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A large part of the problem in our politics is that
we disregard class divides and we vote in office
people that have by far solved not only all their
problems, but also those of their offspring for
many generations to come, and we are naively
expecting them to fight for our and our children's
education, health, job opportunities and general
well being, when the only realistic possibility is
that they are only willing and very eager to
expand their and their businesses' opportunities
to redouble their fortunes and, therefore, are
on an almost guaranteed path to increase and
accentuate social and judicial inequalities and
to reinforce and defend the rigged system that
overwhelmingly works, supports and favors
their own social and economic class.

No immunity for Flynn! Face the consequences of
your actions! If Trump is half-serious about the
``swamp" he should fiercely oppose and resist
granting immunity to his well-connected and
affluent friends, which would send the message
that Justice is rigged, and only the less fortunate
and less well-connected have to face consequences
for their machinations and their actions.

I hear this issue arising about ``sanctuary cities" and the
threats that the despicable bigot Sessions is leveling against
them with warnings about their federal funding. And
even though I am not entirely clear about the meaning
of this term, - if their is a clearly defined or delineated one
- if it means having less funding to equip a city's police
with attacking helicopter gunships and other war grade
weapons to oppress and suppress minorities, allegedly
for driving with a damaged tail-light or for selling
contraband cigarettes or for having a dent in their
vehicle, but in reality because of the color of their skin,
then it would be a very good thing if these cities do
ignore those warnings and they get less of those tools so
that their citizens are left alone and not harassed,
injured, killed and traumatized by the forces of
discrimination, harassment and suppression.

This is just a realization on Pence's part that humans are,
by nature, non-monogamous beings and his being, or just
pretending to be, disconcerted by this fact, as many of the
conservatives tend to be, or pretend to be, when they realize
that they are attracted to people other than their spouses
and that third persons may be attracted to them also...

Shame on the Jewish State, which, under the auspices
of the United States, continues unrepentant its blatant
cleansing and settling, repeatedly and savagely violating
International Law and stripping the Palestinian People
of any (slim remaining) hopes for an Independent and
Sovereign Homeland.

Every time tax-evaders are threatened and their assets
raided, and there is hope that the authorities are going
to do their job properly, the Swiss are disconcerted.
Shame on a State that has made it a habit to live and
breath through bank accounts that stash the stolen
and undeclared  properties of Nations.

Bottom line is, North Carolina has Lawmakers who,
on the one hand, still hold backward and discriminatory
views, not aligned with the sentiments and standards
espoused by the majority of the American Public today,
and, on the other, are cowards that, in the face of economic
sanctions and shortages in their pockets, do not have
the courage to stand for their backward ideals. So

Pity, pity... Logic did not Brevail...

The most inappropriate person was selected as U.S.
envoy to Israel. First, his role in shortchanging the
public and other businessmen and contractors when
it came to the morph's manipulation of bankruptcy
law and his personal business associations with the
morph in that regard should have already made him
inappropriate for public office. And, as if that had
not been enough, his outrageously extremist and
unbalanced positions regarding the rampant and
unchecked violations by Israel of International Law
in illegally and methodically cleansing and resettling
occupied territories and his lack of support for the
official U.S. foreign policy position in the conflict
make him a horrific choice that is going to cost the
U.S. and the Administration dearly, if and when his
support is needed in any kind of emergency.
In a nutshell, those Senators that took this man's
words seriously and believe that a mule can behave
and can pass as a thoroughbred horse because he
decides do so or because he promises to do so to
get into a horse's position are complete fools.

I was surprised by the tactlessness of these remarks.
The content of the remarks might not be absurd,
since it is true that one should be embarrassed when
asking for help after having managed their finances in
a careless and haphazard way. But the tone and style
was, to say the least, undiplomatic, and Jeroen has
repeatedly shown calmness and dexterity in difficult
negotiations. So it was an unexpected outpour of
bitterness, especially so since (or may because of?)
his Party, and, therefore, his mandate, were not
looked favorably upon by his own countrymen
in the last elections.

One gets the impression that in France, there are large
quantities of very much unsupervised and uncontrolled
discretionary funding for politicians that they mostly
use to benefit their families and close associates without
the least bit of sensitivity or guilt. I hope that the French
legislating bodies amend the laws so that all officials
have very strict supervision and are held accountable
on how they spend public funds and so that hiring family
members of close relatives only be allowed under special
request for exemption, if the family member is proven
to be an exceptionally well qualified individual for the
post in question.

There is a very obvious gaping question here: If the
couple are in fact guilty of murder and of conspiracy
to commit murder and if it is in fact the case that
diplomatic assurances are inherently unreliable and
the couple will be mistreated and abused while in
prison, then what? Should two murderers roam
free and enjoy life in Canada unpunished or is
there some recourse to justice for the victims in
Canada so that Justice is served without those
potential violations of human rights standards?

Erdogan must realize that the rhetoric that one hears and
sees in his own public rallies can only be compared to the
rhetoric used by the bully in North Korea and the deliriums
that we had gotten very used to in Tehran, before the last
Presidential elections there. If, as he accuses Europe of
anti-Turkism and fascist tendencies, he refuses to realize
that he is increasingly sounding like the worst of the worst,
not only in terms of absolutism, but also in terms of paranoia,
then he has a very serious problem and his associates should
shake him up and advise him accordingly. It is in neither
Turkey's nor the E.U.'s interest to have anything but the
most cordial and respectful relations, and an unstable
president is not to affect those in the long term. His only
accomplishment will be to temporarily boost his ego before
he dies at the expense of setting Turkish Foreign Policy
backward for decades and of creating an atmosphere of
fear and intimidation in Turkish domestic political affairs.

Τζάμπα μαγκιά για ``τζάμπα μαγκιά" ο τσέλιγκας.
Υποκλίθηκε στον Κοτζαμπάση.

Chuck Berry is with us no more.

Σιγά μη βγει κανείς στο δρόμο να υποστηρίξει
έναν αλήτάμπουρα και κοινό κλεφτρόνι.

Η χοντροαφερέγγυα Κατρουγκάλα χτύπησε ξανά.
Τέτοια άτομα έπρεπε να ντρέπονται και μόνο που

The BBC reports that the 11U.S. agreed not to repeat
the accusations that the U.K. communications agency
wiretapped Trump during the campaign". I am sure
that, since the BBC is well aware that Trump's mouth
and fingers run much faster than his mind, this promise
or agreement is not worth the saliva spent to pronounce
it... Just to say things the way they are and not to
give false impressions and live in a wishful universe.

I hear Merkel is bringing with her the CEOs of BMW
and of Siemens. We'd better not hear in the news in
a few months how these CEOs and their companies
used the recently revealed dirty tricks that VW and
other companies have been using to cheat the American
Government and to embezzle the American People.
Germany's business reputation, including offering
bribes when it comes to defense contracts and being
completely insensitive and disinterested in environmental
issues when it comes to profit and competition, has put
the German business world's reputation in a downward
slope and in a questionable path and the Chancellor
would better be extremely careful on choosing who
accompanies her on foreign trips. Should a scandal
emerge including people in her confidence, the
repercussion for her reputation will be grave and
her choices will leave her tainted as well.

A good result in the Netherlands, albeit disappointing
in that a Party that should only have been marginal
and condemned in the conscience of the Dutch, who
form part of the hard core of our European Union,
ended second in Parliamentary seats. Nevertheless,
the fact that it won only 20 out of 150 seats gives
Turkey, France and Germany and their Citizens a
tulip (cue) on getting out to vote in big numbers,
a strong showing for Liberté, Égalité, Humanité,
Fraternité, for a World without enemies and walls,
rid of ultra-nationalism, racism and divisive rhetoric.
Go Turkey, Go France, Go Germany!
Lean Progressive, Lean to the Left!

Personally I care very little about the legality of the leak
of Trump's returns. What I care about is that this and
all most recent tax returns should have been made public
by candidate Trump and that all of them should be made
public by President Trump in the tradition established
by his predecessors. If he refuses, then they should be
published in alternative ways. Then, the sizable minority
of our fellow Citizens that were fooled by the demagogue
will be able to see that lawmakers in Washington and
the Washington establishment may have almost nothing
to do with the People, but this morph has absolutely
nothing to do with the People.

In the Netherlands, neo-nazi, nationalist and racist elements
exist, like they do, unfortunately, in all societies in our World,
but, unlike what the uncontrollably rambling Turkish President
suggests, they are not represented by the Party of the Dutch
Prime Minister. Nevertheless, I call on my pro-E.U., pro-
immigration, progressive and pro-fraternity Dutch Brothers
and Sisters to vote en mass for left-of-center parties and
coalitions to send a strong message to the World that the
Netherlands is aligned with the Global Movement against
divisiveness, against walls and against suppression of the most
natural needs and aspirations of all our fellow Global Citizens.

We open our borders and we embrace others in need because,
should we find ourselves in need, it would be comforting,
encouraging and sustaining to be able to rely on our neighbors,
and on the more fortunate around us for help.

It is ridiculous and a sad and depressing joke when
decisions, be it in the East of the West, are being
made concerning a certain part of the Population,
without that part being involved at all or with it
being delegated to a minor and secondary role in
a prejudiced and rigged process.

Saying ``we do not have time" for one of the most
important discussions that should be taking place
in our Unites States today is unacceptable and
reproachful. Obviously some people only have
time for what concerns fattening their pockets
and care very little about social concerns and
the evils that their industry has played a role
in perpetrating, accentuating and perpetuating...

Experts on the Law of the Sea and politicians whose
portfolios are related to, or even tangentially connected
with, the Law of the Sea should take notice of how
decades of work by dedicate people to save and
conserve the environment can be undone, or even
erased, in a matter of minutes. This, because I've
heard many debates about the usefulness and wisdom
of having the IMO designate and establish large
geographic areas as sensitive areas and specially
protected areas of the seas.

