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Another shameful, atrocious stain in the face of Humanity.
When are petty warlords and ``generalissimo" pseudo-
revolutionary pseudo-leaders will learn about progress,
Peace, Fraternity and Humanity in the mother Continent?
How is that Continent, with so much potential, raped by
colonialists and now by its own, going to be given respite
and Its Children a chance to breathe and live unafraid,
free and given a chance to be fed and educated properly?

Spain and Catalonia, do not escalate the disagreement and
the grudges. Sit down and talk through the differences, be
it substantial or differences of opinion and perception.
No Citizen in Europe would like to see an important
and critical part of the Union fall apart and Citizens
having ill feelings and ill memories towards each other,
when Fraternity, Dialog and Cooperation between the
Citizens of all States is more important than ever before.

I am utterly bewildered... Is this happening due to senility,
is he a pervert, does he understand what is proper and what
is improper, does he have any sense that his position as an
ex-President of the United States endows him with particular
responsibilities that involve staying above and beyond crass,
distasteful, demeaning and disrespectful behaviors?... I am
flabbergasted and would like to know whether this is how
powerful and well-connected America operates nowadays
from beginning to end, and whether, then, power and initiative
should be taken away from this disturbing and uncontrollable
portion of America in a radical way and given back to the
people of the main street who may not have enough to live
ultra-luxuriously, but still have a basic idea of decency and
respect for their fellow Human Beings... and practice it every
day regardless of who they face and what circumstances they
find themselves in.

Our World is a poorer place today. A Musical Legend
and a Cultural Icon, Fats Domino, is with us no more...

Now we also have the most despicable, abject and
repulsive criminals and sexual predators who think
that by doling out dough and by using their fame,
wealth and connections can dodge accountability
and escape justice, shamelessly attacking people that
are either innocent or victims of their behavior.
I do not understand how people like them have the
audacity to do anything more than run with their
tail between their legs, their heads low between
their shoulders in humility and humiliation, and
hide and never show their disgusting faces ever
again in public.

I am not certain that the morph is intending to be an
``utterly untruthful president" and an abject liar.
My worry is that he is so ignorant, so superficial,
so mercurial and volatile, and so selfish and morally
bankrupt that he cannot speak any truths, even if
his sole focus and his primary goal were to not lie.
The only way would have been to check and filter
all his statements and tweets through knowledgeable
and wiser people in his administration, but this is
something that he is clearly, not only unwilling but
also, unable to do, because his loose mouth and his
agitated fingers run much faster than his weak,
feeble and uncultivated brain.

All over the World, the most corrupt, the most criminal,
the most ruthless and the most greedy are anointed to
govern and they allow no one and nothing to stand in
the way. And those few courageous and bold enough to
attempt to defend Moral Values, like Honesty, Decency
and Accountability and to stand up for Good Governance
and Democratic Ideals and Principles, including a truly
Independent Press that fulfills its Mission uninfluenced
and with integrity, pay with their lives; and the killers
may be gangsters, but the ultimate responsibility and
culpability lies with those top governmental outfits
and syndicates that are dead set to prevent information
about their illegal and unethical deeds from ever seeing
the light of day.

Από αγράμματους η Ελληνική Κυβέρνηση πάει πρίμα.
Εκεί δεν έχει να φοβηθεί κανέναν...

Bad news from Austria. The Freedom Party has
taken second place in Parliamentary elections,
leaving the Social Democrats trailing third.

In which other business or industry is it OK to send
female interviewees and prospective employees to be
``interviewed" or ``audition" in the bedroom or in
the private quarters of the prospective male ``boss"
or employer? If it sounds fishy and inappropriate
for any other business or industry, why was it not
fishy and inappropriate in the film industry circles
of Hollywood, New York and London? My view is
that all people, who were part of this unacceptable
and demeaning practice and this brutal, coercive
and tortuous machine should be held accountable.
From the bottom, those secretaries that phoned the
prospective recruits, knowing that they were setting
them up to visit bedrooms and bathrooms to those
personal managers and other underlings who sent
them or ushered them into bedrooms, knowing
that the monster lurked inside waiting for its pray,
to those prospective employees that did not insist,
as they would have in any other industry, where
the rewards and stakes would not have been so
unreasonably and terrifyingly high, that this was
inappropriate and so did not refuse to go in and
did not take the initiative to report the practice to
police or, at least, to labor bodies, to, of course,
the person(s) who practiced these horrible techniques,
and, finally, up to their employers, their companies
and co-CEOs, who, like everyone else, it is certain
they had heard, if not witnessed, these practices,
and were laughing them off as small unimportant
personal caprices and quirks, they all should be
ashamed deeply and admit that they knew and
did nothing to stop the practice, because they
did not care enough or because it suited their
pockets and their other interests. Finally, for a
man that hurt so many people, that has disgraced
his family and his profession and that has exposed,
not by courageous and bold admissions and actions,
but by his disgusting, illegal, inhumane and demeaning
behaviors and actions, the entire industry, who so
falsely and pretentiously proclaimed he loved,
the Japanese, with their acute sense of social
responsibility and their acute sense of personal
shame and personal responsibility, have a a nice
word of advice, seppuku.

If anyone else had done even one tenth of what people
are alleging this monster has perpetrated, they would
have been in jail long ago and with very harsh sentences.
So how come and, even though Hollywood was ablaze
with rumors of this behavior and friends and executives
were warning and preparing the aspiring on what they
would have to face to ``succeed" and how they should
handle it, and some of them were even joking about it
as if it was some kind of play and some innocent and
excusable little caprice (or jerk, literally), no one did
anything about it? One can draw one safe and
indisputable conclusion: If you are a well-connected,
rich Jew in New York or Hollywood, you have absolute
immunity from prosecution, no matter how despicable
and how grave the misdeed or the offense committed,
exactly as has been the case in many communities in
Utah with well-connected Mormons. SHAME to all
those that knew, sheltered, joked about it, profited by
sucking up to, acquiescing and collaborating, and
now pretend they are shocked and proclaim their
ignorance and their repulsion and try to portray
themselves as pioneers of a new era without fondling,
exploitation and sexual misconduct and as iconoclasts.

It was his modus operandi, his name was attached
almost to all Hollywood produced movies, few good
and a load of crap, and now everyone pretends that
no one new and that everyone is appalled and feels
betrayed and repulsed
. Hollywood, GIVE US A
. We are not ignorant idiots. That is the
way you operate, business as usual. You suck
up and do favors to ``succeed" and become
millionaires and, after success, you ``come out"
and say ``what a terrible being", ``he invited me to
his room and had me do this or that" and ``this has
no relation to our ethics, morality and customs"...
and own up to your usual methods and your
ordinary operational ways.

I do not think anyone could have possibly imagined
how low this could go... President and Cabinet
challenging one another to IQ duels
and wife
and ex-wives challenging one another for first
"but dirt bottom last" lady
... when the only wise
alternatives for all people involved would
be to either shut up and do their jobs and/or
play their roles, or else to assume the personal
responsibility of their offices and/or positions
and resign instead of bickering like imbeciles.

The ``president" of the Pay-to-Ignore Assembly of
the Council of the Wicked has resigned.
GOOD RIDDANCE! Will he and its ``members"
be prosecuted and punished, or, as usual, because
they are powerful, connected and rich, they will
evade the ``justice" that extends its claws only to
the less connected, poor and most unfortunate
and those unable to buy, aided by their avarice,
graft and corruption, expensive legal representation?

Why one is not surprised in the least... The sellers
and pushers of subculture and crap for money are
involved in crappy and demeaning behaviors.

Morph, take your hands off the Iran deal. You've already
done enough damage to the International Standing of this
State and to its International Reputation and Prestige with
your superficiality, ignorance, morosity and stupidity. It
is high time you let people in the administration who know
and have the experience to make wise decisions do their
job and then LISTEN and FOLLOW what they say, since
your ignorance and imbecility is imperiling this State and
is threatening this State's interests in the World political
arena. Stand back, listen and think before tweeting and
acting on impulse and on whim for a change and for
goodness' sake and for the sake of this Nation.

We are sick and tired of Republicans and their hypocrisy.
Voting for and demanding ``propriety", ``morality" and
extreme ``puritanism" for everyone but themselves. In
their private lives they always do what is convenient (of
course) and expedient, but publicly they demand from
everyone else - and especially their misguided and
unsuspecting voters - to uphold ``standards" of behavior
that they themselves are ready to spit upon at a moment's
discomfort. SHAME, ABJECT SHAME.

Rajoy is an idiot! Why are you sending more troops
into Catalonia? To avert a French invasion? What
a moron, what an imbecile... You need to let things
cool and take the initiative for talks to find out what
the grievances are and what can be done to preserve a
Strong, United Spain; not an antiquated and morally
bankrupt Spain with a mentality of eras gone.

It is very difficult to believe that this woman, who,
according to witnesses, was treated by the mass
murderer like a piece of crap, got as a gift a trip
to the Philippines and money to buy a house there
for her and her family without giving anything
(apart from the usual servitude explicitly or
implicitly demanded in similar cases) in return.
Moreover the timing is telling and it is unlikely
that she left without questions and as clueless as
she purports to have been, especially, as, based
on information about her personal life, it appears
that she is rather canny, sly and manipulative.

Not very good developments in the Americano-Cuban
bilateral relations and much of the bitterness, after so
much pressure and support for the process on our side,
has to be directed towards the Cuban President who,
if not ordering these suspicious, covert and illegal
operations, did nothing to stop them and to redress
the righteous grievances on the side of the United
States. Diplomats are representing their States and
play a large part in maintaining Cordial Relations among
People and States and at advancing, within their power,
Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Ties between
States. They must be respected and their safety must
be safeguarded. Cuba has savagely violated this
Principle of International Relations and needs to
apologize, to explain and to deescalate tensions.
Raśl Castro, do what is necessary to bring back
relations in the direction that you and Barack put
them on and that most of us embrace and support.

