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The United States has not lost anything by not selling
arms to criminal thugs that violate Human Rights Law
and could not care less about Dignity, Equal Treatment
under the Law and Inalienable Individual Human Rights,
like the Right of Respect to one's Person and the Right
of Due Process under Law. In fact by cancelling the sale
or by losing out on the sale, in case it has been withdrawn,
our United States has the Moral Upper Ground and
has exhibited Deep Respect for and Faithful Execution
of all International Statutes and Customs that bide
all Civilized Nations and for the violation of which, I
would hope, one day the current President of the
Philippines will stand trial and will be held accountable.

I heard that a Senatorial Committee is asking
Wells Fargo to account for the accusations that it
has been systematically conspiring and working
to destroy the livelihood of those employees that
had dared to bring into light its criminal practices.
Even though the Committee's intent is commendable,
I hope that they understand that, this abominable,
despicable bank would either take the Fifth and not
respond or would lie to cover its real actions and
try to avoid the unavoidable consequences that
will follow its corrupt and criminal acts. How
would the Committee Members expect honesty
and transparency by a criminal outfit that used
upon its employees the same practices that
dictatorial and oligarchic regimes use to bring
out in the light dissenters, by granting sham
amnesties, so as to brutally and savagely kill,
maim and exterminate them?

Bravo to the Greek Foreign Minister, who iterated
and emphasized the Paramount Importance to Abide
by and to Respect International Law, including all
International Treaties and International Customs
I also strongly agree with his statement that ``History's
role is to teach, not to imprison.". On the other hand,
I cannot but smirk when the Russian Foreign Minister
states that ``In all matters International Law must
be respected as must, also, International Treaties."
The irony is that Russia is the only European State
in the post-Charter Era that has savagely breached
the inviolability of International Borders and has
compromised the Territorial Integrity of another
. And, in fact, done so despite being a Permanent
Member of the Security Council, the same body that
has been entrusted with safeguarding the Principles
enshrined in the Charter. And, even worse, hiding
behind the Charter's empowerment of the Permanent
Members with the veto power for, supposedly,
guaranteeing those Principles. I cannot pay much
respect or take seriously empty declarations, without
any real worth, from the Head of the Russian Diplomacy.

There is absolutely no justification for and it is
absurd to attack innocent Police Officers in a
cowardly way while they sit in their cars while
on duty in exactly the same way that there is
absolutely no justification for and it is absurd
to attack and kill civilians while they have their
hands up or while they flee police custody, and
in general when they pose no imminent threat
to anyone, after routine traffic stops. At some
point, both sides must realize that when they
draw their weapons and violate and/or damage
a Human Life, they are turning against their
own communities and violate their own Dignity
and their own Humanity.


Τσίπρα, έκανες ήδη δύο τραγικότατα πολιτικά λάθη.
Το ένα ήταν η επιλογή Παυλόπουλου, του υπουργού
της χρεωκοπείας, στην Προεδρία της Δημοκρατίας.
Το άλλο ήταν η συνεργασία με την βαθειά δεξιά για
τη δημιουργία κυβερνητικού συνασπισμού. Μην
επιλέξεις να τριτώσεις το κακό επιλέγοντας Χουντο-
Ναζιστικο-Φασιστικά στοιχεία στο Συμβούλιο
της Ραδιοτηλεόρασης, που είναι ένα από τα πιο
ευαίσθητα πόστα στην επικράτεια και χρειάζεται
άνθρωπο προοδευτικότατο, πέραν πάσης υποψίας
και χαίρων ευρύτατης αποδοχής και σεβασμού.
Απέσυρε πρόταση Πολύδωρα, κάλεσε Συμβούλιο
Πολιτικών Αρχηγών για εναλλακτικές προτάσεις
και εισηγήσεις και ακολουθείστε τη μέθοδο επιλογής
του Συμβουλίου Ασφαλείας για τον Γενικό Γραμματέα
να συμφωνήσετε σε πρόταση που θα κάνει όλους
τους Έλληνες περήφανους και θα εγγυάται απόλυτη
Ελευθεροτυπία και τις Αρχές της Ισοτιμίας και
της Δικαιοσύνης.
Υ.Γ. Τέτοιον άνθρωπο δεν έπρεπε να είχες αφήσει
ούτε να πλησιάσει στο Μαξίμου
, αλλά έτσι που τά'
χεις κάνει όλα, δεν περιμέναμε και καλύτερα...

Good news from Iceland. The Pirates are reported
to be expecting gains in the upcoming elections.

Their agenda, regarding Healthcare, Accountability
of Public Officials and of the Financial Sector, Free
and Independent Internet and protection of Citizens'
and users' data are commendable and forward
looking. On this side of the Atlantic, the only
politician that ever came close to espouse some
of these Principles without hesitation and without
being forced to do so was Bernie Sanders, but he
chose to run for the Democratic Nomination and
not as an Independent, which is reasonable, given
the modus operandi of our Political System, but,
also shows, how this system is tailored by the big
sharks to overwhelmingly favor their interests,
their pockets and the interests of the lobbies they
represent, and to stifle independent voices and
prevent genuine grassroots political movements
and radically new ideas from taking shape.

No matter how tough Dylan wanted to portray his
eccentric and anti-establishment stance to be, there
is no doubt that for him, as for the overwhelming
majority of the deserving and the undeserving,
``money talks" and it takes a Grisha Perelman
to turn down the riches, unequivocally and clearly
condemn the rigged system, despite not been in
super-comfortable circumstances (unlike Dylan)
and put action to words, or, shall we say, not allow
the lump in the pocket to garble the words.

Ban Ki-Moon, before leaving your post, do the Right
Thing and acknowledge Moral and Legal Responsibility
for the cholera outbreak in Haiti
. Our Organization,
which represents the Highest and Noblest Ideals in
Human History, has NO RIGHT under any Secretary
to use legalese and non sequitur to evade responsibility
and refuse to acknowledge culpability
when something
unfortunate happens and when a tragedy for which it
is to blame and could have avoided by employing more
stringent standards occurs. BAN KI-MOON, DO THE
RIGHT THING! Otherwise this refusal will create a
sizable and damning stain in your record
at the helm
of our Organization.

Even if one has a problem or concerns about some of the
specifics and some of the logistics and some of the finances
and some of the politics, our U.N. and the E.U. represent
such ground breaking, visionary ideas in the Spirit of
Peace, Unity and Cooperation among Nations that those
Citizens of the World who think that Idealism still has
a role to play in Global Affairs and World Politics should
strongly support and embrace. Especially the U.N., in
collaboration with Regional Organizations, such as the
E.U., O.S.C.E., O.A.S., A.U., A.L., A.S.E.A.N., etc. have
given the World a much needed push towards peace,
stability, security, fraternity and cooperation among all
Nations and all Governments on Earth.

The United States Foreign Policy must be reconsidered and
has to be made Reasonable and the Actions Proportional
to how our Interests and our Positions are thought of and
how they are aligning with the Interests of the various States
of the World and our provision of aid should be proportional
and commensurate to the behaviors of the receiving States.
We cannot have a significant and strategic partnership with
the Philippines that is well functioning and have a significant
and strategic interest in the Middle East and an almost totally
malfunctioning partnership with Israel, our allegedly closest
ally, and give to the former only the tiniest of fractions (one
hundredth?) of aid as compared to the latter, because of
special interests and domestic lobbying interference in our
foreign policy, and yet be so deluded as to believe that the
Philippines will not take notice and will not become completely
disillusioned and disappointed by such a catastrophic, unfair
and, frankly, rather insulting comparison.

Skato-Zuma hit again. The State whose Citizens and whose
current ``leaders" and ``heads", just a few years ago, because
of the terrible condition in its own politics and the severe crimes
against humanity and human decency of its racist regime, would
have strongly advocated and pioneered membership to the
International Criminal Court and other International activism
to enforce the rule of law, is now, under its terrible and corrupt
``leadership", withdrawing from the Court to protect regimes,
that not unlike its own previous one, are perpetrating serious
infringements of law and serious crimes against Humanity.
Its current ``leadership" has, in a few years' time, killed the
Great Tradition that its Resistance and Activism for Human
Decency, Equality and Human Rights For All had established
and the Respect they had drawn in the eyes of all Humanity.

One says: ``We are not staying in, but we will work closely
with the EU because it is important to have a ``united"
European stance against Russian aggression..."
The other says: ``I said all this ``locker room talk" about
women and I apologized, but ISIS is chopping off heads,
some very bad things are happening..."
So, one uses the specter of Russia to alleviate the impact
of a very unfortunate decision and a refusal to rethink it
out of stubbornness, and the other uses the specter of IS
to detract attention from references to a terrible, racist,
bigoted, misogynistic and predatory character...

Απατεωνιά και παραλήρημα δίχως αρχή και δίχως τέλος.
Αυτά τα καθάρματα κυβερνούσαν το καϊκι για δεκαετίες,
γι αυτό το σκαρί δεν άντεξε και πήγε φουνταριστό...

Δυστυχώς ξανάχεσε η φοράδα στ' αλώνι...

How could we have in our United States in the advanced
years of the 21st century people that still think, feel and
act in this way
and are unwilling, unable or incapable
and/or incompetent to realize the absurdity and inherent
contradictions of these attitudes and to be decent, polite
and educated enough, with open enough minds and hearts,
to repent, offer the deepest apologies and try to embark
on a path of rethinking, re-conditioning and change?
Each time a fellow Citizen of mine, especially one in
Public Office or wielding power and influence, exhibits
these traits it feels like receiving a blow on the head and a
punch in the stomach and like being transported back
in decades past and reliving the anguish of protesters
and organizers when an entire Country and State was
unleashing police and dogs on them for demanding the
self evident, being treated like human beings and be
afforded equal status, equal rights and the same
opportunities as everyone else around them.

Melania Trump is trying to convince the public to
believe something that goes against all evidence
that has been collected throughout the entire
Primary and Presidential Campaign. She is obviously
and manifestly an idiot or simply clueless or seriously
in denial, refusing to believe the evidence pointing to
the direction that the man she married, again clearly,
for his money and playboyish reputation, rather than
his compatibility in age or background or his charms
and his (non-financial) caring, turned out to be a
brainless, heartless, frightful thing, unworthy even
of our contempt, let alone our vote or support...

If a company is not ready to handle without restrictions,
without discrimination and without grumpiness every
and all customers that stop by to enjoy their services,
regardless of their purpose and regardless of how they
behave as long as they are within the bounds of law
and decency, then they should not operate a restaurant,
a pub, a coffee shop, etc., period
. What IKEA is doing
in China is unacceptable. And even though I have seen
measures such as this before, taken for financial reasons,
no one should condone or feel comfortable with them
and the public should boycott the company and force
it to regret its actions and recant such abominable and
unacceptable policies. From a Scandinavian Flagship
Firm operating overseas, I had been expecting better...

It is imperative that the new mayor of Srebrenica recognize
the tragedies of the past and acknowledge the suffering caused
by the war and, regardless of the terminology used or not used,
make sure that he reaches a hand of friendship and inclusiveness
to all Citizens of the City without bias as to ethnic and/or religious
origin and background. Then, and only then, could we celebrate
that in the Tragic City the divisions and rifts of war have at last
started the long and painful journey of abating.

I am strongly opposed to the demolition of Hitler's Birthplace.
History includes both Good and Evil. And in the same way
that we should commemorate and be inspired by the Good
and Noble, we should preserve also the Evil, the Absurd
and the Frightful so that our Vigilance, our Burden and
our Responsibility to the Future Generations to ``Never
Again" stay current and driven. If the Austrian Government,
under the excuse of preventing a building from becoming a
pilgrimage site, thinks that it can whitewash the Evils of
History and especially those for which it bares partial
responsibility, it is deluding itself. I suggest that they make
the house a Shrine of the Good by presenting Exemplary
Acts of Humanity, Compassion, Solidarity and Self-Sacrifice
in opposition to hatred and war so that the house becomes
a place of Remembrance of the Good of Humanity and a
place of Celebration of Fraternity shown under duress.

I really wish I could say without lying that I was surprised
by the air hostess' behavior, but with so much discrimination
and racism pervasive everywhere, my first reaction is to thank
Heavens that the doctor was not male and was not confronted
as he was approaching the patient by an under cover armed
air marshal because in that case we may have been mourning
an innocent victim who tried to be helpful, gentle and kind and
was murdered outrageously because of the color of his skin in
the altar of hatred and racism... So the sad thing is that I am
thankful the situation did not end up in a worse tragedy...

I hope I did not hear correctly Theresa May utter the
absurd words in Parliament ``If you think you are a
Citizen of the World, then you are a Citizen of Nowhere".
Unless she was speaking legally, and I highly doubt that
she was, this statement shows how low Her Majesty's
subjects have fallen from the time of the most aggressive
engagement in bygone eras and why Her Majesty's
Prime Minister deserves perhaps the cognomen of the
``female Trump", as far as intelligence goes. (But had
we not peeked into that when at one of the most delicate,
sensitive and difficult times for Great Britain, when any
other State would have appointed a highly experienced,
highly diplomatic, highly respected individual to lead
Global Affairs, she attained a new low by appointing
an unintelligent, petty imbecile with deep-rooted
psychological problems and rapidly waning credibility
to head the British Foreign Office?)

My hope and my wish is that in 10 years time, when
we are approaching Mr. Guterres' end of second term
as Secretary General of our United Nations, there
will not be any wars or man made catastrophes on
this planet and that we will all be focusing on facing
the natural challenges from weather and from other
natural unpredictable phenomena, such as quakes,
by pulling all Global Resources together in a Spirit
of Fraternity, Peace and Cooperation to help those
most unfortunate and most vulnerable. Then, not
only Mr. Guterres', but also the Organizations'
purpose and goals would be greatly advanced.
But in this endeavor, Mr. Guterres has to show great
skill and to be able to engage all international actors,
not only Governments, NGOs and rich and generous
donors, but also other entities, such as rebel and
armed groups whose cooperation and whose
agreement will be necessary to provide security
and stability in many regions on the planet. The
permanent ceasefire agreement between the rebel
groups and the government in Colombia may be
pivotal in hinting at a way forward in other similar
and not so similar conflicts. May the wind blow
the new Secretary General's sails faster for Peace.

In the United States we should be smart customers
and force companies to close when they do the wrong
thing or when they are caught engaging in shady
or illegal practices. How much power even a single
consumer holds is surprising! WITHDRAW YOUR
this abominable company to fold.
Bank somewhere
else, where banking is practiced properly and where
the organizers of fraud, the big bosses, are not
rewarded and promoted.

Sometimes, when a new discovery is made, Greeks
joke saying ``Well, Aristotle must have known that!"
And guess what: It turns out, on occasion, that he
may have!

Iran is better than this and its History and its Culture
point to that direction. Whoever has the constitutional
and/or legal power to intervene in Iran on Humanitarian
Grounds and to salvage the reputation of the Iranian
Justice System has to do it, even at this eleventh hour.
Grant Clemency and commute the sentence of this
girl who seems to have been pushed to the edge by a
web of unfortunate circumstances and through a lot
of suffering and anguish. IRAN, DO THE RIGHT

Επαναλαμβάνω εδώ μερικά συγκινητικά σχόλια
καθηγητών, γονέων και παπούδων, όπως μεταδόθηκαν
από το Θα ευχόμουν όλοι να συνειδητοποιούσαμε
την απόλυτη αλήθεια σε ό,τι ειπώθηκε.

«Θα αγκαλιάσουμε τα παιδιά των προσφύγων. Είναι όπως όλα τα παιδιά»

 «η εκπαίδευση είναι για όλα τα παιδιά, χωρίς διακρίσεις. Η κοινωνία μας
εδώ είναι ανοιχτή και έχουμε αγκαλιάσει όλον τον κόσμο»

«όλα τα παιδιά στον κόσμο είναι ίδια. Γιατί να μην έρθουν στο σχολείο;
Δεν υπάρχει κανένα πρόβλημα»

«Καλωσορίζουμε τα παιδιά των προσφύγων στα σχολεία της τρίτης
δημοτικής κοινότητας του Δήμου Αθηναίων. Το διοικητικό συμβούλιο
και τα μέλη της Ένωσης των Συλλόγων Γονέων, αλλά πάνω από όλα η
γειτονιά, με αγάπη αγκαλιάζουμε τα προσφυγόπουλα, σκεπτόμενοι ότι
κι ο λαός μας στο παρελθόν έχει βιώσει ανάλογες εμπειρίες.

