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Trump hailed Brexit. After all, Trump has an easy solution should
the specter of war ever loom again ominous and terrifying over the
Beautiful Continent: ``He'll pick a side and bomb the hell out of the
opponents." Unfortunately this kind of imbecilic, easy rhetoric and
demagogy sways feelings and wins elections because it does not
challenge the voters to think forward and does not require the electorate
to use their (to a large extent nonexistent) Historical Knowledge and
their (to a large extent nonexistent) Historical Responsibility to the
Next and the Future Generations to weigh options and to imagine
the complexity of future problems and whether ``One State Apart"
or a ``Group of States (and Potential Adversaries that have already
made a Choice to Stick it) Together" are better equipped and readier
and more attuned and better prepared to face and to resolve.

In the same way that the best legacy that the preceding generation
of politicians left for the coming generations was the Fall of the Iron
Curtain and it is a true blessing that present and, hopefully, future
generations will not have to cope with that gloomy shadow hovering
over the World's affairs, the worst legacy European politicians will
bequeath to their children and grandchildren are those backward
steps in the process of European Integration and European Solidarity.
And the worst thing is that, even if Great Britain, seeing worse
in the future, decides - again through self-centered and self-calculating
considerations - to reapply for entrance in the block, the damage that
this decision will have inflicted in the belief and the confidence that
developed societies are entering an era where Togetherness, Fraternity
and Solidarity can and should be the leading Principles and the
leading Factors in coping with problems and finding solutions, will
be irreversible, the injury caused almost debilitating and the extent
of disfigurement unimaginable...

Schuette, whoever is responsible has to to be held accountable
and has to pay
. Do not try to apportion blame selectively and
cover up your associates and your cronies' responsibility.
Start with the man who could have said as soon as problems
started being rumored ``For the Health of my fellow Citizens,
whatever it takes we will pay", but chose instead to promote
the attitude ``Regardless of the health of the citizens, no matter
what happens we will save". You know who is that man, because
he is the only man that has the executive power to have had the
former said and the only man that had the executive choice and
did choose to have had the latter executed...

To the United States Attorney General: Investigate the
Operations of the Red Cross RIGHT NOW! Do not
allow deplorable and despicable merchants of charity
to embezzle any more funds from United States Citizens,
Companies and Organizations! Close them down now -
at least temporarily - until they come clean and they
truly and fully account for the money they siphon down
in private humongous salaries and compensations
the most fortunate and the unneedy.

I stand in solidarity with the LGBT community of Florida
and beyond. Their being targeted for sexual orientation
and personal preferences is utterly unacceptable and
deplorable in an advanced civilized society based on Equal
Rights, Equal Opportunity and the Rule of Law
I also stand strongly alongside the gun ban (not control)
lobby. We cannot anymore misinterpret the Constitution
of this State whose original clear meaning was to defend
the right to bear arms with the purpose not to kill one
another and to arm imbeciles and retards and to eliminate
one's personal foes, but to resist an oppressive state and
to defend one's freedom. Under current conditions, when,
uncomplainingly, we have all allowed the oppressive
machine of the State and its "police" forces to be armed
with tanks and helicopters and fully automatic weapons,
and to kill without repercussion innocent and unarmed
fellow Citizens of ours, especially our fellow African
American Citizens and others without the financial
means to unleash drones of expensive lawyers to their
defense, we have no grounds and no right to defend
an obsolete right to carry firearms, when the letter of
the Constitution has so obviously been outpaced and
outmatched by the nonexistent purpose of its spirit.


Only UNITED can the Continent face and work to
resolve the serious problems that is confronting
and that will arise in the future. Any alternative
is not only untenable and wishful thinking, but
it is also offered with a suspicious and pernicious
motives and may likely lead to confrontations,
disagreements and conflicts that are not befitting
a highly developed and highly civilized and
prosperous block of States and Populations.
Peace, Harmony, Cooperation and Prosperity
are only guaranteed and enhanced through
Alternatives lead perilously elsewhere.

It is unfortunately a sad day for American politics today.
1. The two major American Parties, representing more
than three-quarters of the American electorate, failed
to find a qualified and competent young and inspiring
Citizen to nominate as a Candidate for the Supreme
Office to lead our United States with a fresh Dream
in this relatively new century for the sake of the future
and younger generations.
2. The American Electorate, eager and hungry for a
break with a failing, greedy and entangled political
and economic establishment and corresponding
elites, in their efforts to instigate and provoke a
change, voted the embodiment of that failed and
disappointing greedy political establishment for a
Democratic nominee and the embodiment of that
failed and disappointing greedy and entangled
economic establishment for a Republican nominee.
Thus, we have made sure that our President, no
matter how the general elections turn out, will
be a representative of those very qualities, behaviors
and values that we set out to condemn, punish and,
supposedly, supplant with something nobler, newer,
inspiring and worth fighting for.
A truly sad, sad story for our political affairs...

If instead of punishing its executives, VW behaves and
acts as if they have cost it nothing but, to the contrary,
were so competent and profitable that they deserve
bonuses in the order of tens of millions of euros, then
the United States Departments of Transportation,
Energy and Justice and the corresponding European
Authorities should increase the pressure for higher
fines and should show absolutely no mercy and zero
tolerance in negotiations with the company over
penalties and fines.

It is a sign of the times that European Leaders, the
politicians of the generation succeeding the one
that built, solidified and strengthened the Dream
of European Unity and European Integration, for
Less Borders, Common Currency, Fraternity and
Cooperation between all States and their People,
need the American President to remind them of
the Big and Noble Project their predecessors
embarked upon and to probe and encourage
them to remember their Historic Responsibility
to uphold it and to further nurture and strengthen
it. So be it. May Barack's voice hit on receptive
ears and not, as Papa Francesco's, become lost
in a desert of nationalism, isolationism, fear and
PS. When are we going to see at last only two
flags - the stars and stripes and the blue starry
sky - when the American President meets with
European Heads of Government, rather than
seeing so many different European flags flying?
Was not the European project supposed to
also unify and simplify representation at the
intercontinental level?