A ``President" that did disservice to Iraq, since under
his tenure, under his control, under his tutelage and
under his vigilance, widespread graft, corruption and
extreme sectarianism and divisiveness took firm roots
in the ``newborn" Nation, has passed away. He will
indeed be remembered for very little positive...

On the occasion of the Supreme Court's deliberations
over the despicable practice of extreme gerrymandering,
which makes a polity a farce and the electoral system
simply a mockery of democracy and a reflection of the
degenerate, greedy and exploitative nature of the
``representatives" of the people
, I would like to point
out the irony of American Leaders, and Barack Obama
in particular, visiting Greece and Athens and paying
lip service at how important that State is, based on its
Fundamental Contributions in the Philosophical and
Political Ideals of the Western Civilization, including
the Democratic Institutions of the West. At the same
time, when these empty and banal proclamations
occur, the legislators at both the Federal and the
State levels in the United States are conspiring and
manipulating electoral results through ``redistricting"
and, as a result, pee, or rather sh*t diarrhea sh*t on
these Ideals and, in particular, the cornerstones of the
Democratic System, which are One Equivalent Vote
per Citizen and the Election of the Candidate (or
Party) that Wins the Majority of the Popular Vote.

What is happening in Catalonia is OUTRAGEOUS.
Regardless of the opinion one holds about the prospect
of Catalan independence, it is revolting, despicable and
unfathomable in the Europe of the 21st Century for a
State to unleash such force and violence against its own
Citizens, who are peacefully congregating to express
their views and wishes and to have a say for their own
future. My view is that the central government in Madrid
has crossed a red line
and that, unfortunately, in this way
has shown that the freedoms that it has granted to the
Citizens of Catalonia and of other Spanish Citizens,
Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Expression, Freedom
of Assembly and Democratic Decision Making are only
cosmetic and only allowed when in agreement with the
views of the Government. After these events I find it
extremely difficult under the circumstances to envision
any outcome other than more agitation, a firmer belief
on the part of the Catalan People that Independence is
the only way that guarantees genuine and unrestricted
exercise of those freedoms and a renewed and reinvigorated
push for the independence of the region. If that happens,
I am afraid the blame will fall fair and square on the
shoulders of Madrid after the violent scenes we are
witnessing and the inexplicable and disproportionate
reaction to what could have been the start of a new
era in civil discourse and civil relations between the
Regions of a United, Great and Prosperous State.

Lieutenant General Jay Silveria's STANCE and SPEECH
It seems,
for a very very long time, no one, or at least no one with
such sincerity and conviction and without ulterior motives,
has stood up and expressed from a position of command so
unhesitatingly, clearly, unequivocally and from the depth
of heart, those Ideals and Feelings that should and must
govern the inter-personal relations in this Nation and the
simple, but still elusive, idea that Diversity is a source of
Power for both the Armed Forces and for Civil Society,
and that Dignity and Respect for all Humans, regardless
of gender, race, religion, ethnic background or other
personal characteristics, constitute a cornerstone for a
Civilized, Well-Functioning and Prosperous Nation.

Some of us were very happy that, after decades of friction
and animosity, Barack took the Correct and Courageous
Decision to start a Rapprochement and an Opening of
Relations with Cuba, which, after all, deserves being a
friend and allied Nation with our United States much
more than some Nations with whom we've had and still
have warm relations, at least economic and military,
for a long time. But, with all these things that are now
transpiring, one has to ask, I am afraid, Raoul Castro
for an explanation: If it had been indeed a sincere wish
and a priority for Cuba to establish closer ties with the
United States, as some of the Cuban officials had us
believe through public proclamations and the persistent
and consistent condemnation of the embargo as illegal,
then what is the point, after inviting a Foreign Mission
to the State, to sabotage its operations and to imperil
the health of its personnel through devious means, thus
violating Tenets and Customs of International Law and
breaching the Principles of Hospitality and Reciprocity?
If you did not want an Embassy of the United States in
the first place and/or if you did not intend its staff to be
allowed fulfill their missions in accordance with Treaty
Obligations, why did you then decide and agree to
establish bilateral Relations at the Ambassadorial Level
in the first  place? I would hope that the Head of the
Cuban Government would direct officials to look into
this matter swiftly and that Cuba would act to rectify
this fiasco and to maintain Good Relations with the
United States and its Good Reputation when it comes
to doing the Right and Honorable Thing as far as
International Relations and Fraternity and Cooperation
among Nations are concerned.

Despicable scum. The lowest of the lowest. Thieves and
embezzlers that, when caught red-handed, instead of
being sent to prison, like anyone else would have been,
are given the opportunity to ``refund" a portion of what
they embezzled. How about giving me, or letting me
spend, $5M of Government money and, then, when we
``realize" that it was improperly done, letting me
``reimburse" you for $1M? It sounds like a fair deal,
doesn't it? Al least based on the ``principles" and what
this despicable and abusive administration would have
us all believe.
SHAME! And not a single iota of sincere regret or
frank apologies, just a matter of course and an
abject sense of entitlement and rightful benefit.

It is a shame that the World is rejoicing because a State
is taking a step out of the Dark Ages in the 21st Century...
So much for ``progress" in the Arabia of its People (and
not of the Sauds or anybody else's).

I hope that Thailand will ask the United Arab Emirates
to extradite this criminal, embezzler and thief of her
State's Assets and of the People's Property and I repeat
my Call on the Emirate to listen to the Revolt and the
Outrage of People Around the World at such Corruption
and to heed the Call for Denying Harbor and Save Haven
to Criminals and Thieves of Public Property. Just realize
that one day it may happen to your own finances and
you would certainly want those responsible for the
repletion to be handed back to your State to face Justice
and to suffer the consequences.

Οπορτουνιστικό γουρούνι, που πουλάει τις θέσεις του,
την ιδεολογία του και τη μάνα του προκειμένου να μην
εξεταστούν ενδελεχώς οι ενέργειές του, τα τυχόν
αδικήματα του και να μην πληρώσει τις συνέπειες τους.
Αλλά στις επόμενες εκλογές, θα τον κλείσουν στο σακί
και θα τον στείλουν αναφανδόν στον τόπο του...
Αλλά μεγάλη ντροπή και για τον Πρωθυπουργό, που
ενώ έχει παραδεχτεί δημοσίως ότι έχει πρόβλημα στην
επιλογή συνεργατών, εξακολουθεί, χωρίς δισταγμούς,
να επιλέγει και να συνερίζεται αφερέγγυους εταίρους
που έχουν χάσει την όποια εμπιστοσύνη και καλή θέληση
της κοινωνίας τους είχε απομείνει. Και ούτε αυτό θα
μείνει απαρατήρητο και για κείνον όταν γίνει η σούμα...

Dictionary entry for ``a**hole" (it comes with a video
for visual clarity):

I am reading that European Jews feel concerned and
uneasy about the AfD's ascent and performance in the
German Elections
, as should feel also every Citizen
that has in mind Fraternity, Equality, Inclusiveness
and Tolerance as the cornerstones of a Present and
Future European Polity. My recommendation for
them is to speak to and to apply strong, persistent
and relentless pressure on their brethren in Israel
and on the Israeli Government and its ``leaders",
who do not lose any chance to rejoice and to celebrate,
out of shortsightedness and narrow-mindedness and
in the altar of short-term political interests and
political opportunism and expediency, at the acts
and the declarations of the morph and of every
morph in this World, not realizing, or choosing to
forget, that the ascendancy and the political triumphs
of the morph and its allies will hurt in the long term
the Values, Ideals and Customs of the Societies
that Jews, together with other minorities, among
them the most poor, oppressed and unfortunate,
refugees and immigrants, depend for basic Human
Rights, for Human Dignity, for Equality and for
Equal Protection under the Law.
Do not forget that one ``cannot have the whole pie
and eat it too". States and People have to sacrifice
lesser demands and greedy, exaggerated, and often
utopian, ambitions to support Values and Ideals
that are sine qua non for the Well-being, and some
times for the very survival and existence, of their
Citizenry and for the Betterment of our World.

Mixed news from the Heart of Europe. Angela Merkel
is winning a fourth term, but the SPD, a Party of
Historical Importance, has attained a new low, whereas
the bigotry ridden and xenophobic AfD has amassed a
significant strength, showing that not all Germans are
heeding their and our Chancellor's urging for an Open,
Diverse, Inclusive, Tolerant Europe that prides on its
Compassion, Solidarity and Openness and that uses its
Diversity as a Social, Financial and Cultural asset to
the advantage and benefit of all. On the other hand,
one should not disregard the fact that the progressive
and ``new" left, represented by the Greens and ``The
Left", got an impressive 20% combined, which augurs
excellently for (the Heart of) Europe that needs to look
forward and to break from antiquated and enslaving
attitudes and prejudices.

All players, in all team and all individual sports. who
play for American Leagues, have a deep Respect and
a deep Concern for this Country and its accomplishments,
its challenges and the problems it faces, and want to
contribute in their way what they can in making this
State a Better, more Tolerant and more Resilient, a more
Fraternal, a more Equitable and a Fairer State for their
children and all our children. They not only have the
Right in a Free, Constitutionally Governed and Open
State to voice their displeasure and their concerns for
the way things stand right now in terms of bigotry,
racism, abuse and discrimination suffered by the
most vulnerable sections of our society, especially
in the hands of ``police" forces, allegedly there to
serve and protect, but in practice to arrest, harass,
repress, intimidate and silence chronic, righteous and
severe grudges and outrage against mistreatment and
discrimination in the hands of the State and its
apparatus, but they in fact, being the ones that have
a public forum, fame and sway in some circles in our
society, have a DUTY and an OBLIGATION to take
a stand, make their voices heard and speak out, and
to defend the rights and demonstrate on behalf of the
voiceless oppressed and harassed and on behalf of all
of us that have eyes to see, ears to hear and are open
minded enough to realize that equality under law and
universal respect and equal opportunity for all will
improve everyone's position and will benefit all the
sectors of our society, not just the underprivileged,
and, therefore, would like to see fast and decisive
action in making this State move towards its professed
and acclaimed ideals that have stayed in large part
unrealized and elusive for large parts of our fellow
Citizens, despite some progress.
The ones that should feel embarrassed and ashamed
are those who either, living in towers and surrounded
by leeches and servants, cannot see what is happening
around them or that pretend not to see anything amiss
because it serves their interests, or cater to those parts
of the population that, being on the privileged, affluent
and/or fortunate side, refuse to see the injustices
and the wrongs that are perpetrated by both State
and private actors on the poor and most unfortunate.
People of that kind have no right to berate and silence in
this State of ours, with its long tradition of Fights
and Struggles for betterment, the ones who want to
effect CHANGE and, most certainly, have absolutely
no place, no credibility and no business ``leading" this
Nation, since they cannot contribute to its betterment.

