in many respects
with the gun lobby because he is from a rural state
shows that he is ready to wheel and deal with voting
interests than simply to do the right thing for the
majority, despite his proclamation to the opposite.
In no State, urban or rural is there any reason to
allow possession, or to relax strict laws and regulations
forbidding the possession, of any weapons - handguns,
semi-automatic rifles, etc., - that are not meant for
hunting purposes, but only to attack individuals
under pretext and cover of self-defense. Once we
put such strict regulations on the books and once
we make sure that these are successfully applied
and consistently and strictly implemented, then
we can move on to oppose and successfully restrict
the grade and lethality of the unjustifiably brutal
devices and materiel that "civil" law enforcement
agencies possess - allegedly to serve and protect,
but in many instances - to stop, arrest and harass.
Having said that, Sanders still seems to be the least
entangled, most consistent and most attuned of the
politicians on stage to the biggest problems that our
society faces. However, my opinion is that, because
some of his solutions sound too good to be true,
they probably are, and, therefore, his supporters
should know, in advance, that, most likely (with
overwhelming probability), they are in for, and
should be preparing for, big disappointments, if
he finally gets elected...

I am firmly opposed to the merger of InBev with
. In my opinion this is a paradigmatic
instance of a phenomenon from which anti-trust
laws were put in place to protect free economic
competition on the one hand and society and its
culture and traditions on pluralism on the other.

Yesterday, I heard in the news that the "Catastrophic"
insurance fund in Michigan has an multi-billion dollar
surplus and that insurance companies, when asked to
disclose data on its management for which they are
responsible, refused to do so on pretext that it is a
private fund, not subject to public disclosure regulations.
Needless to say, that is extremely and fundamentally
It is certainly a good and commendable feature that
the fund is healthy, robust and growing and has not
been squandered. After all, it is a fund set up for a
rainy day and should be there to support all unfortunate
Michiganders in times of calamity and personal disaster.
On the other hand, (s)he who has nothing to fear should
have nothing to hide, and (s)he who administers a fund
that is stipulated under the auspices of a public authority
and has as its mission the public good, should have the
interest and motivation and consider it his/her duty to
provide full disclosure of all management and status
information, even without being asked.
Governor Snyder and the Secretaries of State and
Transportation intervene on behalf of the Citizens
of our State to arrange the right thing to happen.
After all, we all contribute under state authority
and, therefore, we have the RIGHT TO KNOW!

The Volkswagen debacle and subsequent behavior has
laid bare a systemic failure of the high level executives
and managers of large corporations and other sharks,
as happened also during the financial meltdown and
ensuing mess of 2008. Collectively termed the CES
for chief executive sh*t,  these have proven themselves
time and again eager to happily and good-humoredly
assume the benefits of these positions, including extravagant,
by any and all measures, salaries, stock options etc., and
undeservedly and unreasonably lavish severance packages,
and even more eager to deny and absolve themselves of
any responsibility when mismanagement or disaster
strikes resulting in their companies' products being
corrupt and/or in their companies' reputations being
gutted and/or  in the financial health of their corporations
going down the drain under their supposed watch. One,
then, is left reasonably wondering what those extravagant
compensations during the good times are there to account
for, if incompetence during difficult times leaves companies
unshielded and the CES irresponsible, unaccountable and

In a nutshell, if a company wants someone to lead it,
I offer to assume the benefits at the low cost of $5M
per year, to deny any knowledge or responsibility
when I fail and to move on. Moreover, I will add
a few bonuses that will certainly make me, I believe,
more attractive than an average CES: 1. I will be more
convincing in my arguments and my theatrics in
Congress when Investigating Committees start
inquiring; 2. With a small surcharge of a moderate
(much lower than the going price) severance package
of $10M (no stock options; only cash please), I will
promise to retire and not go to the next company to
receive even more in compensation and create even
more havoc and another even bigger mess...
I am waiting for the phone calls... for my generous
offer, fully conforming with the current international
CES standards, but much more reasonably priced.

Good thing the surgeon is retired... Otherwise, who
knows which part of the body the nerves might have
ended up in... Especially the cranial nerves...

I have no idea where Governor Snyder discovered and
invited this disgraceful individual to become our State's
Attorney General. The truth is that whenever his name
surfaces, it is about some failure or other or some
questionable or disgraceful affair where precious
resources are spent unwisely. I wish the Governor
would summon the Political Courage and Political
Will, even at this ultimate hour, to show him the
door and replace him by a more idealistic and more
uniting and decent individual.