As I have expressed explicitly and repeatedly before,
I am against all kinds of divisiveness and separation,
be it regions splitting apart from States or walls being
erected to separate Citizens of neighboring States or
disproportionate border controls to discourage and
to tamper with the commuting and the communication
between Peoples, especially in this era of increased
interconnection and interdependence between States
and increased fraternity and unity across all Global
Citizens. In particular, I am opposed to both the
departure of the United Kingdom from the European
Union and the renewed effort for a referendum for
Scottish Independence from the United Kingdom.
But because Brexit influences the position of Scotland
as a (non-)member of the European Family, I do
understand the discomfort of the Scottish People
and I would hope that, even in this, the ultimate
hour, a formula could be found for a new U.K.-wide
referendum for ``Bremain" rather than having a
new referendum for Scottish Independence.

Regardless of the opinions expressed and whether
one agrees or disagrees with them, I am totally opposed
to harassment of public personalities when they are
going about private or individual business. There are
appropriate fora to express public opinion and to show
political dissent, and to demonstrate for political liberties,
individual rights, decency in behavior and equal rights
and equal opportunities for all our Citizens, and this
should not be done against the privacy of others or
by jeopardizing the Rights of others, including public
officials, to conduct their private affairs uninhibited
and undisturbed.
So, in my view, Ms. Chauhan crossed
a line of civility and behaved in an unfortunate way and
may want to apologize for the choice of forum rather
than insist that she was right, regardless of the merit
of the opinions she expressed and regardless of whether
she was well-meaning and acted in good faith.

One may disagree with decisions of Sovereign States
to allow or deny foreign electoral campaigning on
their own soil. But it is abhorrent and absolutely
unacceptable to behave in a rogue, aggressive, savage
and provocative way and  to use your expatriate
Citizens as a tool to force your will and put political
pressure on the Government of another State on their
realm of exclusive Jurisdiction
. Accordingly, both
Germany and the Netherlands would be justified
to file complaints and protestations under International
Law against the Turkish behavior and the Turkish
interference in their domestic affairs and to retaliate
by calling Ambassadors and by taking other punitive
measures against the Turkish Diplomatic Missions.

It is a pity that the Turkish people will most likely
follow a similar path to the U.S. and choose to grant
greater powers to an egomaniac and moronic leader.
This possibility, which seems so close to realization,
exactly showcases the main reason why the Turkish
Constitution, as it stands today, should not be
tampered with and why Erdogan's, and, for that
matter, any other future leader's, ambitions to
run the State as a Sultanate should be restrained.

I am upset and shocked by the number of military
personnel who are members in these social networks
that were sharing photos and derogatory comments,
and making demeaning and insulting statements
about their female colleagues. I am especially outraged
and taken aback, since so many of the military and
ex-military servicemen that one meets have this
attitude of extreme righteousness, heightened
morality and ethical superiority. I guess what is
showcased and portrayed in public, away from
the keyboard and the ``privacy" of a room, is, in
many instances, either misleading or an open lie
and facts prove otherwise.

Bravo to the Canadian Justice System! It sent the
Right Message that the Judiciary has the responsibility
to show Respect, treat with Dignity and provide a
proper environment in the Courtrooms for Citizens
to seek Justice, face accusations and admit guilt or
defend themselves. There is no excuse for Judges
who, inside their Courtroom, wield psychological
and physical power over the Citizens to behave
in an uncivilized and improper way showing
condescension and treating plaintiffs or defendants
with disrespect.

Regardless of whether or not one supports Donald
Tusk and celebrates or laments his reelection to the
President of the European Council, the vote today
was a vote of Historical importance.
In all previous
votes, each European State was jostling to have one
of their own personalities adopted to a European
High Office. Today, on the contrary, it was the
first time that States supported a person that they
believed, based on his experience and qualifications,
was the best person for the job, regardless of National
or Ethnic Origin and this is a monumental turning
point and shows a shift in mentality towards a
more genuine and a more perfect integration.

Not underestimated should be the message that
this move sends to Euroskeptics and Eurohaters
and to the periphery, e.g., Cyprus, where a renewed
effort must be made towards reunification with the
ultimate goal not to have quota for Presidencies and
Vice-Presidencies etc. with the mentality ``you versus
us", but establishing genuine CYPRIOT political
parties, based on ideological inclinations and
political goals and programs, rather than along
Ethnic, Religious and/or other lines.

If a powerful Nation for short-term interests, in a
narrow-minded and shortsighted way, props up a
rogue regime, this policy will come back to bite it,
and eventually a price will have to be paid, be it in
its foreign relations with other States, its regrets
and change of course in its relations with the rogue
regime itself, its Moral Authority and power of
persuasion or its military and diplomatic efforts
and initiatives around the Globe. The United States
has learned this lesson the hard way through its
policies and actions throughout the Cold War Era
and it seems that China is discovering the same
Principles right now in relation to North Korea.

Politicians must understand that they cannot deprive
the public from benefits that they are taking for granted
themselves through the public purse, and are providing
to themselves in much more abundant quantities and
much better qualities than those enjoyed by the average
Citizen. Voutsis, the President of the Greek Parliament,
and Chaffetz, the Chairman of the House Oversight
Committee, should be ashamed of themselves and their

When slaves were stacked at the bottom of ships, they
did not have a dream; they were robbed of their dreams
and many were treated worse by their masters than the
animals they were working alongside with. And they
did work longer and harder, but how can you compare
forced slave labor to the work ethic of the class of today's
immigrants? I find this brainless man's words disturbing
and, in my view, they offer further evidence that we are
dealing with a thoughtless ex-brain surgeon without a
brain, as had already become clear during the campaign,
despite the hardest of efforts and the theatrics he used
to give the opposite impression to a naive electorate
(which, after all, voted for the morph).

I am asking the Turkish President, before he utters
non-sequitur for domestic consumption, to take a
few moments and listen carefully to Michael Jackson:
``I' m starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the World a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change."

If this rumor is correct, the trio of ``Trump, Kushner, Blair"
will be the most terrifying and confounding team that has
ever been involved in U.S. Foreign Policy in a very sensitive
and delicate area of the Globe. It would include the most
selfish, egomaniac, untrustworthy, unreliable and unstable
``politician" in the History of the U.S., the most inexperienced
dude in political affairs, who became an entity through family
fortune and dealings and through in-law connections with
the sitting president, and one of the most controversial and
failed political figures in the History of the U.K., an alleged
war criminal who has used the Power of his Home State
to avoid being indicted and stand trial in the Hague,
an opinion that was indirectly supported by Trump,
given what he has said and the opinions he has expressed
about the fictions and fabrications that led to the Iraq War.
(Funny how the record of this third gem in foreign affairs
makes the first two look like innocent, ignorant saints...
I hope they remain that way, instead of becoming similar
destroyers, without a trace of shame and no accountability.)

French Citizens do not be idiots! No one is ``appointing"
your wife and your children to fictitious jobs, sending you
a paycheck at home of several thousand Euros at the end
of every month just because they are your relatives. And
no one is giving you a job through connections, paying
quite comfortably, just for being a close associate or for
being of the same political ideology as you.
(e.g., the madam, ``Penelope"; I feel so sorry for the beautiful

The morph should be happy that Barack had his
``wires tapped" instead of his ``b***s cut" after
all the hatred, the bigotry, the racism and the
divisiveness he had been sowing in our society
under the last few months of our outgoing 44th
President's watch...

It is always unfortunate when a State is forced to
expel an Ambassador, but in this case it was the
right thing to do given the suspicions and the
uncooperative attitude of the official in the very
important investigation into the murder of a
Foreign National on Malaysian soil.

I call on Germany and Turkey to tone down their
pubic and loud bickering. Both States have strong
Historical ties and those should prevail over short
term and opportunistic differences. I want, however,
to say that I agree with Germany in not allowing
political rallies of one State in the Sovereign Territory
of another. I am totally in agreement with allowing
expats to participate in elections. In the modern
World, however, there are so many means, including
TV, internet and printed press that voters in another
State can use to stay informed and up-to-date that
there is no need to have Turkish rallies in German
soil or German rallies in Turkish soil or... etc.etc.

Bravo to Tom Hanks for supplying the White House
Press Corps with a coffee machine. It would be nice
if the celebrated actor agreed to put up some of the
expenses for their coffee supplies, since I am sure,
the way things look, they might need an unusually
large amount in the next few years...

Fillon, drop out, publicly apologize and appear
before a judge to defend the indefensible. Do not
hold an entire party captive and do not behave
in a way that blatantly props up the ultra-right
and the bigotry-ridden and hateful Neo-Nazis.
Feel at last some shame and some responsibility.

I hear on the news ``investigating whether Sessions
perjured himself under oath". I am sorry, but when
facts are so crisp and clear, that phrase reminds me
of the 42nd President's infamous ``depends on what
the meaning of the word ``is" is". The man claimed
that he had had no contact with Russian officials
and it turned out he'd met twice with the Russian
Ambassador. This is a blatant lie and the media and
the Senators have to call it what it is and stop giving
us the run around with ``depends what the meaning
of ``contact" and ``meet" is".


You should be ashamed for your misogyny and your
bigotry. Your State is among those that have suffered
so much from racism and discrimination, but, you,
as an individual, has learned absolutely nothing from
History, nothing about how we all suffer and lose
when we suppress freedom and oppress parts of
the population for looking different of believing
different or speaking different from ourselves.

France, do not disappoint the World! You had suffered
under Nazism, as most European States had, and you
must send a loud and clear message to Neo-Nazis and
politicians with like ideologies that Europe, its most
powerful States and all its Citizens have digested
the messages of History and have nothing positive
to remember from and nothing to be nostalgic about
an era in which fellow Citizens of ours were slaughtered,
discriminated upon and persecuted and tortured for
their beliefs and their love of freedom and democracy.
, universal rejection
of its divisive messages and program, and total
contempt for its ideologies of ethnocentrism and
isolationism and its practices of racism, corruption
and demagogy.