The idiot bully strikes again! He is so empty-headed,
so pompous and so superficial that sooner or later,
he was going to make a thunderous blunder of such
gigantic proportions that even his friends and partners
in Government, however eager, would not be able to
justify and sweep under the rag. It just seems that
that inescapable time has at last arrived.

A BBC walk through the life and times of
the Chancellor of Germany,

And why are you telling us this? Are we supposed
to feel sorry for your children when you, as a State,
give priority to weapons of mass destruction and
spend all your income in developing bombs and
rockets and do not give a damn about the State of
your own kids and your own Citizens? SHAME!

In a World that is constantly tried by natural disasters,
successive devastated hurricanes and powerful quakes,
it is unacceptable to have States competing on developing
the most powerful weapons of mass destruction and
to use our United Nations, with a mandate to promote
and safeguard Peace and Security, in order to go out
of their way to exhibit their aggressive characters and
to showcase mutual distrust and animosity
, rather
than see in the occasion a real opportunity to approach
one another, exchange ideas, negotiate on differences
and try to bridge chasms that unavoidably appear in
various States' attitudes, policies, outlooks and World
views. We saw belligerence, we saw uncontrolled
responses, we saw idiotic satisfaction and smirks
from ``leaders" of States that lack the moral authority
and the prestige to assume a high posture, and we even
saw the usual suspects, who ought to have been retired
and be private Citizens since a long time ago, using
the Assembly to nap and doze off and do what a
civilized human being would do better at bed during
bed time. What a mess, a ridicule, an unacceptable
and lamentable situation, what a new low for this
Organization that our forefathers had expended such
a great effort in creating and such a confidence in
maintaining and fortifying. New generations of
``politicians" are becoming aimless, feeble, entitled
and they forget the Significance and the Purposes
of this Organization and they view it simply as one
more obligation in their busy schedules, and one of
a very low importance and priority at that, just
an opportunity to travel to New York and repeat
in another public forum what they have been doing
and saying continually in other fora all year long.

Λυπάμαι που οι λίγοι ελαφρόμυαλοι και στενόμυαλοι
υποχρεώνουν τους βέτιστους να λαμβάνουν απολογητική
στάση. Αλλά αυτό δεν είναι δυστυχώς ένα διαχρονικό
χαρακτηριστικό του Ελληνισμού και δεν είναι ένα από
τα πιό ατυχή, τα πιό κακώς κέιμενα και τα πιό βλαβερά
ιστορικά χαρακτηριστικά, που όμως μέχρι σήμερα δεν
έχουμε καταφέρει να αλλάξουμε ή, τουλάχιστον, να
ελέγξουμε αισθητά ή να μετριάσουμε; Είναι ντροπή
να ακούει κανείς ΜΙΑ ΠΡΩΤΑΘΛΗΤΡΙΑ, ΠΡΩΤΑ-
, να αισθάνεται
την ανάγκη να απολογηθεί ή να εξηγήσει στο κοινό
και τους συμπατριώτες της γιατί ΕΙΝΑΙ Η ΚΑΛΥΤΕΡΗ
και γιατί ΕΙΝΑΙ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΗ και γιατί και πώς η
δεν είναι εις βάρος ούτε της
χώρας της ούτε κανενός και την έχει οδηγήσει στα
ύψη, εκεί που πολλοί Έλληνες θα μπορούσαν επίσης
να βρίσκονται, στους δικούς τους τομείς, εάν αφιέρωναν
την ενέργεια και την ώρα που απαιτείται να αμφισβητούν
την Κατερίνα, στο να γίνονται καλύτεροι και στο να
βελτιώνουν ο καθένας τις δικές του επιδόσεις...

First, shamelessly and despicably using the morph's
Soviet-style propaganda techniques of ``fake news"
and apportioning of blame to ``both sides" and then,
after persecuting, uprooting and expelling half a
million, mostly innocent souls, stripping them of
their livelihoods and burning their villages,
``magnanimously" ``offering" to ``allow" them to
return to their homes... Such repulsive, deplorable,
abhorrent ``fighter for Human Rights" I have never
before encountered in my life, nor do I hope would
stay alive to stain the face of Humanity for long, nor
would I ever wish of having the ``pleasure" or the
``chance" to meet again in the remainder of my life.

Speaking of Civilization and Humanity, Germany
seems to fare not so much better...

We are priding ourselves for being the most developed
and ``best" Nation on earth, but, by golly, our ``police"
officers and our ``police" forces seem to be, either
deliberately or accidentally, trained on some other
planet or in a less than a third world country. Maybe
we should strike a deal and, after such incidents, we
should export these terrible, incompetent and incorrigible
brutes for additional training to Burundi or to Somalia.
A win win situation since we'll get rid of them and those
States will get some additional income, at list for a while.
And it cannot hurt anyone, since they are uneducated
and uncivilized and unswayed by way of civility and
those countries are so low that they could not possibly
inflict any harm there either, plus I bet they are smart
enough not to allow untrained ``police" to carry
weapons in public, like we do in most of our cities.

The Palestinians, with their infighting, their office
holding lust and their inability to establish grounds
for National reconciliation and to hold democratic
and fair elections, have lost credibility and enjoy
very little trust in the World Community. The
old, failed and ossified administrations, both in
the West Bank and the Gaza, should have given
the reigns to a younger generation of more effective
and more idealistic individuals who would be ready
to take courageous and bold steps to establish
National Unity and lead the State into a renewed
political process that will make it again relevant
to the current political, social and economic global
affairs rather than a decrepit, impotent bystander,
as has been relegated to by its current authorities.

I do not think he has any strategy; He is simply an
idiot; flighty and unreliable. Too bad for the U.K. to
have nonentities at key posts in such sensitive and
demanding times.

This has been the true state of affairs from the very beginning.
All the rest has been hypocrisy and theater. The dissenters
have been covertly supporting, helping and equipping the
North Korean regime, despite aggressive and provocative
behavior that could lead unintentionally to great tragedy,
and have been providing know-how, financial and material
support because they see it as stalwart ally and a buffer
between their own borders and those of some of the West's
and the United States' closest and most loyal allies and partners.

Scum of scums... That is what's wrong with the Trump
abhorrent administration. Ultra-rich individuals, but
insatiable, extremely greedy and avaricious
that would
kill for having someone paying for expenses that they
can comfortably afford and without any sense of guilt,
responsibility or empathy towards either their State
or the overwhelming majority of their fellow Citizens
who have absolutely nothing in common with them
and live in an entirely different universe, where one
works hard to earn a modest living and is expected
to live reasonably and to be careful to make ends meet...
and to not ask their State for extravagant gifts and
humongous favors and feel entitled to receive them
TO THE POOR AND DESTITUTE, because for them
the few thousands of dollars a poor man receives is
theft, but their flying for a honeymoon in multi-million
dollar planes on the public purse is distinction and
royalty... How I would hope that the morph and Kelly
would show this scum, fraud of a ``human", the door
and give him a kick in the a** as he is flying out.

We do not care about ``what happened" or her personal
ramblings and apportionment of blame and I wish no one
would buy this crappy book. Fact is she should not have
run in the first place and she should have supported and
left space for younger, more genuine and more inspiring
candidates who would have carried the torch into the future
without liabilities and extreme baggage from the past.

The appointment of a 28 year old as a ``Communications
Director" at the White House shows clearly that General
Kelly is losing grip and that things continue to be run in
a trump-like, volatile and unreliable way in the Nation's
Capital. So much for touting the tough general, who would
bring things under control and instill some sense in the
(un-)presidential affairs...

I am still patiently waiting for the Swedish Academy
to act, or rather to react. What more are they waiting
for? What more do they want to see? Is it not enough
that our United Nations has strongly condemned
a ``textbook" case of ethnic cleansing (in the 21st
Century) for this abominable institution to decide
at last to withdraw its ``prize" from complicit and
criminal individuals and to condemn publicly and
shame those that need universal scorn and deserve
public condescension and shame?

I have Catalonia in my heart, but I also have Spain in
my heart. And in the same way that I hope and wish
that all Nations of Europe march and advance together
under Peace, Fraternity, Solidarity and Cooperation
for the Common Good and realizing a Common Destiny,
I would hope and wish that, in this European Family,
the Spanish Subfamily remains United and Strong,
respecting of course the Rights of Pluralism, Diversity
and Self-Government, which have, to a large extent,
been acknowledged, safeguarded, guaranteed and
emphasized under our Common European Values
and Principles. I urge Catalans to think more Globally
and to shed some of the Regionalism and Nationalism
that are outdated in the European context and that
lead nowhere, or, at least, in no place safer and more
prosperous than the one afforded by Unity and the
Dream of Integration.

Egypt never stops surprising us and amazing us with
its extraordinary, extremely rich and inspiring History.
I only wish that this State had a modern organization
and prosperity, commensurate with its History and
that its Society and its Politics were, at last, put in order
and that it's People finally achieved a Peaceful and
Stable Democracy with all Individual Freedoms and
Human Rights that any State's Citizens, but a fortiori
of those whose History has been teaching the Global
Community so much for so long, deserve and should
be afforded to enjoy.