In a nutshell, they kill, they pay and they evade and,
under who knows what circumstances and who knows
what pressure from city, police, lawyers and justice,
the mother loses, drops charges, forgets the cop killer
and receives the almighty dollars... WHERE IS OUR

We already suspected it and we know beyond the
shadow of doubt that Mexico is a failed Narco-state
and that its Government is a puppet of the Narco-
trafficantes, but this report shreds the last covers
of decency that the Mexican Government was
alleging to possess and that it relied upon in order
to avoid complete shame and ridicule...
I am just so sorry for the students perished and for
their families that have no recourse to Justice in a
State that lives and breathes in crime and injustice
and whose officials are narco-puppets and merchants
of death and devastation.

The Indian Supreme Court consists of either fools
or ignorant or naive judges. How else can one explain
asking (or ordering) a tycoon to reveal all his assets?
Are the judges serious in thinking that by ordering
someone so rich and so well-connected they will
accomplish their goals? Even if skato-mallya hands
in a piece of paper with his supposed assets, it will
not be worth the ink used to print it, since he is bound
to conceal all his funds stashed away in secret Swiss
bank accounts and he will never disclose all those
funds and assets deposited under fictitious names
or proxy persons at the perfectly legal and transparent
Panamanian pseudo-legal business of Mossack, Dirt,
Shit, Filth and Fonseca...

It is extremely saddening to see that the British
Euroskeptics, especially Johnson and Farage,
instead of responding to Barack's argumentation
for the U.K. staying in the European Union, with
plausible and convincing arguments of their own,
are resorting to personal attacks, such as calling
him names and using his Kenyan ancestry as
an excuse for justifying our President's strong
arguments for UNITY IN EUROPE, which
sounds and probably is unrelated and, therefore,
a ridiculous and void statement. It just seems to
me that the case for UNITY is so strong and
the arguments for UNITY so overwhelming
that the nationalists, xenophobes and bigots
have only one path left: that of turning the
contest into personal, mudslinging, irrelevant
and sorry attacks against whoever argues for
the contrary.

Happy Birthday to the Queen, with the Hope that
Humanity, Peace, Cooperation and Unity will be
first and foremost in her mind. Alliances should
not only be sought when a State or Person finds
itself in peril, but should also be cultivated,
nurtured and maintained in good times as well, so
that Peace, Fraternity and Cooperation across
States and across Continents are not jeopardized
and imperiled. Heads of State have a Huge Role
to play, assuming they understand the Power of
their Position and are adept at using it wisely.

The Snyder-gate in Michigan showcases why, when
it comes to top ``servants"' accountability or lack
thereof, Michigan is not that far different from Sudan,
Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia or any other State,
where respect for the law is demanded from the
plebeians, whereas respect for the law becomes
a matter of how well connected and how powerful
one is when it comes to the aristocracy. How is it
possible in a State of the United States to have
someone contributing with his political and
administrative decisions to the suffering of the
people that he was elected to serve and, instead
of stepping down to enable and to facilitate an
unhindered and unbiased investigation into his
and his government's actions, staying in power
and having his cronies approve public expenditures
for his own personal legal defense? And as if that
had not been enough, to be legally able to remain,
under the auspices of a supposedly Impartial Law,
in a position that has the potential, if not the near
certainty, of affecting the delivery of justice and
improperly influencing the investigations and the
likely outcomes?
History will otherwise condemn you twice:
Once for political shortsightedness and
administrative fiscal mania, and another
for improperly ignoring a gaping conflict
of interest and debasing Michigan affairs
to a level only suitable for underdeveloped
States and corrupt political systems.

We know who these right wing extremist, pseudo
religious politicians are who push morality laws
through to regulate everybody else's behavior,
be it their drinking habits, their sexuality, their
sexual lives etc., only to drive across State lines,
when they think, in their stupidity, that no one
is watching to binge and visit prostitutes and
indulge themselves in the same vices that they
want to forbid for others. SHAME ON UTAH's
Leave Individuals to decide
on Individual Matters and regulate your own
lives as you see fit, without interfering in other
people's lives and without dictating how every
one else should live.

Mitsubishi fraudulently misled authorities in both
Japan and the United States concerning fuel economy
standards. I call on all United States and Japanese
Consumers that are smart enough and want to use
Consumer Power to induce Corporate Responsibility

I hear there are Criminal Charges coming for some
Persons involved in the Flint Water Fiasco
. I hope
that the Michigan Attorney General, who has been
Governor Snyder's most faithful and obedient
bulldog, is not pushing this first round of charges
hastily through the system to deflect responsibility
from the Governor and shield him from the grave
consequences of his political and financial decisions
and actions
Don't make us once more spectators of a charade
we are so used to, where scapegoats are found
down below and the hammer never reaches the
stinky and incompetent head.

The Saudis have to understand that the United States
cannot have and will not offer exclusive Friendships
and exclusive Alliance Rights to any State in this World.
We are a Nation that is willing and eager to extend a
hand of Friendship and Cooperation to any and all
other States that are willing to reciprocate in Good
Faith subject to only minimum preconditions, such
as Respect for International Treaties and Customary
International Norms. In fact, the more Open, the more
Transparent and the more Respectful of Human and
Individual Rights a State and its Government are the
more inclined the Citizens of the United States and
our Government will be in being close Friends and
Allies with that State and, unfortunately, Saudi Arabia,
shall we say, is not exactly an enviable example of
upholding those Indispensable Norms and Principles.

I am afraid that the Mayor of London is not very well
. To my knowledge, at least twice in the past
have American Presidents lobbied the Senate to ratify
the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea,
and many prominent American Politicians, both
Members of the House and Senators, have been vocal
in favor of ratification. Simply, the bar of the 2/3 super
majority for ratification has proven too high. Moreover,
many Americans are strongly in favor of Ratifying the
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and
believe that the United States should not only be a
Party but, in fact, a Leader in making the Court an
integral part of World Affairs Protecting Humanity
from the Gravest of Crimes. Therefore, attacking the
U.S. President for Hypocrisy when he lends his support
to UNITY IN EUROPE and in the WORLD, and
arbitrarily declaring that Americans as a Nation are
disproportionately unwilling to give up parts of their
Sovereignty for the Common Good, or, more to the
point, ``pooling together Sovereignties" for the
Common Good, misses to a large extent the point
and is only a futile and misguided attempt to deny
the undeniable: EUROPE and the WORLD ARE

, but, alas, our Leaders' Hearts
and Minds are very, very far behind and they see
Humanity and Human Tragedy not in People and
in Brotherhood, but in Numbers, in Capital and in
Security. BRAVO, PAPA FRANCESCO for tirelessly
doing your part to wake up and to sensitize the
``leaders" of a stone faced and dormant Continent
and World.