In any other State with a more open and pluralistic
political system and one less dependent on people of
extraordinary wealth and large capital, i.e., in a
system supporting a more Direct and, therefore,
more Genuine Democratic Process, the GOP would
not have been still one united Party, simply because
it houses many individual groups with fundamentally
mutually incompatible ideologies and fundamentally
incompatible strategies. In our State where, unless one
belongs to one of the Big Two, one has no chances in
participating in the Governmental Process and ensuing
collateral benefits, no sheep, however in disagreement
or in rift with the majority, dares leave the flock and
start a fresh movement of similarly thinking individuals,
unless he happens to be an astoundingly rich individual
and can self-finance a priori doomed adventures...

A new joke by this ridiculous company: ``It is not something
the company did... But it is something individuals did...".
And how sneaky and spying and malicious these apparently
multitudes of individuals must have been to be able to affect
millions and millions of the company's products under the
nose of the incompetent and liar CEOs, CFOs and other
disgraceful leeches and sharks...

The U.S. Department of Justice must sue both the company
and its unrepentant sharks that are still shamelessly, blatantly
and deliberately trying to mislead the Congress and skew the
investigators by outright lying and perjury. Bring them down
to their knees, force the company to fold and its sharks to pay
huge fines both for their cheating and their lying and obstructing
the investigations. Our United States, especially in an era where
it is trying to convince partners around the globe to be sensitive
about environmental issues, should
ban imports of products by a company that CLEARLY

One of the major reforms that is needed in the Greek
Governmental Service System is the introduction and
expansion of electronic services. Every Greek Citizen
has been subjected multiple times throughout their
lives to those inhumane, unacceptably long and,
oftentimes, lacking courtesy and civility, visits to
overcrowded public service offices, thus, wasting
millions of working hours, reducing productivity
and suffering severe psychological damage under
the cursing and the fights that very often take place,
when people get tired and stressed out during the
long waiting hours. All these services that are now
provided in person have to be provided electronically.
For a small fee, the public should be able to submit the
necessary information, request the documents they
need and receive documents in the mail or electronically,
whenever possible, and pay dues via electronic credit
or debit card transactions. All developed nations offer
these facilities and until the time the Greek Government
adjusts to the era of fully functioning electronic
governance, all the announced measures will result
to little or to no tangible benefit for the public.

Given that the Government of Afghanistan had supported
the Taliban, who attacked the United States, the United States
has done more than Afghanistan deserved to rebuild the Country
and it is now time for the United States to withdraw its troops
and to let the Afghan Government assume, at last, its Sovereign
Responsibilities both domestically and vis-a-vis the International
Community. Hopefully, after so many sacrifices in terms of human
resources on both sides and such humongous expenditures, mainly
on the U.S. side, the Afghan Government will at last be able to
perform its duties in a decent way and with the necessary focus
and seriousness and, hopefully, will avoid engaging exclusively
in personal favoritism and enrichment and will refrain from
being absorbed totally by nepotism, corruption and graft, which
will give impetus to old and new shady groups to recapture large
parts of its territory. But, in any case, IT IS NOT THE U.S.'s
Other States have to understand that, despite our wealth, we
also have, like any State does, our own problems that we must
focus on and resolve to ensure our future National Health and
Prosperity, politically, economically, socially and culturally.

Some potentially significant news for computing
hardware and, because of its nature, computing
software are surfacing from down under.

Loosing any human being is devastating; especially so
when we are talking about babies or young boys or girls.
However, even more tragic is the fact that we now hear
more and more often of young - very young - perpetrators
of these assaults. And my worry is that the youth have
been watching the news on TV and/or following the news
on the internet and, as these shooting incidents in anger
and rage have become so common, they might be getting
the message that, when someone is ``mad" at someone
else, it is a legitimate response to grab dad's or mom's
weapon and shoot them as retribution. Honestly, the
best solution would be to not have such incidents and,
therefore, not to be forced to broadcast such news.
Short of that, unless freedom of press and freedom of
speech are compromised, which is clearly to be avoided
and highly undesirable, I cannot frankly see any way
out of this vicious circle...

It is not a matter of whether, but a matter of when some
aviation or combat incident will occur over Turkish or
Syrian airspace the way France, Russia, Syria, the U.K.
and the U.S. are engaging one another through plane
and ground radars and simultaneously flying patrols
and sorties over the area. So, DO NOT DARE PRESENT
INCIDENTS as ACCIDENTS when they happen. An
incident is an accident when all States involved do all
in their power to prevent it from happening. But the
current level of engagement shows that they are, on
the contrary, almost seeking an anomaly to occur...

The FA has adopted one of the most vocal positions against
corruption in FIFA and their continued support for Platini
will seriously compromise their leading role and raise
questions about their interests and their motivations
At this point, with all that has transpired and all that
is yet to surface about this overwhelmingly stinking
Football Governing Sewers, no person with even a slight
suspicion of impropriety hanging over their heads should
be even remotely supported by any State FA and, a fortiori,
by the Leading FA that has repeatedly called for reform
and transparency at the highest levels and for accountability.