Πιστεύουμε ότι η φοίτηση των παιδιών αυτών στα σχολεία είναι προς
όφελος όλης της κοινωνίας, καθώς είναι κρίσιμο, αυτά τα παιδιά να
νιώσουν ότι ζούνε - όσο είναι δυνατόν - σε κανονικές ανθρώπινες
συνθήκες. Πλευρά αυτής της ανάγκης είναι η μαθησιακή παιδαγωγική
διαδικασία Η εκπαίδευση είναι δικαίωμα. Κανείς δεν μπορεί να την
στερήσει από τον άλλον. Σε βασικά δικαιώματα του ανθρώπου δεν
υπάρχουν φυλετικές, θρησκευτικές ή ιδεολογικές διακρίσεις.»

Although I have fraternal feelings towards Egyptians,
both because of cultural and of geopolitical ties, I do
not agree with the Greek Prime Minister and the
Cypriot President meeting the Egyptian dictator in
order to strengthen ties between the corresponding
States under the current Egyptian abominable and
backward regime. I call on all Greeks and Cypriots
to imagine a hypothetical, but, nevertheless, frightful,
situation in which a foreign leader would meet warmly
and tried to strengthen ties with a dictator ruling
Greece or Cyprus. The memories in the Histories
of our two Nations are so recent and so predominant
that it is absurd that Tsipras and Anastasiadis are
engaging is such political maneuvering instead of
trying to push and influence a return to Democracy,
Fundamental Individual Freedoms and the Return
of a State of Constitutional Law in Egypt.

One wonders what Mike Pence is going to be telling
his wife and kids as an apology for having stood behind
such an abominable inhuman monster and for having
encouraged Americans to vote for such a brainless,
unintelligent, dick-headed egomaniac for President.
Will he come out in public and apologize and tell all
Girls and all Women of this Nation ``Mea culpa. I had
not known what the real character of the monster
that selected me and asked me to rally for him was.
If I had known I would have encouraged all of you
to throw your votes in the trash before voting for
such a freakish, horrific morph." If Trump thinks
that because of his riches, it is appropriate to do these
things to women, then can anyone imagine that he
will have any bounds regarding his actions if he is
elected President, especially since his own brain
is not functioning at all as inhibitor of wayward
and absurd words and behaviors?

Anger and rage are not constructive when it comes to
the cooperation of two allies and fraternal Nations in
the defense sector. Poland and its politicians have the
right to make the choices that they think are best for
Poland's economy, defense, and social and political
circumstances as an equal and sovereign partner with
all other States. The French response is disproportionate.
The French President and the French Minister of
Defense should have avoided escalating the disagreement
and meeting their Polish counterparts would have been
a good step in trying to convince the Polish Government
that, in their opinion, overall the choice of Airbus would
be better for Poland than the choice of Sikorski. If they
do not have good convincing arguments, they should not
have lambasted Poland for making the opposite choice.

What is happening juridically in Europe is absolutely
ridiculous. The disgruntled - with their compatriots with
the way the majority voted - British expats are suing the
President of the European Commission holding him
responsible for the British Government's procrastination
in triggering the mechanism that would effectuate their
own State's decision to leave the Union. I have not heard
of anything as ridiculous as this even on this side of the
Atlantic, notorious for frivolous usage of the legal system
to extract a buck by any and all means...

God forbid that this abject failure comes back into politics.
At least, if the British are stupid enough to vote for him
again, they will be outside the European Union. So their
most abject and frightful psychos would not have the
chance to influence other European States' attitudes,
policy positions and initiatives. Alas, I did see at last an
advantage in having the U.K. outside the Union...

I just feel deeply sorry for the drug users in the Philippines,
a State that, as the overwhelming majority of the rest of
the World is moving towards Human Rights, is stepping
back into the Deep Dark Ages by uniformly and without
due process treating everyone as deserving the capital
punishment, instead of as dependent individuals deserving
medical treatment and special care. Shame on all those
in the Philippines and everywhere else that hold similar
views to this abject pseudo-politician, little, very little,
``Teddy nobody".

Who knows? In Vladimir Putin's mind Finland may be
a traditionally Russian territory exactly like Crimea.

For a State that not so long ago sunk Europe in blood,
it is disgusting and shameful to lent 15% support to
such repulsive imbeciles.
And for a State that is the most powerful and aspires
to maintain its position as a moral authority and a
leader of the Free World, it is shameful to lent over
40% support to such a heartless, brainless egomaniac.

I am ashamed that my State is de facto embracing
the illegal settlement of occupied territories by
rewarding economically and militarily the aggressor
State, rather than decrease aid and impose sanctions,
despite empty words and empty rhetoric to the contrary.
And I am ashamed that my State is defecating on an
entire Nation's political, social and national aspirations
by de facto supporting the side that has done absolutely
nothing to support and, in fact, has undermined and
poisoned, the climate that could and should lead to
trust and  to credibility for negotiating a Peaceful,
Fair and Lasting ``One Fully Democratic State with
Equal Rights For All" or ``Two Equal and Sovereign
States" solution to the Palestinian issue.


Negative news from the U.K. The U.K. Government
has given the go ahead for horizontal fracking. To be
clear, I am not, in principle, against exploration and
exploitation of natural resources. I am, however,
opposed to methods of exploitation that have the
potential of harming the vital resources of surrounding
communities and whose long term effects have not
been completely investigated and, therefore, are not
well understood scientifically and not known. If in
a depth of decades, it is shown that the reservoirs
that are fracked to extract the gas become unstable
and/or leak, the consequences for the stability and
for the water and other underground resources of
the communities relying on them might prove dire.
And even though the people profiting now may be
long deceased, they and the Governments have a
responsibility to hand down to the coming generations
a place that would be pristine enough to be livable
and whose water and other necessary resources
clean enough so that the cost of living would be

Good news from Poland. The Polish Sejm has
overwhelmingly rejected a bill to near-total ban
abortion in the State, thus, unequivocally and
strongly upholding and reaffirming Women's
Reproductive Rights and, by extension, Women's
Rights in general. BRAVO, POLAND!!

No State should pledge aid to Afghanistan and write
a blank check encouraging and, in essence, authorizing
by acquiescence, the corruption, wastefulness and
inefficiency of its Governments and the enrichment
of its leaders, their families and their associates on
the backs of not only the Afghan people, but also the
people of all donor Nations. Donate money only under
strict conditions and a well planned and credible system
of financing and of accountability that would make
it possible to account to the public in your own States
where and how each and every single dollar (or other
currency) was spent and only under a blanket
authorization enabling donor States to obtain and
to investigate financial disclosure statements and
to monitor bank accounts of the Governing elite and
their families and associates and to impose severe
penalties and sanctions in case of embezzlement.

That is where the money goes and that is why the States
of the European South under the corruption and the
banditry of their Governments have abandoned their
youth to unprecedented unemployment rates, sometimes
estimated as high as 75%, and are unable to coherently
support decently functioning public health care systems
and are reducing unemployment and pension benefits
to rates that would be shameful even for underdeveloped
States. SHAME TO SPAIN and even more SHAME TO
ALL OTHER STATES with similar rampant corruption
in their State apparatuses that just did not happen to
have equally efficient whistle blowers to get them exposed.

Unfortunately, the ``garbage collection debate" in
Flint sounds like the one that occurred several years
ago in both Napoli and Roma and had a strong sense
of Mafia and Camorra involvement. I hope that the
Judge in Flint does not only superficially decide
who to attribute the new garbage collection contract
to, but goes deeper into the circumstances that gave
rise to the dispute and into whether any untoward
bribes, pressure or other shady influencing occurred
in order to create the dispute in the first place. When
simple matters become complicated, unclean dealings
dirty deals and behind the scenes manipulations are
the most obvious and usual suspects.

As an outsider, I was saddened by the result of the
Colombian Referendum. One of the reasons is that
the dead cannot be resurrected and the focus and
the responsibility undertaken should be to do all
in one's power to create Peace and ensure that no
more blood will be spilled and no more lives wasted.
On the other hand, I respect the informed, thoughtful
and deliberate way in which Colombians expressed
their opinions and I am aware that for them the
ethical, social and political dimensions of the issue
on debate are much deeper and much closer to
home than an outsider's superficial longing for
Peace and assurances for Fraternity, Humanity
and Prosperity for all Nations on Earth.

Bravo, Hungary! If 80 million Germans, 65 million French,
60 million Italians and 45 million Spaniards ask 10 million
Hungarians or 5 million Slovaks or half a million Maltese
or Luxembourgians to do something Noble and Just and
Proportionate to their capacity to help out each other,
each contributing their own little bit, everyone should
pull forces together. If for nothing else, if not because our
Nations are Civilized, Fraternal and Humane, then just
because tomorrow, when 11 million Greeks or 9 million
Austrians or 7 million Bulgarians or 5 million Finns or
a million Estonians ask 80 million Germans, 65 million
French, 60 million Italians, 45 million Spaniards and 40
million Polish to come to their rescue or to approve some
measures that will help and benefit them, they would not
want to be reminded that when they were asked for some
minor support in an overwhelmingly Just Cause in a Fair
and Balanced Way, they turned their backs in a heartless,
uncompassionate, inconsiderate and selfish way.
BRAVO HUNGARY! I hope the next message will be
even clearer and louder in Parliamentary elections and
that you will cast your votes for Progressive, Inclusive,
Fraternal and All Embracing Parties.

If a person that lives a glitz and glamorous life and flashes
his ego and his wealth like Donald Trump came at your
home and asked you to pay for his children's education
at expensive private schools, to pay for gas to fly his private
jets, to pay for his medical expenses and to pay for the
city infrastructure that serves his business interests,
would you have been stupid enough to dish out your money
unquestioningly so that he can live even more luxuriously
and outrageously while you would have kept struggling
in a worst shape than you had been before? And yet and
still, by supporting a person of his character, who is proud
that he has not paid much in terms of taxes for many of
the last several years, you are essentially accepting and
espousing this abominable attitude of the worst of the rich,
who believe that they are entitled not only to their wealth,
but also to ride freely on the backs of and by the support
of all other Citizens, the majority of whom are middle
class and have a much more difficult time in eking out
an existence, making ends meet and saving a little for
retirement, let alone sending their kids to good schools,
living princely and luxuriously and flying private jets.
In the Midwest, I have
met people who consider a handshake sealing a deal
and who show solidarity with their neighbors sharing their
troubles, joys and material comforts and pulling together
their physical, mental and psychological resources to form
stronger and more resilient communities. In the Midwest
that I have known, farmers, laborers and professionals
do not opportunistically break agreements to shortchange
and destroy their neighbors' livelihoods so that they can
live excessively themselves, nor are they taking advantage
of the loopholes of the system by appointing hordes of
tax specialists and attorneys to help them pass all their
expenses on to their friends and neighbors and avoid
their fair share of contributions in the well-being and
and the needs of their communities, just to satisfy big
egos and a natural innate selfishness and greed.

Governments with Clean Hands and Clear Consciences
have nothing to worry about. Of course, Governments
that violate International Law and plan, initiate and
execute wars of aggression to topple internationally
recognized foreign Governments and conspire and
instigate regime change without provocation and in
violation of International Law should be afraid.
Is this message clear out there in a certain ranch
in Texas and in certain plains in Wyoming?

The British chose to play with fire and put their hand on
the burner. Now that they are realizing that the switch was
on, they feel embarrassed to be seen retracting, despite the
heat. Bravo to both Wolfgang Schäuble and Guy Verhofstadt
for making an ultimate effort to wake them up and to pull
them back into their senses by clearly and unambiguously
informing them that benefits and responsibilities go hand
in hand and that one cannot order benefits a la carte and
disregard responsibilities, despite the claims and the shady
skewed statements of their imbecile Secretary of Foreign
Affairs and despite their Government's efforts at lies and
wishful embellishments of the truth.

Shimon Peres is with us no more...
His Spirit is with Israel no more...

Last night's debate was better than I had expected, in the
sense that it was kept at a civilized level and had some
lively, brisk exchanges, as is suitable for a significant and
important political event. Also, I think that there was no
clear winner unlike what is reported in today's media.
I would like, however, to add that a couple of things
bother me tremendously and, even more so, because
they do not seem to bother, repulse and revolt Trump's
1. How could one brush aside the fact that this candidate
    seems to be proud that he has broken agreements and
    has shortchanged other people repeatedly and savagely
    and presents the excuse that he was working for
    himself, his family and his businesses, as if the people
    that got the rough end of the stick were not working
    also for their families and their businesses or as if
    those other families and businesses somehow are
    less valuable than his own and therefore, it is OK
    to be taken advantage of.
2. How could one swallow the fact that, with an allege
    income of $ 650M dollars, he may have paid little to
    no taxes and declare that it is a smart thing to do,
    as if he feels entitled to travel freely and without
    any contributions on the back of all other taxpaying
    Citizens, who are, mostly, much less fortunate than
    he is? Because Trump uses airports, roads etc. and,
    certainly his employees, who he so much touts, are
    using schools, hospitals etc., that are supported by
    public funds to which he does not, or thinks that
    it is smart thing not to, contribute for.
I call on his supporters to think carefully about lending
their support to and casting their vote for a person that has
these character traits. Even the two points above alone
are extremely upsetting and worrisome for someone that
aspires to lead and take care of the day-to-day affairs
and the livelihoods of an entire Nation and do it in an
ethical, compassionate, empathetic and unbiased way.

Η υγιεινή των παιδιών στα σχολεία είναι πολύ σημαντική
και οι γονείς έχουν δίκιο να ενδιαφέρονται και να αγωνιούν.
Όμως υπεύθυνοι για την υγιεινή και για την πιστοποίηση
των συνθηκών υγιεινής στα σχολεία είναι οι εκάστοτε
διευθυντές και αρμόδιοι των Υπουργείων Υγείας και
Παιδείας και όχι οι αναρμόδιοι και ανειδίκευτοι στο ζήτημα
αυτό Σύλλογοι Γονέων και Κηδεμόνων. Καλώ λοπόν όλους
τους Πολίτες στην Αλεξάνδρεια Ημαθίας, αλλά και σε όλα
τα άλλα μέρη της Ελλάδας, να αναλογιστούν ποιές είναι
οι Υποχρεώσεις Μας ως Ανθρώπων και ως Πολιτών μίας
Πολιτισμικά Εξέχουσας Χώρας με Σχέσεις Αδερφικές, κατά
το δυνατόν, με όλα τα άλλα Κράτη και όλους τους άλλους
Λαούς της Υφηλίου και, πρωτίστως, ποιές είναι οι
Υποχρεώσεις όλων μας απέναντι στα παιδιά. Καλώ
επίσης όλους τους Έλληνες, πάντες εκ των οποίων έιχαν,
ή έχουν ή και, δυστυχώς, θα έχουν συγγενείς και φίλους με
οικογένεις που έχουν φύγει, στην Αμερική, στη Αυστραλία,
στην Ευρώπη, στην Μέση και την Άπω Ανατολή και στην
Αφρική, να αναλογιστούν πώς θα αισθάνονταν οι ίδιοι και
οι οικοίοι τους αν μετά από ταλαιπωρείες και βάσανα,
στην μετανάστευση οι Κυβερνήσεις και οι Πολίτες των
Κρατών Φιλοξενίας τους έλεγαν ότι τα σχολεία των
χωρών τους είναι κλειστά για τα ξένα παιδιά για λόγους
Υγιεινής. Ας σταθούμε όλοι λοιπόν στο ύψος των
περιστάσεων και ας συμπαρασταθούμε και ας βοηθήσουμε
και ας αγαπήσουμε όσο μπορούμε όλους τους συνανθρώπους
μας εν ώρα απόγνωσης και ανάγκης ώστε αν, ό μη γένοιτο,
χρειαστούμε παρόμοια παρηγοριά και μεταχείρηση να μη
ντραπούμε να την αναζητήσουμε επάξια και ενήθικα.