Governor Snyder has not yet resigned and still claims
and pretends that he can be an honest broker in
investigating and finding solutions for the Flint Water
. How could a person be trusted when there is
clear conflict of interest in influencing the investigations
of culpability towards one way or another - in his case
towards the federal bureaucracy - since such a conclusion
will alleviate his personal financial burdens and will
partially mend his reputation and significantly lessen
his future liabilities in Law? A decent person with
high ethical standards and not a typical crooked
politician, as he has been alleging he was for a long
time, would have resigned if finding himself in such
a position, acknowledging the obvious fact that staying
creates obvious gaping incompatibilities and huge
suspicions of ulterior motives and of potential intentional
mishandling and biasing of the information collected, the
analysis perfrormed and the conclusions eventually drawn.

The lying senator rubs the electorates' nose in America
failing in religious virtue, but he clearly was rubbing
something else while in college...
But, are we not very,
but so very accustomed to this party's members being
so pretentious and superficial when supporting and
imposing standards of behavior and laws modulating
the ethics of others, while feeling free themselves to
disobey and to break them whenever convenient?

The despicable, disgusting bigot understands equality
and respectful treatment of all citizens only when the
pocket hurts and the wallet empties. Shame on these
affected and pretentious demagogues of ``family values"
and these self-anointed guardians of (un)American Morals.

John Kerry and Fumio Kishida' s embrace at the
Hiroshima Memorial, one of the most symbolic
ridden gestures in recent memory at the single
most significant memorial of the horrors and the
devastation of war and of the effects of using
weapons of mass destruction and indiscriminate
targeting of Civilian Populations, expresses the
feelings of us all: Humanity embraces Humanity
and former foes promise to work closely together
for Peace, Harmony, Understanding and Cooperation
between All Nations and reassert a firm Determination
for the Peaceful Resolution of  Conflicts and for
Never Again Resorting to Aggression and War.

I am sorry, but it seems to me that Cameron thinks
that he is culpable for the poor Public Relations
handling of the Panama Sewers Affair, but does
not seem to think that there was anything wrong
in substance in him trying to combat tax havens
to collect taxes on behalf of the U.K. electorate,
while himself and other Politicians and Businessmen
have been stashing their money and wealth away in
Panama and elsewhere with the help of Mossack,
Dirt, Shit, Filth & Fonseca... This basic lack of
sensitivity and decency makes it necessary for
Cameron to submit his resignation and let a
successor , without any shady relations with the
disgraced and criminal Panamanian legal gangs,
handle the Political and Economic Affairs of her
Majesty's Subjects...

If Donald and Tony had been in the picture, we
would have had the true Quintet of Evil...

Bernie Sanders is out of line with his claims on Secretary
Clinton's qualification for the Presidency. She may not be
trustworthy and may be manipulative, stiff and concocted
in her acting, reacting and demeanor, but she is as much
qualified (and, perhaps, even more so) as any other
candidate on the platform this election year. Moreover,
this claim disrupts Sanders' good will gestures, e.g., to
decline getting bogged down in a fruitless debate over the
email server that the Secretary had used, for which the
electorate gave him credit and felt some relief, even though
the issue was by no means a minor, unimportant detail,
especially as it showcased the Clintons' attitude as a
family, considering themselves ``know better"s and
feeling entitled to do their own thing above and beyond
established procedures and the control of the relevant
authorities in charge of running the Government.

Now that the criminals have been uncovered, and they
can no longer support the claim that they have been
operating for 40 years beyond reproach (!!!), they are,
like typical lawyers, threatening a law suit against the
innocent. That is how our societies work and that is
exactly what is fundamentally wrong with our rules
and our ethical standards. The dirtier the record of
Individuals and Firms, the more emboldened and
entitled they feel to attack. SHAME ON MOSSACK,
, repulsive, despicable scum that would
kill and hide for a few (millions of) dollars more...

Infantino is dismayed at why all football fans are holding
our noses when yet another one of the stinky FIFA and
UEFA practices see the light of day. I guess, If I was paid
by these sewers to do their bidding, I would have been
indignant too. Infantino was part of the filth. The fact
that he was elected after such condemning and damaging
revelations speaks volumes by itself on how deep and,
therefore, how untreatable, the corruption and stench
in FIFA and UEFA have penetrated. It is a classic case
of an infection having advanced so far that the limb
needs amputation and rebuilding...

BRAVO to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung for scaring the stinky,
despicable and filthy rats out of their safe holes. They all
should resign immediately, because, while sheltering ill-gotten
wealth off-shore, they are milking the stupid Citizenries and
asking the Citizens of their States to abide by the Tax Codes
and the Tax Laws that they themselves pass, but they feel
entitled to evade and disobey. Here are the scummiest o
the scum and the filthiest of the filthy:

Τσίπρα και Κοντονή, το νού σας! ΟΥΤΕ ΒΗΜΑ ΠΙΣΩ!
Απαιτείστε τη συμμετοχή της Εθνικής Ομάδας στις
Διεθνείς Διοργανώσεις και πείτε ευθέως στην UEFA
και τη FIFA ότι η Ελληνική Πολιτεία δεν αναγνωρίζει
σε επίπεδο εγχώριου Πρωταθλήματος καμμία δικαιοδοσία
των δύο πιο διεφθαρμένων οργανισμών, συνομοσπονδιών
και κλεφτο-συμμοριών στην ιστορία του "αθλητισμού".
Ας αναλάβει επιτέλους η Ελληνική Πολιτεία και τα
Ελληνικά Δικαστήρια την κάθαρση του Ελληνικού
Ποδοσφαίρου που έχει βρομίσει και χειροτερέψει
σε βαθμό κακουργήματος από την ανάμιξη εγχώριων
και διεθνών συμμοριών αλητών και κλεφτών, που
σκοπεύουν να διαιωνίζουν ανεμπόδιστοι και ανεξέλεγκτοι
την ηγεμονία τους και τις άνομες δαστηριότητές τους.

