Pakistan is free again!!
There is nothing mixed in the legacy of an abhorrent dictator. Shame on BBC...
Shame on us, the west, for bankrolling a dictator and a regime that we would have never wanted as our own.
Are Pakistanis children of a lesser God?

It is very difficult to understand how Saakashvili dares to stand close to Secretary Rice
and accuse the west for not doing enough to protect his country. His move to attack
South Ossetia on the eve of the opening of the Beijing Olympics shows that he is an
irresponsible statesman. He has learned no lessons from the Cuban crisis and he has
absolutely no insight on the Kosovo crisis: Serbia was trying to "protect its province"
in the same way that Georgia is trying to "protect" South Ossetia and Abkhazia; only
their desire goes against the will of the majority of the local populations and, even more
significantly, it seems, of the powers to be...America and Russia, respectively.


This was not a presidential candidate. This WAS the NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE

Barack is now selectively supporting the death penalty and promises to expand
Bush's faith-based programs
. Furthermore, he supports some ability to hire and
to fire based on faith. Are we serious or is it a April fool's joke? And as if these were
not enough, he said that he has always believed that the Second Amendment
protects the right of individuals to bear arms
Obama's policy pirouettes lead him toward the center

If the EU is a democratic institution, why do its leaders refuse to see that its citizens
are vehemently refusing to ratify the cumbersome and unwieldly treaties that its
bureaucrats repeatedly try to feed them?

Le Figaro
reports that Jean-Claude Juncker is the favorite to preside over the European Council.

It would have been a very grave situation indeed if France had been sending the message to ministers
of governments in the developing world: "Embezzle public funds and come live comfortably in Paris

Why do authorities in the U.S. allow selective enforcement of the laws of the land so blatantly?
Why are restrictions on the drinking age or the ban of sales of tobacco to minors enforced so
strictly, while, at the same time, polygamy openly allowed? Are they not all moral issues and
all deemed unlawful by laws that are supposed to have equal stature in our civilized society?
The Yearning for Zion (Don't Ask Don't Tell What The Men Are Really Yearning For In There And Why Women In 21st Century America Are Going Along With It)

Some people have never gotten it, are not getting it and will never get it.
Mugabe is either seriously delusional or simply a very very untalented
leader... In a rapidly changing Africa, he is choosing to stay behind.

When in a certain field, it takes a panel of experts to conclude the obvious (that many
"non-experts" have been arguing about for years) the reliability of the field should be
seriously questioned.
Math Educators wake up!! It should not have taken a panel of experts to conclude that

Barack swept Mississippi
last night on his way to the White House.

King Abdullah is smart(ass) enough to tell the west that they are not doing enough
to combat terror, but he himeself uses terror to keep the women in his kingdom in the
dark ages
. (YouTube)

At least be man enough not to prosecute others for the crimes you are committing.
And above all, do not portray yourself as the defender of public morals...

The 2008 Democratic primaries and caucuses are a clear indication that the whole
process should be rethought and reorganized. How is the message of the candidates
to "get out and vote because your vote counts" to be trusted when, even for a two-
body race, the final decision is to be made by some "secret" and "obscure" body of
non-elected "superdelegates"? Then, they will again blame the youth for "apathy".

Tsar Dmitriy Anatolyevich will succeed Tsar Vladimir Vladimirovich.
The populace approved overwhelmingly the succession by a show
of hands...

Why do people insist on doing things that they have proven very weak at
in the past? Kofi Annan is smart enough to realize that mediation has not
been his strong point...

Anyone in need of a good lough should read the interview of Dictator Musharraf of
Pakistan in the Wall Street Journal. Notice that he has always done the opposite of
what he preaches.
1. "The confrontational politics of the 1990's should be left behind."
2. "The president has his own position but has no authority running the government. The clash would be if
     the prime minister and president would be trying to get rid of each other. I only hope we would avoid
     these clashes."
3. "...we bring about a stable democratic government to Pakistan."
4. For the supreme court: "...don't think it's legally possible to reinstate them" after he fired them!
5. Can you assure people that Pakistan's history of military coups is just that -- history? His response?!!
    "One can do that very confidently. We have brought about certain institutional checks and balances that
     would prevent any impulsive behavior from anyone."
6. Illusions of a dictator. How does he want to be remembered?!! "I would like them to remember that
    I served this country and people honestly with full dedication and that I performed. This is how I see it."

Mensaje del Comandante en Jefe


Kosovo declared independence. Who's next?
Maybe the
Kosovo Serbian enclaves?

Musharraf's terrorist state and police should be held accountable for the
unjust slain of Benazir Bhutto. Pakistanis should get rid of this tyrant
and abominable human (?) being sooner rather than later...

Europe's border-free zone expands!

Although I am a strong supporter of the EU project, I feel that with the
of the European treaty in Lisboa and its ratification by parliaments,
the EU governments have surpassed their authority.
A move as important as this, with far reaching potential consequences, that has proven in the past rather
controversial among EU citizens, should have definitely gone through national referenda. The fact that EU
leaders do not want their citizens to vote on the document is, by itself, a fortifying argument for this opinion
and a bad omen for what this treaty is bringing. It does not seem to have as its primary goal to solidify the
democratic traditions of the member states...


"But some Iranians, when they saw they could save some Jews,
they left their fear behind and did so - because of their character
and their culture, their beliefs and their traditions."
Hassan Fathi
TV series writer and director

Wouldn't it  be wonderful if President Ahmadinejad honored this
character and culture and beliefs and traditions of the Iranian people,
which have helped shape the culture of this world for many millenia?

troops and officers, do not repeat Musharraf's mistakes in
Pakistan. If you have issues with your elected government, try to defeat
it in the next elections. Do not make your people ashamed of their country.

Presidents Chavez and Uribe should understand that mixing personal
chemistry or lack thereof against the best interests of their countries
a fatal mistake.
"El arte de vencer se aprende en las derrotas" Simón Bolívar

Why do you care about OSCE observers boycotting Russian elections if your
government is the one that is placing restrictions on them in the first place?
I think that the Kremlin has to improve its mental functions...

Labor leader Kevin Rudd emphatically defeats conservative John Howard
in Australia's general elections
. Rudd will sign the Kyoto treaty and withdraw
Australia's combat troops from Iraq...

Why would one even bother to go through this charade, when the defendant
himself has appointed the deciding judges? Is this a country or a circus?
Are the majority of Pakistanis ashamed of what has become of their country?

Dictator Musharraf (now dreesed as a groom) said: "I have actually introduced
the essence of democracy in Pakistan, whether anyone believes it or not
". And
I reply: "Mush, you have killed Pakistan, whether you believe it or not..."

"We are introducing a new culture of smooth transition which is as it
should be in civilized societies."
, said the tyrant Musharraf. Maybe the
new oxy-virus strain originated with this dictator. Lessons of "smooth
transition" and of "civilized society" from this abominable slimy being?

Tyrant, wake up! Your country is not committing suicide. YOU ARE

At last, at last, at last... BBC refers to Musharraf as "General". Gone
now is the unwarranted title "President", although the title "Dictator"
is the one that fits his position, by any person's definition. The time will
come... Plus, Rice condemned the emergency rule.

The BBC reporting on the blast in Pakistan that killed scores of people
writes:  "President Musharraf said the attack was a "conspiracy against
democracy"". This is an oxymoron that insults the memories of all those
that have fought and are fighting for democracy in Pakistan. Dictator
Musharraf has established himself as the arch-conspirator against

How could the judges of a Supreme Court in a semi-decent country
allow a Dictator that has illegally overthrown a democratically elected
government to stand as a candidate in "democratic" elections?