Because for the rich and the well connected, there is
never enough Justice delivered by Courts, I hope that
these ex-officials and administrators who, despite their
fat compensations, were embezzling public money
for personal benefits and other excesses, do not live
long enough to face the insignificant slap on the wrist
that the rigged courts and the rigged justice system
will impose to them to add insult to the injury that
they perpetrated to small investors and the public.
Unfortunately, Divine Justice is the only Justice that
these pigs may ever face and ``human justice" is a joke.

Try to find all those common threads of our Humanity
that Unite us and make us all One People rather than
emphasizing past differences and conflicts and paying
attention to and accentuating superficial and insignificant
differences that could, nevertheless, be used also as
celebratory of diversity and pluralism and could become
a sign of true strength and could be used to a social,
political and economic advantage over mono-cultural
and ethnically compact States. Be open minded and
look out for opportunities in diversity and in multiple
backgrounds and traditions that could inspire and
make life vibrant and interesting, rather than focusing
on disadvantages and creating divisibility and enmities.

The Princely couple is a charming couple and those
of us who are ambivalent about the Royal House and
hold the aged Queen responsible for many a political
disaster and for hypocrisy, since her subjects complain
about unreasonable fiscal excesses in Brussels, but are
not upset at the essentially unnecessary and redundant
excesses of their own royal class, even though, the raison
d'etre of the Brussels' institutions is, by historical
necessity, nobler than that of the British royal institution,
cannot but wish them well and hope that their time in
office will be a time of more foresightedness, open
mindedness and genuine openness and fraternal
engagement with their neighbors and with the World,
instead of a time of shallow declarations that do not
successfully hide narrow self-interests as manifested
by unfortunate actions.

The reason why this man was killed was neither that
he possessed a handgun nor that he was in possession
of marijuana, that the police are publicizing to create
false negative feelings and sensation and relieve their
very very grave predicaments for a murderous rage.
If that had been the case, then more than half of the
rural population of our United States would have
been in danger of being slaughtered by police, since
these many own weapons and smoke marijuana.
The real reason is that he was a black man and that
the harassing, arresting, attacking and murderous
police forces, instead of taking heed of the deceased
wife's pleas that he was a sick man who intended
no harm and taking precautions and trying to reason
with him and calm him down, chose instead to do
what they seem to love and to do best: shout and
assault verbally and emotionally, without provocation,
with the intention of exacerbating and escalating the
situation to ``justify" another unjustifiable cold-blooded
murder of first-degree that will never see a day in
court. And unfortunately the future is also preplanned,
preorchestrated and predirected, a ballet that we have
seen, alas, too many times before: The officers will get
a paid vacation, no charges will be filed under various
excuses and pretexts and, finally, the city will settle
quietly by dishing out a few millions of public property
- not of the mayor's, the police chief's of the killer's
property - to the slaughtered person's family under a
shady and shameful settlement to appease family and
public and to avoid getting hit with a civil court case.
Therefore, another black life will be gone without
justice, but some money will change hands, some
people will be silenced and will forget, until the next
murder occurs, and some lawyers will rub their hands
in ecstasy and salivate because this situation allows the
wealth of the People of the various States to be consistently,
unerringly and continuously siphoned and comfortably
accumulated via murder, suppression and grave injustice.

Even if a murder is not premeditated, it is still murder
and sometimes, when it is racially motivated, it may be
a hate crime. When so many of these incidents occur
so often by operatives of the same or similar functioning
and similarly trained and similarly motivated agencies
in the service of similar interests, we cannot accept them
being downgraded to ``manslaughter" in such a superficial
and expedited way that reveals an intent to collude with
other State entities to cover State sponsored slaughter.
Any lay person would have been treated much more
severely and mercilessly, even though a layman does
not take an oath to ``serve and protect" nor are they
trained to ``serve and protect" and, as a result,
expectations from laymen are much lower.
that help perpetuate
State tolerated racism and brutality by using gimmicks
to downgrade the culpability of a State vested killer
to lesser charges than warranted and clearly intending
to let them evade with a slap of the wrist in comparison
to what they would have imposed to a black man
or any other unfortunate individual lacking the financial
means to hire high-powered attorneys to manipulate the
rigged system.

Prima facie we cannot believe the official police version
of events. First, they have a conflict of interest because
they want to save the (nonexistent) reputation of the
killer who is one of their own. Second, they have a
long history of planting, forging and modifying evidence
that would legitimize their brutality and exonerate their
crimes. Finally, in too many cases they claimed one thing,
backed up by lying and perjuring colleagues of theirs,
up until a video surfaced that showed something totally
different, even a terrible brute shooting of a fleeing black
man point blank and cowardly to the back.
, except when
it concerns anger, racism and barbarism, rather than
deescalation, patience and even-handedness.

Not releasing a video or any other available visual and
undoubtable evidence has only two potential aims and
all the rest about an ongoing investigation is legalese
intended to hide secret motives and obscure the truth.
The first reason is because it shows clearly something
the authorities do not want the public to see. The
second is that the authorities think that what the video
contains is so outrageously damaging to their claims
of equal treatment and racial neutrality and so
outrageously condemning of the racism and brutality
of their own forces of suppression and oppression
that if it was seen immediately, without the boiling
feelings having been cooled down by time, the
justifiable overflow of indignation, anger and
frustration would be so enormous that no mayor and
no police chief would be able to keep their positions
and no police force or national guard would be able
to subdue the righteous drive to ensure that such
abominable, despicable and needless crimes happen
no more and that the perpetrators get a day in court
instead of a paid vacation (euphemistically called
administrative leave) and a secret exoneration by
sham juries orchestrated by the collusion of various
organs of the State apparatus, the same entities that
plan, organize, initiate and perpetrate the killings
and, then, conspire to cover those crimes against
the most vulnerable and long marginalized Citizens.

Paris, Los Angeles and Budapest, pull out your candidacies
for the 2024 Pseudo-Olympics
also, initiate the implosion of
the avaricious pseudo-olympians of Lausanne and support
the return of the Olympics as a permanent quadrennial event
to Greece
, as a financially lean celebration of Athletic Spirit,
focused on Clean, Fair and Respectful Competition and with
a renewed Global Effort to reinforce Solidarity between States,
Fraternity between Nations and Global Peace and Cooperation.

Εάν αυτά που βλέπουν το φως της δημοσιότητας για
τις εκτάσεις, τα γίδια και τις αρχ***ές της συμμορίας
Καλογρίτσα-Καραμπάτσου ευσταθούν, τότε έχουμε
και πάλι το φαινόμενο ``προσωπικοτήτων πέραν πάσης
υποψίας" (όπως ο επίτιμος της Ν.Δ., γιατί να το κρύψωμε
άλλωστε) που, ενώ έχουν πάρει δάνεια - δανεικά κι
αγύριστα - σχίζουν με επιστολές στον τύπο τα ιμάτιά
ότι δυσφημείται η ανύπαρκτη τιμή και υπόληψή
τους. Θα διερωτώμουν ``καλά σε αυτές τις ατομάτζες
ίχνος ντροπής και αυτογνωσίας δεν έχει απομείνει",
αλλά την απάντηση σ' αυτό το ερώτημα έχει δώσει
ήδη προφανώς η πρόθεση δολοπλοκίας κατά την
σύναψη της συμφωνίας των δανείων, με τα μέσα τα
οποία μόνο οι ίδιοι ξέρουν ότι έχουν χρησιμοποιήσει
(κι ας οδύρονται ότι τα πήραν λόγω (ανύπαρκτης)
προσωπικότητας χαίρουσας (ανύπαρκτης) φήμης
πέραν πάσης υποψίας...)

BRAVO, ROMA! No City that respects itself should ever
bid to host the pseudo-Olympics to its own detriment and
to the scandalous enrichment of the Lausanne oligarchs.
Implode the International Pseudo-Olympic Committee
and organize lean, clean, greed-and-drug-free Olympic
Games with devotion to the Athletic Spirit, to Fraternity
and to World Peace every four years in Greece, where
they truly belong.

If he looks like a bully, he moves like a bully, he behaves
like a bully, he attacks like a bully and he bellows like a
bully, guess what...

I have no sympathy for Jim Carrey, but courts in this
Land should not allow unrelated personalities, like
estranged husbands who suddenly remember that their
exes existed after they smell profit, to abuse the Laws
and the Legal System of this Land for blackmailing
and extortion. I hope Courts will kick out this frivolous
Law Suit and force the ``husband", who remembered
that he had a wife when she happened to have a mishap
after dating a rich man, to pay legal expenses and, if
applicable, a heavy and memorable fine under Law.

I hope that there will be an indictment for this and all
other clear violations of International Law at the Hague
and, regardless of how this conflict evolves, at the end
we will have at least some of the persons giving those
outrageous orders and some of the officers that, despite
training, execute them without hesitation, face Justice
and paradigmatic conviction to the highest sentences
possible under Law, commensurate to the Gravity of
the offences perpetrated.

And the slaughters continue and, despite promises and
blah blah blah about additional training and improving
police-community relations, police suppression forces
continue to practice target shooting on helpless black
Fellow Citizens of ours in this State where we proclaim
Justice, Equality, Values and Ideals etc. etc. etc. and
what do we practice in the end? Bigotry, segregation,
racism and heartless barbarous brutality. Tomorrow,
however, we'll express disappointment that some athletes
will dare kneel or turn their blacks with disgust and
anger at the symbols of a State that fails now and again
part of its Citizenry and does nothing to protect them
against the arbitrariness of the actions of its operatives...

If I had a bowl of brainless bimbos from the east and I
told you just one would bear you an imbecile, would you
marry a handful?

Mitsotakis: Thumbs up for the number of TV channels.
Thumbs down for announcing decreases in taxation,
including VAT, without clarity as to how the revenues will be
balanced and as to how the troika's objections will be tamed.
Thumbs down for the intention to re-militarize Exarcheia.

So many politicians have their speeches written by others
that it makes one wonder whether speeches mean anything
at all nowadays. I suggest that speakers turn back into writing
their own speeches. This would have many significant and
beneficial advantages:
1. They would have full responsibility for what they say.
2. The public would learn their own positions and glimpse at
    their own character and abilities rather than someone else's.
3. The speeches will reflect their own positions without
     beautifications, alternations, inaccuracies etc.
4. It would keep speeches more concise and to the point,
    rather that wandering and tiring, as is often the case,
    since speech writers want to justify their expenses...
5. And if someone is not the most eloquent orator, the
    words would still be from the heart and, therefore,
    more believable and credit-worthy than what is
    nowadays well known to be neither in content
    nor in style one's own words.

One of Italy's and Europe's most respected statesmen
and most thoughtful advocates of the common dream

based on the realization of a common destiny is with
us no more.

Did this son of a b**h executioner dare call our own
President names? Burn in Hell and never ever see
the light of day again, killer a**hole. Zero tolerance
for coldblooded killers with deep psychological issues
and instabilities so dangerous that make them unfit
for public office.

BRAVO, FLINT!! You know ``what you have to lose" by
electing a racist, bigot, self-serving imbecile carrying empty
promises as President of the United States because you have
already suffered the consequences by us having elected a
Governor that, unfortunately, shares many of the same
qualities, especially charging less economically fortunate
communities with the onus of fiscal responsibility and
depriving them of their Democratic Rights instead of
taking the socially sensitive and socially responsible stance
of supporting their basic needs with some transfer of State
funds from the more to the less fortunate. The only reason
why politicians assume they can do that with impunity is
because they think ``they have nothing to lose" by further
disadvantaging communities that do not have the financial
sway, the political influence and the legal power to resist
and to desist victimization.
BRAVO, FLINT, for not hesitating to pay the repulsive,
abominable Republican ``select" with the same currency
that he understands, political firmness and incorrectness,
so that he can feel his own ways on his own skin and
see what it feels like to be scorned, single out, chastised,
vilified and segregated against continuously like he has
been doing against so many groups of fellow Citizens
of ours. I hope that, during election night, he will get
the same clear and loud response that he faced in Flint.

BRAVO, Argentina and U.K.!! The World needs more
cooperation, especially in areas where disagreements
exist and where war had torn apart families and
communities in the past. A new era, hopefully, for the
two States and for the South Atlantic Region.

I wish I had some more respect left for Colin Powell.
But the truth is that he lacked the Courage and the
Ethos to resign and to denounce the fabrications of
G.W. Bush's Government and, thus, by perjuring
himself in front of one of the most Valuable Organizations
in the Political History of Humanity, he not only delegated
himself to the role of a ridiculous pathetic pariah, but, in
fact he became liable to indictment in conspiring and
instigating under false pretenses a war of aggression
against a Sovereign State, one of the Gravest Breaches
of the Legal Obligations of States under Our Charter.
Hence, even though his opinion about Trump finds
me in complete agreement, I find his stature lacking
in universal respectability and irreproachability and,
therefore, the influence of his remarks stays negligible.

I do not understand what they are trying to ``discover",
when the deplorable candidate himself during the primary
debates has openly admitted that he has been using his
wealth and his personal and political connections to play
the system
and get advantages for his own businesses and
investments and to cut corners when it comes to getting
permits and other concessions from the powers to be...
Everything he says is wrong - corrupt politicians, wealthy
businessmen using their wealth to influence decisions and
the proverbial ``rigged system" - he has admitted he was
engaged into himself. The only question is what are his
supporters hearing? Are they not getting the huge
contradictions of liking what he says and of not recognizing
that he is one of the primary people guilty of the ills that
he describes and attacks so vehemently, but that he adores
when they help his own ambitions and goals?

Very sad day for American Foreign Policy. The Administration
has used smart economic pressure against Iran to convince the
Government in Tehran that being an engaged member of the
International Community and spending its resources in peaceful
endeavors benefit both Iranians and the Iranian State much
more that the mindless pursue of nuclear weapons. The Obama
Administration has also been applying smart economic pressure
on North Korea to bring that State to its senses that nuclear
tests are counterproductive and the funds spent for ``defense"
could be incomparably better spent in improving the living
standards of its Citizens and developing their State to make it
competitive in a global economy. China, however, despite public
proclamations has been underlying those efforts. On the other
hand it was just revealed that the Administration has approved
an even more luxurious military aid package for Israel, a State
that has consistently violated International Law and that has
consistently ignored U.N. General Assembly Resolutions and
would have been condemned by the Security Council had it
not been for the veto posturing of certain Permanent Members.
Besides military options, the best strategy our State has in
enticing and coercing Allied States to do the Right Thing,
be it in terms of nuclear ambitions, territorial infractions,
apartheid tendencies or other violations of Basic Human
Values and Basic Human Rights, is by tightening the flow
of funds and Israel, based on its behavior and unwillingness
to create constructive conditions for negotiations, clearly
deserves the adoption of measures restricting U.S. military
aid. Why is the administration doing the opposite? A very
sad and very damaging development that clearly pushes the
U.S. another step further from the Idealism that we would
all like to see in our Policies, in particular the application
with Fairness and Impartiality of the same Principles vis-
a-vis all States of our World, without the creation of artificial
allies and enemies, but rather treating States as they deserve
to be treated based on their records of behavior.

Expelling a European State from the European Union
for not complying with the Fundamental Principles and
the Fundamental Values of the Block is not a solution,
nor would it help in enticing the State to align its policies,
attitudes and behaviors to European Standards. But,
on the other hand, neither should that State be allowed
to divert attention and to loosen focus from the necessity
of those Pan-European, and to a large extent Universal,
Principles and Values being faithfully adhered to so that
coherence and basic understandings and agreements
within the block not get endangered and jeopardized.
In my view, there should be a variety of coercive and/
or persuasive measures that the block's institutions
should have at their disposal to enforce execution in
Good Faith of and strict adherence to the basic tenets
of the Union. And this is how Hungary has to be made
to return to and re-espouse those non-negotiable
European Principles and Values.