We are all pretentious fools. We know very well, because
it has been widely reported and there are multiple scandals
and multiple such ``revelations" in any single year, that
the top ``sportsmen"  and ``sportswomen" in almost all
professional sports, where the money and the stakes to
be gained and to be lost are humongous and where profit,
rather than participation and enjoyment, is the king and
the deal maker or breaker, are using and being supported
by medical experts and medical teams and, occasionally,
the acquiescence and/or tacit approval of the authorities,
to conceal usage and doping
. But when yet another of
these numerous events is yet again revealed, we all gasp
with astonishment and pretend that it was unexpected
and an exception to the ``clean sports" utopia that we
pretend is the rule in professional sports...

When are the Politicians of this World going to realize
that Nationalism and Military Conflict lead to destruction
and suffering
and the ONLY WAY forward is to reinforce
among all Nations, and especially among Neighbors
, and to
resolve problems and improve the lives of citizens through
negotiations, good will and friendly attitudes and gestures?
Armenia and Azerbaijan have a long History to share and
the Destinies of the two Peoples are intertwined. Moreover,
they have a Good and Honest Friend in their Neighboring
Great Power, whose Good Offices they must use in a
Mediating Capacity to help them move along and create
a climate of Stability, Peace and Prosperity to the advantage
of both States and their People. And if all else fails, there
is the International Court that has shown Wisdom and
Impartiality and could potentially Help in Avoiding Perpetual
Differences and Detrimental Enmities by Resolving Disputes
and Promoting Stability through Informed Decisions.

The Great Embezzler sheds tears of affected remorse
and pretentious change of heart. If I were him I would
feel deeply ashamed that, instead of fortifying the
Idealism, the Dedication to Public Service and the
Noble Strife for a brittle and elusive Dream of Madiba,
he has exhibited the worst traits among African Politicians
and has destroyed all advances, plundered all hopes
and reinforced all skepticism and all derision that
Africans feel towards their politicians that cling to
power forever, create extravagant personal wealth
and plunder unashamedly, uncontrollably and uninhibited
the wealth and the political and social potential of their
misgoverned States. SHAME ON YOU, SKATO-ZUMA!

Two Distinguished German Diplomats and Politicians
are with us no more...

That is what happens when retarded, psychopathic imbeciles
are hired and vetted to police this Nation's towns and cities
and when, despite murder and other serious infractions and
questionable responses and behavior, they are virtually insured
of going rewarded and unpunished by the Sham Juries and by
the Courts of Law of this Nation, when all other individuals
would have been incarcerated for many many years for similar
aggressiveness and similarly derailed and absurd behavior.
I feel deeply sorry for people that happen to come unto their
path and worried that, with ever lowering training standards,
such behavior will become one day so common that, as has
been already partially happening, it will be considered ordinary
and unworthy of mention and/or of causing outrage.

I repeat my call to both the United States and the European
Union States to, instead of attempting to strip of their own
Nationality the dual Citizens convicted of terrorist crimes,
as France was trying to do, withdraw Nationality and related
privileges (primarily passports) from those single or dual
Citizens of theirs that travel to Islamic State-controlled
territories. This can be legally justified, since such a person,
by, in effect, accepting ``IS Nationality" by such a move,
cannot be considered as a Stateless Person, but as a member
of a Belligerent Enemy State in Armed Conflict against both
the United States and the European Union. The Citizens of
both Continents want neither to risk the possibility of such
individuals returning imbued with a corrupt ideology and
with a bankrupt, brutal and inhumane outlook, nor to
burden our legal and prison systems with individuals which
are so subpar and so incompatible with Cultural Standards
and any notion of Humanity and Civilization.

BRAVO to the Company ``Consortium" that forced the
Republican Governor of Georgia - probably reluctantly
and unwillingly - to veto the ``segregation and discrimination
under cover of religious freedom" bill handed to him by
an extreme and despicably intolerant Georgia Legislature.
I would have liked to name one-by-one all the companies
involved as a sign of thanks for firmly defending the gains
attained in Human Rights and Equal Opportunity for all
of this State's (Unites States') Citizens and for assuming
their corporate responsibility and exercising their corporate
economic power in a responsible and progressive way
but I will refrain from doing so for fear of leaving any
deserving party out. BRAVO TO ALL COMPANIES THAT

It was very difficult to take sides in the initial dispute between
Apple and the Federal Government concerning the unlocking
of the iPhone used by the San Bernardino gunman. However,
in this second dispute, it seems much easier to take an ethical
stand. Cooperation can never assume a unidirectional mode.
Since Apple refused (perhaps justifiably so, perhaps not) to
cooperate with the Government, Apple has implicitly waived
any right to ask the Government to release to them any kind
of information that would contribute to the betterment of its
products. Apple alone is responsible for the quality of its
products and the encryption methods used on them, and they
are not entitled to ask for the Government's assistance unless
they are willing to reciprocate by offering their assistance to
the Government when it reasonably asks for the Company's
help on reasonable grounds.

The Turkish Government has lost control. If the report that
a public directorate is encouraging children via publications
to become jihadist martyrs is correct, then the Turkish
Government has been losing both its credibility and any and
all Moral Standing, has been undermining its own Stability
and Security and has surrendered any right to complain
about terrorism or to recommend and indicate to Foreign
Nations and other States, that stand strong against violence
and against terrorism, which groups and which organizations
to label one way or another.

Φωνή βοώντος εν τη Ερήμω... With Sadness, Papa
Francesco, I see hordes hearing you, but not listening to
your compassionate message, nor registering or showing
passion and feeling for all that you have to say... passion
enough to rise in indignation at the coldness, inefficiency
and, in many occasions, inhumanity with which us and
our ``leaders" treat the most needy and vulnerable...

Donald Trump has a point in expressing discontent at the
disproportionate financial, resource and human burden
that the United States has been carrying in various missions
and other initiatives around the Globe
that do not affect
solely, or even primarily, the United States. And it is my
opinion that, as other States develop and attain a wealth
comparable to that of the United States, burden sharing
and responsibility sharing and privilege sharing should
be renegotiated and redistributed according to current
strengths and not according to historical, obsolete facts.
On the other hand, the undiplomatic and insensitive way
by which the Republican front runner expresses such ideas
and such sentiments, so characteristic of his ineloquent
style and his abrasiveness, is not the way to go. Instead
of threatening unilateral action or unilateral withdrawal
from Treaties or Alliances that have been the cornerstone
of a solid and consistent Foreign Policy for many decades,
the United States should argue and convince in the relevant
fora, such as the United Nations, NATO, etc., and in bilateral
discussions, of the need for our Partners to do more, to
carry more weight and to proportionately share burden
and responsibility for World Affairs and for other affairs,
many of which are, after all, of bigger interest to them
that they are to the United States.