I emb
race them and stand with them!
Hear their voices! Cancel Brexit and
stop the charade and the ridicule of
useless and redundant negotiations.

I hope U.S. prosecutors will pursue all clues wherever
they may lead and that they will seek the maximum
possible penalties under the Law. The issue of corruption
and the issue of breach of public trust, as related to the
embezzlement of Public Funds and the illegal profiteering
and misuse of private funds, as well as the issue of
favoritism and partiality when it comes to holding the
the rich, well-connected and those in power accountable,
strike at the heart of a Democratic System and our
United States do not have any excessive reserves of
tolerance and good will for the liars, the thieves and
the self-serving and self-entitled thugs in our Capital.

Fox News: The apex of right wing hypocrisy in
preaching ``virtue" and ``propriety", together
with the exploitative megachurches that refuse
to open their doors to the suffering poor and
with the Republican Party. The Grand Trio of
Hypocrisy when it comes to following what
one preaches in our United States, unless one
means only for others to follow and laisser faire,
laisser passer for oneself...

Bravo to Papa Francesco, who emphasized the need
for forgiveness and reconciliation in Colombia and
who did not forget to send a strong message in support
of a more Just and Egalitarian Society stressing the
Dignity of, Respect for and the Rights of Women
and urging reconsidering some of the antiquated
chauvinistic and macho cultural aspects of Societies,
not only in Latin America, but everywhere around
the World. Peace, Fraternity, Justice and Equality
are sine qua non factors for a prosperous and a
thriving Humanity.

Idiot, this is not an obsession with your food. This is
an obsession with how you handle the State's and the
Public Finances, as it should be for you and for all
those powerful, well-connected and rich, that, even
though have enough wealth to last them and their
offspring several lifetimes, are nevertheless arrogant
and think of themselves entitled to graft, fraud and
gifts, and as being above and beyond the law and
the regulations as applied to everyone else.
who will not distinguish
and discriminate people according to office, rank
and connections and who, I am sure, are pursuing
and pushing forward with their investigations
despite significant pressure from various quarters.

If his despicable scum of a father followed the same
standards for his family that he employs for others
in this tortured State, both him and his brother in
law should have been executed on the spot without
trial long ago. But, of course, the relatives, the rich
and the well-connected are shielded and sheltered
from their relatives' policies. God forbid they were
treated equally and as mercilessly as the plebeians...



Time flies; My namesake is starting school...

It is sad to see devastation and decline in the countryside
of any country in the World and the same feeling one gets
looking at these pictures from Bulgaria. On the other hand
I am appalled and angry at politicians that do not see their
States and their Citizens as part of a bigger World, in which
the Fundamental Principles of Mutual Respect and Reciprocity
are extremely important and nonnegotiable. If the Bulgarian
authorities do not have a problem exporting their own Citizens
by the hundreds of thousands in search of work and of better
futures (and this, they know very well, regardless of whether
they are educated and skilled), many among whom are scum
and criminals that have operated for years in detrimental
and despicable ways in foreign lands, what right do they
have to prevent Citizens from other States, who are also
looking for work and better futures for themselves and
their families to seek home and employment in Bulgaria?
A Nation whose politicians treat the Citizens of their own
State asymmetrically, unequally and as somehow being
better than anybody else, in comparison to the Citizens of
other States, when it comes to Rights and Responsibilities
is a Nation that has serious and grave issues and that at
some point or other will come against a painful realization
that its attitude and its behavior will be reciprocated in
some unpleasant and sorrowful ways and will find itself
in peril and in misfortune unaided or reluctantly aided
by its neighbors and the rest of the Global Community.
``You make the bed you sleep in", as the saying goes, and the
saying applies, at least to some extent, also to foreign affairs
and bilateral and international relations, in particular.

Now following the U.S. President in his ``protection"
of Human Rights, of minorities and of refugees, this
despicable scum is borrowing from him the repulsive
and unacceptable technique of attacking the press and
``discovering" ``fake news" to deflect and deflate personal
responsibility and personal accountability for the plight
of tens of thousands of people. She says she ``knows
very well, more than most, what it means to be deprived
of human rights and democratic protection". First,
one's history is not enough, if, having being a victim,
they become one of the harshest, vilest and most heartless
perpetrators. Second, what is the value of fighting
for one's own rights, when they either do not care for
and/or acquiesce to or support the violation of the rights
of others? This shows no idealism, but to the contrary
reveal self-interest and a self-serving attitude bordering
on criminality. I sincerely hope that the Turkish President
does not buy a single iota of this abominable pseudo-heroin's
mumblings, lies and excuses and that he joins me in
unequivocal, forceful and utter condemnation of her
actions and inaction and in  putting pressure on the
Swedish Academy to withdraw her pseudo-praises and
pseudo-accolades of this pseudo-leader and, thus, shame
her, as she unreservedly deserves to be shamed.

I agree with President Putin that more sanctions
against North Korea will not bear results. I just
happen to disagree with him on the reason why.
This is happening simply because some States
that ``agree" with the sanctions to save face in
International Organizations are actually providing
surreptitiously resources for the regime to continue
its intransigence and provocative actions and to
defy the same World bodies that those supporting
states happen to be key members of. How would the
regime carry out these expensive operations and
tests if it was not provided with material, resources
and know-how from external sources? The World's
Citizens are neither stupid nor blind and the States
responsible for promoting proliferation and letting
the actions of rogue actors go unchecked, despite
global condemnation, will have at some point to
account for their stance and their behavior and

My view is that the World is a place where there are
many more things uniting all its People than dividing
them. Even though I see the point of view of those
that feel that those who break the law should pay a
price for their actions, I still think that, in a booming
economy with practically zero percent unemployment,
even those that came as adults illegally but have been
living in our United States for a long time and are
educated and/or gainfully employed, without criminal
records, should be given a chance to normalize their
status. On the other hand, there is no question in my
mind and I think of it as shameful and unconscious
to either threaten with expulsion or actually expel
those that were brought in our State as children, found
themselves on this side of the border through no fault
of their own and know of no other home than the one
they were raised in in our United States. I urge the
despicable attorney general and the despicable morph
to reconsider this decision and, if not rescind it, to at
least show and urge compassion and humanity when
they send their agents and their underlings to wreak
havoc and sow pain in the lives of those that found
themselves in such an unfortunate situation and, who
instead of being helped, have become outrageously
political pawns in an ugly, aggressive and merciless
game between various inconsiderate and unreliable
social, economic and political interests.

Not even in bed do the  ``immortals" in Lausanne
take their corrupt and bribery-full hands off their
pockets. Once more, I beg the couple of remaining
Cities in the run for the 2026 Olympics to withdraw
their bids, thus sending a strong, clear, unequivocal
message to these stinky worms, who pretend to be
organizers, but they are in fact criminal bosses of a
Historical and Noble Competition, and to decide to
reinstall afresh, clean, fair and unencumbered by
overwhelming financial and medical sewage Games
permanently in their natural home in Greece.

Όλοι θέλουν να γίνουν πρόεδροι, αλλά για κάθε ενδεχόμενο,
να διατηρήσουν και τα δικά τους παραπαίοντα κομματίδια
στην πάντα. Καρεκλολαγνεία και έλλειψη συναίσθησης και
επίγνωσης του τί χρειάζεται ο τόπος και για το τί απαιτούν
οι περιστάσεις και οι προοδευτικοί Πολίτες της χώρας.
ΝΤΡΟΠΗ, ΣΚΕΤΗ ΝΤΡΟΠΗ πριν καν αρχίσει η διαδικασία.

This is a matter of great importance and utter urgency.
BBC and other media outlets must mention names when
they are revealed, inform the public without hesitation
on who received how much and what for, and which
actions they undertook in a corrupt and mercenary way.
It is unacceptable and frightful that public officials that
are appointed to ensure transparency and good government,
such as journalists and the members of the Council of
Europe were paid off to sweep aside crimes and actions
that are shameful and unbecoming of European Values
and Ideals by dictators, scum and state criminal gangs.

Bravo to the Israeli Prosecutors and the Israeli
Judicial System! No rest for the wicked, no matter
how high they may be hiding. Same anti-corruption
and same accountability rules for everyone. We
cannot afford rigged systems anywhere, nor should
there be special treatment for embezzlers of public
funds and for thieves, no matter what their wealth,
their connections or their offices.

Germany and Europe are in reliable, steady and
good hands. The Chancellor had to make the right
calls and the right decisions, often under significant
external pressures and significant domestic resistance,
and, in the face of adversity, stood by her positions
and always knew the gravity, and carefully thought
about the significance and consequences of those
decisions and showed farsightedness and a sense
of moral obligation and acute sensitivity. On the
other hand, for the majority of the time, Martin
Schulz, well-meaning no doubt, had a much easier
job, that of overseeing a body with very little power,
whose actions have been rendered redundant and
largely symbolic and insignificant and, therefore,
its leader, however vocal, has an easier job acting
and reacting, given that all his actions and reactions
count to very little and have almost no consequence.
I wish things had been different in relation to the
powers bestowed on the European Parliament, the
only fully and directly elected body of the Union, but
my wish does not affect how things stand for now.

A Nobel Peace Prize ``Laureate" who tolerates and
condones abuse, persecution and ethnic cleansing
What more is the despicable Swedish Academy and
its ``committees" waiting for to institute rules to
strip stains on the face of Humanity from their
pseudo-awards and pseudo-accolades?
The World is stunned and Alfred Nobel is turning
in shock, embarrassment and disgust in his grave.

It will probably be the greatest of ironies, one of a
historical scale and proportions, that the ``deterrent"
to regime change is exactly the major factor that will
eventually accelerate the process and lead to regime
change, as a natural consequence of state destruction.