I am only in mid forties and feel sometimes exhausted
and in need of rest after standing for 4-5 hours a day.
I cannot imagine how these ~70+ year-olds can criss
cross the country for months on end, stand on hours
on end and give repetitive and meaningless speeches
for hours on end and still be standing on their feet.
That is why we MUST encourage younger, dedicated,
unstained and idealist fellow citizens of hours to replace
this old, corrupt, entitled and interest-ridden generation
of political crocodiles in our Nation's political life.

In Syria, Americans and Russians must make sure to
implement NOW and without deviations the deal that
John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov agreed to in Geneva.
In fact this deal could have been and should have
been reached long ago and it is not acceptable to
delay and not do all in the major powers' capacity
to stop the fighting completely, agree on a political
settlement for transitioning to a Government with
accountability to the Syrian people and then starting
the illogical and absurd process of ``reconstruction",
or of building again the infrastructure and the homes
that we, ourselves, as participants and as a passively
observing international community, have allowed
to be destroyed and razed to the ground.

Sometimes I feel indignant when I hear distortions in
descriptions of very sensitive issues, such as historical
facts of major significance and, even though they may be
slips of the tongue, one should be careful that they not
occur. Terry Gross should have been more careful when
she referred to the time ``when the Nazis invaded Austria",
especially so since her show would have been more suitably
named ``Jewish Air", since it is overwhelmingly dominated
by Jewish guests. She should have instead referred in truth
to ``when the Austrians welcomed the Nazis in Vienna":

In this way, she would have done Justice to the Citizens
of Austria and to the Citizens of other States, like Poland,
the Netherlands, Greece and Russia, who, far from being
accommodating and jubilant, fought as fiercely as they
could, some with much inferior and meager resources
and in admirable self-sacrifice to delay the German plans.
More importantly, perhaps, referring to events by their
true name, would serve in continuing to remind the
Austrians that they have a great debt; they owe it to the
World, in particular to the Jewish People and to their
Partners in the European Family to stand resolute and
firm against nationalism, racism and xenophobia. They
have, because of this not so distant past, a distinct burden
and heightened responsibility to isolate ultra-nationalist
and ultra-rightist elements in their and in other European
societies and to play a leading constructive role throughout
the Continent's Fora and Political Institutions in pushing
for and furthering Fraternity, Tolerance, Diversity,
Cooperation and Compassionate Policies towards fellow
human beings fleeing violence and war.
No Nation, perpetrators and sufferers alike, can remain
passive and evade the responsibility to do its part and to
entice and coerce its Partners, Friends and Allies to come
together in a spirit of Humanity, Fraternity and Cooperation
in facing the Humanitarian and Human Rights challenges
of our times and in standing in strong support of the
victims of present conflicts and misfortunes.

Γεροβσίλη, επειδή μου φαίνεται ότι είσαι ή ηλίθια ή
χαζή ή κάνεις ότι δεν καταλαβαίνεις, ο κύριος λόγος
του πλουραλισμού της ενημέρωσης είναι ότι επιτρέπει
και ελέυθερη επιλογή στα ΜΜΕ των θεμάτων που
παρουσιάζουν και του τρόπου παρουσίασης και,
παράλληλα, μέσω της ύπαρξης ικανού αριθμού αυτών,
επιτρέπει στον πολίτη να διαλέγει ποιά κανάλια και
ποιά θέματα θέλει ο ίδιος να παρακολουθεί. Ακούω,
με τη βλακεία και την ηλιθιότητα που σε διακατέχει
να καταδικάζεις τα κανάλια γιατί δεν πρόβαλαν την
Ευρωμεσογειακή διάσκεψη. Εάν υπάρχουν 20 κανάλια
και 5 προβάλουν το αντικέιμενο και 15 δεν το προβάλουν,
ο κάθε Έλληνας θα έχει την επιλογή να το παρακολουθήσει,
αν θέλει ή να συντονιστεί αλλού. Αλλά αφού, ηλίθιοι
ανεκδιήγητοι πάτε να αφήσετε μόνο 4 κανάλια, τότε
φυσικά υπάρχει μεγαλύτερη πιθανότητα να μην
προβάλει κανένα κάποια θέματα και ή να είστε πολύ
ευχαριστημένοι αν τα θέματα αυτά δε σας βολεύουν
ή να αρχίζετε την ίδια επαίσχυντη κλαψούρα εάν
θα θέλατε τα θέματα αυτά να προβληθούν. Είστε τόσο
ηλίθιοι και τόσο χαζοί που δεν μπορείτε να αντιληφθείτε
τόσο μα τόσο στοιχειώδη θέματα; Δε σας καταλαβαίνω...

Bravo to the Norwegian media for resisting internet censorship
verging on stupidity and absurdity and Bravo to Congress for
pushing for unhindered and unconstrained attribution of
responsibility and accountability for encouragement, support
and financing actions that are unfit for Humanity and insulting
and derogatory to Civilization and damage Fraternity Between
Nations. Great News from both fronts, Government and Media,

Wells-Fargo needs to be sued by individuals for impropriety
and inconvenience and be fined multiple times the amount
that is now discussed. It has been a bank whose services have
been notoriously sloppy and whose practices abominable.
I wish there was a way to coordinate customer reaction
to such an extent so as to bring irresponsible behemoths of
that mentality to their knees and close them down

We all have tremendous respect and idealize the American
Flag for what It is supposed to stand for. And part of this
Bravo to all those athletes, men and women, black
and white, of any religion and any ethnic origin that
with their stance and their voice strive to contribute
to the betterment and, hopefully, the ultimate perfection
of our societies and our invaluable fraternal, diverse and
pluralist Union.

When the candidates of the established parties range
from racist, misogynist, brainless imbeciles to totally
uninspiring, third party candidates have a responsibility
to do their research meticulously, to gather informed
advisors and to do their analyses carefully so as to
become confident and ready to assume, if not office,
at least the role of great responsibility as a credible,
viable and convincing alternative choice. Alas, Gary
Johnson failed miserably, gave lame excuses for his
failures and, therefore, placed himself and, hence,
also the libertarian alternative out of competition.

I hope that all those mindless consumers that have been
needlessly dishing out year after year their money at
unjustifiably high rates for questionable devices by a
socially irresponsible company (see Irish Affair), are
now at last coming to their senses and realizing that
they have been supporting people that are intent in
doing whatever it takes to pile up dough without
creating or offering much, just because thoughtless
consumerism allows them to and because they can.

I am not sure I heard this correctly, but if I did, then
I was shocked by the stupidity of the speaker and it
made sense that this group of military ``leaders" lent
their support to a bigot, racist, incompetent and
super selfish demagogue
. The speaker seemed to
say that he supported waterboarding by American
forces when ``necessary to save lives" and when asked
what if that was used as a justification by other States
in conflict with U.S. forces to waterboard Americans,
the imbecile replied that, in that case, it would be
illegal because it would be a violation of the Geneva
Conventions!!! Did I catch this correctly???

One wonders what was the profession of his mother to
have such deep rooted complexes and psychological
insecurities to continuously attack other people's mothers...

Just a word of diplomatic wisdom to the Chinese: If you
want your Citizens and your President to be treated with
respect and afforded the honors due their offices and
official capacity, then pay similar respect to the officials
of other States. The Principles of Equal Treatment,
Good Will and Reciprocity mean that your Citizens are
not going to be welcome in other States of the World, if you
do not treat our President, who represents all Americans,
according to established Diplomatic Customs and Norms.
I recommend that you apologize for your share of the
responsibility for what occurred during President Obama's
reception. It is very simple and the Right Thing to do,
it will rectify the error without any loss of face and
will go a long way in ironing out the bitterness created.

Good Riddance! The Uzbek pig has left and the World is
cleansed of another stain in the political life of Nations.

What is Congress doing to protect the younger population
in our southern areas that have started being quite severely
affected by Zika? The fact that almost all of you (if not all
of you) are aged curmudgeons so far away and detached from
a childbearing age does not entitle you to disregard a risk
to the young mothers and fathers. Especially so when you
have the shamelessness to go out every couple of years
and salivate after their support and after their votes like

Apple pretends that they did not know that they had been
getting illegal favors in Ireland to stifle the competition by
being granted a 0.005% tax rate. Then, perhaps, Apple
should fire at once their European attorneys, because,
having seen what has happened to other behemoths in
business which have tried similar practices, I could have
warned them of the peril even without a law degree.
So stop putting up an air of being surprised and/or
cheated, accept that you were the cheaters, apologize
for it and show at least a little sense of social corporate
sensitivity and responsibility by paying up the fine for
the profits you incurred by not paying fair taxation and
by, essentially, colluding with a willing State and its law
breaking officials to obtain unfair advantages and an
unfair inside lane in addition to starting ahead because
of your sheer size and monetary power.

Another moron waiting for the second coming found
her savior in the person of the bigot, racist, misogynist
and ultra-selfish despicable candidate. Goodnight,
Bachmann... No wonder why with representatives
of that caliber our Nation has faced stagnation and
cannot make much progress in burning issues...

Unfortunately, the Israeli officials continue to present
moronic and imbecilic arguments justifying the illegal
occupation, annexation and repopulation of territories.
How would the fact that Magna Graecia and Asia Minor
were Greek colonies 3000 years ago and Northern Africa
had also significant Greek Populations justify Greece
invading those territories and populating them with
Greeks in the era of the Charter and under modern
International Humanitarian Law? Representatives
of the Israeli State, I understand your greediness and
your avarice in terms of both land and resources,
but please refrain from presenting idiotic arguments
that cannot cause any sympathy and only induce vomit.

Pending agreement between Trump
and Peña Nieto for building the notorious wall.
To avoid
breaking promises, to enhance dialog for the resolution of
international disputes and the solution of international
problems and in the spirit of putting in our and Mexico's
Political life personal profit ahead of the public interest
and keeping corruption to its deserved pedestal, the two
Leaders are reported to have agreed to the following:
1. Peña Nieto will sign a check as down-payment for
    laying the cement for the foundations of the wall.
2. Trump will set up a Nonexistent Liability Company
     (NLC) based in Mexico (with the goal of keeping
     jobs in the U.S.A.) together wih Peña Nieto, to which
     the money will be forwarded to build the wall.
3. The construction will be suspended and the funds
     will not be returned because, lacking work and
     income, the company will declare bankruptcy
     and will have no assets to fulfill its non-liabilities.
4. A win-win situation will have been attained for
     both States and especially their Leaders. Trump
     will have enhanced his reputation as a Great
     Money Maker and Peña Nieto enhanced his reputation
     for maintaining the same historical and traditional
     standards of rampant corruption in Mexico.
     Both Leaders will be jointly awarded the Nobel
     Peace Prize for settling another international
     disagreement with the potential of flaring to an
     all out confrontation in a Peaceful and Profitable
     manner for all Parties involved. The United Nations
     Secretary General will call on all other Nations to
     follow the Example of these two Great States and
     exhibit the same spirit of Good Will and Cooperation
     for the benefit of Humanity and International Relations.

The FBI should not limit itself in warnings about the potential
of hacking attempts during our November elections. Instead,
they must strongly advise and exercise all their power and all
their influence as our most potent Law Enforcement entity to
convince the Justice Department and the relevant authorities
in all States that it is NECESSARY TO HAVE PAPER BALLOTS
in all States and in all electoral districts
in case suspicions are
voiced or accusations are aired against the integrity of the
electoral process. With the possibility, however small, of an
outside attack on the electoral apparatus, such accusations,
even if concerning a limited number of votes, will result in
serious erosion of public trust in the electoral process and
the integrity of the reported results, unless a thorough
verification can occur of what the voters actually voted for
and not what machines, that may or may not have been
operating without external interference, were counting and

It is sad that democrats that violate rules not only remain
unsanctioned but, to the contrary, are allowed to run and
win in primary elections to contest again national office,
not unlike Israeli IDF officers who, after being investigated,
and sometimes condemned, for their actions and behavior
in the battlefield, are virtually guaranteed election to the
Knesset and some of them even become Prime Ministers.
Justice works equally deficiently in all States of our World.

To my German brothers and sisters, I would say that they
have given us a firm and optimistic hand in Leadership in
the person of the German Chancellor, who has faced
complex and perilous bumps, like the economic downturn,
the prospect of Grexit, the future of Brexit and the major
challenges of the refugee and immigration crises and she
has managed all those with focus and dedication to Supreme
European Values: Humanity, Solidarity, Thoughtfulness
and a rare sense of Patience and Wisdom, not to mention
an ability to choose people who may not have been great,
but they were not disastrous and their influence has not
been adverse or catastrophic. These challenges have not
been entirely resolved or surpassed and NOW, perhaps
more than before, WE NEED SUCH LEADERSHIP
Europe to continue with steps forward and stand against
the narrow-mindedness and the nationalism that many
States are putting forward as an alternative to the Peace,
Collaboration, Fraternity and Humanity that we all
want to bequeath to the next generation. The only way
to successfully support and fortify the current strives
forward is for you to support, for one more term, your
Chancellor for reelection and to allow Europe to have
the Skills, the Integrity of Character and Leadership she
has offered for one more term. After that, with many of
the current problems hopefully resolved, the Continent
might be ready for new and, hopefully younger, but equally
gifted and inspiring, leadership, and, if I be allowed,
it would be nice to see politicians from other States to
rise as her successors at the helm of a more United and
a more Unified Continent. For now, LET US ALL PUT

The Government of SYRIZA-ANEL is not a good Government,
primarily because it has broken all the promises and all the
public announcements, declarations and statements that it had
made while serving at the opposition and, secondly, because it
is continuing a disorganized, chaotic and nepotistic mode of
Governing that it inherited from its predecessors. But I am
completely outraged hearing the current opposition stating
that this is the ``worst government since the metapolitefsi."
New Democracy and PASOK should look in the mirror before
making such absurd and ironic statements. They know very
well that despite its dysfunction and malfunction, the current
government is not the one whose actions and whose mode of
government destroyed the State and its economy and whose
members led to a National tragedy and a National catastrophe
for personal, familial and voting group favors and personal
gains on the back of the public purse and the public interest.
Κουμουτσάκο, δε βλάπτει να κοιτάς τα μούτρα σου στον
καθρέφτη που και που, πριν σε βάλουνε να λες αρλούμπες..

It seems to me that Mr. LePage, not unlike the deceased
Mayor of Toronto and the infamous ex-Mayor of  London,
is a person with deep insecurities, severe personal complexes
and acute psychological problems, who tries to alleviate his
condition and make himself look and feel better by finding
targets other than his own self on whom to project the real
causes of his personality deficits and shortcomings. If in a
position of power and influence, people should be very very
careful not to demonize in  an unsubstantiated way groups
of people based on their characteristics. They should rather
address specific individuals and specific crimes and base
their judgment and their condemnation on specific incidents,
backing their statements with facts and proofs. If they quote
statistics, they should also make certain of the accuracy of
their data or, at least, provide sources for the data they quote
and not provide anecdotal information based on data
collected in haphazard and unscientific ways. Every other
mode hides surreptitious goals and conceals fabrications
and lies that serve personal ambitions and interests or are
the result of mere naivete, stupidity or, perhaps, of both.

I hope that the Italian Authorities and Italian Justice do
the Right Thing this time after so many, preventable
to a certain extent, tragedies. We hear that there are
strong suspicions that, in the area most seriously affected
by the recent earthquake, there have been buildings that
were recently constructed or renovated, in particular
a school that collapsed, in which the contractors have
used sand instead of concrete. Such abhorrent, criminal
embezzlement and total disregard for public safety and
welfare and such despicable violation of the laws and
regulations of the State for personal profit should be
investigated relentlessly and punished to the fullest
extent of the law. Moreover, this time around, the
investigations should not stop at the skin. They should
reach the bone, and by that I mean the heads of the
criminal outfits and the top level regional and National
political elites that, despite knowing how the system in
Italy works, or exactly because they know how the
system in Italy works, and they are willing and eager
to exploit it for enriching themselves, are colluding with
criminals to award them contracts to the detriment of
public safety and well-being.