I fully understand the lead in both popular votes and
in elected delegates of Secretary Clinton, but I feel that
the difference is not big enough to warrant the fact that
such overwhelming majority of superdelegates (469-29)
are on the Secretary's side. The superdelegates, especially
those from States that have lent their support to Senator
Sanders, have to slowly realize that their role is not to
unfairly tip further an already unbalanced contest,
but to afford credibility and true value to the process
by reflecting as faithfully as possible the expressed will
of the Democratic Electorate. And more specifically, the
will that has been longing for change, promised but not
fully delivered by the Obama Presidency and unlikely
to be sufficiently championed by a Clinton White House.

Bravo to Bolivia and to Chile that realize and showcase
the Sacred Duty of all Nations for Peaceful Resolution of
Disagreements and Disputes in the Noble Spirit and the
Exact Letter of the Charter
, providing a much needed
Example for the entire World to follow. Not only do wars
not solve problems or leave People and Nations better
off, but, on the contrary, lead to suffering, destruction,
regress, enmities and friction without contributing to
the least in relieving or ameliorating existing issues.

Johan Cruyff is with us no more...

It is a Good Day for International Law and International
Justice. Armed Conflict should be avoided at all costs -
Humanity knows better - but, when Armed Conflict erupts,
the Laws and Customs of War are Non-negotiable and
Should be Respected by All.

Moronic idiot Cruz, any move or policy that will advocate
and/or promote vilification and marginalization of Muslims,
Jews, Italians, Hispanics, Russians, Women, Gays, or any
other religiously, ethnically, racially or sexually defined
minority and the banlieue-nization and further discrimination
and ostracization of fellow Citizens of ours based on religion,
ethnic background, racial criteria or sexual orientation, and
can cause a part of our society to feel unwelcome and pitted
against another part, is going to be held as a Grave and
Serious Breach of our Fundamental Values, our Ethical
Standards and our Idealism as a Nation and we will hold
those advocates and perpetrators of hatred and divisibility
responsible politically and legally, if need be and if appropriate.
So, Despicable Cruz and any other Repulsive Vomit-inducing
Bigots, be careful on how you express yourselves as public
persons and as (non)party (non)leaders. Keep in mind what
the unintended catastrophic consequences of such speech
and enticement were last time such bigotry and such
careless populism were employed not so much more
than half a century ago.

The Germans have a capitalist neo-Aryan complex,
despite their pretentious affected humility. They know
that high-ranking members of banana republics and
banana organizations, be it in the Greek Ministry of
Defense or in FIFA, are willing and super-eager to
accept bribes and personal favors in exchange of
business dealings and they employ, accordingly, such
techniques and unsavory tricks from a position of
power and with an air of haughtiness, without shame,
reservations or ethical qualms, in their relations with
those despicably corrupt banana entities.

I hope that Barack takes some time from his official
visiting schedule off in Havana and takes the girls,
Malia and Sasha, to pay an informal visit to the
Comandante. Opportunities like this, to visit a
living person that, with his Courage and his Political
Thought, has changed the World, regardless of
whether one believes it has been for better or for
worse, are very hard to come by. I wish I had such
an opportunity, but I am not in Barack's entourage.

The complete absence of decency and the vulgarity
and total lack of humanity of European ``football
fans", uncivilized brutes that do not even remotely
deserve the name, make me sick to the stomach
and ashamed to originate of the Continent that,
despite so much pretentious pride in its civility and
culture, is unwilling and/or unable to control some
the most inhumane and brutal social behaviors
anywhere around the globe and whose ``athletic"
authorities turn a blind eye to breaches of some of
the most fundamental Human Rights, such as those
of Human Dignity and Respect...

A message to the so-called ``Republican establishment":
Your Party, according to your own admission, is close to
the position of nominating an untrustworthy, disrespectful
and widely disrespected candidate for President of the
United States and Leader of the Free World. Do at least
the Right and Noble Thing and do not block for purely
partisan reasons nominees for other Branches of
Government that are eloquent, well-spoken, deeply
educated and deliberately thoughtful, very respectful
and very widely respected
. If you fail, even in that
elementary Democratic Duty, you will sadly reassert
your position in the minds of disappointed and exasperated
voters as mere naysayers, not only lacking constructive
ideas and constructive approaches to issues, but in fact,
intent on demolishing positive initiatives and moves
undertaken by other Parties, wherever they originate
from, simply to oppose, in a futile attempt at covering
up your own failures, shortcomings and desperation...

Comments about the tone of someone's voice and their
general demeanor are not sexist.
In the same way that
intelligent voters get disgusted about Trump's facial
expressions and his deceiving and populist simplicity
of language and accompanying tone and get repulsed
by Cruz's slimy, pseudo-endearing voice, particularly
towards religious believers, voters get upset by Clinton's
voice when she pretends to show anger in contrast to her
being on the super-privileged side and when she pretends
to be compassionate and affable beyond the call of duty,
particularly when individuals tell her of their woes in
the campaign trail. Even more so with Palin, whose
voice and tone show shallowness, lack of intelligence
and insincerity to the extreme, especially when she
utters insupportable nonsense, such as that Trump,
the most established of the established and the most
manipulating of the rich, is going to bring about a
revolution in the political, social and economic affairs
in this country. It should be obvious to all that he has
benefited by the state of affairs in the political system
as it exists today and, if he is going to stand for some
changes, they will probably be changes that would
enhance and further facilitate his and his elitist
friends' ability to play the system even in a worse
degree that they have hitherto done and to get even
richer than they currently are. And every intelligent,
open-minded person knows who will be paying for the
amplification of those excesses...

They say Snyder ``acted in his official capacity" when he
acted recklessly and negligently, so he is entitled to public
fund coverage of his legal fees. Then all State professionals,
including, say teachers paid by the state or employees in
State Government offices etc., when they do something
wrong while exercising their duties on the job, should also
be entitled to public funds to defend themselves in a Court
of Law. Why is the system so tilted toward the very few at
the top, even when the legal arguments seem to so blatantly
favor a different reality?

