EVENTS up to the Outrageous Cold-Blooded Murders by ``Police"
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Neither the first nor the last to steal and embezzle,

These are the same people, who, over many years,
have built, supported and reinforced a culture of
omertà, distortion of truth and impunity and now,
as chiefs, they pretend that they are sorry and that
``this is not who they are and what they stand for".
We are not idiots. Shameful and Outrageous.

This is a clear case of extortion, graft and embezzlement
of public money in the City of Toronto and, because the
act of a private Citizen uncovered their colluding with
the private sector to pocket City money, authorities are
now giving various excuses to cover up their tracks.
I hope that the Citizens of the City wake up and vote
whoever was responsible for these outrageous estimates
out of office and, if Toronto has an authority overseeing
the expenditures and contracts, they should immediately
look into other similar authorizations of contracts and
investigate pricing and where the ``foam" from these
excesses went. Toronto is clearly a sick city and not in
very good hands when it comes to fiscal discipline and
responsibility to the taxpayers.

This claim is in fact ludicrous and another fabrication
that the lawyers came up with because their clients are
so outrageously guilty of brutality that they think it is
their only chance and the only ``argument" that may
lead to another outrageous and revolting exoneration.
It is, however, nearly inconceivable for a police officer
who is there to serve and protect to come up with such
an absurdity in good faith and in good conscience since,
if that was to be accepted as an excuse in any sense and
in any way, then any situation that police might be called
into, or that they may be asked to provide help in, might
be claimed to be a possible ambush and, thus, no shooting
whatsoever and under whatever conditions and whatever
circumstances would be inappropriate and unjustifiable.
and the irony is that police
pigs and brutes are the most uneducated, uncultured,
problematic and retarded individuals and, are now
trying to sell shamelessly an atrocious pseudo-legal
argument through despicable systemic lawyers to
all the rest of us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. JAIL

Yep! the knives are out between senile old buddies
and none of them can do their job properly... The
first because he is unstable and unreliable and in
a very bad place and the second because he enjoys
the confidence of practically no one, not even his
political boss, whom he so shamelessly sucked up to.

Kudos to the Brazilian Judiciary that not only acted
beyond power, wealth and political connections, and
had the courage and audacity to condemn Lula to a
long, but deserved, jail sentence, but is also adopting
the right step of going after his ill-gotten profits and
his ill-gotten properties and wealth. Jailing someone
that has engaged in graft and embezzlement is not
enough. Some despicable and greedy individuals
consider it a worthy trade-off to spend a few years
in jail if they are going to keep ill-gotten assets and
settle themselves and their offspring for many
generations in a life a luxury and excess and the only
way one can stop this vicious circle of disservice and
disrespect to, and mockery of, the public is by both
jailing them and stripping those individuals of most
of their wealth. BRAVO, BRAZIL!

Why do I have no sorrow and no sympathy for the
suicide of rich embezzlers? Because the idea of a
person who is already unimaginably wealthy by
most people's standards being so greedy and so
avaricious that, even though he can buy luxuries
with his own money ten times over, resorts to
grafting funds belonging to others and to embezzling
resources not his own to possess goods and items that,
in reality, are unnecessary and needless, is to me, at least
incomprehensible, if not reprehensible, unacceptable
and repulsive. Good riddance.

If I know anything about Putin's personality, I can
guarantee that he was going neither to extend a planned
30 minute meeting to 2 hours nor arrange to attend a
second one which lasted around an hour if he had not
a specific demand in mind and if he did not feel that
he was making significant inroads in succeeding in
getting what he set out to achieve. Putin is not a man
that does not value his time or that he would entertain
spending significant amounts of time exchanging niceties
and pleasantries or talking abstract generalities. He has
subordinates, like his Minister of Foreign Affairs, that
he is putting in charge of time-wasting and idiotic,
tedious and groundless explanations, when it comes
down to that. Also, knowing the morph - less well
of course - he is not the type of person that would
have left the subject of a 2 hour long meeting secret
and the existence of a second meeting undisclosed
if he felt that he would get advantage and admiration
from revealing its contents. I sense that he is afraid
that any disclosure or revelation would cause public
consternation, or even outright outcry, at his inability
to attain any strategic advantage for the U.S. for what
he has been conceding and at the clear realization by
the public that despite his proclamations that the
previous administrations have struck ``bad", ``terrible"
deals for the U.S. and have been taken in for suckers,
he has done even worse during his brief tenure by
being pliable to States such a Russia and Israel,
having gotten nothing in return as far as satisfying
U.S. demands and boosting U.S. interests are concerned...

Mr. Turnbull, read my lips. You are living in a lalaland,
if you are expecting to get straight and truthful answers
from a State that covers police brutality and that fails
in an organized and systematic way to punish even a
single individual that kills Citizens in cold blood and in
a calculated, premeditated way even in front of cameras
I wish I had better news to convey to you, but most likely
you are not an idiot and you can see what is transpiring
around you. And, unfortunately, under a bigot, racist
and ``law and order" ``attorney general", there are even
less chances that the ``justice" department is going to
do anything or take any initiatives other than ``training",
which so far has meant training to escalate, kill more
efficiently, lie more effectively and escape with impunity

I respect deeply President Macron's decision to give
priority in cuts to the military budget in the effort
to align French budget to E.U. rules and to promise
that the defense budget would be strengthened in
the future, when circumstances allow. One cannot
start saving and cost-cutting from housing, social
support and cohesion programs, health and education
and by increasing military expenditures, and I wish
that, on our side of the Atlantic, our lawmakers had
the same clear and rational picture of, and attitude
towards, the priorities one should set when financial
concerns and economic priorities are decided upon
in the budgetary process. Are we ever going to see
a Washington equally sensitive to domestic social
needs and necessities instead of irrational impulses
and fixations in bloated and inefficient arms race

Cutting in a measured, moderate and deliberate way
the expenditures allocated to social programs and the
social safety net may be understandable given the
near-unbearable levels of our National debt. But then
turning around and dramatically increasing the defense
budget is insensitive, moronic and a no-go. Any State
that has a rationally thinking and rationally behaving
Legislature would surely want to spend its public wealth
(assuming that it has some), in domestic programs and
domestic priorities first, such as Education, Health
Care, Support for the very young, mothers, the elderly
and the less fortunate and on Investments in Infrastructure,
Science and other programs boosting Economic Recovery
and Economic Development. Why would anyone want
to prioritize, instead, humongous military expenditures,
when our armed forces are already in good shape and
in top form, and when an irrational arms race is neither
wanted nor needed under current political and economic
conditions? We need a smart military that knows when
and how to use its prowess; not a bloated and excessively
costly military that, instead of boosting our security, is
contributing in our social and economic downfall.

I really do not care whether the Chinese authorities and
President Xi himself like or dislike Winnie the Pooh, but
every public figure that serves his State in one capacity
or another should be open to criticism and ridicule as
they are glowing in praise and admiration, when things
go well, and as they are receiving taxpayer money for
their salaries and other perks and benefits with open
hands and with great eagerness and desire. But, regardless
of what is the official Chinese position, and no matter the
intent of the formal and of the social media, I think that,
in this case, the cartoon characters are used in good taste,
humorously and endearingly and they convey a soft side
of the political process and an underlying Humanity that
is often forgotten and/or frustrated under strict rules.

I so deeply and earnestly wish that Police would do more of this,
``serve and protect", as is their de jure mission and motto, rather
than engage in aggressive, unnecessarily aggravating, brutal
behaviors and then lying and perjuring themselves en mass from
top to bottom to cover their atrocious behaviors and their illegal
and reprehensible deeds and use the biased and crooked ``justice"
system to get off the hook and continue the same ``arrest and
harass, brutalize, maim and kill" de facto mission with impunity.
Bravo to these two conscientious Citizens from North Carolina.
As ``police" stands today, I cannot call them ``policeman" and
``policewoman" without having a sense of demeaning them.

Bravo to Spanish Prosecutors and the Spanish Anti-Corruption
Justice System!! I hope there will be property and asset seizures
to amounts large enough that they will deter future graft, extortion
``bossism" and gangsterism and that will send a clear message
that the extravagant sums and the extravagant profits that are
circulated in today's football circles are unacceptable because
their consequences are unacceptable and that those funds are
not supposed to be pocketed by parasites and leeches to be
stashed away at Swiss banks and secret shadow companies
in the Caribbean and South America, but to be reinvested to
improve the World's footballing culture and to offer more and
better opportunities to the World's youth to be engaged in the
sport and to learn how to be fraternal, how to be cooperative
and how to be respectful and fair through the practice and the
enjoyment of the World's most beautiful game.

Let the National Associations gather together, under pressure
from the clubs, the players and the fans, and, for their own
good and the health of the sport, impose 2-term limits of
service to the highest governing offices of football
at all levels.

Now the ``police" are also keeping the body cams turned
off so that there would be no way to reveal their fabrications,
lies and perjury in their always distorted and/or concocted
accounts of the confrontations in which they take part and
which they find sadistic pleasure exacerbating. As if, even
with body cams on and proof of outright lies and criminal
and brutal behavior, there is any threat to them, or any
grounds for consequential discipline or punishment... What a
  Revolting, Repulsive, Emetic...

Naxos started a noble rivalry with Eagle, Idaho, for the
largest serving of French fries ever prepared. I am afraid
that they opened a rivalry that they will have a very hard
time maintaining and a very hard time winning in the end.

When new technological advances are made, the scientists
in charge are to an extent responsible for the applications
into which such technology is put into use. They may no
longer be held responsible when the technology becomes
widely available and then, other, unrelated actors use and
abuse it for untoward and damaging goals. So, in the case
of the Fake Barack Obama created by the University of
Washington, it is my opinion that, given our climate in
terms of the extent, boldness and shamelessness of the
fake news industry and in terms of the gullibility of a large
part of our electorate and their eagerness and/or willingness
to believe anything dished to them on YouTube and other
social media, an application like this of the underlying
technology is damaging
and should have not been developed
and advertised with such publicity and fanfare.

I would be very pleasantly surprised, but, nevertheless,
extremely surprised, if in Pakistan, a State of rampant
and unchecked corruption and without a clearly and
substantial delineation of the separation between the
Executive and the Judicial Branches, a major political
(or pseudo-political) figure and members of his family
receive large jail sentences and have their ill-gotten assets
confiscated. But it is high time indeed that this starts
happening even in States of this abominable and retarded
traditions, especially, since the lack of accountability
and the laissez-faire attitudes toward, such activities
and graft are to a large extent responsible for the
absence of social progress, economic development
and competitiveness at a Global level.

NEVER AGAIN! Neither a Jew nor a Palestinian nor
any other Human Being should be ever subjected to
conditions of brutality, discrimination or apartheid.

We Remember the Values of the French Revolution
and the Enlightenment, Equality, Fraternity and
Liberty, together with Democracy, not only when
it suits our political interests, but ALWAYS and
and when we, as People or as a Nation,
have suffered the utmost, we make sure to be pioneers
and fighters in the front line of duty to ensure that
other Nations, our Brothers and our Neighbors, enjoy
those Values and Freedoms, as we do ourselves
This is the message we send to All, including the
Jewish State and Netanyahu, above all, in this grim
and painful anniversary.

Of course Europe is worth fighting for, Ms. Merkel!!
Because the ``obvious" of today, the Peace, Stability,
Prosperity and the Fraternal and Harmonious Feelings
of all of European States' Citizens, may become an
acute, painful and stinging nostalgia of the future.
So let us not only fight for more integration and a
better functioning Union, but let us also keep
repeating this ``obvious" and insisting that for
Europeans there is no other option because not a
single rational Citizen wants to hand down to our
children and grandchildren a Continent in a political,
social, cultural or economic situation that would cause
more divisibility and less stability and cooperation
than the one so painstakingly and tirelessly built
by our fathers and grandfathers.