I hope this is a moment of Divine Justice. If racism,
misogyny and a bigotry-ridden past had not been
enough for the Senate of a Civilized Nation to reject
an unacceptably divisive choice for the extremely
important post of Attorney General, then the Russian
connection may again do us the favor and send the
despicable choice packing full of sadness, but, alas,
neither with regret nor shame as he should have been.

Why Mr. President? Are our footballing traditions
of Respect and Racial and Ethnic Unity not enough?
Are the Peacefulness and the Religious Contributions
of our Tibetan brothers and sisters not enough?
Why extending even to them a dehumanizing ban?
You and We can do much much better! Please, do
personally intervene and let the girls come over to
play the World's most beautiful sport!

I was pleasantly surprised by the speech to the Joint
Session of Congress last night:
1. It started with a clear and unequivocal condemnation
    of racial, ethnic and religious violence and promoted
    unity (high time he did this; not so good, folks!).
2. It was civilized in tone and largely avoided populism
    and divisiveness (natural for others, not so for Trump;
    not so good, in fact, real bad, folks!).
On the other hand, the President seemed intent to hide
from Congress the well publicized cuts in the budget of
the State Department by only indirectly referring to the
fact that he does not represent the World, but rather the
United States. As expected, he articulated many policies
that found allies in some progressive circles and many
others, especially in Education and the Environment,
that seem destined to direct our United States backwards.
Overall, however, he showed a (genuine?) willingness to
compromise and promised so many things and painted
such a utopian picture of how America would look under
his watch and after his tenure that one was naturally led
to wonder whether it is too good to be realistic and led
to skepticism as to the sincerity and/or feasibility of his
program and many of his ideas. In summary, given some
of the dire disappointments of the Obama years and
having heard and believed some of the 44th President's
overly ambitious plans and promises for Hope and
Change, pragmatists are watching. The clock is ticking
and the jury is all out and will surely be working in the
next few years to craft a new verdict.

One more thing: It was not possible to stay unmoved
by the widow of the Navy Seal who lost his life in the,
by now well publicized, operation in Yemen. I know
that I will not find many people aligned with me on
this, but I would strongly advocate that a young
father of three should not be sent in harm's way.
However much our Citizens want to actively serve
and however well trained and indispensable they may
be, the decision, on the one hand, to be a father of three
and the insistence, on the other, in being an on-the-field
member of an elite team whose mission by definition
involves taking on and carrying out extraordinary and
risky operations should be, in my view, incompatible.
Young fathers and mothers, especially those of multiple
children, should be assigned to supporting roles. Our
United States may need their dedication and their skills,
but our United States and our kids cannot afford more
single parent families, nor the man-made devastating
heartbreaks that such participation has the potential
of inflicting upon our Citizens' families.

I urge my French brothers and sisters: Vote with
overwhelming majority for M. Macron in the first
round and make the only frontrunner without a
gaping financial scandal your President from the
get go. Fillon and Le Pen have shown a shameless
sense of entitlement, corruption and non-accountability
and in a State that wants to be called a ``Politically
Civilized" State and one that aspires to lead Europe
and not steal from European Institutions, there
should not be even one Citizen that supports
these shameful behaviors and related mockery
of the electorate.

Καλά, αμφότεροι δε ντρέπεστε; Με τόσα σοβαρά
προβλήματα στο εσωτερικό και στο εξωτερικό και
για τις δύο χώρες, κάθεστε και ξοδεύετε το χρόνο
και την ενέργειά σας για να ανταλλάσετε λεονταρσμούς
και ανούσιες παιδιαρίστικες φοβέρες; Είστε ανίκανοι,
αισχροί και παντελώς ηλίθιοι και, αν είχαν κάποια
ποιότητα οι δύο πρωθυπουργοί, θα σας είχαν πετάξει
στο πεζοδρόμιο...

The morph has blood on his hands. He'd better come
out strongly and unequivocally after every incident
of abuse, harassment and injury and decry and
condemn the perpetrators (who one cannot help but
assume are his strong supporters and adherents) and
remind the American People that Brotherhood,
Tolerance and Compassion are Values and Ideals
that we cannot do without, or indeed we cannot do
with any less than we historically have afforded...
PEOPLE, because of the bigotry, the hatred and
the intolerance that you have sowed into so many
misguided, aching and dissatisfied souls.

BRAVO, François!

Bravo to those actors and actresses that remind us
of our common Humanity, Fraternity with all other
Nations on Earth, our Duty to be Compassionate
with the less fortunate, including the refugees and
the persecuted, and our Global Responsibility as
Citizens of the most powerful Nation on the Globe.
BRAVO! And I hope you continue and remind us
continuously of the ideals that we must not forget,
nor be tempted to water down or give up, because
we will be less as a Nation for equivocating and
for not having learned from painful History.

This, the ``model for an alternative to modern progressive
feminism?" Thanks, but NO thanks. I'd rather stick to the
original and not touch the ``alternative".

Israel accuses everyone of anti-Israeli sentiments
because Israel, due to the actions and the rhetoric
of its own government and the illusions of his
own foreign policy, has become a completely
isolated State that thinks of every other as an
adversary, exactly as was the case with the white
ruled South-Africa a few decades ago. No State
in the World can support, condone or acquiesce
in the deliberate, planned and organized enslavement
and subjugation of one Nation by another and,
until Israel shows genuine willingness and an
intention to start negotiations in good faith,
without predetermining and prejudicing the
outcome through unilateral illegal actions,
Israel will continue to be isolated and to accuse
every other actor as biased and ill-meaning.

I urge Malaysia to convene the Security Council
and ask its Members to consider temporarily
rescinding the Right under the Vienna Convention
on Diplomatic Relations of North Korea's inviolability
of the Diplomatic Bag. If, as is surfacing, North Korea
has used an extremely lethal nerve agent in the
assassination of its dictator's brother, then there
is a real and substantial danger that they may
use the comfort of Diplomatic Immunity to carry
such banned weapons and substances for either
similar acts or for proliferation purposes in the
future. This cannot be allowed and the strictest
of sanctions must be installed to ensure that that
State abides by all its International Obligations
and that it gets back as a Brotherly and Productive
Member of the Group of our United Nations.

Sad developments on both sides of the Atlantic and
both Hemispheres. In our U.S., the emboldened
neonazist and racist, gun carrying extreme right
are brandishing their wares proudly in bars, pubs
and elsewhere and targeting innocent people and
legal, productive immigrants because, as the saying
goes, hate and rage are blind and have no reason.
On the Southern Hemisphere, a criminally infested
and incompetent governing bund in South Africa,
unable to serve the needs of the People and address
the multiple problems of the State and contribute
to solutions of the problems of the Continent, and
having lost the respect and the clout that it had
traditionally carried regionally and globally, is
instigating hatred and violence against immigrants,
because, as usual, when one is incompetent and
despised, the easiest solution is not to work hard
to find remedies, but to deflect attention and to
blame someone else for their own shortcomings,
their despicable mediocrity and their own
criminal deeds.

I applaud the defeat of the tax cut bill in the Michigan
Legislature for a very simple reason. If taxes had been
cut and a deficit had been caused as a result, the self
centered and self protecting Lawmakers would not
have cut their own salaries and their own benefits
to patch the hole, but they would have instead turned
to the salaries of teachers, public workers and to the
benefits received by the most vulnerable and they
would also have taken another swing at the most
important services they are there to offer and to
guarantee are kept at a high quality, such as health
care, housing and education. So it is a very good
development that they have not been allowed to
cut taxes today and cut salaries, benefits and
services tomorrow to everybody else other than

Sooner or later, one finds out that ultra-rightist zealots
are hypocrites and/or, very often, have skeletons tacked
away in the closet that they have been trying very hard,
through behaviors and statements, to deny and/or keep
at bay. Only for those with limited experience to tell
and those willing and eager to believe pseudo-arguments
and fabrications, the damage is already done.

Vitaly Churkin is with us no more.

Malaysia is right not to return Kim's body immediately
to North Korea and to, instead, conduct a thorough and
exhaustive investigation on the causes of death, including
an autopsy and a detailed sample analysis of the substance
involved. When a State allegedly perpetrates a deplorable
act in the territory of another State, they should elicit no
sympathy and should have no saying and given no chance
to interfere with an objective and thorough investigation
into the incident.

Where is the African Union in situations like this?
Instead of pulling out of the ICC and instead of
focusing on sending troops to forcefully assert the
legitimate succession of one president by another,
they should focus on intervening in brutal and
personally instigated and savagely executed civil
wars and make sure that the perpetrators, those
that unhesitatingly cause wide scale murder and
devastation, whatever the pretext, are transferred
to the Hague to stand trial and paradigmatically
prosecuted under the Laws and Customs of War.
That is what the African People need, not utterly
meaningless political moves and mobilizations
that are mostly for show and offer little to the
average Citizen and his/her livelihood, security
and well-being.

Frankly, if one gets out of his way to lambast
``the dishonest media" and the ``fake news
organizations", you would think that one
would be responsible enough themselves to
double check their facts before they utter
fictitious non-sequitur and concocted events.
But, perhaps, no-one should have expected
better by an egomaniac, demagogic and
simple-minded nonentity.

I repeat my plea to all sides of this dispute to voluntarily
accept jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice
and to submit their cases for the ownership of the disputed
islands, accompanying exclusive economic zones and
continental shelves to the Court. Not doing so and
perpetuating these disputes, while trying to impose
unilateral wills through the use or threat of use of force,
is dangerous, unproductive and prevents the development
of good neighboring relations and the consolidation of
peace and security in the south-eastern Asia region.
LET THE ICJ SETTLE THE ISSUES and, thus, establish
stability, security, peace, fraternity and cooperation among
all Nations in the region and their allies around the Globe.

Δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω γιατί βρίσκονται προφάσεις
για επανειλημμένες διακοπές των συνομιλιών και
μάλιστα όταν, κατά τα λεγόμενα, έχουν επέλθει
σημαντικά βήματα προόδου. Δεν έχετε ακόμα
κατανοήσει ότι η λύση θα εξασφαλίσει Ειρήνη,
Ασφάλεια, Σταθερότητα και Συνεργασία και θα
αποφέρει τα μέγιστα για ένα νησί Αδελφοσύνης
και Προόδου, ακριβώς όπως θα έπρεπε όλοι,
συμπεριλαμβανομένων και των δύο ηγετών,
να εύχονται και να αγωνίζονται προς όφελος
των παιδιών τους;

The anti-Brexit camp does not need supporters with
NO credibility. As for the ``debilitation of the Labour
Party", guess who is responsible for the state of affairs
that this alleged war criminal ``hates to point out"...

One cannot even tell whether the chuckling of the
Israeli Prime Minister is due to happiness, having
realized that he has lowered the United States'
President's pants with just one visit, no effort
and only ``take" without ``give", or due to
astonishment at the naivete and the childishness of
the United States' President when it comes to serious
and burning international affairs. Either way, having
the President of a State that is moving in a dangerous
and an unpleasant path show such half-serious and
half-nervous reaction was a sad, sad spectacle for
the United States Citizens to witness...

The American People are calling for ``a total and complete
shutdown of Trump handling United States Foreign Policy
until State Department Career Diplomats and a Skilled and
Experienced Foreign Affairs Team can figure out what the
hell is going on...

Our country, the one with the most expensive, the best
equipped and the most experienced and sophisticated
Diplomatic and Foreign Policy machinery on Earth
is made to seem and to sound like a naive, incompetent,
impotent amateur in the World Scene when it comes to
discussions about the most burning and thorny issues
and in finding and negotiating solutions. The only
President so far who made the determination and
pushed through, with all the various and powerful
means at our diplomatic, political, economic and
strategic disposal, a meaningful and lasting Peace
Process and was able to deal, and not just talk about
a deal while losing control,  was Jimmy Carter and,
in my view, History will remember him, if for nothing
else, just for this delicate smartness and dexterity, that
all his successors have found impossible to equal, or
even approximate, in mastery and delivery.

Illinois State politicians are not ashamed at all? What
differences could be so large and unbridgeable so as
to outweigh a willingness to compromise and pass a
State Budget so as not to destroy your own State and
the livelihoods of its Citizens and to avoid a general
chaos and disruption in the lives of the People that
elected you in office through their votes expecting
to be properly served instead of being shaken and

It turns out this was a seriously f***ed up family
and it is sad, and perhaps, a dangerous omen,
that they made it to infiltrate the inner circle of
an equally unreliable, untrustworthy and
temperamental president.

Shameless beasts that, instead of being ashamed and
full of remorse and regrets, are suing the States whose
properties and whose wealth they plundered and
they wasted for years.

Trump and M(e)nuchin: The men of the people...
He says he is committed to ``make America great
again". As if America was not great for him and
his greedy associates before he was appointed by
the morph... Perpetuating and accentuating the
rigged system; their primary interest. Why doing
otherwise when your kind is at the top, milking and
profiting from utter lawlessness, lack of oversight
and lack of accountability? But the masses believe...

Bibi, without an explicit and unequivocal declaration
that he, his Government and his State are committed
to either a Two-State Solution on the basis of Equality,
Sovereignty and Independence, or a One-State Solution
with Equal Rights and Freedom for All its Citizens
on the basis of Democracy and the Rule of Law, is
not welcome in our Nation's Capital. We do not want
to have relations with a State subjugating, enslaving
and keeping part of the People inhabiting territories
it is illegally occupying, cleansing and repopulating
stateless, as second-class non-citizens.

Bravo to Israel! And our United States should follow
suit and either extradite Toledo should an International
Arrest Warrant be issued, or else declare him persona
non grata and send him packing. No person wanted
for corruption on a large scale should be able to find
sanctuary in States that want to lend their support on
Clean Government and to eradicate corruption and
nepotism. Where is Trump now, to arrest and extradite
a wanted, well-connected and affluent, alleged criminal
instead of deporting members of working families having
U.S. ties whose only fault was to have a dream for their

I strongly applaud the decision of Joachim Gauck to stand
down as Germany's President. He will be remembered as
a calm, thoughtful, kind and compassionate representative
of the German People and one that did what his mandate
allowed to build warmer, fraternal relations with other
Nations. I also welcome the election of Frank-Walter
to the Supreme Office of Germany and hope
that he will also fulfill his duties according to the stipulations
of the German Basic Law with a heightened sense of personal
responsibility, integrity and as a strong advocate of and
leader in closer European Integration and as a strong and
firm supporter of Compassion, Fraternity, Solidarity and
Cooperation among All European and All World's States
and their Peoples.

Elizabeth Warren wrote ``If Sessions makes even the
tiniest attempt to bring his racism, sexism and bigotry
into the Justice Department, he'll hear from all of us."
I am wondering which world Senator Warren is
inhabiting. It must be a remarkable world indeed
where one can enter an institution, while leaving the
defining, most pronounced and most touted traits of
his personality and his personal convictions at the door.

Those of you, my fellow Citizens, that thought that a
business mogul was an answer to your problems and
the problems of the working class, have you gotten the
message yet? Have you seen who he is working for and
whose interests are paramount, first and foremost in
his mind? Have you learned your lesson on what to expect
from populist demagogues that sooth your ears and what
to do when the next time comes around?

I want our U.S. to be a good friend and an ally of Israel,
as I want our U.S. to be in friendly terms and cooperating
with every other Nation on the Globe. But the U.S. cannot
ignore systematic and persistent violations of International
Law and Human Rights. The Jewish lobby in the U.S. has
to do what is Right. Make clear to the Israeli Government
that the U.S. wants cordial and warm relations with Israel,
but not with an Israel that ignores Principles of International
Law and feels entitled to act outside the Law with disinterest
and impunity. And until Israel conforms to International
Standards, the lobby should side with the U.S. in withholding
aid from Israel because that is the only way to exercise due
pressure to the Israeli Government to return the State into
the fold of Civilized and Peaceful Nations.
Unfortunately, right now, Israel, Russia and the Philippines
are the three States with which the United States cannot
be in very good terms. The first two because of violations
of International Law (land grab, settlements, ethnic
cleansing, violation of international borders and illegal
annexation) and all three, but especially the Philippines,
for substantial violations of Human Rights (unequal
treatment and discrimination against minorities,
suppression of free speech and free expression and
punishment without due process).

This is so ridiculous and shameful that if I had been
in FIFA, a Blatter or an Infantino, I would try to hide
and would neither have the courage nor would want
to show my face ever again in football circles or in
any other sport for that matter.

First, the Iranian Mullah does not have the authority
to criticize the American system when he knows very
well that his outfit has been banning candidates from
standing in the Iranian elections and, thereby, putting
into question and discrediting Iranian political life.
Second, the Iranian Mullah cannot claim that Trump
reflects the real face of America when the majority
of Americans were opposed - and a large majority of
that majority bitterly opposed - to Trump's election
to the Supreme Office of this Land.
On the other hand, he would have been absolutely
right to criticize the electoral system that implanted
a person whom the majority of Citizens rejected as
a choice, and to also criticize the fact that there exists
indeed severe and debilitating ``political, economic,
moral and social corruption" that leads people -even
though a large minority - to support such unacceptable,
morally bankrupt, economically devious and politically
ignorant and naive nonentities for the Supreme Office
of our Land. But, in that respect, I can assure the
Mullah that the American People are wise and will
learn a lasting lesson from our mistakes and one would
wish and would hope for the same wisdom for our
Iranian brothers and sisters...

This is not a State. This is a pariah, a stain on the face of
humanity and an unrepentant abuser of International Law.
Taking advantage of a terrible past and the remorse felt and
leeway allowed by the perpetrators, it insults the survivors
memories, because instead of being a pioneer in the Protection
of Human Rights of All Humanity and instead of being THE
upholding it like a sacred scripture for the sake of All
Humanity, it denigrates and defecates on the aspirations
of an entire People and their quest for Statehood and
keeps them subjugated and enslaved, without Equal
Rights or Equal Opportunities. Shame on the State that,
whenever a finger of its own Citizens or co-religionists
is touched is crying foul and jumps to their defense, but,
not only refuses to do the same for all Humanity, but, to
the contrary, it is becoming the primary example of a
new frightful, racist and apartheid state.

Clearly, these were not isolated cases. These were the deeds
of a criminal outfit, an industry of exploitation and abuse
These acts were the result of institutionalized, orchestrated
and organized criminal activity on the part of the Catholic
Church, its various ``brotherhoods", ``sisterhoods", ``societies"
and ``missions" and IT IS A SHAME, AN OUTRAGE and

Nothing short of returning every cent that was transferred
from the French Public Purse to Fillon's family members
and their bank accounts should satisfy the French Public
and the French investigators and judges. What happened,
the attitude of entitlement, the lack of a sense of guilt and
remorse and the persistent denial of culpability deserve,
not only a disgrace and a recall via a Party impeachment
process, but also a severe and exemplary jail sentence for
both givers and receivers. FRENCH POLITICAL PARTIES

Such statements, even if done solely for domestic consumption
and posturing, are not helping establish cordial and warmer
relations among People and their Governments and my advice
to Iran and to Rouhani's Government is to refrain from speaking
or acting in a way that escalates tension, emphasizes differences
of opinion and exacerbates an already unpleasant situation, for
which, of course, Iran is not the sole party responsible.

Bravo, Romania!! You are demonstrating for the
right things and safeguarding Ethical Standards in
Government and the World STANDS WITH YOU!