Funny! Complete lack of self-awareness. The flagship
of bigotry, racism and misogyny called Hillary a ``bigot".
``The pot calling the kettle black"... Totally not nice,
folks, but, totally expected.

It is a great Honor for Greece to be praised by the
High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi,
alongside our Italian brothers and sisters for our
firm and consistent policy of receiving, helping and
hosting a large number of refugees fleeing from
conditions that no human being should ever have
been in a position to endure. At the same time, I call
on all my Fellow Greek Citizens to safeguard Humanity
by isolating and combating those who perpetrate those
few despicable incidents that stain the image of the
Nation and are unsuitable behavior towards fellow
Global Citizens of ours in need, especially so in
Exarcheia, a neighborhood proud for its strong
traditions of Humanity and Solidarity.
Let us also keep in mind that we may be a Nation of
11 million inside our borders, but we have almost twice
as many fellow Greeks in the diaspora and many of
their ancestors were uprooted in conditions not much
easier than those that the men, women and children
arriving at our shores today are facing. And, as everyone
else in our World should, Greeks also would have felt
outraged if those fellow Citizens of ours were treated
with anything other than Respect and Dignity in the
States where they sought refuge and we would have,
as we have been in the overwhelming majority of the
cases, very Thankful, Appreciative and Proud of those
States that provided them with initial help and gave
them the basics, shelter, food, warmth, and eventually
the opportunity of an education, work and a chance of
. That is, in my opinion, the main reason why
now and again, we call for and insist on FRATERNITY,

and for adherence to the Letter and the Spirit of all
International Humanitarian and Human Rights Laws,
Customs and Regulations, without any deviations

Iran made a mistake and showed a great error of
judgement in foreign and defense policy in allowing
Russian planes on a combat mission to use Iranian
airbases. The Iranian attitude, up to this point, of
keeping a neutral position towards foreign powers
in military matters and of minding its own security
and its own military affairs, without intrusions in an
independent way, is a very precious and hard-fought
position to attain and oftentimes, even harder to
safekeep. The Iranian Leaders should avoid, in my
view, any actions that may compromise or
otherwise jeopardize this Iranian ``acquis".

Trump has the shamelessness of asking our fellow
African-American and other minority Citizens
``what they have to lose" by voting for a racist,
misogynist, inhumane, egoist, brainless bigot as
President of our United States. It is true that
many problems relating to racism, unequal
opportunity, despicable treatment under Law
and brutal, inhumane, animal-like treatment in
the hands of ``Law-enforcement" are serious and
severe problems that the communities of color
and other minorities face and the Federal
Governments have not done anywhere nearly
enough to address, despite some hesitant and
unsteady steps forward. On the other hand,
I would hope that there is no question and no
doubt in any intelligent person's mind that the
solution is NOT to give the keys to our White
House to an individual that, even based simply
on his words and his demeanor, reeks of such
an unbearable stench in those matters and who
is guaranteed to do even less and expend even
less effort than his predecessors in trying to tackle
and to resolve some of these issues, except perhaps
in instances where his personal and his family's
business interests are going to benefit and where
he is going to smell a quick buck for himself,
regardless of the general interest of the Nation
and the general public welfare. And I am not
just saying this; his tax cutting financial plans
are just one of the many indications of his way
of thinking and his attitude.
EDUCATED CITIZENS' VOTES for such a morph.

The United States and the European Union should use
all the influence they can exercise to convince the Greek
Government to adopt very open and very liberal private
media policies. As long as private media organizations
are conforming with their obligations to pay their tax
liabilities and other dues and are paying on time and
without procrastination and delays the salaries and the
health, pension and other liabilities of their employees,
they should be allowed to operate in an open and free
environment without limitations and censorship and
without any laws regarding substantive or procedural
issues that have the effect or hampering, impeding or
otherwise preventing their role in safeguarding a
democratic and pluralistic society.

Not only are all your statements absolutely true and all
your actions and measures absolutely justified, but they
are in fact necessary, and the only way to face head on the
criminal and miserable state in which Greek Football, in
its official representation, has descended. In fact, in a State
that ASPIRES to host permanently the OLYMPIC GAMES

in the lands where they were born and became a noble and
uniting power for Peace and Fraternity among Nations,
having the most beautiful and most popular sport in the
planet in such a shameful state, run and managed by
criminal outfits and people who think of themselves, act
and behave as being above any and all Laws, is utterly
unacceptable, and any attempt at preserving the status
quo should be nipped in the bud.

These athletes are not shy in dangling gold from their
necks and in receiving lucrative endorsements from
sports outfits, nor are they hesitant in becoming public
figures and participating in various ads. Why are they
now so shy, restrained and embarrassed to do the Right
Thing and Apologize Directly and without legalese to
the American and the World Public? Letting lawyers
and the USOC to apologize on their behalf, the first,
in fact, as always, in a deplorable, slimy way, announcing
settlements and charity donations, but never facing the
facts and admitting error, impropriety and guilt, is not
the Right Way to go for an Olympian. Do not be afraid
to show some vulnerability, some humanity and some
sincere sense of remorse, rather than letting seemingly
repulsive and deplorable artificial robots do a filthy
and unsatisfactory work on your behalf.

My advice to the American athletes and their lawyers:
If what the Brazilian authorities allege is true - and
you are the ones that know this - apologize for your
``story" and for the tremors that it created and face
the consequences under Law so that you and us can
leave it behind. We do not want our State's athletes
to be known and receive a reputation for anything
; MEDALS, money and fame come next and
rather far behind.

If what is alleged by the Brazilian police really happened,
I would hope these two ``athletes" are monitored when they
return here at home. To go to the pseudo-olympics and
compete at such high level and, instead of being respectful,
focused and dedicated, find the time to concoct fictitious
stories about being attacked and robbed, is a clear indication
of mental volatility and/or disturbed minds.

Trump with teleprompter: ``More than 2600 people have been
shot in Chicago since the beginning of the year."
Trump without a teleprompter: ``Barack Hussein Obama's
and crooked Hillary Fatima Clinton's death squads have
slaughtered thousands of people in Chicago, folks. And, if
she gets elected, there is nothing you can do. But, the second
amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know."

The Wall Street Journal: Start acting Presidential or exit race.
If he, in fact, started acting Presidential, would you trust him to
lead this country with a steady hand and to face in an intelligent
and diplomatic way ordinary events and unexpected emergencies?
Or would he still be an uninformed, unintelligent, untrustworthy,
unstable, repugnant imbecile? WSJ, if the mule (with my apologies
to the cute creatures) dresses up and pretends to be a champion
horse, you are welcome to ride on his ticket. We know better
and WE WILL PASS, regardless of the garments...

Good riddance! His era was when nepotism and the
monetary scandals took hold in football and the pseudo
olympics and the ``worthy" followers and imitators never
let go... Unfortunately, cleansing is only occurring due
to natural processes and for the rich and well-connected,
in sports, in business and in politics alike, justice is a joke.
Hell be with you Joao Havelange for what you left behind...

Unfortunately, there is no extreme vetting before one is
allowed to become a Candidate for the most Influential
Office in this World...

Barack's Department of Health and Human Services
is characterizing Aetna's withdrawal from the
Helthcare exchanges in multiple counties in many States
as a retribution to the Administration's unfavorable
attitude towards the planned merger between Aetna
and Humana. I have some news for Obama and his advisors
and administrators. In capitalism, huge conglomerates do
not like it when Government actions, whether justified or
not, hurt their bottom-line. Us, progressive voters, know
that such attitudes do not have a place in basic necessities,
such as education and health care
, and that is one of the
most important and critical reasons why many of us
looked very favorably at Bernie Sander's candidacy
this election year. When the Affordable HealthCare
Act was passed, the Democratic Party had both Houses
of Congress under its control, but, under the President's
Leadership, they failed to legislate bold measures to
avoid such retaliatory moves, letting attitudes lie and
letting unchecked actions continue to be the Law of the
Land. So Barack should not cry foul or complain for
what he knew was coming, simply because of the way
the system works and based on his political acumen and
knowledge, but failed, with his party's support, to check
and restrain when they had the required majority.

I was horrified yesterday by what happened to the balance
beam competition at the Pseudo-Olympics in Rio. A Dutch
gymnast, Sanne Wevers won the gold medal, with the two
Americans, Laurie Hernandez and Simone Biles, ending
second and third, respectively. The judges correctly saw
that the Dutch executed her routine faultlessly whereas
both Americans had issues with theirs, Laurie minor and
Simone more serious ones. The Problem lies in the fact that
Sanne's routine was just that, ``routine". She only tried
floor exercises on the beam, whereas the Americans were
really bold with very daring programs and very impressive
. So the attribution of points was completely
absurd, not unlike granting the Nobel Prize to a physicist
for solving faultlessly an exercise in a physics textbook
while leaving as a runner-up a physicist who dared to
break new ground, but was only able to go halfway.
I felt very sickened by what I saw, but, luckily, it was not a
matter related to bribes, drugs and dope this time around...

In Michigan, a Governor that started as a very promising
administrator has been causing with his mindless decisions
one disaster after another. After instigating, through his
financially reckless decisions, the Flint Fiasco, he is now
showing utter disregard for the basic political principle
that ``even the semblance of inappropriateness and of
conflict of interest must be avoided"
and has appointed
an oil executive that has enriched herself by lobbying for
the environmentally least friendly and the environmental
destroyers, as head of our State's Watchdog of
Environmental Quality. Even if she performs well at
the end, the choice is clearly inappropriate and very
questionable, to say the least, sends the wrong signal
and raises the issue of what the relationship between
the two is for her to be given preference over individuals
that have dedicated their lives on working for, rather
than against, environmental causes and environmental
interests. Is the Governor still sane or is he losing it?

Angela Merkel is up for reelection. The truth is that in
turbulent times, when many others were swayed and
carried away by the turbulent waters of the moment,
showing signs of hesitation towards the common grand
project and dream and the Acquis Communautaire and
veered towards courting xenophobia and closed borders,
the Chancellor stood firm, with her eyes not on the rear
view mirror and to the road five meters ahead, but
towards the wide open road ahead, the future of the
Continent and of the World, and gave attentive Citizens
a different and refreshing view of how firm thinking
and commitment to certain fundamental values and
certain ideals can fortify one against the tempting
sirens and the eloquent demagogues and orators and
help one focus instead on the common destiny and the
common future both of the Continent and of Humanity.

I am tired of hearing the Britons say ``it is about having a
different relationship; not walking away". Digest the truth,
absorb the news: YOU HAVE WALKED AWAY. PERIOD.
All Nations of this Earth have a ``different relationship"
with each other, so these are empty and meaningless words.
What the European Union States have between them is
something extremely special, uncommon and precious
that came after terrible tragedies, a realization of being
best to work together towards a common destiny rather
than fighting and conquering one another and some very
Bold and Extremely Courageous Visionary Steps by some
Very Emboldened and Ground-Breaking Political Mavericks
and Pioneers. It is not easy to sit at the same table with
many other Leaders and compromise, give up a little of
your own interests to ensure that every Nation in this
Brotherhood can offer to its Children and the Children
of its Friends, Allies, Neighbors a Future of Peace,
Stability, Brotherhood, Opportunity and to Guarantee
Fundamental, Non-negotiable, Freedoms of Thought,
Expression, Assembly, Movement and Equality under
Law regardless of personal origin and personal
preferences and characteristics.

Have the Leaders of Third Parties released their tax returns
yet? The way this race is playing out, with one candidate
refusing to release his returns and, therefore, being non-electable
(for this among many other reasons) and the other being so
rich, mainly through connections and questionable acrivities,
rather than through hard work, and, therefore, unlikely and
unable to represent and stand for the interests of common
people of middle and/or lower income, despite proclamations,
the voters need to see the income taxes of Third Party
Candidates, Libertarian, Green, Worker's etc.

The Michigan Republicans went so far as to ostracize one
of their own for standing on traditional Republican and
National Principles and refusing to endorse and/or support
a racist, bigot, imbecile, infantile idiot for President of the
(NOT) STAND FOR! You are truly unrecognizable...

The only common feature is that they both turned 90.
But one was by ``noble" birth enthroned and became
the Queen of a financially powerful ``small" State, who
contributed with her views in the most unfortunate
and short-sighted decision in modern History in time
of Peace, whereas the other Fought Selflessly and Bravely
and became the Leader of a weak and financially frail
``Huge" Nation with Passion for Self-Determination
and Political Independence and with a Cooperative,
Fraternal and Global Vision.

Somehow, I was not surprised to hear Anna Neistat speak
to Steve Inskeep on NPR's Morning Edition about Australia's
denial of its brutality concerning the treatment of refugees
that, instead of being received and treated according to
standard procedures of International Law, are sent in yet
another second and, perhaps, even more painful exile than
the one they have embarked on leaving their troubled
homelands. And I was not surprised because, Australia's
Citizens, the majority of whose ancestors emigrated fleeing
dire conditions of poverty and/or persecution at home, not
unlike those of the Citizens of Israel, are now somehow
forgetting their past and are choosing to become flagships
of toughness and a heartless and closed-border attitude
when it comes to refugees and to persecuted people, the
victims of a new wave of trouble and conflict in our World.
I am not very much hoping to change those two States'
minds, but I hope and urge other States to hold those
two States in contempt and as examples to avoid and shun
and to follow the Examples of those Beacons of Humanity,
Fraternity and Compassion that have opened their borders
and are doing everything within their financial and their
infrastructure means to show some warmth and some
tenderness to those fellow citizens of ours that need it
the most and are destitute through no fault of their own.

If my fellow citizens elect an idiot,
there is nothing I can do, folks.
But the Second Amendment people,
maybe there is, I don't know.

If a person declares bankruptcies and
enriches himself of the backs of others,
and the Law sees nothing reprehensible,
there is nothing I can do, folks.
But the Second Amendment people,
maybe there is, I don't know.

WHAT A SHAME! WHAT A SHAM! From not allowing
any Russian athletes participate in the pseudo-Olympics,
we now see Rio flooded with every and all Russians, and
seemingly many with a proven record of systematic doping
and participation in unfair and disrespectful competition
Next time, if one pays you enough money in some bank
account in Lausanne or offers you some lovish expensive
gifts, you might legalize all doping and dispense with the
pretentious and fraudulent attitude of affected caring...

I hope that the Judge that declared the Baltimore cops innocent,
despite them systematically ignoring recommendations to use
seat belts to secure the safety of citizens under their watch, never
has the shamelessness to hold a private citizen responsible for not
wearing a seat belt. If cops are not required by Law to protect the
lives of other fellow citizens of theirs under arrest by using seat
belts and are not punished for ignoring this regulation, then, a
fortiori, no private citizen should ever be penalized for not wearing
a seat belt. Jeopardizing the lives of others has obviously a higher
degree of culpability than being careless about one's own life.

NO MERCY for Blagojevich. Do not give us grounds
once more to denounce the judicial system as a farce,
totally rigged on the side of the corrupt, the rich,
the well connected and the politically powerful.
Selling or attempting to sell a Senate seat is one
of the gravest breaches of public trust, one of the
most detrimental blows to the foundations of the
Democratic Polity and one of the most serious
injuries to an already eroded confidence to the
integrity and functionality of the Democratic
Process. NO MERCY for Blagojevich.

There is a huge problem with the Republican Leaders
that issue condemnations for Donald Trump, but do not
exit from the Republican Party. The problem is one of
disrespect and insult for the intelligence and decency of
the public and the voters. If you say that you are so
taken aback and repulsed by this charlatan to the point
of distancing yourselves from him and making statements
to the effect that he does not represent the views and does
not express the opinions of the Party, why do you then
bring such a person forward as your candidate and
recommend him to us for our vote? Do you think that
we are idiots and imbeciles to whom you can sell even
the trash and the garbage that you yourselves would
in no case and under any circumstances want to consume?
Are you so cynical that you would feed the public and
your supporters with food that is of so low quality and/
or so rotten that you yourselves would not even dare to
smell or touch? This is shameful and indecent behavior
and you cannot anymore have your cake and eat it too...
or, rather, feed it to us, though rotten and expired.