Maryam Mirzakhani is with us no more...

Accidents and mistakes of this sort are unavoidable simply
because we are human and we err. We must be thankful
and appreciative that the People involved and responsible,
both on the planes and on the ground, at the flight control
tower, were alert, quick, knowledgeable and dexterous
enough to steer fast and clear away from peril and to rectify
the initial mistake and land everyone safely.

I hope the Law in Canada works responsibly and that
the Justice System plays its role so that the overwhelming
majority of Omar ``the child terrorist" Khadr's settlement
gets divided up and forwarded to compensate and support
the victims of his terrorist activities. We have had enough
with people that, either do not do the Right Thing or, do
outright Wrong and deprive others of their livelihoods,
and then turn around and play victim and manipulate
the Judicial Systems of Developed Nations to get the Truth
distorted, acquire advantage and/or benefit personally,
and this is outrageous and provocative.

Another Ace pulled by Prime Minister Trudeau with
the recommendation of a Canadian Astronaut, Ms.
Julie Payette, for Canada's Governor General Post.
A person who can unite Canadians and the World at
many levels (or should we say heights) and who is
beyond reproach, is admired and can be embraced
by Canadians and the World's Citizens at large.
Bravo, Justin!! Excellent choice and dexterous move.

Πολάκη, τί θα την κάνεις αυτή την επιχείρηση; Θα την
κλείσεις για 48 ώρες, μετά θα την αφήσεις να ξανανοίξει
και να συνεχίσει ν' αλωνίζει ανενόχλητη και μετά από 5
χρόνια θα την ξαναθυμηθείς και θα τα βάλεις με την
δικαιοσύνη που θα προσπαθεί να σε υποχρεώσει να
εφαρμόσεις τους νόμους και να την απαλλάξεις de jure,
κάτι που, εσύ ο ίδιος, είχες κάνει de facto η ούτως η άλλως
για τα προηγούμενα πέντε χρόνια; Χονδροαφερέγγυε.

No Rest for the Wicked!
Corrupt, Money Launderer and
Tax Evader that disgraced and demeaned, with his friends
and associates, World Football, spit upon the fans and the
Associations and went as low as very few have ever managed.
We return his treatment upon his memory. May his memory
be spat upon and his soul be directed where it really deserves
to be, in the gutters of History and in Hell.

Bravo to Trump for urging allowing the visit and welcoming
the Afghan girls
taking part in the robotics competition! My
hope is that this will lead him and his administration to open
their minds and rethink the divisive, isolationist and damaging
declarations, orders and policies that they have adopted and
to accept, at last, the fact that the United States has been and
will continue to be inspired and benefited by its interaction
and its openness to the entire World
. We have a critical and
vital interest in keeping being a State that welcomes all World
Citizens and that keeps its doors open, especially to those
who are highly skilled and uniquely equipped to inspire and
contribute to the modern sectors of out political, cultural,
social and economic life. Openness is key in keeping a Nation,
and especially a Nation of immigrants, young, vibrant,
competitive, with genuinely fraternal, cooperative feelings
towards All
and valued and respected Internationally.

Another airline CF**kO that thinks that he is hot s**t
and above the common rules of decency and respect.
I urge all those that do have a choice and have not been
restricted and cornered by the utterly unacceptable and
unhealthy airline monopolies that have been imposed
on customers by continuous mergers and special interests
Qatar is not governed by an insensitive and disrespectful
board, I urge its shareholders to dismiss Al Baker.

What do these two guys have in common? One is
British and the other Greek, but they are both fat,
they are both imbeciles, they are both conspiring
and involved in machinations far beyond their
mental and other capabilities and they are both
full of s**t, unreliable and untrustworthy to the
core, with self-damaging and self-discrediting

If the FBI suspected any ``commoner" of communicating,
say, with ISIS or a foreign agent, trying to harm a domestic
entity or institution, would they have waited for them to
tweet their guilt or would they have called and politely
asked them to testify, admit guilt and harm themselves,
like idiots, by admitting guilt, or would they have obtained
permission to tap into their communications and devices
to find out for themselves and make sure that nothing
untoward and damaging was taking place? So why were
the authorities waiting for a person of such serious interest
in such an important and unprecedented investigation, to
admit his own guilt on tweeter and did the same by trusting
and believing what every party, who is under significant
suspicion, told them, when it is manifestly obvious that
they are not going to get even a speck of truth from parties
that have every motive to hide and evade the truth? This
is simply another indication of the terrible, despicable
double standards behind which scum, but rich and
connected scum, like morph jr., are covering their deeds
and sheltering their guilt and extraordinarily improper
and damaging behaviors with impunity, whereas the
``common" man gets disproportionately large sentences
for comparatively less consequential and less damaging
infringements so that the fat ``law and order" politicians
and their blind followers can feel good, salivate and be
proud of themselves for fulfilling their duty of ``justice".

The Republicans and especially the morph and his
family and associates set out to benefit from Russian
connections, but now the Republican Party and the
morphs' relatives and associates are descending
into Stalinist lows, into a dark Soviet era saga with
the knives against unwanted and despised ex-aides
and guilty and innocent comrades out in the open!

Η πρωθυπουργάρα ξεδιάντροπα ξαναβόλεψε το
απαξιωμένο και αξιολύπητο ξόανο... ΝΤΡΟΠΗ!

No one has a free pass when they show disrespect or
they allow or acquiesce to harassment of part of the
work force. That is a fundamental principle and the
cornerstone in treating females and males equally.
No CEO, CFO or CF**kO has the right to remember
that principle only when is convenient or only for the
purpose of recruiting for top level jobs. Silicon
Valley, its companies and its executives have no
right to think or to expect that they are going to be
treated by the Government, the Courts or the Public
Conscience any different than the Catholic Church
has been when widespread abuses of sexual and/or
administrative nature were revealed a few years ago.
In fact, they should take a cue and understand what
the consequences will be and what the punishment
and the liabilities that are coming will entail if they
continue with their unchecked and inexcusable
attitudes and behaviors.

The Russians are doing with the United States exactly
what they did with Ukraine. The aggressors are
demanding that the victims apologize and provide
restitution... SHAME! Putin at the zenith of his boldness,
paranoia and inscrutability. Let's hope that, despite the
despicable record, disarray and cluelessness of the
current United States administration and the mess
at the State Department, this will not come to pass,
nor go without a planned, deliberate and proportional
immediate response. SEND THE MESSAGE THAT

There is widespread suspicion and substantiated concerns
that the U.K.'s negotiating team will try to shortchange
the European Union Citizens in the ``individual freedoms"
domain, such as freedom of movement, freedom of work
and equal compensation and benefits for equal work and,
on the other hand, try to secure for the U.K. all the
``commercial freedoms", unfettered access without
borders and without tariffs to the E.U. markets for exports
of U.K. goods and services, and tying the hands of the E.U.
administrators for eternity in terms of their being able
to adjust E.U. policies, including financial measures,
vis-a-vis the U.K., when appropriate conditions and
circumstances arise that warrant such measures.
. Like every other non-E.U. State the U.K.
should be treated as an external actor and the E.U. should
maintain its prerogative to adjust its handling of ``foreign
affairs" vis-a-vis the U.K. as it has done vis-a-vis every
other non-member State. Sorry, U.K.! This is how all
non-members are treated and you have chosen to become
one. As far as preferential treatment and a ``special
relationship", you had one, more than such, but you
did not like it or appreciated it or regarded it well enough...

When you take someone's life and you get convicted for it,
there is nothing cruel and degrading in being jailed for life.
You should have thought of your punishment and your
``dignity" and your ``human rights" before playing supreme
authority and taking someone else's Human Rights to Life
and Happiness away. We have scum that follow their cruel
instincts and their passions and brutishness uncontrolled
and unrestricted and then burden our legal systems for
months demanding for themselves a ``dignified" and
``respectful" treatment that they have, themselves, denied
to others. I hope that besides his due punishment for all
his deeds, this man also finds a ``fair" return for all the
untoward and excessive burden he has placed on so many
individuals involved in a burdened Justice System that
has enough to deal with without the procedural shenanigans
of persons that have disgraced and discredited themselves

These scum that are either admitting openly and
shamelessly to have colluded with foreign actors
to entice them to interfere with U.S. free elections,
or are being revealed by their associates, friends
and even relatives to have done so, have been
charged to steer our country forward and are
members of the most entrusted echelons at the
apex of our government!... GIVE US A BREAK!

Απορώ πού βρίσκεται κρυμμένος ο αλητάμπουρας
όταν Ταβέρνες, Μπάρ, Καφενεία και
Ρεστοράν που δεν εκδίδουν αποδείξεις τιμωρούνται
με μόνο ένα 48ωρο κλείσιμο. Αν η κυβέρνησή του
και ο ίδιος ήταν σοβαροί για την πάταξη της
φοροδιαφυγής, που, παρεπιπτόντως λαμβάνει
χώρα σχεδόν σε κάθε καθιστάδικο, δεν θα έπρεπε
να αλλάξουν το νόμο ώστε οι κυρώσεις που
επιβάλλονται και προβλέπονται να είναι πολύ
πιο τσουχτερές από δυο μέρες κλείσιμο; Και
μετά έχει την ανισορροπία και το θράσος να  τα
βάζει με τη δικαστική εξουσία για το ίδιο θέμα
Κούνια που σε κούναγε, χονδροαφερέγγυε και
ανεγκέφαλε ``υπουργάρα"

It is shameful and depressing that even those officials
in charge of releasing the formal communiqués from
the White House are so clueless, careless and irresponsible.
A ``Government" with no parallel in ignorance and
in disarray and all this in an area where our United
States has traditionally been, and should continue to be,
confident and strong with an ace up our sleeve instead
of trash down the drain.

Pseudo-priest. A brute and uncivilized a**hole.
I am wondering which idiots are paying such
despicable uneducated and uncivilized brutes
to teach them the gospels of rage and to inspire
them and guide them ``spiritually" through
their apparently worthless and miserable lives...

I am following dumbfounded the childish bickering
between various authorities over the UNESCO decision
to declare Hebron's Old City a World Heritage Site

and, moreover, I am appalled by the United States'
Ambassador's decision to withhold funding from the
. All official protective measures declared
and/or taken and supported by the United Nations and
all States in the Global Community should be hailed,
especially after the destruction of such valuable sites
that we witnessed with shock by ISIS
and the lack of
cultural sensitivity and respect shown by many parties
in the Middle East, but also by Western interests that
find opportunities and open windows amidst the war
and fighting to loot, extract and export local treasures
The bickering over ownership and over whether the
City was Jewish, Muslim or Christian etc. etc., is
mindless and void. First, it is a Valuable Heritage Site
for All Humanity since by its Cultural Legacy All
Humanity has benefited and progressed together.
Second, the Sovereignty today by one modern entity
or State or by another does not preclude Enjoyment,
Benefit and Past Participation or Ownership by
another entity or Nation. And, as I repeat many
times, especially vis-a-vis the unreasonable claims
that are repeatedly put forward by the Israelis and
the Chinese, when does one stop and when does one
start the clock of History? If other States, like, e.g.,
Greece had the same Geographical and Cultural
demands as those two, the entire Near East Region
and the Eastern Mediterranean would have to be
theaters of conflict and war. Third (and final), one
should always keep in mind that the notion of State
was not historically as tight and rigid as it has become
today. Apart from many frontiers being pushed back
and forth all the time, the coexistent of People of many
Ethnic Backgrounds and many Religious Beliefs was
a very common occurrence in may Cities in the (more
civilized than ours) World of yesteryear. How about
Jerusalem and Damascus and Alexandria and
Smyrna and Constantinople and Salonika and Rome
and Marseilles and the entire South of Iberia, just
to name very very few of the Regions that at one point
or another were Hosts in Peace and in Cooperation to
various Varied and Diverse Communities. These habits
of ethnic cleansing, expulsions of populations, institution
of divisions and intolerance were occasionally occurring
then also. but they have become annoying and a folly
today in an era where the Common Destiny is so
clear and the Future and Prosperity of All People -
with Political, Scientific and Cultural Interaction,
Commerce, Business, Tourism and Traveling so much
easier - so interconnected and interdependent.

Δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω γιατί αυτός ο αλήτης άνοιξε
βεντέτα με τη Δικαιοσύνη. Οι δικαστικοί έχουν την
υποχρέωση να εκδίδουν αποφάσεις σύμφωνες με τους
νόμους του κράτους και συμβατές με το Σύνταγμα.
Οι εκτελεστικοί, αντί να επιτίθενται στους δικαστικούς
όταν δεν συμφωνούν με τις αποφάσεις, έχουν την
αρμοδιότητα και την υποχρέωση να αλλάζουν τους
νόμους του κράτους προς το βέλτιστο και το δικαιότερο,
και εάν κολύωνται από το Σύνταγμα, να προτείνουν,
να υποστηρίζουν και να συντονίζουν Συνταγματική
ανθεώρηση για βελτίωση των κακώς κείμενων.
Νομίζω ότι η διάκριση εξουσιών είναι ξεκάθαρη και
είναι όντως επικίνδυνο, ύποπτο, απερίσκεπτο και
βλακώδες ένας ``υπουργός" με συγκεκριμένες και
καλώς ορισμένες αρμοδιότητες, μέσω λόγων αλλά
και πράξεων, να αγνοεί τα όρια και τους θεσμούς
και, πέραν κάθε αρμοδιότητας, διαρκώς να ενοχλεί
το έργο άλλων και να διμάχεται τις άλλες εξουσίες.
Αν ήθελε να είναι υπεύθυνος για όλα και ανεξέλεγκτος
αφέντης όλων, συστήνω Βόρεια Κορέα, διότι ούτε στη
Βενεζουέλα έχουν μπεί ακόμα σε τέτοιους γαλαξίες...

Ακόμα ασχολούνται μ' αυτόν τον χονδροαφερέγγυο,
αυτάρεσκο αλλά ανίκανο, μαλ**α κλόουν...

I hope the E.U. keeps in mind, in the discussions in the
upcoming summit, that the migrants making their way
from Africa are primarily HUMAN BEINGS in distress,
escaping hardship and in search of a better future for
them and their families, and that sometimes International
Law and always HUMAN CONSCIENCE demand that
they be treated with dignity and respect and that they
be supported and welcomed as HUMAN BEINGS
the largest extent possible and to be aided to the utmost,
within the financial means of the bloc, with a sense of
fraternity and responsibility and  in an organized way,
with purpose, structure and planning.

So much for being a ``Christian" and an arch-zealot,
and a full of bigotry ``Christian" at that! Only, like most
Christians of the kind, you forget the dicta, principles,
values and commandments of Christianity when it suits
your commercial interests and machinations, like, e.g.,
``Thou shalt not steal" and ``Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you". BOYCOTT HOBBY

The capture and brutal killing of any man, but especially
of sailors that put their lives on hold and take constant
risks at sea to serve the needs of Humanity, contributing
to our livelihoods, food security, economic stability and
financial prosperity, are despicable and utterly unacceptable.
Men working in the World's merchant navies to support
their families should be respected and should be aided
by all Humans when they find themselves at risk or face
dangers; not imprisoned and held like animals and then
executed, be it for political, financial or any other reason.

I guess we all knew this except the United States President,
who thought it a smart move to start his initiative on
combating terrorism and fighting extremism by paying
a visit to the house of the Sauds!!! Probably he had never
heard of the saying ``Don't speak of the noose in the hanged
man's house"... But, perhaps, too demanding to ask for
a smart move from a man that again and again takes pride
in showcasing his shallowness and his imbecility...

History teaches Lessons, one among which is to be
thoughtful and respectful and not to support those
or serve alongside those or be fellow traveler and
fellow party member of those that sow hatred,
bigotry and divisibility among people of various
ethnic backgrounds and various religious beliefs.
In this light the actions of this disrespectful and
inconsiderate representative were unacceptable.
His thoughts and opinions about Historical Events
that have been caused by people similar in outlook
and ideology to those under whom he serves and
whom he supports makes his use of that venue
inappropriate, outrageous and insulting to all
People of all political, ethnic and religious
backgrounds. I hope People of Louisiana notice
and act by cleaning the House in 2018.

BRAVO to the Hanoi City Council. What a simple,
cost effective and practical way of keeping a city
clean, beautiful, humane and uncluttered by traffic.

However, my opinion is they should also ban cars,
i.e., all private transport, in favor of public means.
If only some other cities that found themselves in
tragic situations, in terms of jams and congestion,
had been inventive and thoughtful enough to have
adopted similar policies and strategies before it
became too late.

It is a little odd that an official of the E.U. who has not been
elected by the People or endorsed by the People in any way
has the shamelessness and the audacity to criticize the directly
elected Representatives of the People. Having said that, being
a Member of the European Parliament is an Honor and a
Great Responsibility for the same reason, and not a cash cow,
an entitlement and an opportunity for one to advance personal
agendas, including long and several-thousand-worth vacations.
Like every other job, when it is in session all MEPs should be
there out of a sense of Dignity and of Personal Responsibility
for, and Accountability to, the voters that have elected them.
I would hope that after this fiasco, Angela and Emmanuel
will take a very careful and hard look at the way these entitled
and wasteful institutions work and, working together with the
Commission and other constitutional bodies, will find ways to
reduce personnel, reduce waste and hold MEPs accountable
for where they are, how many sessions they attend, how
conscientiously they perform their duties and how they spend
the resources that, not without sacrifices, the E.U Citizens have
decided to send Brussels out of a sense of Unity, Collective
Responsibility and Common Interest. The E.U. Citizens have
the Right and Responsibility to demand reform and accountability
and to reduce or withdraw funding, if resources in Brussels or
any other E.U. venue are spent carelessly and irresponsibly.

BRAVO, Macron!! The French President announced
courageous and bold measures to reduce waste and
bureaucracy, to streamline government and to make
representation fairer and, in general, rejuvenate the
French Government and infuse some fresh air into
the stench, nepotism, entitlements and corrupt practices
that have imbued it with condescension and disrespect
in recent times and that led to his surprising and
emphatic electoral victory. It is true that Macron
does not give many interviews, but deeds are much
more powerful and much better appreciated than
words and he seems to be a man of ``action, not words".
BRAVO Emmanuel! La France et l'Europe marchent
avec vous pour réussir a votre promis de réforme!

N.J. has a veritable insensitive and mentally deficient
pig - in all respects - as governor. Too bad for the State,
but the voters deserve him, since they elected him and
they were apparently not careful at all who they voted
for... Shame and pity for such a beautiful State.

I hope that the $100M assets that the Brazilian Police
seized and are going to seize will not end up in the pockets
of Lula, Rousseff, Temer and their associates, as has been
the case recently with much of the assets and the wealth
of the Brazilian State and of its various companies.

We already knew that he was a modern-day a$$.
A product (or, rather, an unfortunate byproduct)
of our peculiar and twisted times...

People are becoming crazy and psychotic, completely
uncontrollable and out of their minds. But in our United
States what makes the really really enormous, grave,
and often fatal, difference is that every single one
of these unbalanced and derailed wackos has a gun in
the passenger seat and/or the compartment and is
determined and ready to use it with the slightest of
perceived provocation, even in situations when one
should smile and politely cede the right of way.
And for this case, which I am sure must involve a
racist tint, like everything brutal occurring in this
State of ours, the irony is that the shooter must have
thought of ``whites" as courteous and gentlemanly
and of ``blacks" as aggressive and arrogant... What
a mess has History bequeathed and what a mess has
the uncontrollable propagation of lethal instruments
further exacerbated...

The ``Madame of  the People", who would ``not do anything
other than what the people would like her to do". Well,  Mrs.
Le Pen, the people did not authorize you to siphon off funds
from the European Union for personal profit and personal
electioneering, did they? Unless the ``people" you and the
men in your outfit meant, in your spirit of demagogy and
pseudo-populism, are exclusively the ones that have been
supporting you, and your father before you, and have been
trying all along to promote racism, bigotry and intolerance
for personal gain in French society and elsewhere around
the Continent and the World. But the PEOPLE OF FRANCE
know much much better, don't they, Madame Le Pen?

That is what happens when one associates with and becomes
fellow traveler and best buddy of a dangerous, unstable and
mercurial individual with a clear and pronounced mental
deficit just because it suits their short term financial and,
perhaps, other interests. Good Luck now that the honeymoon
is over...

Ο χονδροαφερέγγυος Πολάκης τα' βαλε με τους
δικαστές του Συμβουλίου της Επικρατείας, που,
τουλάχιστον, έβγαλαν μία γρήγορη και ξεκάθαρη
απόφαση για ένα επείγον θέμα. Θα ήλπιζε κανείς
ότι αυτός ο χονδροαφερέγγος τύπος, αν είχε (που
θα έπρεπε να έχει) πρόβλημα με τη φοροδιαφυγή
και με τη φοροαπαλλαγή, θα τα΄βαζε με την
κυβέρνηση η οποία σε πολλές περιπτώσεις ή
αδυνατεί ή αθελεί στο να ελέγξει τις δηλώσεις
των μεγάλων λαυρακιών αντός του 5-ετούς
πλαισίου που προβλέπεται από το Σύνταγμα
και τους Νόμους του Κράτους και νομίζει
ότι ο κατάλληλος τρόπος για να διορθώσει τις
δικές της αφερεγγυότητες είναι να θέσει εαυτόν
υπέρ Συντάγματος και Νομων. Ντροπή, Πολάκη!

Stupidity without bounds, as usually spurred on by the
retarded ``social media"...

All of them of the ``chosen classes", politicians, priests
financiers etc., are too well and too happy to take a long
flight forward to higher positions and bigger compensations.
But when they abuse their power, when they embezzle,
steal, harass and assault, they become suddenly ``too old
and too unwell to take the same exact long flights back"
to account for their deeds and/or their crimes. We know
this behavior all too well, unfortunately, and it is only
sad that the pope has lent his support to that kind of
behavior and has not only sheltered and protected this
man, that one could claim is a humanitarian move, but
he has indeed kept him up to the top of the church's
hierarchy and this is by no means a warranted gesture,
nor is it appropriate for an organization that, through
resistance and fierce unrepentance, has been slow and
rigid in reform, no matter how forceful the pressure.

I am shocked that even the new Secretary-General
has not yet given instructions to this man to pack
his bags and go. Not because his is biased or an
indecent individual but, simply, because his ``efforts"
(for how many years?) have had absolutely no result.
Where is effectiveness and accountability in our U.N.?

Venezuela may have its political problems and the
suppression of public discontent and legitimate
demonstrations may have reached unprecedented
and near-unconstitutional levels
, but Venezuela has
still not completely abandoned its Democratic Polity
and the Public still has venues where they can express
legitimate grievances and discontent in a Civilized,
Peaceful, yet Dynamic and Vocal Fashion as its
proper and appropriate in Democratic Societies
So, at this point in time, exercise of pressure on
the Government to start taking its social, economic
and political responsibilities seriously and to open
up Venezuela to the World and alleviate in some
way its social and economic woes should be carried
out within Constitutional Bounds
and not by violent
and extremist actions such as attacking the Court
or the Parliament, that would, inadvertently and
with almost mathematical certainly, lead to chaos,
destabilization and the overthrow of democracy
albeit a democracy with deficits and serious problems.