Ελπίζω να μην υιοθετηθεί, μαζί με τη δημαγωγία και
τη λαοπλάνη του ``ΕΟΚ και ΝΑΤΟ το ίδιο συνδικάτο",
η πρακτική της λαίλαπας, της αρπαγής, της αλαζονείας
και των pumpers.... και της εξαφάνισης των λιγοστών
τίμιων και χαρισματικών ανθρώπων που θέλησαν και
τόλμησαν πραγματικές, ουσιαστικές και ριζοσπαστικές
αλλαγές στα χαρτοφυλάκιά τους με μόνη ανταμειβή να
αποθηκευτούν από τον Παπάντριου στα χρονοντούλαπα
της ιστορίας και να σβηστεί το λιγοστό υπάρχων φώς
στο βάθους του τούνελου...

I join my voice with that of the German Government
in urging Belgium to close down its nuclear reactors
as soon as possible. Even a small risk due to age is
too big to bear and risky, aging and unreliable plants
must be decommissioned to allow Belgians and their
neighbors to ease their justified fears and anxieties.
Find ways to switch to new,  clean renewable energy
technologies to substitute nuclear power or, if that is
impossible, then find the funds required to open newer
and more trustworthy nuclear facilities based on the
latest technological advances and up-to-date safety
features and requirements. No risk is worth the price.
Move before it becomes too late.

I am wondering how much these redundant, needless,
absolutely ridiculous talks are costing both sides and
whether, based on the arguments of pseudo-sovereignty,
pseudo-nationalism and savings that were promised to
be spent more wisely, but, as is usually the case, either
they will disappear or will be squandered, the two sides
have embarked on a charade to revisit and ``resolve"
topics that had already been solved by their courageous
and bold forefathers long ago, in the most natural,
cooperative and fraternal ways. and whose resolution
had helped immensely and contributed emphatically
in building a Continent of Peace, Stability, Fraternity
and Cooperation, such as it had never existed before
in the turbulent and destructive History of Mankind.
Superficiality and Stupidity without limits and those
with some intelligence and some foresight left gaping
and powerless to act or react... or enlighten the blind.

North Korea has to realize that mindless and
dangerous exercises may lead to accidents and
accidents of the sort that can occur if a missile
misses its target and actually lands on Japan
and causes damage, havoc and/or loss of life
can very very quickly escalate to Armageddon
and the North should know that if they place
themselves under casus belli with Japan and
its allies, they will be dwarfed and, despite
appearances, nuclear arms and empty bragging,
they will suffer very very severe consequences
and its ruling political and military elites will
be eliminated and, unfortunately, a large part
of its population will suffer untold sorrow,
even though, the World realizes that this
would be no fault of their own, since they
are either ignorant or have absolutely no
saying and no power to change their own
circumstances, short of a revolution and
self-sacrifice, and, therefore, are partly

Dubai has a moral obligation towards the Citizens of
Thailand and towards the Citizens of the World, and
towards all other well-governed States to arrest and
extradite the despicable, repulsive gangsters of the
Sinawatra clan back to Thailand. All States of the
World should exercise forcefully economic and diplomatic
pressure and the European Union, the United States,
China and Russia, together with all self-respecting
Asian States, should ask the Security Council to adopt
excruciating economic boycotts and other measures
against the Emirate to compel it to hand back scum
and thieves that, under pretext of public service, rob
a Nation and its Citizens of their Wealth. Dubai may
be a rich State, but has absolutely no right to harbor
and shelter international criminals and fugitives of
the worst possible kind. DUBAI, DO THE RIGHT

Pardons are not supposed to be handed out like candy
to petty criminals who place themselves above and beyond
the law and break the law while, supposedly, in positions of
``law and order", nor to shameless political suck ups and
cronies. From the abject, repulsive, mindless morph, one
would not be justified to expect any better, but, nevertheless,
what an unacceptable move, SHAME, PURE SHAME.

Bravo, South Korea! Intensify your anti-corruption efforts!
No justification whatsoever for leaving the big fish float and
govern, while minor players are receiving extravagant, and
disproportionate to the gravity and importance of their
delinquencies, sentences! BRAVO, KOREAN COURTS!

Arrest her, convict her and put her away where she belongs
for a long time. Any ``government" that shield this despicable
criminal and thief, who has plundered the wealth of Thailand
and its Citizens should be blacklisted by the World Community.

Distinguished a**holes of our miserable government...
Frightening and atrocious scum of our financial systems...

Interesting archaeological finds in Israel related to
Byzantine Emperor Justinian and dated to 550 CE.

I applaud Secretary Tillerson's decision on Egypt.
Under current conditions, not only should funding
be withheld from the Egyptian State, but, even
more forcefully. our United States should provide
no financial aid whatsoever to a brutally repressive
State which is governed by a dictator that has
violently crushed, and continues to violently suppress,
all Human Rights and all Democratic Principles and
Democratic Political aspirations of Egypt's Citizens.

I do not understand why spouses have to be given
``official roles". First, what is it that this spouse
can do better than the Ministry of Health or the
Ministry of Education, etc., in the domains of
Health, Education, etc.? If M. Macron and his
wife had important and constructive ideas on
how to improve the Citizens' lives with regards
to those portfolios, shouldn't these be reflected
in the policies of the French Government as
directed by him? Second, why would a President
enjoy special treatment when it comes to ``official
placements" of his relatives? Does a boss of a
company or any other employee at any private
or public post carry with him the right to appoint
his/her spouse at a post around him/her as they
see convenient? That is absurd at any level and
that should be absurd also when it comes to top
Government levels. A spouse is a spouse and
should remain and play the role of a spouse,
supporting his/her partner in their endeavors
without artificially and nepotistically created
``official roles" and ``official posts".

Unfortunate news for Fiat-Chrysler. The Italian
automaker and the American automaker, were
first transformed into a blended Italian-American
firm, losing the distinctive character of both, and
now is going to become a Chinese-Italian-American
automaker, and one cannot but wonder whether
its cars are going to keep any character and any
distinctive features or they are eventually going
to look exactly like every other car in the market
and are going to follow the same strategies in both
management and design/production that are
replicated and reused everywhere, same components
(sometimes defective and from questionable and/or
discredited manufacturers and suppliers), similar
features, same or similar fashion and designs, that
really make choice easy and/or irrelevant and/or

Turkish-German Citizens know better than to heed
the reprehensible advice of Sultan Erdogan, who is
apparently very sensitive and whinny only when other
States are interfering in Turkish internal matters, but
has no inhibitions in leading Turkey and its polity
into blatant and abject interference into other State's
internal affairs and political processes. Turkish-
Germans know that a Conscientious and Responsible
Citizen must do his part and play a constructive role
primarily in the political affairs of the State of his
residence where most of his/her livelihood and his/
her interests lie and, to do this in an effective and
thoughtful way, must avoid the propaganda and
the unfortunate influences exerted by external
factors with shady and questionable motives.
Vote based on your beliefs and your political and
social inclinations and on political, social and
economic performance measures and facts and
avoid getting swayed by sorry and untrustworthy
individuals who think of themselves as arbiters of
the Will and the Power of this World's Citizens,
but who, in reality, play detrimental roles even in
the affairs and the stature of their own States.

Living cadavers, in an advanced stage of ossification
and decomposition, who refuse to see and acknowledge
that almost no person in the World today sees things
in their antiquated, irresponsible and criminal way
any more and, due to this sclerosis and inflexibility,
have become laughable and irrelevant, disgusting,
gut wrenching stains
in a fast changing, unifying,
fraternal and cooperative global environment.

Κάλλιο αργά παρά ποτέ.
Είναι ασυγχώρητο να αφήνεται ο κάθε αλήτης και
απατεώνας ``επιχειρηματίας" φοροφυγάς να κάνει
τον γκάνγκστερ απειλώντας την σωματική ακεραιότητα
και την αξιοπρέπεια αυτών που προσπαθούν να κάνουν
τη δουλειά τους, επιτελώντας ευσυνείδητα το έργο
που τους έχει ανατεθεί, και να μετατρέπεται ένα,
υποθετικά, ανεπτυγμένο και σύννομο κράτος σε
άγρια δύση εν έτει 2017.

On this side of the Atlantic every unstable, mentally
deficient and psychologically imbalanced individual
that is intend to cause havoc and injure or kill his
fellow Citizens, under the pretext of religious beliefs
and other perceived grudges and differences, is carrying
a weapon and showcasing it on facebook and the
internet with repulsive shamelessness and exremental
pride. On the other side of the Atlantic the same type
of individual is driving a vehicle and ramming it into
crowds of unsuspecting fellow Citizens to injure,
maim and kill in the name of pseudo-religious beliefs
and pseudo-ideological convictions. Whichever might
be the case, there is no realization that Humanity tramps
religion and Humanity tramps ideology, because without
Humanity neither religion nor ideology have any reason
for being.

I do agree with the morph that ``you cannot change
history, but you can learn from it" and I do think that
the removal of the Confederate statues is not the best
or the most productive way to digest the lessons of the
past, to change our attitudes and our ways and to move
forward as a more United, more Harmonious, more
Egalitarian, more Tolerant and more Respectful of
Diversity and Plurality Nation. The ironic thing is that
people like the morph, mentally incompetent, ethically
deficient and incorrigibly and carelessly reckless,
without any will, appetite or capacity to respect, to
adapt and to learn, are the ones that are causing the
urgency in some Citizens for counterproductive and
ill-considered actions. Such moves would have been
practically unthinkable under Presidents with strong
and unequivocal opinions with regards to the Basic
and Nonnegotiable Principles of our Polity and our
Democracy and with strong Moral and Ethical
Convictions, adamantly and fiercely defending
Unity, Fraternity and Equal Treatment and Equal
Protections under the Law. The morph has instead
appointed a racist liar as attorney general and has
turned against immigrants and minorities with
vehemence, while signaling to armed animals and
extreme brutes that want to imitate the darkest
elements of the darkest eras of Human History a
tacit tolerance, acquiescence and support. Are these
the lessons you would have the children of this
Nation learn from the statues whose demise you and
your kind have precipitated via your imbecility?

Who knows what has happened? One thing we
can tell for sure is that she's not in very good
company and that she may regret it, despite
the attention and the material rewards, or,
perhaps, because of them.