Trump was very upset, and justifiably so, when
Judge Bader Ginsburg expressed her opinion of him
during the election period. But, now, this abominable
morph is, as is his despicable habit, unable and totally
unwilling to grant the same courtesy and discretion
to the Judiciary that he had then insisted on being
afforded to him by the Judiciary. Shame on this
so-called President of the United States. Maybe when
some claimed that this morph is unaware of some
of his Constitutional Responsibilities and that he has
not read the Constitution, they were right...

Shame on Fillon. Corruption and nepotism have become
so entrenched in the political lives of Nations that when
politicians are caught, they exhibit a ``so what?" attitude
and an outrageous jemenfoutisme and, nowadays, it is
almost unheard of for someone to have enough sensitivity
and enough sense of responsibility and guilt to resign and
face justice.

The Saudis have every reason to be happy and not just
for oil. While Iran, who has not caused any serious harm
and has recently pursued a rapprochement and adopted
a conciliatory tone with the West and an integrationist
policy towards the World Community, has been slapped
in the face by the Trump administration's abominable
blanket ban on travel, Saudi Arabia, which has worked
surreptitiously to undermine the West's safety and has
contributed the most in the criminal ``crew" that
harmed the United States and to its masterminds, has
passed under Trump's radar and, curiously enough,
stands to profit even more from Trump's energy
policies. Why not being happy then? The Saudis are
not ungrateful people...

Instead of focusing
on getting the African affairs together, they support mass
withdrawal from the International Criminal Court under
false pretexts, but with the only real reason being allowing
pseudo-leaders, warlords and generalissimos all over the
Continent to plunder Human Capital and Material
Resources and, on the way, commit grave breaches
of International Law, with immunity and impunity.
The African States know very well that the ICC is not
a gangster organization that goes around looking for
reasons to indict leaders without reason. It is a very
deliberate and focused organization that, given
sufficient help and support by the International
Community can contribute in making our World a
much better and safer place by holding all those
abusing their office and their authority accountable
and demanding that they pay for serious crimes,
mostly committed against the most helpless and
the most vulnerable and Africa should stand by it.

The despicable populist try to say the proper things to
make people believe that they are not like other
politicians, part of a rigged system, feeling self
righteous and entitled to misappropriate, misspend
and embezzle public funds, but, in fact, they are
worse, because, oftentimes, they deal and wheel
behind closed doors and their misdeeds are well
hidden and do not see the light of day.

World consumers are apathetic and care very little for
enforcing ethical standards and punishing criminal
behavior. In the same way that voters elected a morph
in the U.S. Presidency, despite his bragging about unethical
behavior and despite no transparency about his financial
dealings and political wheelings, now we hear that the
World's consumers have made the cheaters of VW
first in car sales World-wide
. How would consumers
be in any position to complain when VW or any other
company exhibits the same behavior or outright sells
them lemon vehicles, if the company knows that it
gets a free pass when it openly and arrogantly cheats,
being rewarded and increasing its clientele instead
of being punished for it and seeing its fortunes plummet?

Μπράβο στο Ποτάμι!
ΜΑΥΡΟ στον Ψυχάρη και στους απανταχού διαπλεκόμενους
και καταληστεύοντες Ψυχάρπαστους.
ΣΤΗΡΙΞΗ στην προσπάθεια των δημοσιογράφων και των
εργαζομένων στο ΔΟΛ
για μία υγιή λειτουργία μέσω μιας
αναδιάρθρωσης και ένταξης του οργανισμού σε ιδιοκτησία
των εργαζομένων, αφού πρώτα τα δικαστήρια υποχρεώσουν
τον Ψυχάρη και την οικογένειά του να αποπληρώσουν τα
χρεωστούμενα που χρόνια καταχράζονται, και δικαστούν
υπό την κατηγορία της ανευθυνότητας και αισχροκέρδειας.

The ``father of Pac-Man" is with us no more.

The United States should have been sending a loud
and clear message all over our World against bigotry,
divisiveness and discrimination, especially the terrible
forms that have stained our History and tarnished
the legacy of the ``civilized" world, such as racial,
religious, ethnic and sexual discrimination. Instead,
the United States under the new President and its
ill thought and dubious measures, is giving those
abominable, marginal and very dangerous and
cancerous elements in our World's societies the
message they were so preconditioned and eager
to hear: ``Bigots of the World, Unite!" The ``leader"
of the free world, the person occupying what most
would wish would be the most idealistic and virtuous
House on Earth, stands now with you and salutes you...

I cannot but applaud Trump's total ban on his
administration officials' lobbying on behalf of
foreign interests for life. The same tough line
should be adopted by the European Governments
and by the European Union so that their officials
do not go like greedy, slimy leeches after foreign
money and foreign governments to squeeze the last
cent they can out of the responsibilities they were
entrusted with by the European Citizens. And the
stinky worms to whom I am referring know exactly
who they are...


We stand with compassion, we feel the pain, we
support the rights and demand the treatment of
those who are suffering through no fault of their
own according to the tenets of international law
and customs, the dictates of humanity and the
requirements of public conscience.

We are placed in the very difficult position to have
to look for the upholding of some of our dearest,
and so far we believed non-negotiable, ideals, such
as fraternity, respect and cooperation between all
Nations, to Leaders of States other than the United
States and to draw Inspiration and Hope for a
better, more integrated and unified World from
them. Those that sourly predicted that we would
miss Barack before he even left Washington,
are starting to seem vindicated.

Emmanuelle Riva is with us no more.

In the West, we have many reasons to open our ears
and listen carefully to those that have lived History
and survived, despite our fatal mistakes:
``We're not talking about barbarians. We're not
talking about primitive society. The Germans were
well-advanced, educated, progressive. Maybe
civilization is just veneer-thin. We all need to be
very careful about any hate propaganda. This is
very important. It starts as a small stream, but
then it has the potential to erupt - and when it
does, it's too late to stop it."

In my view, it is going to be a mistake to ease or drop
sanctions against Russia without some significant
concessions on the Ukrainian Front, including,
perhaps, pressure on the Crimean issue for some
negotiated solution based on autonomy under
Ukrainian suzerainty. Dropping sanctions simply
by gaining in return some promises on the nuclear
front is unacceptable. Nuclear reduction talks are
to the benefit of the two Nations and of all other
States, but they should be leveraged through
the mutual reduction of nuclear arsenals and
not nuclear armaments on one side and something
completely different and unrelated on the other.
The way Trump seems to be eager to negotiate it,
it will be a lose-lose situation for the U.S.. It will
result in letting down its allies and in giving up
its most formidable bargaining chip, which is its
economic might, that did hurt Putin's inner circle
and may have caused some Crimean nightmares.

I have the hardest time comprehending even the
idea, let alone the insistence to the point of canceling
a foreign visit, that one State may be enticed or
forced to pay for another State's legislation and/
or executive decisions. It is, of course, in the prerogative
of the United States to levy taxes against Mexico, if
it pulls out of NAFTA, and/or to institute economic
sanctions, if the administration deems it appropriate,
but it is completely absurd and eccentric to ask
Mexico to pay for a U.S. public works project.
The wall, which has been unilaterally decided on
our side by the U.S. executive and legislative
branches, is a domestic construction project
and, in my view, it is unimaginable to be asking
another State to pay for it; it just seems like an
act that encroaches on the concept of Sovereignty,
Equality and Respect between States.

A word for the Courts: I hear a lot about ``standing"
in the upcoming lawsuits having to do with Trump's
alleged violations of the ``emoluments clause". I would
like to point out that, for any violation of any clause
of the Constitution, all Citizens of the United States
should be allowed to have recourse to Federal Courts.
The reason is that violations of the Supreme Law of
the Land is detrimental to the lives of all Citizens,
if not directly, then by creating a climate of lawlessness,
arbitrariness and impunity and by eroding the
fundamental trust and the expectation of the Citizens
vis-à-vis their State and their Government, having to
do with the fundamental mutual agreement that both
sides will be behaving and conducting themselves in
their mutual relationships in accordance with and in
abidance in good faith to that fundamental document.

We may disagree with the facts, but my intention
was never to lie to you. I meant that, if Donald J.
Trump had been a cosmonaut, he would certainly
have been the 13th man to walk on the moon and
that, based on his program and his terrific ability,
he would certainly would have made the moon
great again, greatest than it had even been.
We may disagree on that, but it's a fact. We all
have the same goal, to present facts and no one
has any intention to lie to each other

The liberal, fake news NPR reported that there
have been 12 astronauts who have set foot on the
. The alternative fact is that there have been
thirteen. The last was Donald J. Trump, who made
the moon great again, unbelievable, terrific! If
this had not been true, the moon would not have
been even a fraction as majestic as it looks now,
believe me.

Netanyahu knows that, despite the lovey-dovey
attitude of Trump towards Israel, aligning the
Jewish People with such a morph entails many
and significant dangers. Those politicians who
are sucking up to Trump and are benefiting
from Trump's ascendancy are the far-right,
hard nationalists and racists and Netanyahu
is deeply aware of which People and which
Races stand to lose the most, sometimes in a
catastrophic scale, by the ascendancy of such
terrifying and abominable elements in the
societies of our Globe's Nations.

I am asking the Governments and the International
Financial and Banking System administrators: Why
do these abominable, criminal and corrupt stinky
worms get away with billions of dollars, while,
seemingly, international efforts and cooperation in
returning those funds back to the Governments of
the States from which they were stolen are at best
lackluster and at worst non-existent, giving the
impression that the system is totally corrupt and
tolerates or even acquiesces to such behaviors?
DO THE RIGHT THING! Trace the funds and
confiscate them and start international or national
criminal proceedings against the abominable greedy,
thieving rats and have them rot in jails.

properly. No criminal embezzlement of public money
should be let go unpunished.
Follow Jammeh's
financial resources and confiscate, in cooperation
with the hosting State's authorities, all his luxury
cars and all his bank accounts so that the missing
money from Gambia's public purse is recovered.
What message would the World's Citizens and
Gambia's Citizens receive if you let this criminal
crook live happily ever after in exile using the
stolen property? DO WHAT MUST BE DONE.