I am all for recalling the insensitive and despicable
California judge, but not only because his sentence
was an affront to women's decency. The additional
reason that makes me sick and tired of this system is
the thought - and the near certainty - that, had the
perpetrator been a poor black man having committed
exactly the same assault under exactly the same
circumstances, the penalty imposed would have
been, most likely, at least fifteen years in high security
without the possibility of parole.

When you are a public figure and you or your wife is
accused of fraud and mismanagement, you do not have
the right to brush aside appropriate and reasonable
questioning by reporters. If that's what you want or
you need to do, have the decency and courage to resign
public office and deal with your legal troubles in private,
without the absolutely necessary public scrutiny that
ensures checks on uncontrollable power, arrogance
and corruption in genuinely democratic systems.

A new, clear and unequivocal warning to the Beast of
Damascus: The United States will not sit back and watch
unresponsive and passive the use of weapons of mass
destruction and of insufferable pain, that are banned
by International Treaties and Custom. If those are
employed again in Syria, the next target is going to
be the Presidential Palace, and in particular the
living quarters
, and the Beast will not have a place
to run or hide anymore, except underground, as a
reptile, or in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Novosibirsk
as a guest of (dis)honor...

The Brazilian elites stink a terrible and insufferable stench...

BRAVO to the South Korean Government! I would
hope that the North Korean Olympic Authorities
would reconsider and decide to participate in one
way or another, even if it is only a symbolic gesture,
to remind the World Community that we do not
need senseless rivalries, enmity and wasteful
spending in extreme militarization and deployment
of weapons of mass destruction and of immeasurable
, but, rather, must focus on Tolerance, Fraternity
and Cooperation among All Nations, and a fortiori,
Nations that are One and only artificially separated

for political and economic reasons, partially because
of the will of others and because of others' sins, but
also partially due to their own historical mistakes,
inflexibility and intransigence.

In our United States it is unacceptable for the official
State apparatus to pick and choose which religious
events to celebrate and which ones to shun
. My opinion
is clear and unequivocal: Complete Separation of Church
and State
; in other words the State refraining from any
and all religious celebrations. Of course this would not
exclude the President or other officials celebrating the
holidays of their faith in a private capacity as Citizens,
as is the right of every other Citizen. However it would
exclude holding an official celebration for Christmas
or Passover in the White House while boycotting or
turning down official celebrations of other faiths that
are equally and as honorably represented in the
American Populace.

This Country narrowly escaped the comical tragedy of
Biil Cosby going around speaking to and educating the
young people, especially our young males, about sexual
assault and how to behave around and to treat women...
And by the way, no matter how many ``publicists" one
hires, what's done is done and no cleansing of either
culpability or conscience can occur through spending...

The Chinese President Xi would be welcome in Europe
even without the Pandas in Berlin! But, truth to be told,
we do love the Pandas also, and this was a heartwarming
and kind gesture on behalf of the Chinese!

It is funny how a Turkish teacher proclaims ``Even in Iran
there are 60 hours of lessons on evolution and 11 hours on
Darwin himself" as if Turkey is somehow an enlightened
State whereas Iran is backward and stale. However, what
one sees and hears is telling a completely different story
and points to a completely different reality: An Iran as an
island of reform and forward looking ideas, with renewed
appetite to rejoin the World Community and a passion to
open up and offer anew its tremendous Historical, Cultural
and Scientific Assets to the Citizens of the Globe and help,
within its powers to build a better future. On the other
hand, politically and culturally, we see a Turkey and the
Arabia of the Sauds embracing backward and stale
political positions, closing up their States and seemingly
striving to subvert their harmonious relations with their
neighbors and their regional allies and to exacerbate the
rivalries with their adversaries. Moreover, it now sounds
that they are also eager to return scientifically to the
middle ages with debates on issues like ``creationism",
which, up to now, one could have thought possible only
in the most fanatic and backward backcountry and the
Bible belt of our United States. Natural for the Arabia
of the Sauds that has never been progressive nor did it
ever have a tradition of good governance, but sad and
pitiful for Turkey that, besides its powerful cultural
assets, it had, due to the ``Father of the Turks", through
a period of reforms and enlightenment, achieved a unique
and remarkable progress politically, socially and in
terms of modern science and culture, which the Erdogan
regime is destroying and bringing to its knees...
In a State, where there are significant parts of the
population that could still use some guidance and
a strong education, a true leader should be there to
open new paths and lead the way; not to listen to the
most backward and conservative voices and return the
country to the middle ages. This, any individual,
however uneducated and untalented, can do by
simply hiring and listening to advisors of the same
mediocre and uninspired background and caliber.
It is in that that Erdogan is failing, Turkey primarily,
and the World Community next, since Turkey could
have been a powerful engine for progress in the region
and its backward steps are affecting the entire region
and the World Community as a whole.


Lives of minorities, the less fortunate and the least connected
are taken and sold for a million...!!!??? SHAME ON THIS
THEM AS CHEAP AS DIRT... One wonders how many
millions would have been awarded in a similar case if
the victim had been a blonde white girl from the suburbs...

The U.K. messed up with their decision for Brexit and now
the two sides are spending their time negotiating redundant
and unnecessary nonsense
instead of focusing on the many
burning issues that could improve the ordinary lives of both
E.U. and U.K. residents in full cooperation and harmony,
and instead of locking into a greater integration of their
efforts in financial stability, security for all and a common
defense and foreign policy that would make all Citizens
more prosperous, safer and give them a unified and louder
voice in the World stage in issues where such a voice has
become not only necessary but critical. TOO BAD!


These animals destroy even their own Historical
and Significant Places of Worship. They believe
in nothing, they are INFIDELS in a Universal
Sense of the term, since their only interest and
faith is bling rage, Armageddon, murder and
utter and complete destruction of everything.

This is what these animals, worse than brutes, can
do to an innocent Citizen
driving down the street
with his girl and baby, after stopping to harass
him, allegedly for a broken taillight. And these,
worse than animals, are the ones that the ``jury",
after having seeing this video, have acquitted...
The ``justice" system stinks of racism and phobias,
and is unacceptably biased and prejudiced against
men that, no matter how innocent and composed,
will never ever get their fair share, even at life,
just life, in this State, that interprets ``law and
order" as the weapon of the fortunate, well
connected and comfortable to keep the less
fortunate and the different subjugated and
under constant fear for crimes they have not
committed and for troubles they have not caused.

In my view the family of Otto Warmbier had a National
Duty to allow a detailed examination of the so terribly
treated and unfortunately deceased Citizen. After the
widespread condemnation and National significance
the event has acquired, it is urging that the Citizens
of the United States be informed of the truth, beyond
the shadows of any doubt, of how he was treated and
what caused his paralysis and eventual passing. We
must know so that we may adopt political, economic
and diplomatic steps to guarantee that such events
do not get repeated and that United States Citizens
receive the respect due them when they are traveling
abroad in the same way that Foreign Nationals are
treated when visiting our United States. In International
Relations, Reciprocity is a Cornerstone Principle and we
are not willing to settle for Citizens of one State being
treated unequally and with exceptional malice and
animosity as compared to those of other States.

No wonder why the French voters overwhelmingly supported
the new and the untested in the person of Emmanuel Macron
and his La République en Marche... The French establishment
stinks with economic graft, political entanglements and so much
corruption, almost beyond belief and beyond repair
. Even though
many people of this trashy and swampy establishment are now
quitting, it is highly doubtful that new laws and initiatives will
play a decisive role in a credible cleanup, since, unlike the news
we receive from Brazil and from Spain, in France the Justice
system very rarely seems to forcefully and unequivocally play
its role to keep with vengeance the political system away from
illicit activities and from financial exploitation by its elites...

Rather bad news from the Arabia of the Sauds. The King,
exploiting his constitutional authority (!) for absolute and
uncontrollable nepotism, appointed his very young son
as the crown prince. And although it would have been
refreshing to see younger people and women afforded
equal opportunities and assuming equal powers as the
elderly in a frightfully absolutist and backward State,
it is by no means a positive development that the
dictatorial and monarchical superpowers of that State
are now decreed to pass to a son that could end up wielding
them in an unchecked and unaccountable fashion for decades.

Very good news from Germany! It seems that, under
Macron's influence and his overwhelming mandate
by the French electorate for reforms, especially in
the European economic and social domain, the German
Chancellor appears now open to the idea and the
urging for instituting common Eurozone, and
eventually European, economic policies and budgets
and having a central authority, like a Finance Minister,
to facilitate negotiations and oversee the process.
I do add my encouragement and my strong support
to such an initiative and I have the feeling that it will
help towards Greater Integration and a Stronger
Community with benefits for all States and all Citizens.

I am awestruck and in disbelief, but extremely pleased,
that the tax authorities and the prosecutors in the U.K.
and, especially, in Spain take their job very very seriously
and that the big sharks and those that are compensated
with unbelievable and unjustifiable sums for jobs that
are by no means worth those large amounts are held
accountable for their illicit wheelings and dealings and
their greed and avarice. It is high time that main street
gets a break and the ultra-rich and ultra-reckless and
uncontrollable get also a feeling of ``law and order"...

I am shocked and dumbfounded by the death toll in the
Portuguese fires. Even though fires are a common occurrence
in the Mediterranean States because of summer drought and
heat, it is very unusual to mourn victims in such high numbers.
One wonders, in a State with recurring summer fire incidents,
shouldn't there have been a well-thought out and rehearsed
emergency evacuation plan in regions surrounded by wooded
areas so that the panic and chaos that seems to have led to
such shockingly high numbers of casualties would have been
avoided? It is perhaps too early for accusations and for
apportioning responsibility, but the numbers are staggering...

If a killer is not convicted because he is wearing a uniform,
even when there is indisputable recorded evidence, and is
so shamelessly and provocatively sheltered by a rigged and
unjust system, then no criminal serving the goals of the
state apparatus and its mechanisms of suppression and
intimidation will ever be brought to Justice. All the promises
are worthless and all eight years of Barack's administration
have brought zero advances and zero changes in that respect,
despite his proclamations to the contrary, which, despite
his race, are understandable, since he has been part of
that system that kills in a self serving way to protect its
interests. And under the morph the situation is getting
more and more openly aggravated and more tilted
against the unfortunate and the less connected with no
substantial financial resources to hire systemic attorneys
to protect their interests and their livelihoods (or shall
we add to declare bankruptcies to hide, stash away and
protect their ill gotten assets...).

Helmut Kohl is with us no more...
He thought, fortunately, that ``German reunification and
unification of Europe were two sides of the same coin."
But, unfortunately, many ``coins" he siphoned into his
party's coffers, and who knows where else, and he used
his influence to manipulate the German establishment
to evade prosecution in a grand scheme of stinking
favoritism and partiality by a rigged political, economic
and justice system favoring the political and financial
elites and punishing mercilessly those less well-connected...

Can the morph convince even himself in good conscience
that he is taking a moral and wise path by courting with
and sucking up to Al Sisi and the Sauds, who are under
a veil of substantial suspicions that they gravely undermine
the United States' security and the World's stability by
covert funding of terrorism and radical elements, while
at the same time diminishing and jeopardizing relations
with Cuba, a relatively weak neighbor, who, despite not
having a Democratic System of Government, has been
an example for Independence and Courage and has
fought selflessly, and monumentally in comparison to
its size and its financial might, alongside our United States,
with good will in such important priority battles as those
against illiteracy and against epidemics around the globe?