Can anyone imagine, especially anyone white and
blond here up north, being forced to strip on the
side of the road and have her vagina or her anus
searched with a flashlight for marijuana possession?
If it sounds demeaning, if it sounds inhumane and
if it sounds like a gross violation of the very basic of
what would constitute the Dignity of an Individual
and, if we would consider it, us whites up north,
unacceptable, horrific and unsuitable to our
Civilization and totally against our Principles and
our Idea of Humanity, regardless of any suspicion
or facts, then I cannot begin to fathom how such a
thing and such a behavior is deemed ``legal" in the
deep south and how when such a thing is carried out
by ``police officers", i.e., abusers, sadomasochists
and rapists, there is no uproar and how an acquittal
when such an act occurs and caught on camera is taken
as a matter-of-fact and does not put to shame both
the legislative and the judicial branches responsible
for such things in 21st Century America.

What a needless mess this despicable and totally
unnecessary Brexit vote has created... Parties are
wasting time and effort in negotiating useless, utterly
redundant and artificially tedious issues that had
all been resolved very naturally and gracefully
before as part of a common European Heritage
and a common European Vision and Destiny,
as they should have in this World that is becoming
smaller and smaller and the sense of Neighborhood
and Fraternity among Nations is becoming stronger
and stronger. No Citizen on any side wants to
see a return to border checks, customs or, for those
lucky enough to inhabit the Eurozone, a return to
multiple currencies and constant money exchanges.
But our politicians, especially those alt-right,
mindless imbeciles in England had nothing better
to do than stir the British public to imagine ghosts
and phantoms and a ``better" and ``sovereign"
future, a future that none can have anymore
without all the ``others" anyway...

Perhaps these signs have been taken out of context,
since they look ridiculous and almost as if a joke of a
particularly bad taste (in fact both the English and
orthography are pathetic, which adds to the bitter taste).
Regardless, they stink of discrimination and inhumanity
and one wonders, since they have now been taken down,
what was the purpose of them having been erected there
in the first place. I hope Israelis do boycott this Hotel,
or Apartmenthaus or whatever it is, so that it and other
places get a clear message that they must cater with
equal respect and equal courtesy to all Humanity, and
that such clear bias and discrimination in public signs
is unacceptable and unforgivable, whatever the reason
and whichever the context.

I urge Iranians and the Iranian President to continue
Peacefully and Cooperatively on the path which they
campaigned for and which they were elected to implement,
a path of Reforms and of Friendship and more Openness to
the rest of the World Community. Iran has a long History
and a lot to offer, but it must take a Fraternal and Proactive
attitude in its Relations to other States, regardless of the
stance of the United States, which are, unfortunately, under
a bad political and foreign policy spell, led by an unstable,
untrustworthy President who is more likely to act and react
on mood swings and lack of deliberation and thoughtfulness,
rather than following firm, reasonable and consistent policies.

Michel, do not let the E.U. and its Citizens be
taken for suckers by the U.K. and its laughably
and skill-lessly disguised pseudo-cunning and
pseudo-foxy negotiators. A ``Customs Union",
temporary or not or whatever the deceiving
label might be, is a clear attempt by a U.K., with
a clear realization that it has much more to lose
than to win through Brexit, to fool the E.U. into
believing that it would be an ``equitable"
agreement allowing that State a tariff-free
access to a 450M market, while getting access,
in return,  to a 65M market. If anyone is fool
enough to see that as a fair deal, they should
not be either a member or a head of any
negotiating team whatsoever. Such a deal should
be accompanied by an E.U. ``equity" tax that
would be leveraging the power and size of the
E.U. vis-ą-vis the isolation and impotence of
a single State that can only offer one-seventh
of the consumer size of the European block,
to entice a comparative behemoth, 7 times the
potential manufacturing and commercial power
of the U.K. Clearly such a scheme must be
counterbalanced by other U.K. concessions
or it cannot fly as a reasonably fair proposition.

Morph, do you realize that by delaying your
condemnation and by equivocating and being
vague at the outset, you give the impression
that your eventual clear and unequivocal
position is not your real, heartfelt one, and,
in that way, provide those repugnant and
extreme elements with the virtual support
they need and they sought and, all along
they believed they found in you during and
after the campaign, to sow bigotry, hatred,
racism, intolerance and divisiveness and to
use violence and intimidation against both
open-minded and forward-looking fellow
Citizens of ours and the representatives of
the State and the Law? Why do you keep
being like that when you see that your stance
results in sorrow, pain and victimization?
Is this so hard to realize and to change at last?

Μακάρι να είναι αλήθεια. Αλλά στη Ελλάδα,
όταν αρχίζουν οι διαψεύσεις, ό,τι διαψεύδεται
συνήθως επαληθεύεται...

Brutes, animals, souls full of hatred and bigotry,
allowed by the laws of this land to carry openly
and to advocate and support discrimination and
intolerance with a brazen and brackish attitude.
Bands, many among whom are scum, uneducated
and mental wrecks, working to divide, harass and
injure, instead of unite, heal and empower, as
should be the goal of any Citizen that has in mind
the best interests of his Country and the most
forward looking attitude and hopes for the
betterment of this State and all its Citizens.
We MUST SEE, we have a duty and a responsibility
to see, in peaceful coexistence, respect for all,
inclusiveness and diversity, cooperation and
fraternity, the brightest possible future for this
Nation and the brightest possible future for all

The United States President may still be living
in eras past and condemned in the darkest corners
of a troubled and guilty United States History
, but
the rest of the Citizens in this State have moved
on and learned Historical lessons and are vigorously
and wholeheartedly in opposition to any suggestion
that a pseudo-colonial style American army has
any right and/or any responsibility whatsoever
to intervene, or to any suggestion that our political
pseudo-administration has any right to even allude
to a mobilization of our troops as a means of
intervention in the internal affairs of a State
whose political situation is in turmoil and whose
Democracy is under peril and threatened by its
ruling pseudo-socialist class. Diplomacy and economic
measures are there to be used in such situations, with
skill and flexibility, to convince wayward parties to
do the right thing, but one wonders whether with
so much nonsense blubbering and imbecility in
the White House, this State's Diplomats and our
State Department are allowed or given the
appropriate opportunities anymore to devise
those strategies and to handle those situations that
they have been trained for and have the experience
to manage best...

Bravo, officer Niran! There is absolutely no point in
arresting and harassing people like many of your
colleagues, full of bigotry, racism and hatred for
specific sections of the populace, are inclined and
prone to do on this side of the border. This only
creates victims and people brutalized and, altogether,
bad feelings and adversity between the police and the
public, who feel that police are scum and an extension
of the oppressive apparatus of a state that does not
want active and participating Citizens, but prefers
instead conveniently scared and fearful individuals
incapacitated by constant threat of harassment and
bodily injury or by relentless psychological torture.
The role of police should be first and foremost to
serve and protect (not themselves, but those that
are in danger, with a sense of duty and self sacrifice)
and to empower people to become better Citizens
and return the service to their communities, not
crippled and walking or buried cadavers.

Now the Socialists and the Communists, that, supposedly,
had been working for decades to ``cleanse" political and
economic affairs from the ``greed" and ``alienation" of
the capitalist societies, are labeling the real cleansing and
real efforts by courageous and conscientious prosecutors
around the globe as ``coup"s. Of course it is easy to label
someone else as a ``thief" and ``embezzler" and to blame
the political and economic system supported by your
opponents in an opportunistic and convenient way. But
it is difficult to admit that, when you and your own Party
came to power, under false promises and false pretenses,
you ended up doing exactly those things you claimed you
loathed and despised and that you had promised you
would correct and avoid, but you were caught red-handed
engaged, immersing and indulging yourselves in.

JUNCKER, No excuses! There has to be absolute and
immediate transparency in all expenses - if possible be
streamed on the internet for public scrutiny in almost
real time (as soon as practically possible to ensure
safety and security) - and every effort has to be made
to save whenever and wherever possible out of respect
for E.U. taxpayers and for the millions of E.U. Citizens
that are unemployed or live below the poverty level.
ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES for any attitude other
than humility and frugality when it comes to spending.

We lower our heads to remember the quarter of a million
innocent Human Souls who perished or suffered, living
through unimaginable and horrific events. Unfortunately,
we cannot promise ``Never Again", but we apply on our
political and military leaders as much pressure as it is
possible to refrain from the threat or use of force and,
in particular, of weapons that, by nature, savagely and
extensively violate the rules of Proportionality and of
Discrimination and, therefore, are against the most
Fundamental International Legal Norms and Custom,
and to move the soonest possible towards total control
and elimination of nuclear, chemical and biological
weapons, which are unfit and shameful to the current
state of Civilization and contrary to the Ideals of Fraternity,
Peace and Humanity that our World is edging, slowly but
surely, closer and closer to.

Barack's statement and advice could not be more to the point.
Kenya, listen carefully to one half-your-own who, through the
years, has seen a lot and has become knowledgeable and wise.

Σ'αυτό το κομβικό σημείο προς την οικονομική ανάκαμψη,
η τυχόν αντικατάσταση Τσακαλώτου θα ήταν ατυχέστατη
και αψυχολόγητη ενέργεια εκ μέρους του πρωθυπουργού,
θα έδειχνε στοιχεία πολιτικής αδυναμίας και θα έστελνε
μηνυμα πολιτικής αστάθειας και έλλειψη προσήλωσης και
αποφασιστικότητας στις αγορές; εν κατακλέιδι θα ήταν
ένα λάθος, που αυτή τη στιγμή δε χρειάζεται.

My conscience is clear. It's just that my aunt put
some testosterone in her spinach pie and my brother
pushed by mistake some of his suppository booster
medications up my a** instead of his. Nothing to hide.

Kenya, vote peacefully and send us a positive message
for Africa and its future! Give us a strong signal that
the Continent is politically maturing and make us proud!