Frankly, this charade has gone way too far and is getting
out of bounds. Is there nothing that the decent leaders
of the Republican party, including John Kasich, John
McCain and Mitt Romney, can do to preserve the basic
decency, the basic dignity, the humanity and the basic
values, other than abstaining from the convention and
tweeting? Are you so scared and frightened of losing
your positions and/or of not getting reelected to do
something radical in Defense of the Most Fundamental
of the American Values that are daily tramped and
ridiculed and thrown into the trash by the despicable
candidate that your party has nominated? And if not,
why not speaking up, not simply in condemnation, but
in a clear and loud declaration that you can no longer
belong to and be represented by an political organization
that has surrendered its moral compass and has been
depleted of all its remaining credibility?

I am sorry to remark that the Hellenic Olympic Committee's
pointing out to the International Pseudo-Olympic Committee
that the Brazilian hosts did not obey explicit directions to
conform to the United Nations standard of naming the
State calling itself ``Macedonia" using their Internationally
recognized name of ``FYRO Macedonia" is like looking for
a pin in a haystack. The organizers are reported to have
overflowing bathrooms, dilapidated ``new" installations,
lacking basic amenities, such as refrigerators, lack of local
police security, contaminated waters where World-class
athletes are supposed to compete and, by some reports,
even areas close or around competition venues where
body parts are flowing or exhumed. These pseudo-Olympic
Games are already revealing what are the most deplorable
and the most despicable aspects of the pseudo-Olympic
``movement" that cares primarily about fattening the pigs
in Geneva and their associates and cronies than about
having clean, fair, unhampered competition in a safe and
secure environment where athletes and fans are able to
partake and enjoy the Fraternity and Unity of Nations
and the Noble Spirit of Sport.
OLYMPIC SPIRIT and force the closing of the frauds
in Lausanne.

We want to
see results; we want to see harsh and merciless sentences
and punishment for the financial criminals, those that
are fortunate and well to do, but insatiable and greedy
animals that would defraud and embezzle to have 50
homes and 10 yachts instead of 10 homes and 5 yachts.
Continue tirelessly and relentlessly the persecution and
prosecution of the criminal plutocracy, get all filthy rats
out of their holes, arrest them while on the run, confiscate
their ill-gained profits and their assets and bring them to
justice, delivering jail sentences commensurate with their
greed and with the amounts stolen.

Schuette was asked, very understandably and very
pointedly, ``what motivated the charged employees to
allegedly conceal and falsify data". The answer of this
man, unreasonably, unbelievably, shockingly, but, alas,
all too expectedly, was that the motive was that they
``viewed the people in Flint as expendable, as if they
didn't matter". First, Schuette knows very well how
the system works. No one is inclined to harm fellow
citizens out of own malice if there is no enticement and
no reward in return for performing a devious act. So
the motive should be searched either in an attempt
of these employees to keep their jobs in case they
were under open or subtle threats of persecution and
firing, or, perhaps, in an attempt to gain promotions
or avoid demotions in case they were either openly
or subtly threatened or promised a demotion or a
promotion, respectively, under the circumstances.
We all know that all that ultimately matters when
reprehensible behavior is involved by otherwise
decent individuals is the money and the material
and, occasionally, the status. So before you
utter nonsense and non sequitur, follow the greenbacks,
which, perhaps, painfully, but certainly, will lead you to
the top echelons, where money comes from and where
the decisions on how money is dispersed are made.
Second, if you are sincerely looking at who ``viewed
the people of Flint as expendable, as if they didn't
matter", do not look far. You have him somewhere
around you in Lansing
and you are working very
closely with him day in and day out; do not put blinds
around your eyes and your ears. And by the way, his
motivations were also the same: Money and Fame, to
``save a greenback" and to ``boast a great fiscal record"
for future appointments in the private sector, no matter
how many babies would get hurt and how many
corpses would fall, as long as they are among the
ones that are not fortunate and wealthy enough to
constitute a personal and/or political threat through
the legal and the political system. That is who we are
and that is how we operate, from the top down, and
how could it be otherwise when we have such a
hopeless and ignorant ``attorney general"...

If under Minnesota Law, a relative of someone, just on the
basis of this fact alone, is entitled to part of his/her fortune
upon death, then the Minnesota Lawmakers have to change
this law urgently
. People that are left out of someone's will
should not be participants of the spoils by a declaration of
the State. First, this is disrespectful to the memory of the
deceased and ignores his Will on what to do and how to
disperse with his assets and property, which should be
clearly his affair alone, assuming competency and free will.
Secondly, no individual that has been ``unconnected" with
the person during his life or ``not important enough" to the
person during his life to be included in the will, no matter
how he/she is biologically related to the person, should be
allowed to feel, or be, entitled to fight for his assets and
property post mortem. MINNESOTA, IT IS TIME TO


In Turkey, the haphazard and panicky reaction of
Erdogan's Government and Authorities in response
to the attempted coup has had the effect of destroying
the armed forces by depleting it of all its senior staff
and, ironically, of imploding the foundations and the
pillars of the Democratic State by persecuting its
guarantors, the News Agencies, the Independent
Radio Stations and the Independent Newspaper
and other Free Press Organizations.  What a huge
contradiction that, after the armed forces failed to
curtail the Freedoms and Democratic aspirations
of the Turkish People, the Government itself, that
was the target and allegedly defended those
Principles of Freedom and Democracy, including
Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Expression,
is now, through its own actions, swiftly, certainly
and steadily accomplishing the plotters' goals.

Unfortunate and scandalous lifting of restrictions in the
cohorts and entourage accompanying the President, the
Prime Minister, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, of
Defense and of Economic Affairs in a State that was so
close to declaring bankruptcy and that is still living on
borrowed money, uncertain on whether it is capable
and robust enough to pay back its debts. From a
Government that is aspiring to show a different face
than its predecessors, but so far failing miserably and
disappointing deeply, such a move was perhaps not
surprising, but it is definitely outrageous and deplorable...

The Italian Government will take Italy decades backward
if they implement plans to lift tenure for Italy's public sector
Clearly, Italy's super-bloated public sector is in
serious need of downsizing, but this has to be done by a
careful analysis of the needs and the redundancies in specific
services and in a way that takes advantage of retirements,
reassignments and restructuring. However, in a State like
Italy where corruption is rampant, the Judicial System
notoriously dysfunctional and the underworld roams out
of control and fully entangled with the local and regional
governments and with people of power, lifting uniformly
tenure is going to lead with high Mathematical accuracy
to threats, blackmailing, extortion, nepotism and a black
market for public sector appointments and trading of
public sector positions. Renzi, do not mindlessly destroy
what is remaining of an, admittedly, not very formidable
state apparatus. Think carefully of the changes you are
about to suggest and endorse and of their potential and
likely consequences and try to avoid disaster.

Unacceptable, reprehensible invitation and encouragement
from a man that is clearly unfit to serve and dangerous to
even be remotely around any of the United States' vital
security installations and security infrastructure.

Έχεσε η φοράδα στο αλώνι...

The imbecile Michigan Attorney General hits once more
and leaves us speechless with his utter stupidity
. Why on
earth, in a political system where all candidates must
be affiliated with a political party to stand even a remote
chance of getting elected (unless in a small northeastern
State) and where the overwhelming majority of financial
resources in politics are provided by and all strings are
pulled by the two main political parties, is it wrong or
undesirable for us, voters, to vote straight party tickets?
That is when you, idiots, want to get elected, straight
party affiliations are OK, but when us, voters, want to
cast our preferences or dislikes, party affiliations and
straight party voting are not OK? How would you,
imbecile, explain that ``argument" that you want to
spend more taxpayer money to appeal for? IDIOT!
 I am still wondering how and why such a bad egg and
repulsive personality got to such an important office.

Clearly, Trump is completely out of touch with the political
process and with the progressive aspirations and desires
The reason why progressive voters are disappointed at the
choice of Hillary Clinton is that she has some remote
resemblance in her attitudes and her pretentiousness to
people like him. So the disappointment cannot and will
not translate to a single progressive vote for the bigot,
racist, sexist and unintelligent Republican candidate,
but will perhaps lead to a search for some more radical
and progressive political platforms than the one Hillary
and the Democratic establishment currently have to offer
under pressure from their friends and supporters of the
financially privileged and other governing elites, of which
Trump is the worst and most vile incarnation.

If the rich and well-connected Jews of the Democratic Party
Apparatus are going to systematically backstab any genuine
attempt by forward thinking and barrier crashing candidates
to advocate and aggressively promote change
, then Bernie
Sanders would have done very well and would be absolutely
justified to accept the invitation of another Jewish leader,
that of the Green Party
, to join their ticket and strengthen
their progressive agenda. Bernie, do not stick to the stink,
a terribly tilted Democratic Party, submerged in wealth
and subjugated by special interests, whose high-ups are
conspiring to keep the spoils among the Clintons and their
associates rather than being open to younger, unconnected
and enthusiastic individuals with a genuine desire to fight
for the majority! Move on to a more progressive, more
open minded, younger and more independent platform!

Μύνημα στον Πρωθυπουργό και τους υπόλοιπους Πολιτικούς
Αρχηγούς σχετικά με την προς συζήτηση Αναθεώρηση του
Ελληνικού Συντάγματος: Πριν υποβάλλετε προτάσεις, διαβάστε
το Σύνταγμα των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών. Όχι τόσο για το
περιεχόμενό του, αλλά για τη συνοπτικότητα, περιεκτικότητα,
ακρίβεια και, συγχρόνως, γενικότητα και αφαιρετικότητά του.
Ένας Αμερικανός Πολίτης ή Φοιτητής Πολιτικής Επιστήμης
ή Νομικός με συνταγματικά ενδιφέροντα μπορεί να διαβάσει
το Σύνταγμα των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών και να το κατανοήσει
σε ικανοποιητικό βαθμό μέσα σε ένα απόγευμα. Σε αντίθεση,
το Ελληνικό Σύνταγμα είναι τόσο μακροσκελές και τόσο
πολύπλοκο, που χρειάζονται αρκετές μέρες για να διαβαστεί
και να κατανοηθεί σε ικανοποιητικό βαθμό. Σας συνιστώ
λοιπόν και σας ενθαρρύνω να αρχίσεται τη μεταρύθμιση
που όλοι συμφωνούμε ότι τόσο πολύ χρειάζεται ο τόπος
με ριζική αλλαγή της Φιλοσοφίας και του Τρόπου Γραφής
του Συντάγματος έτσι ώστε να είναι προσιτό και κατανοητό
σ' όλους τους Έλληνες Πολίτες και όχι μόνο σε Πολιτικούς,
Πολιτικάντηδες, Δικαστές και Δικηγόρους
. Μόνο έτσι, μόνο
εάν ο μέσος πολίτης έχει πρόσβαση και μπορεί να διαβάσει
και να κατανοήσει το Σύνταγμα της Χώρας του, χωρίς να
χρεάζεται τη βοήθεια των ``αρχών" και των ``προεστών"
και των ``εξάρχων", θα έχουμε καταφέρει την πρώτη ριζική
Συνταγματική Αλλαγή με άμεσο αντίκτυπο στη ζωή όλων
των Πολιτών και με άμεση επιρροή στην Πολιτική Ζωή της

The spasmodic and baffling moves of mass persecution by the
Turkish Authorities reveal a state of chaos, panic, disorientation
and desperation on the side of the Turkish Government. Clearly,
after such a serious infraction of the Democratic Order and such
grave violations of the Foundational Law of the State, there is a
necessity for a methodical and thorough investigation of the
primary movers and the people responsible for planning,
initiating and executing this criminal act. On the other hand,
no reasonable Democratic and Modernized State would respond
by rounding up, scapegoating, punishing and/or firing thousands
of soldiers, policemen, teachers, professors and other Public
Servants, based on substantiated or concocted suspicions that
they may be supporters of the attempted coup and of the main
conspirators. In a Democracy, Freedom of Thought, Freedom
of Expression and Freedom of Will are Fundamental Values
entailing the Right of Citizens to support and express sympathy
for politicians and individuals whom the State may not like and
the exercise of that Right should not make someone automatically
a victim of persecution, unless there is evidence that they actively
conspired and participated in the execution of an illegal act.

Για να δούμε αν η δική μας γενιά θα προλάβει να χαρεί μία
ενωμένη Κύπρο, με πολιτεία βασισμένη σε μία δίκαιη και
βιώσιμη λύση του προβλήματος, με σεβασμό στις αποφάσεις
των Ηνωμένων Εθνών και με πλήρη εναρμόνιση με το
Ευρωπαϊκό κεκτημένο και με άρση τριτοκοσμικών και
αποικιοκρατικών εγγυήσεων και νοοτροπιών... Μακάρι.

Where is the money of the peoples around the World ``invested",
spent or stashed?
The United States Department of Justice, which
is one of few Authorities that can trace the funds, has luckily been
very active and determined to force the filthy rats out of their
s**tholes and bring them to justice
, and, hopefully recover some
of the public property and deliver merciless and severe sentences
to the fullest extent of the Law.

The parade of pseudo-personalities at the RNC last night
, including the ``bully" and the demented ``Lucifer"
and concluding with the only American Muslim that supports
the despicable nominee, whose own son even admitted through
twitter that it was ``surreal" that his unreliable, untrustworthy
and unstable father was elected to be the candidate of a Party
representing such a large percentage of the population.

Boris Johnson's remarks were not taken out of context.
Unfortunately for him, they can be and were explained
in the right context, which is the context of his horrible
egomania, his seeming retardation and his utter stupidity.

Sad day also for World Sports. At least in the old days, we
had States missing the pseudo-Olympic Games because
of ideological and political differences. Now we have the
first instance of an entire State missing for engineering
a massive doping and injecting.

Sad day for the Philippines. It seems entanglements between
the political and judicial branches and respective elites did
in the end prevail over financial accountability and justice.

I understand the seriousness of the crime of conspiring, planning
and executing an attempt at overthrowing the Democratically
Elected Government of a State. However, I would like to remind
President Erdogan, Prime Minister Yildirim and those Judges
who, either in honesty or out of fear, would be tempted to sentence
the conspirators to death of the Fundamental Principle of ``nullum
poena sine lege", i.e., that it is totally improper and unacceptable
to retroactively apply a law to alter the punishment of someone
who has committed a specific crime at a time when the law was
not in force. Not respecting such a Fundamental Principle of
Law is following a slippery slope towards arbitrariness in the
deliverance of Justice and also, opens the possibility for the
judicial system to be exploited for mere revenge and punishment
of personal and/or political opponents and enemies.

Isn't it very difficult not to imitate and follow part of the
writings of the speechwriters of a candidate that was intelligent,
focused, motivating and inspirational, if you are stuck with a
candidate that is unintelligent, ``simple", wandering and totally
Poor (metaphorically speaking) Melania paid
through her carelessness and ignorance anew for being with the
man she got to be with. Trump's speechwriters, YOU ARE FIRED!
And as if that had not been enough, the Party unleashed the
senile Giuliani in the form of a mad dog who, I am suspecting,
thinks he is the best orator since Cicero, but, in reality, has
also a monotonous, unmotivating  and uninspiring style full of
clichés, playing on people's fears, a sign of the times on the
Republican side.

Echoing, Fully Supporting and Amplifying
President Obama's Statement on the atrocious,
mindless and utterly reprehensible assault on
police officers in Baton Rouge:

In view of the abominable failed coup attempt in Turkey
and the firm stance of Solidarity with the elected Turkish
Government of the Greek Premier, the Greek Foreign
Ministry and the President of the Hellenic Republic,
I would like to ask the Greek Authorities why they did
not show the same firm resolve and determination to
support the Democratic Processes and the Legitimate
Constitutional Order in Egypt and they, instead, rushed
to back and fraternize with the new abominable Egyptian
dictator and the new absolutist military regime in Egypt,
instead of boycotting it by freezing relations with Egypt
until Democracy and the Rule of Law return there?
Why did that double standard occur? Greece should
always stand with the Free Choices of the Peoples in all
the States of our Region and in all States of our World
and not pick and choose selectively on a case-by-case basis.
It goes without saying that the same should be done
by our only remaining Superpower, without hesitation
or equivocation, especially so, since it aspires to portray
itself in a convincing way as a supporter of Freedom,
Democracy, Stability, Security and the Rule of Law.