The Sessions session in Congress was a ridiculous and
laughable affair. The only thing that can be inferred
for certain is that the attorney general is either a liar
or has severe senility or has Alzheimer's, since it was
clear that he could not recall anything at all, from
who he met, to what he talked about to what others
had told him or had asked him advice on... The United
States deserve a better equipped Attorney General
that is neither an abject liar nor in such an advanced
stage of senility or sickness so as to be unable to recall
important details about his meetings and his dealings...

This  ball, I do like!!

No one is ``responsible" and no one is held accountable,
not even the fat pigs at the top, who assume the benefits
of comfortable 7- and 8-figure compensation packages,
but absolve themselves of any responsibility for the
malfunctions and the chaos in the operations of their
outfits and conglomerates when glitches and other
problems hit and when passengers are not provided
the services they are promised. SHAME ON ALEX
``NO CRUISE" CRUZ..., another totally irresponsible
and completely insensitive ``boss".

Not only is the morph considering it unworthy to
condemn the attack in Portland and to remind all
Citizens that tolerance and equality are fundamental
values of our culture and fundamental principles
of our political system, but in fact, by having
consistently and purposefully cultivated and
encouraged bigotry, racism, xenophobia and
intolerance for personal gain, he bears significant
moral responsibility for these acts and for the
backward steps that the American Society and
extremist parts of the electorate are taking in
relation to the peaceful coexistence and to the
social cohesion of a populace of various cultural
backgrounds and various religious beliefs.

Those idiots that conceive of the display of statues as
``idolatry" should realize that people raising statues
are not viewing them as deities, nor are they praying
to them or thinking them as supreme beings. They
are just artifacts to be admired, when they are
aesthetically pleasing, and, also, symbols that stand
for ideals and principles, when placed in proper
Historical Context. I suggest that, in Bangladesh,
they place priority in getting their State together
and modernized and that they not demonstrate
against statues and other ``witches" that neither
improve nor damage their existence and livelihoods.

Montana elected a brute, who disguised himself as
a ``Christian conservative", as many people do
when it suits their personal goals in the districts
they run. I do not know how being a Christian
and a conservative meshes with assaulting reporters
or journalists, but I do know that this is a defining
characteristic of extremist elements, be it political
or religious, and that the Montana voters should
be preparing for bad news coming again from
this uncivilized charlatan they elected. And when
they come, there will not be excuses for ``the
Montana way" and blah, blah, blah... As voters,
we have a responsibility to raise barriers to such
people and, when we fail, we must share the blame.

I hope that, in Berlin, they reminded Mr. Obama
that, if he chooses now in retirement to do those
things that he was condemning as a candidate and
later as a President, he is loosing his credibility
and his trustworthiness and starts seeming as
pathetic and as self-centered as many other, not
so well-spoken and not so well-liked, public figures
who are standing in History as demagogues and
self-serving ear-soothers. If he chooses to follow
that path, then the public would be better served
if he did so by becoming a truly private Citizen,
like the despicable Gerhard Schröder, and stop
meddling in public affairs to keep his image in
high demand for private profiteering.

The whole of Israel is purring comfortably since they
can and are manipulating the morph, through his
ignorance and stupidity, to follow like an aimless
dog their own positions and their own interests,
while at the same time Netanyahu and his Likud
colleagues and associates are also having the time
of their lives, being provided with free comedy by
the President of the United States himself, at the
expense of all U.S. Citizens, who, supposedly, are
represented by this despicably ignorant and
repulsive personality during his foreign trips...

Trump thinks that the right way to combat extremism
is to partner, of all people, with al Sisi, a brutal dictator,
and Salman of the Saud, the head of one of the most
autocratic and least equality-prone regimes on Earth.
From the morph, with his ideology, we would not have
been, perhaps, justified to expect any better. But how
about his ``advisors" and his teams of ``experts"? Or
are all that have remained family members and people,
who owe and are owed favors with no wisdom?

It is my view that Germany, Angela and Wolfgang, have
to agree, at last, to a reduction, or shaving, of the Greek
nominal debt. Greece has legislated many important
changes and it is trying hard to put its fiscal affairs in
order, but it does need a debt relief, and it will not be
the first State that enjoys such help... Germany knows
only too well which the first State was after World War II,
and Germany knows only too well what devastation that
State had caused before it was shown such benevolence.
Now it is time they reciprocated in magnanimity. It is
not only fair; it is dictated by public conscience and
it can help Europe as a whole, subject to keeping up
the Eurozone pressure, not just on Greece, but on
all States, to strictly abide by their Treaty Obligations.

After France and South Korea, we are receiving great
news from Iran. Hassan Rouhani, representing the
Iranian People's hope and wishes for Fraternity,
Openness and Cooperation with all other States
and Citizens of the World, has received an absolute
majority in the first round, a seemingly overwhelming
support and a clear mandate to continue his work of
integrating Iran into the World Community and of
choosing for Iran the path of Peace, Stability and
Prosperity, away from unpredictable and needless
confrontations and mindless spending in weapons
with no other goal than mass destruction, suffering
and pain. BRAVO, IRAN!!

The morph is right when he says that the FBI inquiry
into Russia links ``hurts U.S. terribly". But that does
not mean that the inquiry is to blame; to blame are
those who, with their flightiness and their carelessness
and with their unfortunate and detrimental choices
of people at key posts, caused this inquiry. As they
say ``do not shoot the messenger", look at the root
of the evil, i.e., blame the morph himself. His handling
of public affairs, especially those related to National
Security, was from the beginning thoughtless,
haphazard and superficial and the results are those
we see today and that indeed hurt the U.S. But what
is the use of him pointing out that his actions do
hurt the United States when he has already carried
them out before thinking about their consequences?

Η Υπουργός Ανεργίας και Κοινωνικής Ανασφάλειας είπε
ότι θα ``εκμεταλλευτεί κάθε ρήγμα της νεοφιλελεύθερης
θεώρησης¨. Άρτζι μπούρτζι και λουλάς. Ακριβώς ίδιο
βάθος παιδείας με τον συνδικαλίσταρο-φοιτητή, αγράμματο
πρωθυπουργό. Καμία έκπληξη που έγινε υπουργάρα...

Roger Ailes; Good Riddance of a shameless predator,
supported and encouraged by a media mogul that this
World would also be a better place without...

States have a hard time reigning on the arbitrary and
undisciplined behavior of their own police forces. So,
there is no doubt in my mind that it should be completely
forbidden that foreign security personnel interfere with
the domestic police outside the premises of any foreign
mission for its protection. This task should be left entirely
on the police forces of the host State and/or private
security that is licensed and accountable to the host
State's authorities and subject to the host State's rules
and regulations for maintaining its license and its
functioning status. The United States and our State
Department have to immediately make clear to the
Turkish State that its security personnel has absolutely
no jurisdiction outside the Ambassadorial Premises
and that any action it takes there vis-a-vis U.S.
Citizens will result in prosecution and/or extradition,
whichever appropriate under International Law.

In my view both Pedro Almodovar and Will Smith said
the same thing: That it is pointless to compare apples with
oranges. That is why Almodovar resist Film awards
being given to TV shows and that is also exactly what
Smith explicitly stated when he pointed out the huge
difference between the two forms of entertainment. The
only difference was that Smith does not seem to think
of Cannes Film Festival as a ``film festival" whereas
Almodovar is definitely set firm on the issue.

Emmanuel Macron must know that all of us, Citizens
of Europe, have a tremendous advantage; we will be
supporting his idealism and watching his every move.
If he and his appointed cabinet mess up, even by a
small margin, we will not forgive. We are expecting
changes and results especially on those issues
concerning Europe and France's finances and her
position in a strong, inclusive and influential E.U.,
that will not only serve the interests of the affluent
few and will not only be a vehicle for the most
productive to sell their products and their services
to the rest, but a true block of fraternal and
cooperative states at all levels.

It is unacceptable for the U.S. President to meet with
the ``beast of Sudan" and it is even more worrisome
that the U.S. President will be present without him
insisting that Bashir be arrested and extradited to the
International Criminal Court to stand trial for the
brutal crimes he has perpetrated and the inhumane
methods he has used against enemies and civilians
in Sudan. SHAME!

How on earth would the Russian morph think that the
U.S. Congress would be willing to rely on his ``records"
to investigate the American morph, when the Russian
morph himself has made it abundantly clear that it is
his and his Government's intention, through espionage
and electronic spying and intelligence, to initiate and
spread misinformation to disorient and confuse public
opinion in order to destabilize public affairs and advance
Russian interests through imposing figures sympathetic
to Russia and so inexperienced and easily manipulable
that Russia may potentially be able to draw advantages
by exerting untoward influence?

In well-functioning Constitutional Democracies no individual
has any ``absolute rights" whatsoever. The repulsive morph is
showing his lack of education, his crassness, his cluelessness
and his sorry and pathetic temperament at every opportunity
and on every occasion, especially those most sensitive ones
that require patience, deliberation and acumen, qualities the
morph lacks entirely and which are sine qua non for any
Citizen to be minimally competent for the Supreme Office.

A true European, Mauno Koivisto, is with us no more...

This is the Switzerland of the United Nations? The State of
the Red Cross? The Country of the Olympic Idea and the
Olympic Spirit? of FIFA and UEFA and International
Fraternity and Cooperation? This is the State that, on the
one hand publishes the Laws and Customs of War and the
Humanitarian Regulations and asks everyone else to respect
them, but, on occasion, shows abject heartlessness and
terrifying coldness and calculation when it comes both to
Human Life and to Ethics and Ideals in Sports...

Regardless of whether Mugabe is constantly in need of sleep
or whether he is constantly in need of resting his eyes due to
a ``special condition", the fact is that he is unable to be alert
enough at the times where this is appropriate and demanded,
and, therefore, he is unfit to be President of a State. The
People of Zimbabwe will be shortchanged and defrauded
if a man incompetent to run the affairs of State and in an
age so advanced that clearly affects his normal functions
is again forced on them as ``leader" in fraudulent elections.

Excellent news! Another cop that did not know where his
responsibilities ended and where his liabilities started has
been shown the door... Really good news!

After very good news from France, we are now receiving
also very encouraging news from South Korea!

Juncker of course knows that English is not losing its
importance as a primary language of communication,
not only among all E.U. Citizens, but all Global Citizens.
And that is, together with the enormous cultural and
intellectual contributions of the British to Europe's
and to the World's culture, that we are proud to
think as our own, one of the reasons that make the
British decision so painful for us and so tragic for
European Affairs, Politics, Economics and Culture.
Jean-Claude must surely know that going overboard
and over-sentimentalizing by uttering non-sequitur
at his position is neither helpful nor constructive.

I guess, the way things are going with the Airlines
and the crassness and impoliteness and insensitivity
of the personnel, the family should feel lucky, literally,
that they were not punched in the face and rendered
unconscious in front of their kids and, then, drugged
out on the floor by overzealous ``safety" personnel.
The next policy we will witness under the ``leadership"
of ``pillars" of business and management, such as
Munoz, will be sharpshooters targeting discomforted
passengers with tranquilizer shots and pulling them
out of flights unconscious, before they realize the
absurdity of airline policies, behaviors and the innate
contradictions and have any chance to complain.
So the ``multi-million per year salaried geniuses",
such as Munoz, will be rewarded even more, due
to lack of any displeasure or filed complaints...