I hope South African MPs do the right thing and
cast a vote of No Confidence to the current Government
so that the Zuma affairs can take slowly their way
through Justice and the Courts and the State can
leave behind this terrible era of graft, corruption
and mismanagement and its Citizens look ahead
into a new era where at least some of the Principles
and Values for which Madiba and his fellow Freedom
Fighters sacrificed so many years of their lives and
so much of their efforts and energy are upheld and
strengthened. Because of them, South Africa deserves
much better and, because of their determination and
resolve, the entire World has come to expect better
from this State and has been following aghast the
detriment, the descent into dissipation and the mess
of the Zuma era.

Να μας λέιπει το βύσσινο...

Mike Pence, the guy that does not lunch or dine with
women alone, is denying that he is planning a 2020
Presidential Bid and said that these ``disgraceful and
offensive" reports are an attempt to divide this
wholesome, harmonious and totally synchronized
administration!!!! Do not have delusions, solo diner!
They were not waiting for you to divide them up!
They are doing it all by themselves day in day out.
Maybe you do live on some other planet after all.

Now that the Government in Seoul is more open and
more flexible towards dialog and negotiations, the
North must do more to create a climate conducive
to frank talks and to open up a path towards Friendship,
Cooperation and Building of Trust with the eyes fixed
towards eventual Reunification. We are talking about
One Nation, One People with friends and relatives split
here and there by horrible, artificially created borders and
it is high time this military insanity and political absurdity
stop. No one in the World wants or needs this, and, surely,
a fortiori, no one on the Korean Peninsula has any room
or appetite for these mindless and dangerous exercises
and these testing and critical developments.

Bravo to Vijender! The people, especially people of
Neighboring Nations, that share common Histories,
a common future and common destinies, have much
more uniting them than dividing them! Problems,
like political disagreements and territorial disputes
cannot overshadow and will not outlast the Fraternal
and Cooperative feelings of forward looking Citizens.
They should be settled through dialog, negotiations
and, if need be, mediation, arbitration and/or
adjudication in International Courts, based on
International Legal Norms and Customs, without
adversely affecting courteous and cordial relations.

The Iranian MPs may have shown a bit of an excessive
zealousness in welcoming Federica to the Iranian
Parliament, but their behavior was in no way out of line
or humiliating, as has been commented. After all, why
would they not be as attentive and friendly, given that
Ms. Mogherini has been a valuable asset in steering
E.U. relations and foreign policy and, in that capacity,
has played a very constructive and encouraging role in
Iran's (its Citizens' and its Government's) efforts to be
more open in its political affairs and to extend a hand
of reconciliation and friendship to all other States of
the World Community?

Who are the people that Coe is referring to, who are
resisting lifelong bans for use of illegal boosters in
World's Sports and what are their interests?
it seems to me that whoever does not realize the
unfairness and the ridicule that ensues when those
world bodies and organizations strip a posteriori
of their medals the people that cheat their way to the
top under their ``watch" must have an agenda and
something to hide. Also it is pathetic and terrifying to
have to listen to the President - for pete's sake - of IAAF
say ``I'm not eulogistic that someone who has served
two bans has walked off with one of our glittering
prizes, but he is eligible to be there" as if this chance
and this permission is somebody else's business and
has nothing to do with him and the body he heads
and he represents. This stance, supporting clean
sports and life bans for cheaters, should be non
negotiable and a matter of utmost Principle and
Coe should have resigned if elements inside the
body he heads are resisting doing the right thing
to ensure fair, clean and transparent competition.
One more thing: The picture of a repeated cheater
shushing a booing crowd, having won against a
legend of the sport, is, to say the least, disconcerting
and embarrassing and I hope, if nothing else does
move Coe's ossified outfit to act, this will...

Even the most genuinely loved and appreciated leader
would not get over a reasonable percentage in genuine
Democratic elections with multiple candidates standing.
Thus a 98% and the admission of the despicable Skato-
Kagame that ``elections were a mere formality" say
all about how far below credible standards and how
(il)legitimate Rwanda's Government is. Unfortunately,
the only safe and firm conclusion that one can reach is
that, like the overwhelming majority of this tortured
Continent, Rwanda is now being exploited by its
indigenous abusers, pseudo-leaders and pseudo-rebels,
and that another great chance after the atrocities and
the genocide that took place there, for a transition to
a genuine, inclusive, open, free, well-functioning State
based on Meritocracy and Democratic Principles has
been squandered and sacrificed in the altar of personal
ambitions and improprieties. So much for transitions,
``reforms" and post-colonialism...

The despicable Sessions should focus on battling blatant
inequalities and police brutality instead of wasting his
department's time and resources on combating leaks.
Everyone should agree that leaks result in transparency
and more informed Citizenry, positive all around, whereas
police brutality and uncontrollable behavior ends in
suppression, disabilities, in Citizens crippled and maimed
through no fault of their own, and in cadavers.

The degenerate and expensive lifestyle of this and of other
``princely" political elite offspring have nothing to do with
radicalism, Zionism or anti-Zionism, or national security.
Nor do those issues have anything to do with the arrogance,
rudeness and sense of civil entitlement shown when someone
points out something patently wrong and demands kindly
a reasonable correction. But this family stinks from top
to bottom and it is sad that Israel and its voters have
backed them and stuck with them for so long. Pity... I do
hope he gets in life what he deserves based on his way of
life, even though the most unkind and useless on both
sides of the Atlantic get to the top through connections,
nepotism and undeserved inherited assets of all kinds...

The morph came to ``drain the swamp" and his temper,
his volatility, his instability and his untrustworthiness
have created, on top of the swamp of which he has become
an integral part, a vortex of absurdity and delirium that
is suffocating and destroying our compatriots' reputation
of kindness, generosity and solidarity and our State's
stature and credibility in the altar of pettiness, morosity
and political opportunism.

Τα βαπόρια-οπορτουνιστές εξουσιολάγνοι, που, ώς
γλυφτρόνια αισχίστης ποιότητας, βάζουν, ανάμεσα
στα άλλα, την ταφόπλακα και στην παιδεία, έχοντας
την κι αυτή ως πιόνι στα επαίσχιντα παιχνίδια της
εξουσίας και της καρέκλας

Why would a Jewish person, especially one that worked
for the bigot, racist and liar imbecile Sessions, ever think
that the Trump immigration proposals are racist and
discriminating? After all racism and discrimination,
according to the new, revised, gospel preached lately
by the Jewish State, can only occur against Jews and
no one else has the right of ever claiming anything like
being even remotely subjected to those predicaments...
especially when they are perpetrated by the Jewish
State itself and its policies and those of its associates.

Made a mark, my a**! All these are incompetent, insecure
angry, aimless and opportunistically drifting, worthless
individuals who are going to be relegated instantly and
indisputably in the trashcan of a nightmarish and utterly
unfortunate part of this State's History.

While the sensitivity of the issue for Poland is understandable,
everyone who has no prejudice and intent to falsify or to rewrite
History accepts the dramatic and critical role that Operation
and the fierce Soviet resistance to the Nazi invading
forces have played in spurring and accelerating the eventual
total defeat of the axis powers. So, despite subsequent differences
and the cold war era sour feelings, the occasion of celebrating
the defeat of the Nazis and the eradication of, probably, the most
bigoted, racist, vicious, inhumane and brutal regime that the
turbulent history of this unsettling World has ever seen, should
be an occasion for showcasing Peaceful, Fraternal, Open and
Cooperative Feelings
; not for bringing forward disagreements
and grudges or try to undeservedly lessen the sacrifices of an
entire Nation that did lose over 20M ordinary people in a noble
fight that was not only for their own freedom nor exclusively
for their own State's freedom. We remember them, along with
all those that had the chance to fight and all those that did not,
not because of lack of courage, but because they were savagely
and preemptively discriminated upon, segregated and brutally
and shockingly eliminated.

A French muse, an icon of the French new wave,
Jeanne Moreau, is with us no more.

I would not have had the courage and boldness to
approach Leena and her family in the same way -
Lenny is 90 after all and he has lived and seen quite
a bit more than I - but I nevertheless stand firmly
with him and share his feelings, sentiments and
opinion and appreciate his Humanity and Warmth.

I hope these family members are also stripped of
all their assets and that they are returned to the
Uzbek State and its Citizens. No States, not even
rich ones, can afford plundering of National Wealth
and National Resources, let alone States like
Uzbekistan, given the pressures and the strains
that vital services and infrastructure projects
have been under in recent and not so recent years.
No ``leader" and no ``leader"'s family members
should be allowed to organize gangs, outfits,
organizations or ``businesses" with the sole goal
of siphoning off public funds, laundering them
and supposedly creating ``business ventures".

Scum that ``govern" and loot one State and, then,
cowardly escape from the back door and use
connections and nepotism to take advantage of
another. They should face justice and get what
they deserve rather than being allowed to walk
around free with their ill-gotten profits.

It turns out that the morph, being an unstable and
untrustworthy person himself, has a tendency of
surrounding himself by people who are nervous
and mental wrecks, competing with one another for
repulsiveness, crassness, instability and impoliteness,
in other words, by pure scum, the worse of the worst.
How could our State progress when a President is
of this type and all the people that he appoints are
despicable, uncooperative and plain a**holes?
And how sad to think that these crass and
unacceptable individuals are extremely rich
and among the most financially privileged... It goes
a long way to explain what types of people and
personalities are ruthless and shameless enough
to rise to the top in a cut-throat, laissez faire,
unrestricted and uncontrollable capitalist system.

In cooperation with Interpol and other International
Anti-corruption Authorities and Foreign Financial
Law Enforcement, Pakistan should now focus on
stripping Sharif and his relatives from their wealth
and recovering it for the State and its Citizens.
Otherwise this commendable prosecution will have
resulted to almost null and the cycle of graft,
nepotism and corruption in this degenerate, despicable
and badly-governed ``state" will continue ad infinitum.