My recommendation to all Athletic Federations, when they
catch athletes that have won many Medals, Championships,
Grand Slams, etc., with banned substances in their systems
and the athletes refuse to accept the punishment and to
apologize in the face of undeniable evidence, is to impose a
``ban for life" from competing in the sport. Any other more
lenient penalties for unrepentant individuals are inviting a
repeat of the same behaviors upon return.

``AlphaGo played consistently from beginning to end while
   Lee, as he is only human, showed some mental vulnerability."

How could a city famous for its struggles for Racial Equality,
Labor Rights and other Civil and Basic Human Rights
accept without indignation, anger and demonstrations the
neonazisme, racism, sexism, xenophobia and unintelligent,
populist rhetoric that is bound to lead this Country backward
several decades by undoing the progress and the hard-fought
for, arduously and slowly gained Rights? From Chicago's
Citizens no informed person could have possibly expected

So much so for seriousness and intelligence, which, as it
always seemed and sounded like, were completely
pretentious and affected. The real character and real
personality of the senile retired neurosurgeon emerged
in all its glory by his latest proclamation in favor of
an unintelligent, hateful, sexist, racist, with dubious
credentials and employing questionable practices,
pseudo-leader. Are these the values for which he was
running and for which he was trying so hard to convince?
I feel strong indignation and embarrassment on his behalf.

Turks deserve the senility, arrogance and sexism of
their President as much as Italians deserved the stink,
senility, stupidity, ridicule and sexism of their ex Prime
Minister, simply because of the mere fact that they
have elected him multiple times to lead their Nation,
and besides corruption, absolutism and nepotism,
the only other thing they are getting is advice to send
their (unlike his) daughters to a harem for better

Unfortunately, Sainthood Investiture in the Catholic
Church has proven to be the modern equivalent of
the Granting of Indulgences. Donations and big bribes
can get you one for your favorite deceased, while
enriching the pockets and spicing up, through travels
and other entertainments, the lives of the those that
are investigating the ``saintly" acts and ``saintly"
properties of the deceased. Papa Francesco would
have acted extremely wisely, completely breaking
with dubious traditions, to discontinue such shameful
practices altogether and to encourage the faithful to
think about and emulate the actions of the Good and
Virtuous Departed, instead of rubber stamping their
Goodness through corrupt, unreliable and open to
all kinds of abuses and exploitation, stinky official
bureaucratic channels...

Chancellor Merkel is, unfortunately, one of the last
European leaders to remember and be able to draw
conclusions from Europe's not so distant past and to
and HUMANITY in the European Continent. Many
others support these Principles only when their own
States are in the rough end of the stick and forget
all about them, when times provide comfort for
their own and uneasiness and hardships for others...
BRAVO, Ms. Merkel, both for your Humanity and
for your Political Courage and Resolve!

The Queen understood Europe very well when the
battles were raging on and Britain was desperately
looking for support from France, Netherlands, Italy,
Greece, Portugal and wherever else it could be found
to alleviate the terror and the anxiety of her Subjects
in the face of an expected onslaught. Now, that the
times are much better and Peace seems established,
and on the other side of the Channel many problems
seem stagnating and insurmountable, the Queen does
not understand Europe any more. Her Majesty should
keep in mind that one of the major factors that are
contributing to her comfort and her complacency
now is that same EUROPE that she does not understand...

I voice a grave concern on hearing in the news that our
Michigan Governor and our Attorney General are asking
for a multi-million dollar appropriation to cover legal
expenses and legal fees of investigations related to the
Flint Fiasco
, for which the Governor has assumed part
of the responsibility and has apologized.
As Michigan taxpayers, we pay the Governor's and the
Attorney General's salaries. Why is a committee entitled
on request from their offices to charge the public purse
for legal fees concerning investigations that result from
their mismanagement of Governmental Affairs? Can
any Michigan Citizen imagine a teacher that, in some
way, betrays the trust of their Contract with the State
asking for appropriations of public expenditures to
cover his/her legal expenses in a Court of Law?
the relevant committee that is in charge of deciding on the
requested appropriations to TURN DOWN the request

and, showing sympathy to our suffering fellow Citizens
of Flint, send instead the money requested to the Flint
Municipal Authorities to help alleviate the effects of the
disastrous Governmental Decision-Making.
The least - sensitive and reasonable - thing that the
persons responsible for the mess can do, especially
those with enough personal wealth that are on the
public payroll and have betrayed the Citizens' trust,
like the Governor, is to cover legal expenses through
personal funds and avoid double charging the Citizens
- once through their negligence and grave errors in
judgement and twice for the cleanup of the legal mess
they are finding themselves in and the gathering of
data for their personal defense in upcoming battles
in a Court of Law.

I call on Iran to commute the death sentence to LIFE IN
PRISON (served with commoners and without any special
But such despicable, avaricious and selfish ``business"
persons that exploit their Nations' dire situation and
difficult International Relations to make a quick and
illegal buck and enrich themselves to the detriment of
their countrymen, should be shown no mercy and should
be punished to the fullest extent of the Law, albeit not in
an inhumane and questionable manner. BRAVO, IRAN!

To irony of American politics and business: The American
voters are pissed at the political establishment. To a large
extent, the feeling is due to the fact that, whereas hard working
and smart citizens have a hard time making ends meet or, at
best, see their wealth stagnating and their dreams frustrated,
the Trumps of out times, worthless individuals of reality show
pseudo-quality, of dubious business acumen, employers of
questionable tactics and devious gimmicks, arrogant, foul-
mouthed and uselessly vain, are not only thriving but are
manipulating the social, economic and political life of the
entire country and are bossing its elected leaders or, even
worse, are positioning themselves, using their enormous
wealth as leverage, in leadership positions. The irony is that
this totally pissed electorate, completely fed up and attributing
the blame to the political establishment and political elites,
is turning now to a representative of that same worst class,
that has caused the disconnection, the incapacity, the servitude
and the corruption of the politicians in the first place. And this
by this representative's very own open and public unrepentant
and shameless admission. In turn, this absurd and stupefying
act of desperation is causing frustration, wrath and indignation
on the side of the political elites, who had been hitherto the
receivers of funds-for-favors, i.e., were co-conspirators and
the main beneficiaries of this bankrupt system.
What an enormous, terrible and utter mess...