The details are still developing, but it seems like the
new Healthcare Bill is lowering the costs for those that
can afford to pay a little more and is making health
care coverage inaccessible and/or unaffordable for
a vast minority of less fortunate Citizens, by some
estimates close to 25 million Americans. It really
makes one wonder how this Nation, that is so warm
and generous when it comes to private giving and to
charity, especially from those most affluent, has such
a difficult time accepting the morality and the social
benefits and the overall economic advantages, due to
the resulting social cohesion, of policies that dictate
charging the most fortunate a little more, that they
can afford, in order to help those that are not so
fortunate, and cannot, in order to guarantee access
to necessities such as housing, food, healthcare and


What is she talking about? Has she completely lost it?
Of course the E.U. will influence British Elections! The
U.K. is a Member State and its departure involves big
stakes for the Union. How could the E.U. not influence
these upcoming elections? Be reasonable for Pete's sake...


Police LIE. From Chiefs down to the last gears of the
machine are intent on manipulating evidence and on
falsifying facts and on engaging in propaganda, when
possible, in order to have a free hand in the oppression
and brutality against the Citizens, but especially so
against minorities and those least protected and unable
to unleash the power of expensive attorneys on the
criminal elements of the law. Time and again, the
rule rather than the exception, before images from
cameras are publicized and before those beasts and
lesser humans realize they had been recorded, they
try to tell fictitious stories and concoct misleading
or outright false accounts of the events that take
place, of their heartlessness, brutality and mindset
set in escalating situations and shooting point-blank.
In America today ``to serve and protect" has
become synonymous to ``to kill and harass" and
the Chiefs, even when engaged at ``reform" have
in mind protecting the liars and criminals, the
attackers and killers that serve under them, as
they, themselves, have been part of the same system
and, most likely, did or would have done the same
things had the occasions arisen and would have
appreciated the covering-up and the silence and
complicity of their colleagues. Police brutality cannot
be confronted by police and sham internal investigations.
Police brutality has to be confronted by a federal
independent body of individuals distant from police
interests and police influences and, in the absence of that,
by a public outcry and public unrest that would result
in serious penalties to the murderous pigs and to the
withdrawal of public funds by the politicians in fear
of their elected positions.

Marie Le Pen said ``she will not do anything against the
will of the people
". I am curious whether this populist
lying demagogue thinks that the people willed her to
abuse public funds that were siphoned off European
Union accounts for her own and her party's interests.
I hope that French People are smarter than believing
in a despicable, lying and destructive, miserable figure,
who is trying to exploit public discomfort and public
discontent with existing structures, of which she has
been a part, and one of the worst parts at that, for
many years, to lead her State and the Continent in
a dangerous path, with abominable policies and
troubling and precarious language.

Where are the Trump Administration's Border Protection
Agents, who are super-enthusiastic and super-keen on
harassing innocent Mexican immigrants, many of whom
have relatives in the United States, under the despicable
``bad hombres" propaganda campaign, but allow white
WASP pedophiles, who abuse the confidence of minors
and stain the traditions of the most beautiful sport on
Earth, to avoid public scrutiny and shelter in the United
States evading accountability and Justice?
discriminatory and biased enforcement of the Laws of
this Land
that they have sworn to enforce according
to the Constitution...

The U.K.'s Prime Minister Cameron messed up big
time. In an effort to deflect internal political bickering
in his own Party, he took a chance in risking his own
State's Future and Membership in the European
Union and lost. And as if that had not been painful
enough, it now seems like he left at the helm a bunch
of Trump-like, crass and semi-informed and semi-
intelligent politicians, who are incompetent and
rather of insufficient wisdom and skill for the mess
they are called to clean up. If I had been in the U.K.,
I would definitely opt to Vote Left and support the
Unionists and Euro-Centrists in an effort to drive
away from stupidity and regain momentum in an
effort to retract the terrible Brexit decision and the
downward spiral of its consequences.


Idiots! Have the self-respect and the dignity to write
your own speeches, if you have something to say and
want to be counted as leaders of free and democratic
States. What a shameful and disrespectful attitude!

I am slightly surprised that the President ``stirred a debate"
by mentioning something that has been speculated about
a million times before. In History, both among professional
Historians, amateurs and History aficionados, the ``what
if"s are among the most popular and the most lively questions
that are asked and debated. It is time to stop hyperanalyzing
every utterance and every tweet of Trump and start looking
at his significant words and significant actions and going
after him when he really states harmful and inappropriate
things and rallying and campaigning against him and his
supporters when they try to push absurd policies, like the
wall, the ``rape by China", the ``bad hombres", the ``f**k
the environment", the ``obsolete NATO" and so many other
significant imbecilities that he has uttered and in many
of which, very fortunately, he has already change course
under pragmatism and under popular pressure...

Να μας λείπει το βύσσινο... Έχεις ήδη ``βρωμίσει τα
χέρια σου" με τρόπο που δυστυχώς δεν ξεπλένεται.

May the Carl Vinson and the Izumo sail safely and
may all their crew members fulfill their missions with
no incidents and other hindrances. But also, and
most importantly in the current climate, may both
ships and their sailors sail in the Spirit of Peace,
Stability and Fraternity and may they be seen by every
State in the Region as Ambassadors of Good Will sent in
Good Faith by the American and the Japanese People
to invite all Leaders and all Brothers and Sisters in
that Region to take the initiative for a Peaceful Future
for a Future without devastation and catastrophes, i.e.,
without weapons of mass destruction, including chemical,
biological and nuclear weapons. The World's Citizens
demand investments in Housing, Health, Education and
Infrastructure and Job Creation and not on ultra expensive
means of self-destruction, like huge military power,
ill-thought dividing walls and those weapons that have
no other goal than grave violations of the Fundamental
Principles of Distinction and Proportionality.

Continuing from the preceding message, I also echo
Papa Francesco's strong position on North Korea. It
is an issue that must be dealt with, an issue that can
be dealt with through mediation and negotiations
(possibly through a State that enjoys the trust of all
sides in the conflict and one that is reliable and
capable, with the will to help and with the experience
in dealing with and deescalating similar situations),
and that must be resolved peacefully in the spirit
of mutual understanding and mutual respect
between Governments and fraternity and cooperation
between Nations. Heed Francis' encouragement,
seize the opportunity, seek mediation and start
working immediately! This is not only the Pope's
admonition; it is the Demand of All Humanity.

I support Trump's and Tillerson's initiative on North
Korea, and strongly encourage the North Korean side
to receive the hand of friendship extended to them and
to positively and constructively respond to the move
and engage in negotiations in good faith in order
to abandon weapons of mass destruction, including
nuclear weapons, and to make a courageous step
towards opening up to the rest of the World and
to become more integrated and a part of the World
Community. We want North Koreans, as we want
all other People of the Globe, to be in friendly and
fraternal terms with us in the States and with all
other States on Earth. Much much more unite the
People of the Global Community than sometimes
we are led by our leaders and politicians to believe.

United Airlines realized that instead of beating you and
treating you like a piece of junk to correct their own
mistakes and accommodate their own interests and
their own passengers, it is better to either allow you
to fly to where you have paid them to fly you to, or
to offer you monetary incentives to entice you to give
up your seat in a Polite and Civilized way.
United has discovered CIVILITY and DIGNITY!

Donald J. Trump has opened the ``bad hombres" hotline...

I not only echo, but, indeed, amplify the opinion and
the position of Eugenie Bouchard about handing down
``bans for life" to those athletes that are found using
enhancing drugs and other banned substances to
outperform competition and cheat their way to the
top. On the occasion of Eugenie's comments and
the return of Sharapova, who has disgraced tennis
and discredited those ``representatives" of the sport
that have allowed her to return, I repeat (see sports
page) that, in my view, the only alternative, if one
wants to ensure fair competition, is to allow a free
for all, uninhibited use of anything and everything
so that fans know that, not any athletes, but also
their medical and chemical teams are in competition,
and that the playing field is as level as possible, given
the differences that exist from State to State in
enhancing drug medical technology and support.

Μπράβο στον Πρόεδρο της Βουλής των Ελλήνων
γιατί η εξαγγελία του για πειθαρχικό για το κωθώνι,
τον τραμπούκο και χρυσό-σκατο υπάλληλο του
Κοινοβουλίου δεν έμειναν στα λόγια αλλά
υλοποιήθηκαν. Εύχομαι και στο μέλλον, ο ίδιος
και όλοι οι διάδοχοί του να παραδειγματιστούν
από αυτήν την ενέργεια και να συνεχίσουν την
αταλάντευτη διασφάλιση της αξιοπρέπειας του
Ελληνικού Κοινοβουλίου και της ικανοποίησης
της ελάχιστης απαίτησης των Ελλήνων Πολιτών
για διαφύλαξη των Αξιών και του Πολιτισμού
μας, τουλάχιστον από το Σώμα των εκλεγμένων
εκπροσώπων μας.

The fact that some people can buy a luxurious home
by just giving a single speech is absurd, ludicrous
and outrageous and one would expect Obama to
be the first to point this out and to condemn, in the
strongest possible way, such practices, advocating,
instead, that all this waste be redirected to support
societal needs rather than a few fat cats that play
the well-connected and privileged circuit. If I were
him, I would be ashamed by where and how I was
ending, and I would rethink and readjust, being
inspired by where and how I had started.

I am unequivocally opposed to unproductive tax cuts
that are going to be balanced, not by concrete and
tangible reduction in expenditures, but by alleged
and hoped for ``growth"
, i.e., I am opposed to giving
back money to everyone, but disproportionately much
to billionaires and huge companies that do not need it,
slashing services to people who depend on them,
mindlessly and exceedingly beefing up General
Eisenhower's proverbial military-industrial complex,
and doing this with the hope that the budget will not
get way worse than it already is, based on a fleeting
promise of a certain economic theory, i.e., on thin air.
I hope our Representatives from Michigan and our
Senators from the State will be the first to demand
measures towards the opposite direction and that
they will muster the courage to strike down any
attempts at deceit and frivolity in a tax cut contrivance.

Sign of the ``instantaneous gratification" times... People that
theoretically idolize ``hard work", but, as leaders and supervisors
promote, on many occasions and in many working - blue and
white collar, menial and intellectual - environments, the most
lazy and the most incompetent, but want to show, nevertheless,
that they are hard working without even shedding a sweat.
Congratulations Nordstrom, for capturing a lamentable, but
essential and regrettably influential, aspect of our culture, in
a single piece of s**t fitting to and suitably designed for those
that deserve it and that can afford it.

After so much hateful, divisive, bigotry-ridden and isolationist
rhetoric nodding to Neo-Nazis, the Ult-Right and those who
would like French society to return to days long past, Le Pen
would like to fool us now with a deceitful, merely cosmetic and
completely ludicrous announcement that she will belatedly
work for the Rights and the Benefit of all French and not just
the narrow-minded and short-sighted interests of those who
have carried her and her father to the limelight, a lamentable
limelight, all along.

The centrist and progressive candidates in the first
round of the French Presidential Elections have,
together, gathered an astounding, impressive 50%
of the vote with participation lingering at close

I am shaken by what I read today on the BBC on Ilie
Nastase's absurd comments and behavior before and
during the Fed Cup tie of Romania against Britain
and by his indignation and ignorance in denying that
his comments were inappropriate and his behavior
embarrassing. I can only explain this by either
drunkenness, senility, idiocy or psychopathy. Pity that
such a respected player is ending up his life in such a
malevolent, regrettable fashion.

I am sorry about the families in Afghanistan that lost
their own in the attack at the military base in Mazar
- e - Sharif. On the other hand, if troops entrusted
and assigned to secure Afghan's provinces, cannot
even secure their own bases, how is one to expect or
believe that they are well trained and well equipped
to secure the cities and countryside of the country?
And from there one cannot but start questioning,
if the training and the equipment is not there, how
has the Government and each of the ``ministers"
responsible handled and how can they account for
the hundreds of millions of dollars that they have
been receiving over the last several years from the
United States and other International Donors?
Have they transferring the bulk of it to private
accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere, while
leaving the soldiers and troops without protective
structures and protective equipment and the
intelligence infrastructure that are needed to
defend themselves and to keep them safe?