In a well-functioning democracy the representatives
of the people should strive to provide the Citizens they
serve with equal, if not better, benefits, in terms of
Health Care, Education and Retirement than they
themselves enjoy. If they cannot do that because of
various constraints, then they should take those same
constraints into account when they think and they
legislate about their own benefit packages and make
reductions to those to bring them down closer in line
of those enjoyed by the Citizens they serve. Any other
approach shows disrespect and disregard for the
people and also reveals, explains and justifies the
public perception that the worst are willing and eager
to get elected, and in most instances salivate to get
elected, not to serve the public interest but, rather,
to enjoy better lives and take advantage of better
benefits than they would on average as private

Based on this information that was made public by
the BBC today
, I am withdrawing the opinion below
and stand in favor of full acceptance and equal rights
in employment without discrimination and restrictions
of our fellow transgender Citizens in our military forces,
exactly as it had been articulated by executive decisions
by the Obama administration. It seems to me, based on
the numbers published, that the problem mentioned
by the morph is fictitious and concocted, as, alas, are
many of his proclamations, in order to discriminate
against a specific part of the population he does not
feel any real affinity towards without a public outcry,
without repercussions and without legal challenges.
But the U.S. Citizens will stand strongly against any
form of discrimination now and in the future because
we are smart enough to HAVE LEARNED FROM

I am certain that, among transgender individuals,
there are many that can serve our military honorably
and contribute in a critical way to its missions and
its other activities. On the other hand, I understand
the concern that, given the expenses incurred in
medical operations involved in gender alteration,
there might be individuals motivated by the wrong
reasons to enter the military life and then shift their
focus on everyday personal worries and considerations
and not stay fully focused on the task at hand (even
though, admittedly, this also happens to many straight
soldiers that join the military for the wrong reasons
or eventually discover that they do not belong).
So, perhaps, a good compromise would be to allow
transgender people in general to serve, but, on the
other hand, deny medical care associated to sex
change operations, which should be undertaken
by the individual involved to alleviate the worry
that the veteran healthcare system may be abused
and not be allowed to focus on the tremendous needs
of the soldiers that are injured physically, mentally
and psychologically in battle, through no volition of
their own.

Absolutely no justification. If you cannot handle
being startled and be calm under duress, threat
. If you cannot stand the heat,
then, clearly, you cannot either protect or help
people in stressful and abnormal circumstances
and you are obviously going to cause more harm
and heartache. SO, PLEASE, DO GET OUT.

It is my opinion that no State, that does not have the
resources or the will and determination to put the
education of his young Citizens first, above personal
profiteering and corruption, especially when it is a
State rich in natural resources and in relatively good
shape, should allow rampant overpopulation without
the adoption of specific birth rate limiting measures,
including general publicity of the problems and a
public campaign to inform would-be parents that
their children will have limited chances of an
education and, consequently, very limited chances
at a decent livelihood. This, I believe, is a responsibility
not only towards the State's own population, but, also,
a responsibility towards more responsible and more
thoughtful neighboring States, which bear the brunt
of the failed policies of their neighbors when large
part of one's population is forced, because of the
absence of opportunities, to emigrate, or otherwise
gets involved in criminal and/or terrorist gangs
and outfits that plunder and threaten entire regions.

No wonder why he cain't recall and he cain't remember...

Based on freedom of individual rights and respect for
individual preferences, I have no problem in principle
with the notion of one man having a consensual relation
with multiple women or one woman having a consensual
relation with multiple men or with any other multi-
person combination, as long as all are adults and all
aware of the situation and mentally and psychologically
competent to be willing participants. On the other hand,
I strongly object to pseudo-religious leaders, who are
clearly lacking self-confidence and self-respect, using
their ``superior" and ``dominant" position in a pseudo
sect, pseudo-organization, pseudo-religion or pseudo-
outfit to subject other ``members" to sexual slavery
and/or sexual exploitation and to similarly accommodate
their relatives and associates, when the relationships
are clearly not symmetric and are based on power,
fear and ``influence". I guess Mr. Trudeau may wish
to rethink his ideas about free ``trade" when our
Neighbors of the North get subjected to exports of
the most backward, middle-age, abject and abusive
traits and habits in the History of Humanity that were
founded and nurtured on our side of the border and
continue to be allowed to flourish by partial, biased
and ``affiliated" elected ``judges", chiefs of ``police"
and ``sheriffs".

The question is, if they had ``nothing to hide" why,
then, were they hiding those meetings from Congress
and the investigators until the leaks started coming
out and more revelations were threatened in the
press? The answer is because, obviously, either they
clearly knew what they had done was inappropriate
and highly damaging, or they thought that what they
had done would be perceived by others as collusion
with Russian elements that would also be highly
damaging. In either case, these parties, relatives and
associates of the morph, knew very well that what
they were doing was questionable and they were
expecting, and had the clear, unequivocal intent (as
morph junior admitted), to gain significant advantage
through collusion, even though it might be true that
eventually they were played for suckers and nothing
important came out of the meetings. The essential
thing, though, here is that those ``governing" the
country and ``governing" us now had every intent,
and unhesitatingly so, to involve foreign actors
and foreign agents in the United States electoral
process had the opportunity arisen and had the
promised information been received.
The despicable morph's family members, through
their behavior, secretiveness, vagueness, insincerity
and equivocation, have blown their cover and shown
their real characters.

Ο άχρηστος αρχιπαπατζής Μπαρουφάκλας, ούτε
να διαβάζει Ελληνικά δεν ξέρει ή απλώς κάνει
την πάπια και ότι δεν καταλαβαίνει. Δηλώνει
στη δήθεν εμπεριστατωμένη απάντηση στον
Τσίπρα ότι ``είναι `υποκριτικό' να υποστηρίζει
ο πρωθυπουργός πως ήταν σωστή επιλογή για
το ΥΠΟΙΚ ενώ το Plan B ήταν αναποτελεσματικό."
Ο Πρωθυπουργός, χονδροαφερέγγυα, αυτάρεσκη,
ψευτο-πολιτική ψευδοπροσωπικότητα ήταν
απόλυτα σαφής: Και το πλάνο σου ήταν
``αναποτελεσματικό και ανάξιο συζήτησης"

(και γι αυτό θα απέβαινε και καταστροφικό
αν, Θεός φυλάξοι, δεν έβλεπες την πόρτα πριν
τα γ**ήσεις ολοσχερώς και ανεπιστρεπτί)
και δεν ήσουν η σωστή επιλογή (``έκανα λάθη,
ειδικά στην επιλογή προσώπων" απευθύνεται
σε' σένα αν δεν τό'πιασες, φαντασιόπληκτε,
χονδροαφερέγγυε, παρ'ολίγον πατριδοκτόνε).

Bravo to Poland's President who, despite the party
he comes from, he has opted to partially do the Right
Thing and attempt to safeguard to an extent the
critical independence of Poland's Judiciary from
other branches of Government under, admittedly
substantial pressure from the Government to the
contrary, but under strong and vocal backing from
progressive and forward looking sections of the
Polish Electorate. BRAVO, Mr. Duda!

This message is for the Polish and the Hungarian
leaders and the members of their Parliaments:
By joining the European Union, each European
Nation pledges Respect and Allegiance to some
Fundamental, Nonnegotiable Values and Rights
that All European Citizens hold Sacred. Among
them are Democracy, Respect for Fundamental
Human Rights, Strict Abidance by the Norms,
Customs and Tenets of International Law and
Crisp and Strict Respect for the Traditional
Separation of Powers - and maintenance of the
balance of Powers - that allows Modern States
to function as shared decision making entities
and not to stray away into absolutism and nepotism.
The European Union is not an umbrella that
cowards hide behind to shield them from Eastern
threats and dangers nor a wagon to send millions
or our Citizens for work elsewhere when in need,
while at the same time closing our own borders
de jure or de facto to Citizens of other Nations
and to refugees. If your stance vis-a-vis the bloc
continue to be an a-la-carte choice of what you
find comforting and convenient, while rejecting
one or more of these Inviolable Fundamental
Principles, then you should think seriously of
exiting and following your own paths alone and
choosing your separate destinies at your own peril.

Bravo to Binali Yildirim and to Alexis Tsipras for their
messages reminding the Greek and Turkish People, but
also the Citizens of the World, that regional differences
and political disagreements are too small when it comes
to life, the joys and the sorrows, that Neighbors share
and the common culture and destiny that binds them
together. I would only have hoped that both sides,
together with their Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot brothers
and sisters, would have kept this fundamental truth, that
many more things unite us than divide us, when it came
down to the military, political, territorial, financial and
social arrangements they were trying to reach at Crans
Montana. The mediators, the U.N., and third parties may
have some role to play, but the will of two communities
and of their leaders is the predominant and decisive
factor that should put pressure upon others to succumb
and let the two parties look forward
to a united future,
in Peace, Stability, Security and Prosperity inside a
genuinely Modern Sovereign State under the guarantees
of Democracy, Pluralism and Respect for all Fundamental
Individual Human Rights that issue from the Seminal
European Treaties and the Acquis Communautaire.

despicable morph's patriotism stops at ``defending" our
borders against people who have relatives in our United
States, closing out State to refugees and people in distress
and meeting with absolute monarchs and brutal dictators,
responsible for much of the turmoil, instability and perils
of this world to discuss ``security" and ``combating terrorism".
What a joke and what a shame, what a terrible, ignorant
abject individual this State and its Citizens have succeeded
in electing as our ``leader".

If politicians and others get embarrassed by ``leaks", then
they should not have done those things that make them feel
a posteriori angry and embarrassed, rather than lashing
out at the leaks. The Citizens have a right to know and if
our politicians and others are intent on conspiring in
secrecy and manipulating the system to hide their deeds,
and if leaks are the only way for us to uncover the truth
and to know what is really going on, so be it.

Trump's bigot, racist, despicable attorney general ``discussed
campaign-related matters with a Russian envoy". But he cain't
recall the meeting and he cain't recall what was discussed.
Repulsive, despicable liar in charge of our country's Justice
system. With Trump's choices, crassness and lack of decency
and intelligence our State has fallen at its lowest.