It is very suitable that the new U.S. President has its first
foreign engagement with a meeting with the like-minded
British Prime Minister...

I am wondering what is the matter with the eyes of
some of the new administration's officials. I noticed
that both the new President and his new Press
Secretary have an intense pink around their eyes,
as if they are burned further away from the eyes,
or have extreme make up or are botoxed. It is
slightly creepy and it would be preferable if they
stopped whatever it is they are doing...

Shame on West Africa and particularly on Gambia.
Seeing foreign troops to enter the territory of an
independent and sovereign State to enforce the
transition of power to a democratically elected
President is absurd and mind-blowing.
This should
not happen in the second decade of the twenty-first
century either in Africa or anywhere else on the
Planet. Even though I agree with the ends of the
operation, the means used, military force by either
one or a coalition of States, leaves me speechless and
in disbelief and I put the blame squarely on the
outgoing Gambian President who, however, is a
product of a Continent that has shown collectively
very, very little respect for democratic processes,
smooth transitions of power and the rule of law.

This vote is not about a President, be it President
Erdogan or anyone else who might soon succeed
him. This vote is about the Turkish Polity and
about Turkey's future as shaped by its system
of government. I urge Turkish MPs to say NO
to concentration of power and absolutism and
to vote down the proposed reforms. A modern,
open, democratic and free State is much better
off when power is shared and decentralized.

Woolsey wants to give it hard to the leakers, but
mumbles his words when it comes to the General
5-star leaker; apparently, as part of the corrupt
and rigged system, he wants to keep for 25 years
behind bars those that are powerless and not so
well connected and let out with a reprimand,
a slap on the wrist and a ``what a bad boy"
comment the man who was high up, had much
greater responsibility and, hence, must have
been much more sensitive and careful, but who
happens to be one of his buddies in the system,
affluent, well connected and power wielding.
People like Woolsey, with his attitude and with
his mentality,  who have contributed in warping
the system to an unfathomable extent, are the ones
responsible for the election of the despicable morph
to the highest office of this Greatest State on Earth.

The British Foreign Secretary is trying to create
false impressions. The issue is not whether few,
some or many States are ``queuing" at Britain's
doorstep to strike trade deals when Britain leaves
the E.U.. The question is what is the macroeconomic
outlook for Britain. And there the odds are not
very good simply because of economies of scale.
The larger the population of a single and uniform
economic market the better positioned it is to
dominate trade, both from the supply and from
the demand viewpoints, in this era of modern,
highly industrialized economies. An economy like
China's or India's with populations in the order
of billion(s) or of the E.U. or the U.S. in the order
of a fraction of a billion are much more likely to be
successful than a small and isolated economy trying
to strike trade deals with everyone, rather than
being part of a large block with universal rules.

Η Ελλάδα ξαναστέλνει ηχηρό μήνυμα Αλληλεγγύης
και Αδελφοσύνης όλων των Λαών και απερίφραστα
καταδικάζει ενέργειες που οδηγούν συνανθρώπους
μας ανά την υφήλιο στον πόνο και την προσφυγιά.
Από το Πέραμα το μήνυμα δεν θα μπορούσε να
είναι πιο ξεκάθαρο: ``Θέλουμε να μεγαλώσουν τα
παιδιά μας με τις αξίες της Ειρήνης της Αλληλεγύης,
της Συνεργασίας και της Αγάπης προς τον Άνθρωπο.
Αντίπαλός μας δεν είναι οι πρόσφυγες, οι μετανάστες
και τα παιδιά τους, αντίπαλός μας είναι η πολιτική
των κυβερνήσεων και της ΕΕ που δημιουργούν
πολέμους με θύματα τους λαούς." Και πώς θα
μπορούσε άλλωστε να είναι το μήνυμα διαφορετικό,
από μία χώρα που έχει ζήσει πόλεμο, τραγωδίες,
προσφυγιά και μετανάστευση και έχει ζητήσει
βοήθεια και ευεργεσία στο παρελθόν, αλλά έχει
και η ίδια βοηθήσει και προσφέρει όπως, όπου
και όσο μπορούσε; ΜΠΡΑΒΟ ΣΤΟ ΠΕΡΑΜΑ!!

Do not get fooled by the cunning of the despicable
Michigan's Attorney General. Now he comes out
as being at odds with his buddy, the Governor, as a
staunch defender of the right of Flint's Citizens
to be granted water deliveries. But beware! He is
doing this with ulterior motives:
1. He intends to run for Governor. So he wants to
    give the people of Michigan the false impression
    that he had not been the obedient servant, the
    licking, sucking piglet of a Governor that has
    messed up big time and was never charged with
    anything; in fact he was rewarded by being
    awarded unwarranted  personal legal expenses
    on the public purse (as if it had been us, the tax
    payers of the State, who had instituted the policy
    that finances tramp public health...). Shame...
2. He has a persistent attitude of ``pursuing the
    truth" as long as that truth does not touch his
    associates at the very top and, accordingly, moves
    cunningly to deflect focus from where focus should
    have been from the get go, i.e., at the political top.
    We are still waiting for some official punitive action
    against the Governor, under whose policies of
    ``save first and then look at consequences" the
    disaster happened. The ``I am sorry, I will fix
    it" of the previous State of the State Address
    is all he could offer, but the State's Attorney
    General should not have let him slide by with
    only that. Other Citizens pay for their infractions,
    and, in general, no Judge lets a Citizen off the
    hook with just accepting an apology (unless
    of course the defendant is well-connected and
    wealthy enough to hire powerful attorneys, which,
    at least (s)he does on his/her own purse, unlike the
Shame on the despicable Attorney General for his
pretentiousness and his partiality. He does not and
will not have my support in his Gubernatorial
aspirations and I hope he gets no vote - not even
a single one - from the Citizens of Flint, despite
his latter day ``independence" and ``saintliness".

Regardless of how close of a personal friendship exists
between the Canadian Prime Minister and this mogul,
Mr. Trudeau messed up big time (or shall we say Trump
time) by associating himself with Khan in this instance
and, as a consequence, allowing even the suspicion or
appearance of impropriety and of a conflict of interest.
Frankly, from the Canadian Premier I had expected
more, but he is is also a product of a well-connected
and inherently corrupt system that carelessly and
casually entangles public interest and public service
with favors, servitude and nodding to private bids.

If I see Healthcare that is:
1. for everybody,
2. less expensive than ObamaCare,
3. much better than ObamaCare,
I will admit that Trump is a maverick and I will plead
with him to apply the same technique to Higher Ed.,
to get a much better, less expensive college education
for everyone. For now, let me add that I am old enough
to know that ``if it sounds too good to be true, it probably
is" and that, until I see the miracle, I'll remain a huge
skeptic of the possibility, unless Trump raises taxes on
the very wealthy and subsidizes, even more generously
than Obama did, those that cannot afford it. But then
we'll be talking about BernieCare and not TrumpCare,
i.e., it will be a stolen plan, God bless the thief...

The fact that the Istanbul bomber was of Uyghur
ethnic origin and that the Turkish cargo plane landed
on a village in Kyrgyzstan looks very suspicious at first
glance. I hope that no sick minds aimed at taking
revenge on innocent people for the despicable acts
of another derailed and mentally ill individual.

Shame on West Africa, where Democracy means either
a transfer of power to the President-elect subject to the
grace and the willingness of the person that has clung
to power for ages and thinks of the State as his personal
property and fiefdom or else by a regional appeal to the
United Nations to approve the use of force to remove a
despicable ``leader" who refuses to admit that his time
in office is over and that others should also be given
the chance to lead under a popular mandate. These
gimmicks were once blamed on colonialism, but the
imitation of the worst of the west, dictatorships and
tyrannies and absolutism, is not a result of anything
other than personal greed and lack of decency on the
part of the pseudo-leaders that, under pretext of
''liberation", are submerging the Continent into a
new chaos and darkness and into a political stench
and a new political exploitation by locals, not unlike
the squeezing of its People and its Resources by the
former colonialists... SHAME ON JAMMEH and

Australia, under despicable ``leadership", has been slowly
developing a disgraceful reputation as corrupt and heartless;
the two characteristics that go, unfortunately, hand-in-hand
in unregulated cut-throat capitalist laissez-faire societies. And
the promised fixes are, also unfortunately, too little too late.

Why am I not surprised to the least?

Our United States has messed up big time... By allowing
the President total and complete exemption from clauses
of conflict of interest, our Legislative Branch of Government
has put the American People in the awkward and shameful
position of being forced to accept as personal magnanimity,
as great generosity and as going above and beyond legal
requirements a half-hearted and inadequate offer to
place relatives of first degree in charge of the new
President's businesses and, essentially promise that family
will not be talking business, or, if they are (which I presume
is very likely, since this is more or less the main topic they
are interested in and they have always and consistently
been discussing between family), that the President is going
to close his eyes, his ears and his mouth when things are
discussed or mentioned. Real monkey business indeed...

I am Donald J. Trump and these are my White House
Advisors. Great team, believe me! Very smart and
experienced people, I am telling you! But the liberal
movie people and the left wing subversive, lying and
dishonest media call this Nepotism! They said nothing
when crooked Hilary asked Bill for advice... Disgusting...

Like in Iranian Politics, we have in our United
States stark contradictions: the Best being
succeeded by the worst, the most Thoughtful
and Compassionate succeeded by the emptiest
and most selfish and egocentric... But despite
the stark contrasts, the hurdles and the
stubborn opposition to progress, both Nations
are always striving and believing in a better
future with improved, Brotherly Relations
between our People and Cordial, Warm and
Cooperative Relations between our Leaders.

The Fourth President of Iran is with us no more...