I am not a big fan of Jehovah's Witnesses for a couple of
reasons. First I dislike religions that have their disciples
try to aggressively proselytize others. Secondly, I feel
that all organized religions have, ultimately, political
origins and, in essence, political power aspirations, and
that, therefore, despite claims, the ``pacifism" that those
witnesses are trying to swear by is rather supercilious
and conceited. Nevertheless, a Court's decision to equate
Jehovah's Witnesses with a terrorist group, like ISIS,
verifies that both the State Executive and the Judicial
System in Russia are ridiculous and laughable and
that even the most obvious and elementary facts can
be twisted and deformed to an unrecognizable extent
in the altar of some misconceived, ridiculous and comic
(dis)service to the Great Czar.

It is a shame that the Internet, instead of being provided
as a tool for empowering people in their economic, social
and political endeavors, is used in some States and in some
Regions as a tool to threaten, to blackmail, to subjugate
and to hold people hostage to the whims of Governments
and to deprive them of their independence and stifle their
creativity and their initiative, be it in activism on social
and political issues or in entrepreneurship.

I am not a supporter of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but
I am a firm supporter of the Right of all Iranian People
to Stand in Elections without needing vetting from the
. So I despise the fact that Ahmadinejad was
disqualified and would have rather much more preferred
to see him decisively defeated by the Iranian Electorate
in Free and Fair Elections.

``Rage against the machine"!
Both literally and metaphorically!

At Berkeley, they have to understand that ``Free Speech"
does not mean ``the right to speak restricted only to people
whose opinions we agree with, we like and/or we tolerate".
FREE SPEECH means accommodating differing points
of view and being willing to listen to what All People have
to say. Of course, the Right of ``Free Thought" allows one
to disagree with the speaker and the Right of Free Speech
also allows one to ``boo" a speaker, as long as the ``booing"
is not extremely disruptive and unduly disrespectful.

In Venezuela, the State has to work to provide the people
with the basics, both in terms of Fundamental Individual
Freedoms and Human Rights, and in terms of everyday
Necessities. It is shameful that one of the largest producers
of oil on earth has wrecked its economy and has failed
to guarantee even the most basic subsistence standards
for its People. At last, START GOVERNING AND STOP
Take for once
responsibility for your elementary and undisputed
failures in Government and allow someone else to
put the State back in working order.

Trump and Tillerson, take your hands off Iran. Inventing
phantoms and artificial enemies and tampering with States
that are mostly honest brokers and straightforward in their
beliefs and attitudes and their relations with the United
States is not helpful. Deal instead with those States that
are all smiles and friendship when our U.S. carriers are
around, but surreptitiously stab the West in the back when
we are turned the other way. Russia (with Crimea and
Syria), China (with North Korea) and Saudi Arabia (with
9/11 and the backing of terrorism) are typical examples.
Leave those States that are peaceful and open to frank
negotiations performed in good faith alone. We do not
want our United States to create more adversaries than
it deserves or than our Citizens desire. Do not repeat
those perennial, damaging mistakes of the past, due to
stubbornness and fixation; Learn the lessons of History.
The U.S. and its Citizens deserve better and demand an
enlightened, informed and adept leadership in foreign
affairs, not idiocy, superficiality and frivolity that
damage our interests and corrode our reliability and
our trustworthiness vis-a-vis our friends and allies.

When it smells of a rotten corps, there is usually a
cadaver lying around.

These pathetic scum are taken as leaders today...

Women, beware! Here are the conservatives that
would tell you how to behave, how to dress and how
your bodies should be controlled and your choices
should be restricted by ordinances of the state...
Here are the conservatives that cannot even control
their own urges and their own behaviors...

Only in the land of the Mormons with their traditions,
that they had such a hard time disavowing and
condemning and such a hard time discontinuing in
practice under enormous Federal pressure, would
anyone expect a judge, who sentenced a perpetrator
for such a grave offense as to warrant 15 years to
life behind bars, to praise the accused as a good
and virtuous man. And, of course, only in Utah would
one be almost sure that the praise was for no other
reason but for that man having being a servant of
the Church whose doctrine adopted and advocated
the rape of minors, even friends' and associates'
daughters, in the altar of the sexual gratification
of the founders and ``leaders"...

Down with May, the British Trump, that has been
leading Britain to divisiveness and has refused to
reconsider resubmitting to the British People a
proposal for rethinking Brexit, one of the most
absurd and most alarming decisions in recent

These two abominable pieces of dirt did not ``follow
established procedures" and ``training" as their
despicable attorney suggests and would have us believe,
but they followed their bigotry, racist inclinations and
hateful instincts, emboldened by the fact that they thought
no camera was shooting and that they could lie, fabricate
and mislead the investigation, like so many of their
colleagues have done in past and went unindicted and
unpunished. Inhumane brutes, despicable pigs that
shame their families and their communities and are
a virulent and nauseating stain on humanity.

Another piece of stinky s**t was taken off the
streets of our World by the Guatemalan Police
forces. Bravo to Guatemala and to Interpol for
arresting a man who should have never been
born and whose mere existence has made the
World a worse place.

HAYIR! For a Democratic and Free Turkey with
full respect for Individual Human Rights and
Individual Freedoms without excessive power
in the hands of one individual and the creation
of a near-dictatorial political elite. KEEP THE


Bravo to President Erdogan and Prime Minister
Yildirim that, on the occasion of Easter, sent a
message of Unity and Tolerance to all Turkish
Citizens regardless of faith, religion, sect or
ethnic background
and recognized the fact that
Turkey, its History and its Geographical Location
make an absolute necessity the acceptance of the
fact that the State has to embrace diversity, to
build on and nurture this rich heritage and to
learn lessons from its History in order to keep
vigilant and beware of any attempts at segregation,
discrimination, bigotry and pseudo-nationalism.

One of our southern neighbors reeks of drugs and
a government taking commands from the cartels,
and another reeks of corruption and financial
grabs at a grand scale where no political figure
at the top seems to be immune. Both Mexico and
Brazil need a complete revamp of their political
affairs, a ``reset button" that would destroy the
current status quo and demolish the current
political elites and start political revolutions by
which ``clean hands", without a history of
collusion between business and Government,
would take the reigns and lead.

In our United States, the practices of uncivilized
brutes, who target women with the goal of gravely
oppressing them and with the effect of despicable
and abject discrimination and subjugation, have no
place and will not be tolerated. Those that engage
in such practices and enjoy forcing them on others,
even if they do it for profit, should be shown no mercy.

La France mérite mieux que Fillon! Les Francais
ont le choix entre Emmanuel Macron et Jean-Luc
Mélenchon, deux candidats excellents.

Any leader that puts the interests of his State and of
its People above personal interests and the greed for
money and power, would resign and allow another
Government to take over if he saw such a vigorous
opposition and a degree of unrest and conflict that
resulted into war, anarchy and bloodshed and to the
complete disintegration and destruction of his State.
So, it is my view, simply the fact that Assad clung to
power and did not resign under the circumstances
has stripped him of any claim that he is working
for Syria and the Syrian People and has nullified
his credibility and his legitimacy.

If the Swedish Academy does not have a mechanism
for stripping Nobel Laureates who put to shame and
debase the value of the Nobel awards from their honors,
then this is an opportunity and the Right Time in History
to institute one. The Academy should make sure that the
awardees understand that they have a responsibility to
continue on the same path of service and not become an
unbearable stain on the conscience of Humanity.

Despite ignorance and a failed and unproductive
Presidency, Iran's terribly idiotic, but, it seems,
otherwise egocentric and vain Ahmadinejad,
is choosing to run again. What a sorry personality...
Sad and unfortunate news for the Iranian People.

Awful, totally awful, and unacceptable. Both men
should be immediately relieved of their duties.

Katty Kay of the BBC fully captured my feelings
concerning the issue of apologizing when in a
position of responsibility after messing up and
showing abject ignorance or abject inhumanity.

Another corrupt and unethical ``gem" of a company,
Shell, is actually admitting that they dealt ``by need",
as they are implying, with the ``honorable" Dan Etete
to pass half a billion dollars to the pockets of Goodgrab
Jonathan and his associates, stealing the wealth and
plundering the natural resources of Nigeria, and
violating the dignity and insulting the intelligence
of its People. SHAME ON SHELL ALSO! When
are companies going to, at last, realize that Honor,
Ethics and obeying the Spirit as well as the Letter
of the Law are as, if not more, important as profit
and start doing the Right Thing?

This was not a United ``public relations disaster",
as BBC puts it
; this was an uncovering of a disastrous
United, a corporation lacking any ethical standards
and any discipline, an airline that acts like a gangster
syndicate and terrorizes the passengers and the public
with heartless and brutal acts and a ``boss" with the
mentality of criminal bosses that thinks that he is above
scrutiny and accountability and, thus, tries to justify
the unjustifiable. I only wish he was treated in some
quarters in the same way that the passenger was
treated by his company and would enjoy to see his
reactions under the circumstances.
A veritably incorrigible beast, an uncivilized brute
who should not even have been an employee, let alone
a CEO, of a company that allegedly aspires to respecting
the values of  global business and commerce. SHAME.

In Russia, even enthusiastic friends and supporters
of freedom and individual rights do not really know
whether to celebrate or despair when an opposition
figure gets released. The reason is that the regime
does not kill dissenters in jail, but has no problem
wiping them out in the streets of Russian cities...

Our United States would play a more constructive
role in World Soccer if, instead of trying to participate
in a coalition of States to bid to jointly host the
World Cup, it would pioneer the creation of a broad
alliance of States refusing to bid to host a World
cup or to have anything to do with FIFA with the
ultimate goal of leaving FIFA with a few pariah
administrators in Switzerland with nothing to
organize and no income to speak of. This is the only
way that will ensure the demise of criminal
syndicates, greedy gangs and corrupt outfits
claiming to own the rights to the World's most
beautiful and most loved sport. I call on the
Canadian, Mexican and United States Federations
to reverse this decision and, instead, struggle against
FIFA by lobbying all other World Federations to
refrain from bidding for any event under FIFA's

So long for those that trusted the airlines. United is
a scum of an airline and because, like many others,
they have colluded and conspired to have near
monopoly at most of the airports of this Nation,
they think that it is within their rights and their
purview, when THEY make mistakes and THEY
seek profitability by overbooking, to treat their
customers and innocent Citizens like dirt and
to insult their dignity and the sensitivities and
the intelligence of the public. I would call for
, but how can I do this
with a straight face vis-a-vis those people that
are cornered into having to fly from or to places
where skato-United is the only carrier available?
At least, can the Board meet and fire the decision
makers on this flight and the CEO of United?

Nothing less than that will be satisfying for
such an unacceptable treatment and behavior.

Another piece of s**t was taken out of our World's
streets today by the Italian Carabinieri. Bravo to
Italy and probes to our U.S. to make a case and ask
for an extradition. Mexican ``justice" is a sham,
with all branches of ``government" in the pockets
of the cartels, as was proven in the case of Guzmán
and with the fiasco of the murdered students

These newly appeared incidents of piracy off the
coast of Somalia remind us of the courage shown by,
and the respect that is due to, the crews and the
sailors of the cargo and other ships that move
our World's goods and keep the World's economies
running. They also remind us that there are security
and anti-piracy operations by the World's Navies
that may not be continuously in the media and news,
but are nevertheless very important, and of the
Thanks that are due to the officers and the sailors
involved. Finally, they remind us that there are
rogue organizations and criminals that exploit
failed States and ungoverned regions of our Globe
to inflict damage and to cause distress to the crews
and the sailors of the World's commercial fleets,
who are just trying to do an honest job and to
provide for their families. I applaud China's
operation and the tireless and determined work
of the officers of all other Navies involved and I
hope that those newly activated piracy groups
will be decimated and their members captured
or killed and Justice delivered.