The Michigan Governor's behavior in relation to the
Flint Fiasco, but also more generally, shows what can
potentially go wrong when policy focuses almost exclusively
in saving a buck and ignores realities on the ground up
to a breaking point when ignoring becomes unsustainable,
dangerous and a huge political and economic liability,
that politicians like him care about, and a massive health
and social liability, that politicians like him care less about.

In a nutshell, to save a few millions of dollars, his and his
appointed representatives' actions caused so much damage,
so much pain and so much heartache that the projected
future liabilities, be it in direct or indirect reparations
and restitution damages are running to the order of
billions for the State (i.e., the State's residents, since the
politicians and administrators responsible are never
forced to pay from personal funds and/or pay deductions,
pay cuts and other personal sources of income, as they
should). What a business genius after all! Trump style...

Papa Francesco, send Pell home. Do not provide refuge
in the Vatican to people over whose heads hang shadows
so dark that neither Civic nor Ecclesiastical Law could
ever atone for and alleviate. It is the least you could do
to show the victims that you do not only speak conveniently
in condemnation of those terrible behaviors and crimes,
but that you are, in fact, ready to do what is in your hands,
as a token of your sympathy, good will and determination
to confront the past and to make sure that these same
behaviors are not repeated and that, if they are, they will
not be tolerated and excused.

While the voters are wondering whether there is any
brain matter in the cranial cavities of the three Republican
(all but the Ohio Governor), they themselves
are breaking new low (under)ground by spending their
filth and non-existent intellects in measuring each other's
bodies, hands and private parts. At the same time when
the Democratic Party is ready to transition from the First
Black President to the First Female President, the GOP's
front-runners are showing an unprecedented shallowness,
petty egoism, repulsive machismo and blatant misogyny
and xenophobia, without even the slightest sensibility and
sensitivity to realize that all these characteristics, far from
leading anywhere near to the direction of the White House,
are, in fact, leading NOWHERE...

The Mormons should stop playing the ``religion card" to
thwart Government efforts to ensure equal treatment and
equal opportunity for all in the Utah Valley. Using church
connections, church discipline and church operatives
appointed in several ``public" offices to ensure that church
policies are enforced, while anything opposing church advice
and doctrine is never enforced, and that church patrons and
church cronies get preferential treatment over non-members
is despicable and unacceptable in an advanced secular society.
And using alleged ``antipathy for the Mormon religion" to
stir anti-Government feeling and mobilize supporters is also
needless since the supporters are motivated enough by the
fact that these repulsive policies are benefiting themselves
to the detriment and exclusion of all others who, of course,
are going to stand behind the Government.

How more pathetic could Marco Rubio be? ``Just five days ago
we began to unmask the true nature of the front-runner so far
in this race as a con artist?" What had you been doing before
those ``just five days ago"? Being busy showing everyone how
pathetic and how much of a con-artist you are yourself? And all
this while the entire country that was receptive and had eyes and
ears open to see and hear could instantly tell about the blatant
con artistry of your opponent? Pathetic nonentity...

Barack has disappointed progressive and forward looking
voters so deeply with his timidity and his undaring record,
that even Bay Staters opted to vote for a middle of the road,
firmly and more than fully ``established" lady that promises
affinity to all, but could not be further from all but the most
affluent and most connected, the selected few that can and
do receive multi-tens of thousands in extravagant paybacks
for dubious services and fees for a few hours work. I guess
we should all be very happy that her likely opponent is one
of the few people in American politics that can beat even
her own extravagance. On the other hand, she is definitely
much more decent and much more intelligent by any and
all counts and has unique, extraordinary and remarkable
experience in foreign affairs and dealing with foreign relations
than any other candidate or potential candidate. The issue
is that, in domestic issues, she seems and sounds - and probably
is - so disconcertingly manipulating, so uninvitingly phony
and so uninspiring in comparison to Bernie...

Genuine Friends of Greece and Genuine Supporters
of Greece's European Integration, Solidarity towards
Greece and Greek Prosperity should never agree to
support or pay a single penny to the Worst of the
Worse and the Most Incompetent of the Incompetent
figures in Greece's modern political life and Greece's
modern economic history. From Labour we had been
expecting better, even though last time we hoped they
delivered an alleged War Criminal...

In Michigan, we have a Republican Government,
but in Michigan, fortunately, we do not have a
Wacko Government.

Η λέρα ο Ψυχάρης - βρωμιά και δυσωδία - προσπαθεί
πάλι να ηγηθεί και νέας προσπάθειας διαπλοκής, ώστε
να διαλυθεί και η οποιαδήποτε τελευταία ελπίδα υπήρχε
- αν υπήρχε καμία - για μιά κάποια ελάχιστη ηθική
διάσταση στο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ.


A fresh air has been blowing over Iranian Politics.
BRAVO, IRANIANS! The World Community is
looking forward to a more engaging and participatory
Iran, not only because Iran is a significant regional
Economic, Political and Military player, but also
because Iran has a very rich History and a remarkable
Culture that is part of our, all Humanity's, Heritage.

BRAVO, GUATEMALA! No one should forget and no one
has the right to forgive brutality and blatant violations of
Basic Human Rights.
And, if not, as is to be hoped, sooner
rather than later, then even later brutes and inhumane beasts
should face Justice, be held fully accountable and be delivered
a merciless proportionate punishment to the fullest extent of
the Law.

Tony Blair, the most contaminated and polluted political
(un)personality of our times, disgustingly slimy and oily
and repulsively shameless and unapologetic for his failures
and his machinations and fabrications, has been desperately
searching for a strong and powerful detergent to alleviate
his terrible stench. Finally, after trying everything with
very little success, he seems to have found Leon Panetta.

Congratulations, Panetta! You seem to be successful in
whitewashing dirt that all other chemicals failed to clean.
What a terrible idea to partner with an unindicted alleged
War Criminal that contributed in bursting the Middle
East into flames more than any other, perhaps, individual
on the Planet (although George, Dick and Don come close,
but we knew of their resumes and of their intentions).

