Today, America lost its "greatest leader", the Senate lost its "patriarch". The "liberal lion's
mighty roar may now fall silent, but his dream shall never die". He will be "mourned not just
in America but in every continent"

It is not at all comprehensible to me why, when the republicans have a majority in both
chambers, they may rape and plunder this land of its resources and its wealth, whereas,
when the democrats acquire the same majority, they cannot even take one partisan initiative
like the Health Care Reform
for the good of this country and its citizens. NO TO A
If Sebelius cannot deliver now with both chambers democratic, let us find a replacement.

In a historic Senate vote Sonia Sotomayor won confirmation as the nation's first Hispanic
Supreme Court justice.

One more example
of the many that we've had over the last couple of years of the
utter pretentiousness of ethical conservativism in America... The lawmakers that are
trying to keep us in the dark ages, the pastors that are trying to keep us in the dark
ages, the district attorneys that are trying to keep us in the dark ages, all are doing
what they are preaching against behind the backs of naive and trusting conservative

It may be that the time of the Ayatollahs in Iran is over. The traditionally free and proud
democratic Iranian Psyche is again regaining ground and trying to take matters into the
streets and alleys of Tehran
rather than to the "Guardian Council", which is trying to impose
an Ahmadinejad dictatorship.

In general, I stand for the position that a health care reform is badly needed in this country.
I cannot support, however, a movement for a plan that either does not yet exist or there has
not been much success from the part of the Obama administration to detal the people on
We need MUCH more concrete information and details before we are able to decide whether
what they have in mind will be a step forward or just one of the same...

Jose Manuel Barroso should stand down
. Five years are enough, and, with all the crises
that European citizens are facing, a new, fresh approach and vision is needed at the helm
of the European Union to steer the continent deeper into the 21st century.

Another scam, giving Africa a bad name, the 40-year long "president" of Gabon, Omar
Bongo has taken the last trip to hell.

It is a pity that the turnout for the European Parliamentary elections was in the low 40s.
The EU citizens are critical of the functionality of the European Parliament. On the other
hand, they fail to take into consideration that "to elect and to be elected" is a privilege
like no other, that has been gained (in many countries) through struggle and sacrifices.

It's been so long since our President has outclassed and outsmarted his French counterpart.
And it is very pleasant and very gratifying that it is happening now, through the sustained
and persistent efforts of so many of our younger and older citizens...

After spending most of his days in government restricting our freedoms and suppressing
transparency in the public sector and granting contracts to his associates, big Dick is now
a big supporter of "freedom for everyone"...
Goodnight, Dick.


Barack chose federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor to become the nation's first Hispanic
Supreme Court justice, praising her as "an inspiring woman" with both the intellect and
compassion to interpret the Constitution wisely.

Bravo to Barack for passing and signing the Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act.
The most powerful military on earth should also be (politically) the smartest military on
earth, sensitive to the taxpayers' burden and accountable to the taxpayer for every waste.
Long gone the Bush-Cheney-Ramsfeld era of plundering this country through military
and other shady deals.

The Sri Lankan President must be a very naive man indeed...

Congress of Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh returns to power with
a "massive mandate"
in the largest democracy on earth.

When individuals are not smart enough to avoid membership is questionable sects that
adversely affect their health and well-being, their government has the moral responsibility
to step in and protect them
. Innocently sounding organizations, set up to exploit the
ignorant and poor of spirit, such as the Nemenhah Band, should be closed down before
they harm people seriously.

"That's the kind of urgency and determination that we need to achieve what I believe
will be historic legislation"
, our president said at the White House, standing on the
south driveway with Pelosi and Democratic leaders of the relevant House committees.

It is really funny and remarkable that this resounding failure is still going around in

the media trying to fix the unfixable. You tried, failed and went. And you are lucky
not to have been prosecuted for your crimes, for causing this country to almost fall
apart, both financially and in terms of its values. Move on, idiot.


Put al-Bashir behind bars, where he belongs, NOW
! No use interviewing this inhuman beast.

I am embarrassed by my own country, a country that has benefited a lot from emigration,
whose citizens have spread around the globe and have enjoyed the warm welcome and the
tolerance of many of the other people of this world. For us to attack immigrants that come
to our own country searching for a better life is absurd and utterly disturbing and shameful.

When Benedict XVI warns of misuse of religion, he should not only be thinking of
how religion (of every kind) instigates hatred around the globe but also how he himself
is making statements (especially concerning Africa) in the health sector that affect
the well-being of millions of people adversely...

Georgians, your president might be an arrogant and unsuccessful personality. BUT, in
modern democratic societies, THERE IS NO PLACE FOR COUPS AND MUTINIES.
Organize politically, demonstrate and, in the next elections, send a clear message to the
world that Georgians are involved and engaged and punish their politicians and their
if they do not measure up to their expectations.

Members of Parliament should be held to higher standards of ethics than the average person,
because they wield high enough power to be more prone to abuses than average people. By
today's decision not to send Pavlides to trial, despite strong enough evidence, the Greek MPs
are sending the message that they are interested more in protecting their own rather than in
"cleaning hands".

Specter, where were you when your (now) colleagues had been trying to contain the worst, most
autocratic and oligarchic regime in the history of this country for the past eight years? Oh, yes,
I forgot. Your political philosophy was, then, more with them rather than with progress and change.
But now, you are not planning to take the fall for your long-term choices... Cowardice at its best.