Bravo to ETA, the French Authorities and all those
intermediaries that made this possible. In our Europe,
where there is autonomy and self-determination in
most regions that claim a distinct ethnic character,
or other special characteristics - and justifiably so,
according to universally respected Principles and
Values - military struggles for independence are an
anachronism and an absurdity. I wish this message
is also received with open mind and good will in
those regions in Turkey with significant Kurdish
populations. The Turkish State has an interest in
allowing Kurdish People to enjoy a form of autonomy
and self-determination in handling their local affairs,
and the Kurdish People have an interest in laying
down their weapons and stop the violence and the
bloodshed that lead nowhere but to tragedy,
destruction and unimaginable sorrow and pain.

The Turkish Airlines crew welcomed a baby... in the air, of course!!
With so much violence and destruction around, we need a change.
Bravo, girls!

It is always a positive development when there is good
rapport between the leaders of two powerful Nations.
Moreover, it is always a good development when the
diplomats prevail, good-governance and deliberate
foreign policy dominate and when the demagoguery,
the ultra right pseudo-nationalism and bigotry and
twitter-dust take the back seat and are forgotten.

£50M in attorneys' fees and £700M losses in two years.
funds that could have been invested in the grassroots
of the World's most thrilling sport, but have been
instead squandered for defending the indefensible
actions of the despicable rats and criminals in
Switzerland. I hope that some Associations sue them
for that and that the majority of Associations decide
at last to withdraw confidence and implode this scam
of an ``organization".

The statement of the Secretary General that the only
way a solution would be found in the Syrian Conflict
is through ``negotiations and a political settlement" is
definitely correct. Neither Russia nor the United States
can resolve this conflict by deploying military forces
and by backing one side or another, as long as there
is not an agreement for a comprehensive ceasefire
and a roadmap for free and fair elections that would
eventually allow the Syrian People to determine
their future, return to their homes and rebuild their
country. However, until any such agreement is reached
and while war is raging, all sides should know that the
, including use of banned weapons and the
targeting of hospitals and of civilians, WILL GO

The Russian Foreign Minister should convey to his boss
that the time Russia had any moral authority to mumble
things about ``aggression" and ``sovereignty" has run out.
A State that has invaded the territory of another State,
the first such invasion in European post World War II
history, a State that has unilaterally annexed a region of
another Sovereign State, a State that has refused to
condemn in our United Nations Security Council Grave
Breaches of Humanitarian Law and of the Laws and
Customs of War and a State that has been shielding the
Regime that has committed those violations from any
repercussions and any referral to International Tribunals
has ceased all moral authority and has absolutely no
credibility in declaring any other States as being
responsible for ``violating the Sovereignty" of another
State. In fact, the United States action, given the context
and the severity of the crimes committed by the Assad
Regime in the past few months, was proportional,
measured and reasonable
. Let's hope that it also sends
the right message to various quarters. Our United States
does not have any interest or intention in getting involved
in this conflict, as Russia did, but the United States will
not tolerate any deliberate, persistent and devastating
violations of the Laws of Armed Conflict no matter where
they are committed and no matter which side engages in
them, and reserves the right and has the responsibility,
together with International Partners, to respond. And
my own hope is that it will respond not only by damaging
the military infrastructure that is used to commit those
crimes, but also that it will use precision strikes to go
after the residences of the commanders responsible for
giving the orders for carrying out such violations



Every time that Syrian forces release ``by accident"
chemical weapons and every time Syrian forces hit
``by accident" hospitals, both GRAVE BREACHES
AND CUSTOMS, there should be a guided missile
hitting ``by accident" the living quarters of the
Syrian beast at the Presidential Palace in Damascus.
Such scum and dirt understand their duties, their
obligations and their responsibilities as commanders
in chief only when they are personally hit and have
nowhere to run or hide.

Besides racist, misogynist and a bigot, the morph
is a abject hypocrite and a pathological liar. He
had been continuously lambasting Barack for his
allegedly extravagant expenditures and look now
at the sad comparisons; expenses upon expenses
for unnecessary and useless personal travels and
for security that dwarf, proportionally, in just a
few months the entire budget of the Obamas for
Barack's entire 8 years in the White House.
If he
continues like this, he should pay out of his own
pocket for his weekly trips to his resorts.

Nothing this administration gets its hands on seems
to stick. Everything is so oily, so slimy and so much
corroded and contaminated that it just falls apart.
Terrible, folks... Not nice. The swamp continues to
stink and everyone is enjoying the swim...

Every politician is a ``beacon of human rights", freedom
and democracy until they place themselves to the top.
Then, what they say and declare, in cases of abuses of
power and oppression of minorities, disregard for
universal rights and disrespect of media and of public
opinion, reminds one of the arguments of modern
Turkey when it is trying to justify the unjustifiable acts
of the Young Turks vis-a-vis the Armenian People and
other minorities. Only one person, thus far, in recent
memory had the Heart, the Fraternal Feelings and a
Warmth of personality to genuinely surpass bitterness,
and avoid discrimination, racism and petty politicking,
and the Will to make his State a better place for all
by forgiving, without forgetting, the past and by working
with everyone and by including everyone. Unfortunately,
Suu Kyi does not meet even half the standards and her
statements and declarations show insincerity, intent
for deceit and a willingness to manipulate information.

Good Neo-Nazi riddance. Let's hope for more.

Ultra-conservative hypocritical criminals and savages...

The Law that Michigan Lawmakers are trying to pass
concerning August schooling and trying to reconcile
it with supporting the Michigan Tourism Industry

is showing lack of understanding of what the demands
of education are and what it takes for children to take
education and work seriously and to succeed in their
studies. Not having school on Monday and Friday
to ``allow families to travel" shows that Lawmakers
think that it is possible for a child to go to school for
three days a week, then being taken for four days on
road trips, and still be expected to focus on school and
academics, somehow doing their homework on the road,
while being distracted by preparing for road trips and
while being at camps or motels or out of town, as the
rest of the family around them is enjoying relaxation.
Unfortunately, things do not work that way and
we should be more careful if we want productive
children with good performance at school.

I call on Secretary Tillerson and on Ambassador Haley
to review and reverse this decision concerning the
monetary contributions of our United States in the
funding and the programs of our United Nations
Population Fund
. If our United States has issues or
concerns related to the way the funds are being used
or with regards to the management and the efficiency
of the funds, they can ask the agency to review its
practices and recommend measures to improve its
efficiency. On the other hand, it is worrisome and
dangerous to cut funding for an agency whose mission
and work has significant repercussions for key issues
that bear on the well-being of States, the Environment
and the World's Economy, and, as a result, significant
repercussions for Peace, Stability and Security around
Where is foresightedness and vision in leadership?

Skato-Zuma will be remembered as the man  that took
the reigns of a State, freshly resurrected, with idealism,
with exemplary activism and politicians of enormous
stature, based on their fight for Freedom and Democracy
and based on their Ethics and Good-Governance practices,
including self-imposed term limits of Service, and, therefore,
with an enormous potential for leadership and opportunity
in the World stage, and leading it to shame, corruption,
scandal, catastrophe and shambles, destroying its potential,
damaging its reputation and trashing the universal respect
that his party and its struggles had gained internationally.
One cannot help but cry for South Africa and despise this
pseudo-leader who was incompetent and rather self
centered, with little interest in anything other than
self-enrichment and self-aggrandizement.

I call on all sides in the Ecuadorean Political Life
to face the post-election landscape with a responsible
and calm attitude. If there are doubts, gather evidence
and go through the Election Commission and the Courts,
as required by the Constitution and the Law of the land
and avoid the showcase of force through demonstrations.
The Public have spoken through their votes. Now it is
up to the Authorities, including all branches of
Government, to do their jobs properly and ensure that
the Party that the People voted for succeeds the current
Government and is given a fair chance in managing
Ecuador's Affairs. We stand by Ecuador as long as it
conducts its affairs responsibly, with dedication to
democratic principles, in an orderly and civilized way,
without extreme and disruptive attitudes.

Trump is right in claiming that ``China has done very
little to help" in the North Korean issue. Had it not
been for China's overt and covert support, a regime
which is so deep in financial catastrophe and whose
social, economic and political life is in shambles, would
not have been even remotely able to pursue expensive
weapons of mass destruction programs, nor would
have been in any position to bully its neighbors and
the World Community in the manner it does.
On the other hand, have we not seen a similar
``don't know, don't hear, don't see" attitude from
our United States in the past vis-a-vis some other
States that pursued weapons of mass destruction,
but simply happened to be our allies? As Trump
already has admitted ``we have not been exactly
saintly ourselves in foreign policy in the past..."
That is why some Idealism, instead of extreme
Pragmatism, never hurts in Foreign Policy.

If you are a ``nice, kind man" and you receive a prize,
then you either respectfully decline with, perhaps, a
short statement of explanation of where you stand
and what your issues/grudges and/or complaints are,
or you accept and respectfully receive the prize as
stipulated by the rules of the granting institution,
in a timely matter, instead of creating a Grand Guignol
saga as if you were a prima donna with whom the world
had mo more serious problems than having to deal.
Dylan does not conform with those characteristics of
a ``nice, kind man", in my opinion, but looked and
sounded more like a spoiled brat that would have
desperately liked to show opposition and an ``up-your-a**"
attitude to the system, including the Swedish Academy,
but is held back by his greed and avarice, and does not
have the guts and boldness to forfeit the ``honors" and
the ``dough" and to speak out (as he has done through
his lyrics).

Every scum and every piece of dirt seeking immunity
through wealth and connections and only the ``lowly",
unfortunate and unconnected commoners always
getting the hard end of the stick straight up in the a**.
And then we call this democracy and we call this a
society based on equality and equal rights and we call
this a blind, fair and impartial justice! What a travesty,
what a shame, what an insult...

Αλήτες και γουρούνια μετακλητοί υπάλληλοι
του Ελληνικού Κοινοβουλίου. Αίσχος και για
το Προεδρίο του Κοινοβουλίου
, που, εν τέλει,
είναι υπεύθυνο για το ποιοί αλήτες εργάζονται
εκεί, και ΟΝΕΙΔΟΣ για τα ΧρυσόΣκατα, τους
αλητάμπουρες ψευτοεθνικιστές που δεν έχουν
ούτε την ελάχιστη φαιά ουσία που είναι
απαραίτητη για να κατανοήσουν ότι με την
πολιτική, τις πράξεις και τις ενέργειές τους
διακωμωδούν την Ελλάδα και την διασύρουν,
επιβεβαιώνοντας όλους όσους την παρουσιάζουν
ως περίγελο και αφερέγγυο και αταίριαστο
εταίρο των υπολοίπων Ευρωπαϊκών Κρατών.

A large part of the problem in our politics is that
we disregard class divides and we vote in office
people that have by far solved not only all their
problems, but also those of their offspring for
many generations to come, and we are naively
expecting them to fight for our and our children's
education, health, job opportunities and general
well being, when the only realistic possibility is
that they are only willing and very eager to
expand their and their businesses' opportunities
to redouble their fortunes and, therefore, are
on an almost guaranteed path to increase and
accentuate social and judicial inequalities and
to reinforce and defend the rigged system that
overwhelmingly works, supports and favors
their own social and economic class.

No immunity for Flynn! Face the consequences of
your actions! If Trump is half-serious about the
``swamp" he should fiercely oppose and resist
granting immunity to his well-connected and
affluent friends, which would send the message
that Justice is rigged, and only the less fortunate
and less well-connected have to face consequences
for their machinations and their actions.