Bravo to the Bolivianos! Regardless of whether a specific
President has been doing a good or a bad job, it is a must
in modern Democracies to have firm term limits of service
to avoid nepotism, untoward concentration of power and
. If Mr. Morales' Party gets again the Bolivian
Voters' approval, there must surely be another equally
qualified and able candidate of a similar ideology that
can move the Party forward. If the Party is just a front
for a regime based on a single person without a firm,
strong and wide participation, then it would have to yield
power sooner or later regardless of whether Mr. Morales
would be allowed to run for an extra term or not.
The outcome of this vote was indeed great news for
DEMOCRACY, regardless of Party and other
Ideological affiliations! BRAVO, BOLIVIA!

Previously, I thought that in North Korea there was only
one plump bully and 25 million of starving individuals,
since even the soldiers of the regime look like emaciated
stick figurines. However, I was very happy to discover
that this is far from the truth. There are actually three
amply fed North Koreans!

Cruz is the worst personification of the conservative
hypocrisy and pretentiousness. While trying to court
religious voters with supposedly high standards in
terms of values, his campaign has been lying and in
general using whichever tactics they can find to
gain an advantage over his opponents without any
regards to ethical standards. And firing his top exec
campaigner does not change prior record.
It  just reminds one of the GOP politicians that are
the first to regulate ethics for everyone else and are
the first and most notorious for breaking all ethical
rules, whenever it suits their political ambitious and
their libidinal needs.

I do not care the least about Cardinal Skato-Pell. But why
is such an alleged devious animal in the Good Graces of
Jorge Bergoglio, who, as Francesco, has so strongly and
unequivocally defended sex abuse victims and advocated
Humility and Cooperation with Local Authorities? Papa
Francesco, you should be the first to order the despicable
cardinal to return home and face victims and Justice,
instead of providing him with refuge in the Vatican under
you wings. The World has been expecting so much more,
behavior so much closer to ideal, and you are utterly and
miserably disappointing...

Why is Rubio a plain idiot? Because he would travel to a free
Egypt and a free Saudi Arabia, but he would not travel to a
shackled Cuba. Guess which of these three Nations has the
best of intentions towards the United States and guess which
of these three Nations has not tested the United States'
patience despite the United States' having being a less than
accommodating neighbor simply because of the form of its
Government (which, by the way, is a better form than that
of both of those other States' dictatorships or oligarchies).
Rubio, wake up! Live in reality and not in haziness...

Interesting how we hold in high esteem professionals who were
responsible for the collapse of the private banking sector and
then moved to public banks to use our money to salvage what
they could of their mess (with no sensitivity concerning conflicts
of interest and, of course, not ever forced to give back any of their
personal extravagant compensations while the mess was developing),
and, finally, they have the shamelessness to be advocating financial
reforms to protect us from the greedy vultures of their kind whom
they shielded from catastrophe after they burned the system down...

I strongly encourage our Senators and our Representatives,
especially those that Represent our own State of Michigan,
but also all others, to aid our President in his Cuban Relations
Normalization Initiative by lifting existing restrictions and
giving him and his team the flexibility to use all means
available in whichever way they think fit to improve Bilateral
Relations, Reengage Cuba and the Cubans and work for Peace,
Cooperation, Long-Term Stability and Prosperity to the Benefit
of both People. In the World as is today, all Nations, Small and
Large, need as many friends and allies as they can have and no
Nation should turn down or unnecessarily complicate accepting
the offerings of friendship in Good Faith of other Nations,
especially Neighboring Nations.

When the public assigns undue importance to insignificant
nonentities and other absolute zeros, they should expect to
hear cheap, ridiculous ``poetry" and other non-sequitur...

If George W. meant that Jeb will be a ``strong and steady
hand" like himself, we had enough of having such a hand
in the White House for 8 years, and we do not need a similar
one for another minimum of 4. Thanks, we'll pass...

More and more it becomes apparent that the only
candidate on the Right Side of the aisle that has any
chance at all, because of his decency, moderation
and thoughtfulness, to bridge gaps and to narrow
divides and reconcile deep differences, through a
genuinely compromising stance and through
avoiding extremes, is Ohio's Governor John Kasich.
He also has the advantage of not being a wacko
featherless peacock
, a politically inept retired
, a brother of an unindicted alleged
War Criminal
, an extremist religious right-winger
or an inexperienced tape-recorder (or, perhaps,
nowadays we should say solid state memory stick).

Like in all other aspects of Executive, Legislative and
Judicial Life, the Legacy of Justice Scalia and his
contributions in Advancing the Nation and Moving it
Forward into a Future of Equality, Harmony and
Prosperity will be Judged by History and by Law.

As our Primary Elections are now unfolding in States
where large minorities or majorities of our Fellow African
American and Hispanic Citizens reside, sending a message
to them seems appropriate: We may not have in the books
anymore Jim Crow Laws segregating and dividing this
Nation in Education and Voting Rights. But we still have,
as you feel everyday and as those of us that are open
minded and receptive enough to see and sense realize
everyday, segregation in fear, discrimination in the
provision of basic necessities
, such as Education and,
even drinking water, and segregation in Opportunities
for Advancement and Levels of Education and Income
In a Nation that wants to hold itself to the Highest Ethical
and that wants and aims at Economic Prosperity,
leaving voluntarily and through suppression and unequal
opportunity, a large minority of its Children and its Citizens
behind is anachronistic, unacceptable and reprehensible
It is unrealistic for us to expect change and it is sad and
pathetic to cheer and celebrate once in a blue moon when
a successful Individual, ACLU or Department of Justice
Lawsuit allows specks and drops of Justice as a consolation
to trickle down in the rotten pipelines of Suppression,
Segregation and Injustice, while Local Law Enforcement
and Local Government send the Armies, only dressed up
as police and armed to the teeth, to quell Cries for Justice
never delivered and for Equality never established. We must
Act in Elections to Provoke and Induce Radical Change
and to Condemn Lip Service and Soothing of the Ears
once every four years when someone remembers needing
our votes again
. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate
that promises radical change. I am almost certain that,
either because he is insincere, or because he is a politician,
or, simply because he will have to bow to the system and the
establishment despite honest intentions, nothing will
come out of a Sanders Administration anyway. But,

Vote en masse and Vote Intelligently and Vote with
FEAR and VOTE WELL, my Fellow Citizens!