In our region, the Eastern Mediterranean, we have
suffered decades of instability and turmoil. There
is no excuse anymore for disturbing the legal and
democratic order by attempting mindlessly and
capriciously, for whatever reason, to overthrow
the democratically elected Government of any
. People with political grudges and other
reasons for dissent have the opportunity to express
these through the political process and have an
obligation to follow that process instead of resorting
to illegal acts with unpredictable consequences not
only for their own State, but for an entire region.
I wholeheartedly support the Official Statement
issued by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and the Greek President and I am repulsed and
mystified by the initial statement of John Kerry
that talked about ``continuity" and did not
unequivocally condemn any attempts at savagely
violating the democratic order of a NATO ally.

What the people making these mindless proposals fail to
realize is that, by selecting and targeting a specific segment
of the population, e.g., for ``questioning" based on race,
ethnic background, religious or other beliefs, country of
origin, etc., one immediately creates dissatisfaction and
resentment, which in their extreme form might lead to acts
of violence or other acts of rebellion and disturbance of
social peace and harmony. France is a very good example
of a country that is paying a dear price in part for failing
to fully integrate its immigrant population into the ordinary
social fabric by either open or indirect, implicit and subtle
discrimination against immigrants of certain specific origins
and religious beliefs. Why would any wise and honestly
patriotic American want to duplicate the same mistakes
that other States have been making and which have
resulted in unfortunate and unpleasant consequences,
when, in the United States, we have, partly due to our
strong traditions as an immigrant Nation and partly
because of a heightened sense of tolerance, higher degree
of pluralism and appreciation for diversity, attained a
level of cohesion and unity of mind that must be enviable
in many other societies and States?

Μπράβο στον Γενικό Γραμματέα του Κ.Κ.Ε.!!
Αναλογική σημαίνει αναλογική, χωρίς απλά και
Κάθε 1% της Λαϊκής ψήφου πρέπει
να μεταφράζεται ``ανόθευτα" και ``άδολα" σε
τρεις βουλευτικές έδρες στο Ελληνικό Κοινοβούλιο.
Μόνο έτσι μπορούμε να εδραιώσουμε το Δίκαιο
του ``Ένας Πολίτης, Μία Ψήφος", να υποχρεώσουμε
τα πολιτικά κόματα να συνεργάζονται, αντί να
διαπληκτίζονται προς τιμήν της χρυσής κουτάλας,
και να αποτελέσουμε Παράδειγμα Διεθνώς προς
μίμηση μιας καθαρής και ανόθευτης Δημοκρατικής
Μεθόδου και Δημοκρατικής Διαδικασίας.
Να συμπληρώσω όμως ότι θα ήταν, παράλληλα,
ευκταίο αν μπορούσαν τα κόματα να συνεννοηθούν
να περάσουν και μία πρόταση που έχει γίνει στο
παρελθόν για μείωση του αριθμού των βουλευτών
σε 200. Έτσι η αναλογική θα έδινε δύο βουλευτές
για κάθε ποσοστιαία μονάδα ψήφου.

In my opinion, punishing a person appointed to office
for such a serious violation of duty and of public trust
with two years in prison, that I doubt will be served in
its entirety, since the person is rich and well connected
with ``buddies" and ``associates" in Governor's offices,
is a slap on the wrist and an insult to the public's sensitivities
about the ongoing unfairness in deliverance of Justice.
I think that the person in question should be forced to
pay fines of at least a few times the order of the airfares
that he never paid for and that his vacation home that
he used those flights to enjoy should be confiscated.
Financial crimes and serious breaches of public trust
should be punished with sentences that hurt so much
that will cause the people involved and their successors
to think twice before either repeating or committing
such infractions in the future.

I am afraid that the English might suffer what some had
been warning about for a long time and that was also
exemplified in the case of the split up of former Yugoslavia.
Once a State decides to opt for and go down the path of
division, it is very hard to argue against subdivisions,
since arguing for division at A level, but arguing for
unity at O level shows a self-serving double standard and
causes a justifiable mistrust that that double standard
is a manifestation of a selfish attitude of a ``my interests
only matter", or, at least, ''my interests are paramount
and above yours" attitude. The current, ongoing and
rather desperate attempts by Ms. May to sooth Scottish
concerns and Scottish substantiated suspicions for an
unbalanced Union that, despite rhetoric to  the contrary,
is Anglocentric and was recently proven to be based on
English supremacy are unconvincing and, frankly, leave
a staunch Eurocentrist and Unionist, unmoved.

In Italy, they are blaming and scapegoating the Station
Master at Andria as the sole person responsible for the
tragic train accident, but, I fear, that the victims paid
with their lives for the notorious and chronic systemic
Italian problems of bureaucracy, bribes, underworld
shavings, inertia, jemenfoutisme and plain incompetency.
The fact that, as reported, so many kilometers of the
State's rails are single track, despite available funding
that has stayed unexploited and unspent, which is
clearly linked to the current preventable tragedy, is
itself, for a State with a highly developed economy,
scandalous and outrageous, to say the least. The ultra
bloated and ultra inefficient Italian Government has
to get its act together because the victims are rarely
its despicable members, but rather innocent people
that are not worth such indifference on the part of the
politicians and other leeches who feed themselves on
their toil and their taxation.

I send my sympathies to the English People for the
mess. The English People have nothing to apologize
for for making the choice they made. On the other
hand, their politicians could possibly apologize for
their self-centered narrow mindedness and their
lack of vision, but, even if they did, they do not
deserve the World's acceptance of those apologies.

Ο επίτιμος τα θαλάσσωσε γι' άλλη μιά φορά. Με την
παρέμβασή του, παρά τη διάρρηξη των ιματίων του
και την αφερέγγυα αυτοπροβολή του ως συνεχιστή
του έργου του Ελευθερίου Βενιζέλου, παραδέχεται,
εμμέσως πλην σαφώς, πως η εταιρεία του πήρε δάνειο,
ούτε cent του οποίου δεν αποπληρώθηκε, παρά μία
δεύτερη διάρρηξη των μη εναπομεινάντων ιματίων
περί φερεγγυότητας και ``υψηλής αξιοπιστίας
εγγυητές". Παραδέχεται, επίσης, πως η διάδοχη εταιρεία,
με την οποία μπορεί μεν να μη έχει σχέση αλλά de facto
δημιούργησε σχέση αφού της πάσαρε τα χρεωστούμενα,
όχι μόνο δεν αποπλήρωσε το πρώτο, αλλά πιθανώς
χτύπησε και δεύτερο δάνειο, το οποίο, λόγω νέου
κανονιού, μάλλον κι' αυτό καταγράφηκε στα
χρεωστούμενα. Δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω γιατί
όλες αυτές οι άσχετες εισαγωγές περί Βενιζέλου
και γενικού καθωσπρεπισμού της οικογενείας και
κολώνων και παγοκολώνων της δημοκρατίας, όταν
κάποιος έχει σχεδόν ανύπαρκτες απαντήσεις να
παρουσιάσει προς το συμφέρον του επί του πρακτέου...

Και καπάκι ειρωνεία για επιστροφή ``νόμου και τάξης"...

I was stupefied and stunned to hear Justice Ginsburg's
open political statement concerning Donald Trump.
Even though I agree 100% with the substance of her
words, I think that, in her role as Supreme Court
Justice, the statement was inappropriate and savagely
violated the Principle of the Separation of Powers
Such violations are partly responsible for the mess
we are witnessing with regards to the Fair and Impartial
Administration of Justice, especially recently, as related
to police brutality and police crimes. If I were Chief
Justice Roberts, I would push for a Censure or, if
improper due to seniority status, I would encourage
Justice Ginsburg to retire to at least preserve the
semblance, mandated both in the Letter and the
Spirit of the Constitution, of a Judiciary independent
from the Executive Branch. A Senior and Wise Judge
should have known better.

Hillary says that she is going to take the Country back
from the rich and the special interests. I can only imagine
the laugh that this must have caused to Bill and Chelsea.
The multimillion-dollar-a-year-partly-paid-through-
special-interest-funding wife and mom speaking about
taking the Country back from herself and her kind...
And having all the idiots in the audience clap and rejoice...

Obama had it right in his speech yesterday in Dallas:
``We all know there's evil in the world. That's why
we need police departments.
" Imagine how wonderful
it would have been living in a World where those police
departments and their officers were there to truly
serve and protect and, therefore, were wanted and
needed by their Communities independent of Evil,
as one would want Doctors, Nurses and Firefighters...

It turns out the ex-New York Mayor has the same level
of sophistication as Ms. Palin. What an idiot must someone
be, when hearing of the level of police abuses and police
racism and brutality throughout this Nation, to brand a
Noble movement fighting for change ``inherently racist"

and then to find this the right time to tout his ``achievements"
as a savior of black lives
? Perhaps Catholics will build for
him a shrine somewhere so that he feel happy and
recognized, however inaccurate, for getting rid of racism
in New York and, perhaps, by enough oiling of the right
Vatican machine, he will be declared a Saint by some
Pope, to satisfy adequately his ego and flightiness.

I hear despicable and mindless conspirations taking place
in Baton Rouge with the aim to kill police officers. I hope
that the people that are indignant with the behavior of
policemen-turned killers would not ever fathom falling
to that level of brutality, racism and disrespect for Human
Life and Human Dignity. No Human with Noble and Good
Intentions should ever even think of taking an Innocent
Human Life - be it of a policeman of of anybody else -
and soak their hands, their hearts and their souls in
an Innocent Human's blood. PROTEST, WRITE, SPEAK,
need be, DISOBEY, but never conspire to kill and maim
and, thus, become one of those you so Justifiably and
Rightly accuse of inhumanity and brutality.

Two seemingly unrelated developments regarding Italy's
commercial ties and Italy's Mafia are transpiring today.
1. Mafia's incarcerated boss of bosses Bernardo ``The
    Dead Tractor" Provenzano has departed for Hell,
    cleansing this Planet's surface from filth and scum.
2. The Chinese Giant COSCO has announced that they
     are discontinuing ties with their original European
     commercial base at the port of Napoli and moving
     all operations to the port of Piraeus. Is it, perhaps,
     more profitable to pay a little more in taxes and a
     little more in other legitimate expenses and salaries
     than having to bribe and pay off for protection and
     for labor peace and security to the underworld?

A VERY STRONG MESSAGE to the Great Powers in
both sides of the Pacific and in both sides of the Atlantic,
as well as to all other States in our World and especially
their Leaders, their Diplomats and their Military Chiefs:
Respect for International Law and Respect, Acceptance
and Implementation of Final Decisions of International
Courts are non-negotiable. They, in fact, constitute the
only Hope of the International Community of Nations
for a future without armed conflicts and war, where
States and Nations Respect each other's Rights and
assume and exercise their Responsibilities and their
Obligations vis-a-vis one another and towards the
International Community in Good Faith, Faithfully
and in a constructive and beneficial way for all. 

Along similar lines, understanding the sensitivity of
this issue for the U.S. and the U.K., whose Leaders,
Political and Military, violated the Charter by
``planning, preparing, initiating and waging a war
of aggression" in the case of Iraq, if we are going
to exert undue influence to avoid indictments of
the alleged criminals for Grave Breaches of
International Law, then we must at least do all in
our power domestically to isolate and ostracize
those politicians and military leaders that committed
those serious crimes. Along these lines, I strongly
disagree with inviting and engaging those covered
by a dark cloud of suspicion for serious International
Crimes in public functions
as a small token or indication
of our intent to at least make them realize, through
political isolation and contempt, that disrespect and
disregard for International Law is not acceptable
and will not be tolerated in our political decisions
by our Political and Military Leaders and by our
People and our societies.

What good will it do to International Law and Order,
International Peace, Stability and Security and Her
Majesty's English politics, for the Parliament to censure
and ``condemn" this stinky worm for contempt? What
is needed is an International Indictment and Arrest
Warrant for the Texan, the filthy scam and the well
known associates of the Texan, Dick and Don, who
were determined to cause war and upheaval, regardless
of evidence, or rather on fabricated false evidence, did
not hesitate to criminally pull their States into an illegal
conflict and to push other Regions of the Globe into
disastrous situations and terrible conditions and who
so blatantly violated the Spirit and the Tenets of the
Charter, whose own more visionary countrymen had
so painfully and costly worked to establish and to
solidify respect for internationally.

We can all live together in Peace, Harmony and Prosperity,
but under strict conditions:
1. Governments, Legislators and Judges enforce that
    Police shoots only when absolutely necessary and that
    traffic cops carry no lethal weapons.
2. Legislators make laws that hold police officers to a
    higher standard of behavior than uncivilized brutes
    criminals and common murderers. In particular,
    imposing life without parole or death for murder,
    depending on which sentence is imposed on the
    general public for murder in the respective States.
3. Judges erase financial and accessibility barriers for
    recourse to Law
for the less wealthy and less forunate
    and impose exactly the same sentences for the same
    illegal behaviors and crimes
to Blacks and Whites,
    to Poor and  Rich, and to General Public versus Cops.
4. Longer term, in Education we have to redistribute
    wealth as a matter of course, without discussions
    and without asking questions
. Otherwise, the white
    and the rich will continue to have better chances and
    treated by the State and the public as higher class
    and higher valued citizens and, as a result, the cycle
    of abject discrimination will continue for many
    generations to come.
They alone can
correct their discriminating attitudes and machinations
and enforce EQUALITY under Education, Government
and the Law. If they don't and they would rather have
upheaval and continued demonstrations and disturbances,
make no mistake, they are going to have them with only
greater and greater intensity as the less fortunate, that
are stamped by inequalities and despicable official
discrimination, and the oppressed become more organized
with the availability of new technologies.

The fat beasts are drowning the South Sudanese People
in blood
just for the sake of personal power and for the
sake of personal profiteering. One would wish that
soldiers from both sides would realize that fighting
is not in their own interest and lay down their weapons
leaving these two fat beasts to fight it out amongst
themselves in the ring and kill one another so that the
Mother Continent rid itself from the filthiest and
sh**tiest and most corrupt and repulsive ``leaders"
But is there enough good feeling, enough Fraternity
and enough Political Maturity in South Sudan for
someone to expect that the People will take power
and PEACE in their hands instead of leaving those
warmongers to enrich themselves soaking in the
People's blood?

Αφήστε τους πολιτικαντισμούς και ψηφίστε
χωρίς φιλτραρίσματα, χωρίς αλλοιώσεις και χωρίς ενισχύσεις.
, όταν έχουν προόσφατα διαπιστώσει τα χάλια
στα οποία η συμπεριφορά τους αυτή οδήγησε τελικά το
κράτος και τη χώρα.

Congratulation Alaskans for having elected a complete idiot
as your Governor and congratulations to the Republican
Party and John McCain for having given further opportunity
for such an imbecile to enter national stage and for having
empowered her to believe that she has some kind of authority.
Further congratulations to the Republican Party that, having
learned absolutely nothing from the Palin fiasco, has repeated
an equally damaging choice this year in the person of another
equally repulsive and equally unintelligent pseudo-personality.
Let us hope that the American public is smart enough to
deliver to them equal results so that they learn perhaps
not to repeat the same errors thrice...

In search of some hope and some explanation and some help
in steadying my feelings and controlling my desperation in
the face of the racism and the criminal behavior of part of
the ``police officers" against fellow citizens and members of
their own communities, I remembered some words that Albert
Einstein, who was gravely concerned about racism, spoke:

"Race prejudice has unfortunately become an American tradition
which is uncritically handed down from one generation to the next.
The only remedies are enlightenment and education".