The news is surfacing that
Papa Francesco met with the
Kentucky Clerk who showed disregard in discharging
her duties according to the Law of Our Land
. I hope
that Jorge Bergoglio, alongside his encouraging her to
keep her faith intact, which is, of course, as he rightly
suggested, a fundamental Human Right, he was bold
enough to inform her that, when it comes to Court
Decisions meant to safeguard Equal Treatment of
our Fellow Citizens, it cannot be left up to the whim,
faith or beliefs of individuals to choose whether to abide
or not by the Law
. I invite Papa Francesco to ponder
carefully over what the situation would have been now,
if during the 60's, the Federal Government had left it
up to the faith and the beliefs of our Southern Fellow
Citizens whether or not they chose to desegregate their
Schools and Public Fora instead of, as they rightly did,
dynamically intervening to enforce the Dicta concerning
Equal Rights and Equal Treatment For All. People
opposing statutes based on subjective criteria, such as
faith, have the right to do it privately, but they should
not interfere with the functioning of Public Life, that
necessarily fuses the opinions and ideas of many
individuals, some of whom may believe and judge
differently and may think that the Right Thing is
to do otherwise.

Governor Snyder suggested that Michigan could do its
part to resettle some of the Refugees fleeing the Syrian
and other conflicts. Besides the obvious nobleness of
such an offer and our State's aide to the Union in abiding
by our International Law Responsibilities that such a
move would provide, our State could potentially draw
a great advantage for itself. Word coming from European
Hosting States suggests that many of the Refugees are
very highly skilled and qualified people in various trades
and professions and that, if the receiving economies are
prepared and appropriately organized to put their skills
into use, there might be a significant benefit. Accordingly,
for both reasons, we should
STANCE and probe him to act on it, in cooperation with
Barack's Administration as soon as possible without
unnecessary delays and hesitation.

This is beyond the limits of industrial decency:
The stinking hypocrites and rats at Volkswagen
will not "comment on newspaper speculation"!!

They cannot be allowed to take us for idiots...

I would have been embarrassed to put my hand into
uncontrollable diarrhea excrement, but Platini was
caught in the action, having, perhaps, a constitution
made of compatible material.

I apologize and take back the statement that Platini
might have been better than Blatter as a choice for
leading FIFA. He seems to be equally corrupt, of
course proportionally to what the opportunities
were in his position, which did not afford as great
an opportunity as Blatter's, for shoplifting...
. Anything else would signal that lessons are
ignored and not learned, or that corruption is part
of the game and of business as usual...

To Volkswagen Shareholders: If there is no Law forcing
you to pay an expensive severance package to an ex-CEO
that damaged the company's Reputation and the company's
Credibility and disregarded the company's Honesty and
Obligation to abide by the Laws, then you will have to
explain and justify why you chose to do that instead of
giving him ZERO and to sue him in court to recover as
much as is allowed by Law for his having caused such
severe damage to the company that he was entrusted
to lead
. On the other hand, if a Law exists that compels
you to such an absurd move, then you should visit the
Chancellor and German Legislators and discuss with
them how to change or void the relevant statute so
that such unacceptable and repugnant decisions do
not have to be legally forced on anyone in a similar
position in the future. If neither happens, I CALL ON

BRAVO to Israel's Transport Minister Yisrael Katz!
His firm stance that Israeli skies cannot be commanded
to open and close according to the wishes of the spoiled
super rich and that they belong to all Israeli Citizens

is a marvelous showcase of firmly upholding strong
traditions and social values. How appropriate it would
be for the French Authorities to tune in to get a lesson
in that respect, having, last year, closed a beach in the
Riviera for one or another Saudi King that wanted to
enjoy his super luxurious life unbothered by the
plebeian ... French Citizenry...


The tragedy at the Hajj, regardless of who is to blame,
must be a wake up call for the Saudi Government to do
a much much better job next time around to ensure the
safety of all Citizens of the World involved. On the
other hand, it should also be a call for Fraternity and
Cooperation among all Muslim States, rather than
disagreements and political exploitation
; perhaps, a
realization, at last, that despite which Sect one belongs
to, all Humanity Suffers Together and Faces the Same
Perils and the Same Fate when a Tragedy or a Cataclysm
strikes and, all Together, we are better equipped and able
to deal with these emergencies than each one alone,
regardless of Ethic or Religious Backgrounds etc.

Bravo to Barack and to President Xi for strongly reaffirming
the wish of both sides to work together in close "win-win"
. This is simply the only way to go. On the other
hand, it should be emphasized that this will only be possible
and viable in the long term if both States try to develop and
solidify warm relations and a close "win-win" cooperation
and avoid quarreling and antagonistic postures with all
their neighbors. Therefore, it would be to the benefit of all
if each State helped the other smooth out all its regional
contentious issues. To this goal, both States should invite
and welcome the Good Offices of the other side in such a
mediating and reconciling capacity.