Κάνετε ό,τι περνάει από το χέρι σας, με ευελιξία,
αλληλοκατανόηση, ενότητα και αδελφοσύνη, για
μία Κύπρο Ειρήνης και Σταθερότητας
, χωρίς ξένα
στρατεύματα και χωρίς εγγυητές και εγγυημένους.
Και μετά τις υπογραφές, μετά τα δημοψηφίσματα,
τις επικυρώσεις και την ενοποίηση, σηκώστε τα
μανίκια, διότι τότε αρχίζουν τα δύσκολα; τότε
Νίκο και Mustafa, Mustafa και Νίκο, χρεάζεται
να δουλέψετε σκληρά, είτε εκπροσωπώντας το
επίσημο Κράτος, εάν επανεκλεγείτε, είτε από τα
μετόπισθεν, ώστε να εδραιωθεί, να εμπεδωθεί
και να ισχυροποιηθεί η Ενότητα, η Σταθερότητα,
η Αδελφοσύνη και να λειτουργήσει ένα ακόμα
εν δυνάμει αξιοθαύμαστο και αξιότιμο εγχείρημα,
ίδιας - αν όχι μεγαλύτερης - ιστορικής διάστασης
όπως το Ευρωπαϊκό Εγχείρημα και η Επανένωση
των Γερμανιών.

Anthony Zurcher of the BBC:
Political Analysis: C-
Economics: D-
How could one give a President an A for his economic
performance and, contradicting oneself, assign him a
D- for trade?
There has never been on the face of this
planet a single Nation or a single Empire that has done
well economically while lacking in National and Inter-
National Trade. The BBC reporter may be superficial
in outlook and unable to see that, perhaps, trade
has flourished so much under Barack and the economy
has been so outperforming other economies that the
couple of non-concluded trade deals that he is quoting
as justification for his D- are not necessary for the
United States after all and are, simply, more useful
on Principle and in Theory rather that in practice...

Bravo to Governor Cuomo! Taxpayers are already
paying significant amounts in Federal and State
Taxes and if our priorities had been right, the first
needs that would have been addressed would be
food and shelter for the very poor and, after that,
affordable health care and education for all Citizens.
The fact that the Federal Government and the States
are receiving those funds and then are turning around
and asking Citizens to pay for public education, i.e.,
are in essence double taxing them for the service,
is questionable and regrettable and it is a good sign
of a change in perception that some leading Democrats
have begun discussing in earnest and instituting
various plans for addressing this issue.

Kelly may have worked for a frightful and extreme
``News" Outfit
but she managed to maintain her
decency, especially by holding her ground and by
distancing herself from the behaviors, positions and
shenanigans of a despicable, entangled and totally
unworthy being
, whom, alas, a large minority of
our fellow Citizens felt comfortable to install to the
Highest Office of our Land, especially as a successor
to one of the most thoughtful, kind, benevolent,
insightful, eloquent and charismatic politicians
that our Country has produced in living memory

Has Congressman Sourlatte something to hide?
Has he some reasons to be afraid of possible
investigations into his misconduct or of other
ethical violations?
No one - not even members of his own party -
really understands why an abominable and
frightful ``lawmaker" would want to gut an
independent ethical watchdog in the midst of
a dark and ominous congressional night.
Why would a house whose members' reputation
and behavior have been so detested and so
disrespected as to have led to a call for
``draining the swamp" and, as a result,
to a terrifying general election outcome,
would want to further trash any remaining
tiny specks of  ``honor" and ``reputation"?

No one, under any circumstances and under any
pretexts or ``reasoning" has any right to attack
Innocent Civilians. All groups or organizations
with enemies, grudges and/or political aspirations
have the Obligation under International Law
to narrow the focus of their attacks on their enemies.
Declaring all people as an enemy and indiscriminately
attacking innocent civilians and civilian targets has
to be very severely punished
and all States, including
France, Germany, Israel and Turkey, that endeavor
in a targeted, measured and proportional way to
exterminate groups that vow, in blatant disregard
and complete disrespect of International Humanitarian
Norms, to turn their firepower indiscriminately on
innocent Civilians, are acting, in that regard,
within their right, and may be, in fact, fulfilling an
obligation and a duty under International Law.

Practically every other Leader on the globe started the
New Year 2017 by wishing all Citizens of the World
Peace, Happiness and a much more Harmonious
Coexistence than the one we experienced in 2016
But the despicable, ball-headed bully of the starving,
semi-educated and semi-informed subjects felt it was
his duty to ``welcome" the New Year with warnings
of new weapons of devastating power and of the
pending Armageddon that awaits his foes
, i.e., all
other Nations of the Globe. How about, for a change,
extend a hand of Peace, Friendship and Fraternity
to your Neighbors and to All Other States on Earth?
Has it never crossed your petulant, dysfunctional
mind that, perhaps, in an alternative Universe where
North Korea is a Friend and Ally of All Other Nations,
North Korea would have the support, the energy,
material and psychological, and the resources, to
become as Great a Nation as All Others in that
Region and play a Critical and Constructive Role
in Establishing and Solidifying Peace and Stability
in East Asia and Globally?

Theresa May hit again! She said that she had a problem
with the Head of the American Diplomacy calling things
by their proper name
. John  Kerry mentioned the simple
and gaping truth that the current moves of an extremist
Government in Israel are leading further and further
away from a two-state solution and that any other option
automatically and evidently means a State that is either
non-Jewish or an Apartheid State. I am assuming that
Mrs. May who, despite her superficial coolness, has
exhibited many traits similar to the U.S. President-elect's,
would not have a problem calling a Le Pen Government
in France, an AfD Government in Germany or an FPÖ
Government in Austria extreme right-wing. I am, therefore,
wondering whether, just because of History and guilt, some
politicians are willing to give a free hand to some Nations
to behave in a thuggish way and are only willing to call
a spade a spade when it comes to other Nations. Such
double standards are despicable, detestable, unacceptable
and utterly condemnable.

The pot(in) called the kettle black!! The man that,
not only does not know how to lose, but uses extreme
methods, such as bribing, silencing opponents and
murdering opposition figures, to ensure winning
``elections", tells Democrats to ``learn to lose with
dignity". Putin, don't you think that complaining
and searching for a reason after losing is more
dignified than silencing opposition and killing
opponents so as to ensure a win? But expecting
decency and self-awareness from you would be too
much... You do much better with body building,
horse riding and dog petting.

Good riddance
. The question is, if you are such a
homicidal and suicidal a**hole, why do you not
just commit suicide rather than deprive twelve
families in Germany, a family in Poland and, very
nearly, a family in Italy of their loved ones during
these festive days on the calendar of the States
that have been compassionate and open enough
to grant many of the most unfortunate refuge
from harm and the chance of a new life.

We MUST change the electoral college system to make
sure that the verdict of the Majority of the People is
respected and enforced.
Besides the gross violation of
the dicta ``every vote counts" and ``the vote of every
Citizen is equipotent to the vote of every other Citizen
the United States, unless the system gets changed, will
have a substantial loss of conviction, persuasion and
credibility when our diplomats go around the globe
and purport to defend Democratic Principles and urge
other Governments to ``respect the verdict of the People"
in the process of the transition of power after an
electoral process. Under our current electoral system,
we may still be proud of our respect for and obeisance
to ``constitutionality", but can in no way be proud of
respecting the Will of the People or of having a genuine
Democratic electoral process, not even by the most
widely established standards of a well functioning,
albeit indirect, democratic polity.

I renew my call to all Citizens of the Globe to show
appreciation and respect for the very challenging
tasks that Ambassadors and Staff of All Diplomatic
Missions are entrusted with and are trying to fulfill.

1. Ambassadors are NOT responsible for directing
    or for adopting foreign policy and, therefore, in
    no way can they be held responsible for the
    drawbacks and the shortcomings of their
    Governments' handlings, machinations and
    manipulations in that regard.
2. Ambassadors and the Ambassadorial Staff are
    charged with establishing Trust, Communication
    and Good Relations between States, their People
    and their Governments. They are responsible,
    in many cases with success, for enhancing and
    fortifying bilateral relationships and bringing
    the Nations of our Earth closer together.
Let us pay Deference and Respect to their Noble
Mission, wherever they come from and wherever
they are assigned, Honor them and Facilitate to
the best of our abilities and capacities the
performance of their duties for the Benefit of
all People and all Nations.
I hope that Mr. Karlov recovers and is able to continue
to contribute to one of the most ancient, most important
and noblest professions on our planet.

Another financier who, despite negligence and
wrongdoing, is empowered by the elites to run
around telling Governments and People what
to do and what not to do to be fiscally responsible!!
What a joke! The system IS rigged...

You must be kidding me!!...

And after the wishes for Papa Francesco's Birthday, here
are some photos from around the globe to usher in the
Holiday Season, with the hope that all our Leaders at all
levels, Political, Economic, Social and Military, and all
Citizens of our World, will act sensibly, with sensitivity
and compassion, in the spirit of Peace, Love, Fraternity
and Cooperation, so that the New Year 2017 become one
without wars and conflicts, without refugees and man
made crises and disasters and without enmities and
frictions, especially among the most potent and the most
influential States, which have the power, the responsibility
and the opportunity to collaborate to advance their own
Citizens' prosperity and, in parallel, to help the weaker
and less fortunate Nations to attain their political, social
and economic aspirations. There is Space for All,
and the Better We All Do the Better it is for Everyone.

Budapest                                                                          Gouda

Hannover                                                           Johannesburg

Київ                                                                   Malaga

Michendorf                                                        Москва́

Paris, Place Vendôme                                       Paris, Place de la Concorde

Poznań                                                                  Warszawa

Rovaniemi                                                          Rovaniemi

Singapore                                                           Wien

Feliz Cumpleaños, Papa Jorge-Francesco!

In the same way that it is mindless and a fool man's game
to bluff or risk starting a war against a state or power that
is overwhelmingly stronger or has a decisive advantage,
it is also questionable to provoke the wrath of a state that
has the power, the know-how, the expertise and the strength
to retaliate and create havoc in your own institutions and
your own infrastructure. I hope that President Putin and
the Russian security and intelligence agencies are aware
of what they are getting themselves into and that they
have made sure that they have the tools to counter the
American response, because a response it will be. When
one decides to disturb a lion, one had better be ready to
have an appropriate defensive weapon or an escape route...