I think that the press should start publicizing, after each of
these murders and unprovoked aggravated assaults perpetrated
by ``police officers", the names of the schools they attended, in case
they are university graduates. Higher Education Institutions have
an obligation to instill in their students Respect, Appreciation for
the Diversity in our Societies and, above all, Humanism and the
Inviolability of Human Dignity. By naming and shaming those
colleges and universities that so catastrophically fail in instilling
and fortifying those Principles, we may provide additional stimulus
for that role that the public entrusts in them to be taken extremely
seriously and showcase the urgency to redouble all our efforts
towards educating our young men and women with the goal
of  stopping this vicious circle and exiting this chronic and
persisting crisis.

Just a couple of days after it had been reported that
President Putin talked to President Obama expressing
a hope that the Russo-American bilateral relations be
improved and strengthened
, we are hearing news that
the two States are involved in a spate of expulsions of
diplomatic staff from their respective embassies in
Washington and Moscow
. And the question is: If
the two Presidents are serious in improving ties
and if there is good will and sincere intent in building
a closer and more constructive relationship, why do
the two presidents not show the appropriate calm and
pick up the phone to diffuse tensions over this petty,
as far as the big picture is concerned, incidents by
either explaining circumstances or apologizing, rather
than letting them escalate to embarrassing and
unbecoming incidents for two of the biggest powers
on the Planet?

It is really tragic and sad that, after one hears the President
after the Dallas shooting vow that ``justice will be done",
one sarcastically thinks ``Sure enough; the victims were police
officers... so Justice WILL BE DONE." But, how about that
same Justice also be done when ``police officers" shoot and
kill unarmed people, predominantly black, in so many
situations where no apparent and immediate threat is posed
to human life? Why do we then almost never see justice be
done? Why are those ``police officers" - yes, but also citizens
like every one else - not tried and convicted for senseless
murders, like any other citizen would have been had they
perpetrated the same atrocious, brutal and senseless acts
against any fellow citizen of theirs? In fact, when under
oath to ``serve and protect" and in a position of trust and
privilege with the right to stop, check and arrest, should
those men not be held at a higher and more stringent
standard of behavior than any other part of the population
and, therefore, be more severely punished when they engage
in atrocious behavior and break or destroy that trust?
Politicians - Lawmakers and Administrators alike - and
Judges have to stop talking - we heard a lot of ``blah blah
blah blah blah blah..." - and start doing all in their power
to reassure us that the system is not rigged and justice is
not one-sided, and to ensure that there is equality and uniform
accountability under the Law and that JUSTICE IS TRULLY
BLIND - not exclusively in the service of the already privileged
as a tool to deny the Rights, insult the Dignity and suppress
the outrage of the unfortunate and the downtrodden...

Violence only begets violence and almost never does
it solve systemic and endemic problems
. On the rare
occasions when out of violence rays of hope shone,
the cost in human sacrifice and innocent lives had
been so high that it was most likely not worth the
fight. On the other hand, we are in this State in a
situation with police violence, police brutality,
police racism and arbitrariness and police immunity
and impunity that the only recourse left, before
unavoidable violence erupts, is to start holding
mayors, police chiefs and policemen accountable
and this can only be accomplished if and when the
legislative and judicial branches of government -
even at the local level - do their part to balance the
power of the executive. Unfortunately, since the
executive, in the form of ``law enforcement", acts
as a safeguard for the interests of both of the other
two branches, it is very difficult to imagine how
these other two branches are going to play an
unbiased and constructive role in reigning on
its despicable, terrifying, abject, brutal, racist and
criminal acts and unchecked behavior.

The answer to Trump's question may lie in the fact
that some Jewish advocates and critics do not get
tickled by ``50 Stickers!" but they do by corruption
and a pile of cash.
But, frankly, every discussion in which Trump
participates degenerates into a hilarious comedy.
That is why those Citizens who were not seized
by fear about the direction our State is taking
had so much fun with the Republican debates...

While police departments routinely kill people in routine traffic stops,
Congress asks the FBI Director, who is in charge of many of these
investigations to go to the Capitol Hill to report on some abstract and
vague damage to National Security due to Hillary's habitual egocentrism
and carelessness, instead of urgently investigating the lack of Individual
Freedom, Individual Human Rights to Life and Happiness and total
lack of Individual Security and Individual Equality that Black Men
and Women in this State face every day at the hands of their own Local
Governments through the ``Law Enforcement" apparatus serving as
a tool of racist brutal oppression and suppression
APATHY in face of the harshest discrimination and of the
consistent, slow and continuous attempted genocide of our
fellow African American Citizens in our cities.

Our ``Police Department"'s Working Algorithm. It serves most
of the country and apparently most of their constituencies very
well, since we do not see radical cut of public funding to their
operations after those incidents, like, e.g., the cuts that politicians
are known to impose on ``malfunctioning" (especially black) schools!!
   Injure, kill, maim;
   Put ``officer" in standard PAID ``administrative leave";
   Start a sham police department, department of justice or
            other ``investigation";
   Build up a sham ``grand jury";
   Do not prosecute or acquit;
   Rehire savage incompetent racist brute(s) to do more
               ``policing" and to ``serve and protect" by sending
               black men faster to the ``Lord"
until no black life exists. 

MODERN ENGLAND and indeed one of the MOST
that wants to be called a Civilized State and that has
a Permanent Seat on our Organization's Council.
The fact that one is free to roam a ranch in Texas and
the other insults the intelligence of the public by going
around willing idiots and advising them on World Affairs
is another indication of how ``rigged" the political and
judicial systems in both corresponding States and at
the International Level are.

A message to ``policemen": Think of the scenario in which
you are trying to arrest someone who is resisting, but does
not pause a physical threat to either yourselves or anybody
else. Think of your likely choices, in the case where it is
difficult to restrain and detain the person: You can either
let him go and, if having the resources, pursue peacefully
and discretely, or you can taser, injure or kill the person.
If you think you would do the latter under pressure, you
should get out of Policing and get another job. That is
exactly what is principally wrong with our ``police" forces
in this State; and we have to make this clear and rid them
from people that are waiting to pull the trigger, maim and
injure or kill on every occasion, regardless of whether the
use of force is warranted or not and despite an oath and a
false commitment to help and protect...

Messi would be the first person on earth that I know or that
I have heard of who knows nothing about what and how he
earns, how it is handled, invested and stored, but knows
clearly everything about spending it, if I were to believe his
claims of ignorance, which I do not. So, with all due respect
to the talent and the grace in the pitch, two thumbs way up
to the Spanish prosecutors and judges
, who, despite fame
and glory, treated this case as any other. Had the result
been different, we would have on the other side of the
Atlantic another blatant example of what Trump calls a
``rigged system", of which, so ironically, he is himself one
primary and typical example...

Another coward led a ship with its passengers to unknown
lands and resigned the captaincy
, claiming that it is no longer
his responsibility to explain and showcase how this adventure
that he vocally advocated and pioneered may prove better
for his fellow travelers than the hitherto known landscapes.
In my judgment this is tantamount to the narrowly escaped
scenario under which Tsipras gets elected, his government
intentionally causes Grexit, a return to a national currency
and a collapse of the Greek economy, and then Tsipras
resigns to let a successor handle the mess created, saying
that he had achieved his main goal of Grexit and that was
all he cared about. What an imbecile and what an idiotic
Why doing ``something" without staying and using
it as leverage for provoking and enacting changes for the
better, if that was the stated reason for doing that thing in
the first place?
Good riddance!
At least the Brexit referendum had the positive side effect
of acting as a powerful detergent through the use of which
Her Majesty's Stinky Politics are getting thoroughly cleansed
and decontaminated from slimy, questionable personalities...
So, even though I am a strong Eurocentrist, it might not
be such a bad idea after all for some other States to hold
similar referenda. Their domestic politics might benefit
substantially by ridding themselves from rectal bacteria.


Καμία δικαιολογία στην επαίσχυντη ενίσχυση του μονοκοματικού
κράτους και των τεχνητών μονοκοματικών κυβερνήσεων χωρίς
την απαραίτητη λαϊκή ετυμηγορία και τη γνήσια λαϊκή εντολή.
Ήρθε επιτέλους η ώρα να εξαναγκαστούν οι πολιτικές δυνάμεις
και οι αυτοανακηρυγμένοι πολιτικοί ψευτοπατέρες να βάλουν
υπέρ του κοματικού συμφέροντος το κρατικό και εθνικό συμφέρον
και να επιβληθούν από το ίδιο το πολιτικό σύστημα, έστω και μέσω
του εκλογικού συστήματος, οι όσο το δυνατόν πιο ευρείες πολιτικές
συμμαχίες και ευρείς κυβερνητικοί σχηματισμοί.

As if to wake us up from a lethargic, apathetic stupor
History keeps knocking loudly at our doors. But so
many of us are not interested and, worst of all, so many
of our politicians and pseudo-personalities either are
incompetent and unable to make the connections or
just do not care about the general welfare and only
want to serve own ambitions and self-interests...
The English needed help more than once. Do they remember?

The Austrians insulted the Civilized World's sensibilities
savagely once in the past. Do they remember?

After doing so much damage, the coward demagogue
admits at last that he ``cannot provide the leadership
and the unity" needed. One would only have wished
that he would have realized that he had been moving
way above his capabilities and his skills before coaxing
part of the electorate to support the worst of two options
under partly false pretenses and under partly false promises...
Good riddance.

It turns out that the butt shat on the slip even though
one was actually made for the other...

The European Union will be dismembered and our
hearts break and break again as we are reminded
continuously, by remembering our tragic and terrible
History, of the risks that these mindless and dangerous
experiments and unnecessary gambles entail...

If the fu**er likes it so much, waterboard him at last
so that he can get over it and leave us alone...

Some very positive developments in the Russo-Turkish
Under Erdogan's regime, whose foreign policy
has been uncharacteristically capricious and volatile for
a State that used to have a steady and reliable strategy,
it's been a while since we have seen signs of friendliness,
compromise and cooperation, instead of abrasiveness,
combativeness and viciousness. I hope that this newfound
will to talk and negotiate will open a new era of positive
bilateral and multilateral relations in the southeastern
European region, a sensitive region that has been through
so much turmoil and that is in dire need of cool tempers
and of aggressively positive initiatives to rebuild and to
consolidate warm, fraternal and cooperative relations
among All Peoples and All Nations.
(Friendly Comment: Is one State Flag in the background not enough?)

A friendly warning to Secretary Clinton: Realism takes one so
far. It may have worked for her in defeating Senator Sanders,
but it will be a dangerous road to follow if ``realism" is what
she chooses as her running strategy against Trump. After all,
we, the voters, have painful and well documented experiences
on who and how ``realism" benefits in American politics, that
is, precisely people like Trump and her and other greedy and
well connected vultures of the socio-politico-economic elites
and self-serving establishment. So, with voters realism does
not cut it, if indeed the ``realism" we understand is that same
``realism" that she means. We will opt instead to stick to
DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS, even if it is highly likely that
we'll remain disappointed and that they are not going to be
fulfilled. The point is that without dreams more of the same
will be accomplished with very high mathematical accuracy...
On the other hand, if we dream, we might have a chance,
albeit, admittedly, a very slim and improbable one.

Bravo, Israel and Turkey! When a regrettable incident occurs,
the two Parties should always come to an amicable arrangement
to dissolve the tension and to start a new chapter in bilateral
relations. The World is much better off when States, especially
Neighbors, negotiate and, acting reasonably, find constructive
ways to overcome disagreements and difficulties.

Bravo to Papa Francesco, who, despite the Papal garment,
does stay faithful to the heart and the mind of Jorge Bergoglio
and does not shy away from stating what is in his mind, instead
of using the lamentable diplomatic legalese that we have been
so much used to from the Head and the Nuncios of the Vatican
in past eras (and, which, I am afraid, are going to return after
his tenure...).

Mr. Benn's declarations that ``he had lost confidence in
Mr. Corbyn's ability to lead the party" and that ``Mr.
Corbyn is a good and decent man, but he is not a leader"
are too delayed and not informative at all. Mr. Benn
must have been living in a different universe if he had
any confidence remaining in a man that hired an abject
failure, Yanis Varoufakis, among so many capable and
gifted men, to be his adviser...

Yes, I am saddened and disappointed by the U.K.'s decision.
Europe, partly because of its Union and partly through the
realization that happiness and well-being do not depend on
grabbing land, antagonizing one's opponents and winning
against enemies but, rather, through sharing land, negotiating
with one's opponents and winning friends, has enjoyed for the
first time in History, unimaginable Peace, Stability, Cooperation
and Prosperity and, not only Europeans, but all rationally
thinking Citizens of the World should be cognizant and
appreciative of the role the Union has played in this
development, and U.K.'s decision is without a doubt a step
But there is also another reason. In the same way that no one
would be able to imagine the European Family as Complete
without Greece as a Member for well known Cultural and
Foundational reasons, it is extremely difficult to picture
Europe without Membership in its Family of Nations of
the State that has given us the Language in which we
communicate, fraternize and cooperate with our Fellow
European Citizens and other Fellow Citizens of the World
and some of the most significant and ground breaking
contributions in the Sciences, Letters, and Political and
Philosophical Thought that have so deeply shaped our
outlook and affected our understanding of our World and
of our own Existence. I do hope that some of the wisest
and cooler tempered voices will be heard and that the
U.K. will reconsider this decision, which does not affect
only and exclusively its own Citizens, but all Europeans.

I do hope that, given the dissent in Scotland and in Northern
Ireland, Her Majesty's Government will find a formula to
reconsider its intention to leave the European Union. On the
other hand, if this lamentable development is to occur, I do
agree with the six European Leaders that it has to occur as
soon as possible
decisively and unhesitatingly toward a deeper and more
substantial European Integration
with a two-pronged
approach: 1. Orienting attention towards unified standards
and procedures across all sectors of public life in the entire
Continent so that Governments, Businesses, Organizations
and, above all, Citizens feel the minimum possible discomfort
in moving across State lines. 2. FOCUSING ON THE
CITIZENS. In particular, taking cue from the United
Currency and the Elimination of Border Checks across the
Schengen block, that are cornerstones of the United Europe
and affect in such a positive and sine qua non way the
every day lives of European Citizens, European Leaders
should find ways to institute other similar policies in other
sectors of public and private life in the Continent.
What is priceless in this UNION is the feeling of Freedom,
Fraternity and Cooperation, not only as abstract concepts
and Principles that need to be solidified and further
empowered, but as concrete, tangible elements in the
ordinary experience of the millions of European Citizens
who enjoy and benefit from their application and would
have been impeded and hampered in frustrating and
unnecessary ways without them. How, then, could one
even dream of returning back, or, even worse, inflict
upon his children and future Europeans the burden of
living back in time in a continent without those comforts
and advantages that have been so painstakingly acquired
over such a long time and with such bold political vision
and so much political courage?

Trump hailed Brexit. After all, Trump has an easy solution should
the specter of war ever loom again ominous and terrifying over the
Beautiful Continent: ``He'll pick a side and bomb the hell out of the
opponents." Unfortunately this kind of imbecilic, easy rhetoric and
demagogy sways feelings and wins elections because it does not
challenge the voters to think forward and does not require the electorate
to use their (to a large extent nonexistent) Historical Knowledge and
their (to a large extent nonexistent) Historical Responsibility to the
Next and the Future Generations to weigh options and to imagine
the complexity of future problems and whether ``One State Apart"
or a ``Group of States (and Potential Adversaries that have already
made a Choice to Stick it) Together" are better equipped and readier
and more attuned and better prepared to face and to resolve.

In the same way that the best legacy that the preceding generation
of politicians left for the coming generations was the Fall of the Iron
Curtain and it is a true blessing that present and, hopefully, future
generations will not have to cope with that gloomy shadow hovering
over the World's affairs, the worst legacy European politicians will
bequeath to their children and grandchildren are those backward
steps in the process of European Integration and European Solidarity.
And the worst thing is that, even if Great Britain, seeing worse
in the future, decides - again through self-centered and self-calculating
considerations - to reapply for entrance in the block, the damage that
this decision will have inflicted in the belief and the confidence that
developed societies are entering an era where Togetherness, Fraternity
and Solidarity can and should be the leading Principles and the
leading Factors in coping with problems and finding solutions, will
be irreversible, the injury caused almost debilitating and the extent
of disfigurement unimaginable...