It is not responsible to welcome to the democratic party a "swinger" that is only interested
in securing reelection, and discovered after five-yes five-terms in the senate that his "philosophy"
(of greed) is now (that things are changing) with the Democrats rather than with the Republicans.
The magic number-60-is good, but not at any cost. NO SUPPORT FOR SPECTER from the
democratic party...

Iowans, let us NOT AMEND OUR CONSTITUTION to limit the rights of some of our
fellow citizens. Allowing same-sex marriage does not have any adverse effect on anyone
else's marriage. Let us continue being inclusive and understanding.

When people are unable to realize what is going on in their own homes, an outsider needs
to step up and recount them their own situation bluntly...

It is painful to watch this happening to a frail old man. But if his crimes against humanity
are exactly what they are alleged to be, he deserves at least that and even more...

I am not worried for the future of multimillionaires Lawrence Summers or David Axelrod.
I am worried about the prospects of this country and the futures of those of us that rely on
their biased "wise" judgements to survive...

Another Obama administration nominee with tax "mistake" issues. Two very important
questions have to be asked: 1. Why none of the prospective administration members has
made a mistake to overpay rather than underpay taxes? You would think that "honest"
mistakes would happen both ways... 2. If so many "sophisticated" and "upper class"
individuals cannot figure out their taxes correctly, would it not be a safe conclusion to
draw that the tax codes are too difficult for an average person to deal with? Senator
Kennedy must have a good answer to this question if he sides with Sebelius' approval.


I understand that Barack himself has a few millions, and may not want fellow millionaires
to give up their questionably earned wealth. However, this is no reason to resist passing a
bill that will force executives to do the right thing, if the companies that are compensating
them for failing in their duties are running completely amok
with public funding.

In the House, Reps. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., and Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, introduced a bill that
would tax at 100% bonuses above $100,000 paid by companies that have received federal
bailout money
. If that is what it takes and there is no other way for them to get it, DO IT!

Detroit, you deserve better. Resist the temptation to vote in a liar ex-NBAer that is so
insecure that he fabricated his edication credentials. And, if you vote him in, do not
claim later that you had not seen the lies and scandals coming...

We do not need further commentary on this break-up. Suffices it to think of the predicament
of Ms. Conservative Bulldog-with-lipstick had the kids not been forced to exchange vows...

This slimy suck-up-to-anyone personality went from democrats to republicans and,
without a shred of shame, back to democrats
, if that is what it will take to get him
reelected... Connecticut, wake up and throw Lieberman out of office.

This is good! Omar al-Bashir is realizing that his days of freedom are numbered...

Clean one more scum from the face of this earth.

Boycott Blagojevich's book!! Not a penny more in the pockets of
corrupt politicians.
Force the publisher to withdraw the offer for "The governor"...

If the courts allow Madoff to keep $62M in assets after having scammed people
all over the globe of nearly $50B
, the US of A will be exposed as a country where
stealing has the official seal of this (banana?) republic... And really, after so many
of our politicians were exposed for not paying taxes in recent weeks, do we also
need this additional fanfare?

And for a moment we really thought that some office holder was quitting on principle
and not on charges of corruption. But the press knows better and, next time around,
I will stand accused of mistrust rather than believing that there are still honest people
in the capital of this nation... If Barack misled us again, he should go public and
acknowledge his new error(?).

African leaders should exercise the maximum possible pressure to bring the looters of the
continent and of the wealth of its people
to justice. Start with Mugabe and Mujuru now!

How is it possible that documents like these are signed by public authorities in the year
2001 in this country, that has made so much progress as to have elected a person of color
as its current president? And how is it possible for an ex-president, no matter how idiotic
and usuccessful his presidency might have been, to have chosen to live in such a place?

Force Burris' resignation now! Clean Illinois politics once and for all.

Barack, keep being honest and straightforward. This is an ideal we should all aspire to attain
and your leading the way allows us a breath of fresh air that, under the previous regime, we
have not had the chance to enjoy for so long...

Having psychological problems should not be a reason or an excuse to jeopardize or putting
at risk the lives of oneself or of others. Nor bringing more human beings than one can handle
in this world should be an attempted substitute for "connections and attachments" that the
mother lacked when growing up...
I am questioning the ethics of offering the mother money
for books, appearances etc. and giving celebrity status to a human that is an example to be

It is very fortunate that the media are so alert as to reveal all the greasy people that Obama is
trying to slip under the mat inside the white house
. It may be that so many politicians and so
many powerful people have been avoiding to pay taxes for so long that he cannot find anyone
for hire that has not practiced this favorite Washington sport...

If you are "embarassed and disappointed by the errors" that required you to amend your tax
, then why did you make them in the first place? Answer: Because you did not know you
would be nominated for higher office and your tax returns would be srutinized; So you would not
have to pay the extra $120,000 that the rest of us pay like idiots...for the wars that you vote for.

It seems that even Senators with good reputations have not been paying their taxes properly.
And we are only learning of these infractions because they have been appointed for higher office.
I am wondering what would be the result if everyone of our lawmakers was scrutinized in the
same way... Shame that people who vote for wars are passing the bill on to the middle-class
while at the same time are scamming the government and refusing to pay their own share of
the bill. Barack should have handled these issues better and the senate should refuse to confirm.