The American People are calling for ``a total and complete
shutdown of Trump handling United States Foreign Policy
until his advisers and the incoming administration's foreign
affairs team can figure out what the hell is going on...

The American People are calling for ``a total and complete
shutdown of Trump handling United States Foreign Policy
until his advisers and the incoming administration's foreign
affairs team can figure out what the hell is going on...

Trump is appointing many enemies of certain agencies
as heads of those agencies. One might hope that this has
to do with restructuring and reforming those agencies
to serve better the public interest. Most likely, however,
is the outcome that these appointees will undermine the
role of those agencies in defending the public interest
and will open roaming grounds for special interests to
come in by the window and plunder the public purse
and trample on the common good, as it often happens
when oversight gets the back seat as opposed to profit.
On the other hand, Trump has also shown a slight
willingness to get money from special interests and,
then, depending on mood, show the donors the middle
finger to their complete surprise and stupefaction.
It would be extremely beneficial for the Nation and
the public interest if Trump makes it a habit to
receive promises and/or donations from lobbyists
and then turn around and spit on the faces of those
companies and special interest groups that sent them
to win favors. If this is done consistently, persistently
and with vengeance, then perhaps the Nation and
our Government will get rid once and for all of
the leprosy, the sliminess and the inefficiency of all
those parasites that hover over our Capital and our
Capitols' corridors, defending private interests and
surreptitiously bending our Government's role from
being a servant of the People to being a servant of
the most privileged and wealthy and of corporate

We do not need an oil giant executive as Secretary of
State. We need a moderate and experienced diplomat
that would salvage the Nation and its foreign policy
and foreign relations from the temperament, the
mercuriality and the machinations of Trump and
the other people that he is appointing left and (ultra)
right to rub shoulders in critical issues with the rest
of the World in such important sectors as Military
Alliances, Climate Change and Labor Regulations.

This is good news for Mexico on the economic front
and as related to competitiveness. On the other hand,
Mexico has not been taking seriously its responsibility
to cleanse its public life, to combat forcefully corruption
and to take strong measures to destroy virtually legalized
drug distribution and trafficking, the entanglement of
the political elites with the drug interests and the coercion
of government, both at the local and national levels, by
business and cartel interests to the detriment of the
well-being and the safety of its Citizens.

Very good news from South Korea.
In the United States, Trump promised to ``drain the
swamp" but, in appointing his cabinet, is proving that
he enjoys swimming in the swamp. In South Korea,
the parliament realized the gravity of the potential
consequences for refusing to drain the swamp and
so decided to actively and forcefully do so...

Godspeed, John Glenn.

Picking Scott Pruitt as an Environmental Protection
Agency Watchdog
is for the Environment as great an
insult as it would have been for the Jewish People
picking Heinrich Himmler to head a Nazi Hunting

If in our United States, we cannot even hand down
a severe punishment to a police officer that is caught
on video practicing target shooting on the back of
a black man fleeing and so obviously posing no
imminent threat to the officer or to any other
individual in the vicinity of the incident, then
imagine what crooked justice must be delivered
when cameras are not shooting and one has to
rely on the untrustworthy accounts of witnesses...
The system is indeed rigged and, as always, it is
rigged to favor those with wealth and power and
those agents defending their privileges and
against the have-nots and those that are not
partaking in power dealing and wheeling.

I do sincerely hope that this closing trial is the one
before the last for European-based Wars
and that
after a similar trial for the perpetrators of the
tragedies and war crimes in the Ukrainian campaign,
the Continent will never again see war and suffering
due to war and that all States will make it a very
determined goal of their foreign and defense policies
to avoid war at all costs and pledge to a lasting
commitment to resolve all differences and disputes
through bilateral negotiations and diplomatic
endeavors and, should that fail, through offered
conciliation or international arbitration or
adjudication. In a World that has become so
``small" and all humans and all States depend
on each other for their well being and their
prosperity, it is mindless not to use all those
well developed tools and means of the diplomatic
arsenal and to spend instead valuable resources
in the pursuit of conflict and war, that only lead
to suffering, destruction and loss of life.

The United States should avoid at all costs appointing
General Patraeus as Secretary of State. In some other
States, people that have violated serious laws, especially
those they should be extremely familiar with and very
careful about (e.g., military officers condemned for
insubordination, dereliction of duty, or acquiescence
and contribution to atrocities), often become Ministers
or Prime Ministers without regard to their condemned
behavior. In the United States, we should avoid such
steps of rewarding behavior that most of us, including
the President elect, think damaging and inappropriate.
A football coach, with a winning record, who has
abused the school's and the players' trust, is not
usually rewarded with another post. His record may
be part of history and will be remembered as such,
but after inappropriate behavior, he is (and must
be) forced to retire. A general that has served his
country honorably, but is careless in handling
state secrets and confidential information, should
be remembered for his good services, but should
also be forced to retire, not rewarded with a
Secretaryship, i.e., promoted to a higher post than
the one he previously held, which may be viewed
as rewarding unfortunate decisions and behavior.

With Trump's volatility, we'll see how long this honeymoon
is going to last. Right now, the Philippines, Turkey and the
United States are probably the three States with the most
volatile and unpredictable leaders (counting Trump; not
Obama) in the World.

Matteo may not be in power tomorrow in Italy...

Great news from Austria!

Our United Nations was not set up to stand idle by the
sidelines and ``observe" while beasts, like the Sudanese
criminal pseudo-leaders, inflame ethnic tensions to get
personal advantage over each other and to accumulate
power and wealth. I hope that both the Secretary
General and the Security Council realize this and feel
deeply the ultimate responsibility and the unique burden
that the World has empowered and entrusted them with.

Querido pueblo de Cuba:
Con profundo dolor comparezco para informarle a nuestro pueblo
y a los amigos de América y del mundo, que hoy 25 de noviembre,
a las 10:29 horas de la noche falleció el Comandante en Jefe de la
Revolución Cubana Fidel Castro Ruz. En cumplimiento a la voluntad
expresa del Compañero Fidel, sus restos serán cremados. En las
primeras horas de mañana sábado 26, la comisión organizadora
de los funerales, brindará a nuestro pueblo una información detallada
sobre la organización del Homenaje póstumo que se le tributará al
fundador de la Revolución Cubana. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Being elected does not automatically transform a stinky,
deplorable worm to a worthy leader. One fought selflessly,
to the point of self-sacrifice, and little interest for his own
well-being for the Dignity and Freedom of his Nation
from oppression and subjugation, and initiated lasting
and striking reforms in Education and Health Care for
the benefit of the majority of his fellow Citizens. The
deplorable idiot inherited wealth, manipulated the system
to further enrich himself on the backs of others and now
is threatening to destroy the gains and the progress that
were so painfully achieved and so hard fought for over
many decades. This stinky and deplorable worm, a racist,
misogynist, egomaniac imbecile, should wash his mouth
before even uttering the name of a World Class Leader,
whose Idealism and whose Struggles can only be placed
side-by-side and compared to those of Nelson Mandela.
Garbage and filth commenting on one of the only two Greats...

Park Geun-hye must step down. Enough is enough.

In all earnestness, I do not see what is the motivation
for President Erdogan's extreme measures that have
led to the souring of Turkey's relations with the
European Union. President Erdogan must surely
know that the openness and the ingrained democratic
instinct of the Turkish Society are exactly the two
predominant factors that quenched the attempted
coup, empowered the Turkish Citizens to come out
to the streets and demonstrate and saved the position
of the elected Turkish Government.
So, it looks at least bizarre that, after the coup, he has
aggressively pursued measures that tend to destroy
that openness, cohesion and democratic traditions
of the Turkish Polity. Perhaps the only rational
explanation is the irrational fear that something
similar may be attempted again and that the next
time around things will turn out differently. But,
it seems that the only solution in countering such
a feeling and fear would be to further empower
and solidify the strong traditions of personal
freedoms and democratic ideals that have become
indispensable in the Turkish way of life and politics.

Ban Ki-moon has to intervene immediately to cancel
without delay the appointment of a person under
criminal investigation to a post with one of our U.N.
most important agencies, the Food and Agriculture
. Our United Nations has to be an
exemplar organization, promoting high standards
of ethics and avoiding any relationship with people
suspected of having abused their privileges and their
offices while in power. No Secretary-General has any
right to lower the bar, cloud the reputation and cause
serious doubts about, and disrespect for, our flagship
Organization and make it part of a terribly stinky,
corrupt and rigged global system that favors the
powerful and rich, covers their improprieties
behind immunity status and excuses their crimes,
corruption and mismanagement.

Mitt Romney is a much much better choice for the
post of Secretary of State than Rudy Giuliani. First,
he is much wiser; second, he is much more reliable
and, finally, and most importantly, he does not
suffer from senility and does not exhibit traits of
acute stupidity.

What is ironic about these moves is that they probably
cost the companies monetarily only a small fraction per
year of their CEOs' annual compensation package,
but, by stopping those benefits, they withdraw pleasure,
they destroy a point of pride, they create bad blood and
show tastelessness and ingratitude to their most
dedicated and driven employees and consumers.

political disaster originates from the rejection
by the Democratic Party Machine under the terrible
``leadership" of the despicable Wasserman-Schultz
of the most gifted, forward looking and inspiring
candidate in the history of any major political party
and the installation of a double-talking, entangled
with business and special interests and completely
uninspiring candidate for the presidency, under
the pressure of the political, business and special
interests establishment. The political contest was
for the opponent of the president elect to lose,
since he is such a terrible, racist, misogynist,
vicious, egomaniac choice, who openly bragged
about playing the system and defecating on the
spirit of the laws, and the democratic handling
pushed the only - more-or-less - choice with those
qualities that virtually ensured that the almost
impossible tragedy materialized.