France is now selling the Mistrals to the Egyptian Dictator.
If it had been a purely political decision, it should not have
taken place to send a strong signal that France does not
approve and wants to avoid dealing with Dictatorships, thus
honoring its long standing and strong Democratic Traditions.
At least, Al-Sisi may have violated Human Rights Treaties
and Customs, but it has not blatantly disregarded the U.N.
Charter by compromising the territorial integrity and the
political independence of another State, Soviet-style.

Bravo to all individuals who, through the social media,
tried to put some reason to the airhead boss "of bosses"
of Turing (by the way, I hope the name is not for Alan)
Pharmaceuticals. What a shame to think that business
consists of buying the rights to a drug costing $13 and
in the development of which one had no contribution
and, simply by hiking its price by 5,000% by a single
outrageous decision, making a sudden inappropriate
and undeserved fortune. Just imagine how many people
could do the same thing with how many necessities of
modern life, that are produced by oligopolies, and what
the damage and the ensuing uproar such a move would
cause in people's lives and in society's sense of solidarity
and cohesion. Shame on Martin "business scum - social
insensitivity - thinking inability" Shkreli(rious).

Jean-Claude and Martin, call urgently a meeting of the European
Parliament and a meeting of the Commission and pass a binding
statute against building fences in either internal or external EU
borders and back it up with a credible and substantial set of
sanctions against Member States that try to close the Continent
internally or externally. ENOUGH RHETORIC and WORDS;
It is high time you act to implement the wish of the overwhelming
majority of European Citizens. We did not unite our States to
seal them from extra-European influences and interaction with
the ``outside" World. We united our States so that all together
may have a larger and clearer perspective and a wider view
of our World - OUR ENTIRE WORLD.

Μιχαλο-σκατο-λιάκο, οι Έλληνες με τους σκληρούς και πολυετής
αγώνες τους και την ψήφο τους κατάφεραν να ξεφορτωθούν για
τα καλά τη παροιμιώδη βία της ΠΟΡΝΕΔ του νεαρού Βάγγου.
Και δεν το κάνανε για να παραδωθούν στη βία κανενός νεοφασίστα
μιχαλο-σκατο-λιάκου. Καλά κάνεις λοιπόν, αναλαμβάνοντας την
ηθική αυτουργία για πολιτικές δολοφονίες, και τους το θυμίζεις,
για να σε μαυρίσουν στις κάλπες αύριο και να μην ξανατολμήσεις
να εμφανίζεις τη γουρουνόφατσά σου και να περηφανεύεσαι για
την πολιτική και εγκληματική θρασυδειλία σου και τους φόνους
και τη βία που, όπως παραδέχτηκες, στέλνεις άλλους να διατελέσουν...

Message to the Volkswagen shareholders: You should call an
emergency meeting and vote to oust the VW CEO, the Chief
Engineer and the VW America CEO. In addition, you should
file immediately and without second thoughts a law suit on
behalf of the company against at least those three individuals
to recover as much from their bonuses, stock options, their
investments and salaries as possible under law to help defray
the upcoming costs of the heavy fines that will be imposed
by the United States regulating bodies and are exclusively due
to the idiotic and cavalier approach that at least these three
individuals have taken with regards to public policy and
environmental sensitivity. In fact, it is puzzling that a
company of that caliber has appointed to such high posts
such idiots that, in an era when everything is hacked by
every second kid, they were under the illusion and false
expectation that such actions would go unnoticed by experts...

Person A: What is your opinion and what are you going to do with X?
Politician: I hear many people talking about X. We'll look into it.
Person B:
What is your opinion and what are you going to do with Y?
Same Politician: I hear many people are worried about Y. We'll look into it.
Person C: 
What is your opinion and what are you going to do with Z?
Same Politician: I hear many people discussing Z. We'll look into it.
           They say I know nothing about X,Y or Z. But the day after
           (you, idiots, vote an ignorant for President of the United States,
           the most powerful Nation of the World, that you, idiots, will,
           then, be expecting to play a Leading Role in International Politics)
           I will know more than any of you (idiots) know. (I will google
           everything and become wise, why studying anything in advance?)

Question: Who is the politician whose stunning wisdom is showcased above?

People are wondering why Trump's behavior, relating especially
to the incident regarding the Nationality and Religion of our
President, is so different than that of Senator McCain's, one of
the most gentlemanly and most respected politicians in America.
I guess the intellect of part of our population is so lacking that
they would be wondering whether the Earth is flat or spherical,
or, more relevant, whether there is any difference between Einstein
and an ignorant, uneducated idiot...