It is not his fault that he is out of office attending a yacht race. It is OUR FAULT!
How much is he making per year? Does he care if he is laid off? Will it change his
life even a slightly bit? Who else on this earth goes on vacation while his company
is going through a deep crisis that is affecting the livelihood of thousands - if not
millions - of other people?
That is exactly who our business leaders are. Send
them your and the Republican Party's sympathies...

When is the Obama Administration going to realize that they have to strongly
remind Gates that he is NOT the appropriate authority to make undiplomatic
and - to a certain extent senile - comments on US foreign policy
? The President
and Secretary Clinton are in charge of that sensitive domain and Gates - rightly
so - is not. The Bush era, where an irresponsible official of his caliber could
create undue fear and panic about a potential massive missile attack of Iran
on Europe, or make undiplomatic and harmful comments regarding Russia's
approach on the Iran issue being "schizophrenic" (and this from an official of
one of the most schizophrenic administrations of the entire US history), is gone,
hopefully never to return, and his idiotic comments are most unwelcome and
need to be controlled sooner rather than later.

στο Φύλλο 87 της 7ης Ιουνίου 2010 το Νόμο Υπ' Αριθμόν 3852 "Νέα Αρχιτεκτονική
της Αυτοδιοίκησης και της Αποκεντρωμένης Διοίκησης − Πρόγραμμα Καλλικράτης."

The Obama administration would do well to reign on the uncalled for statements
of Secretary Gates. When Gates declares that he holds "some in Europe" responsible
for Turkey looking eastward (he does not even have the guts to mention France and
Germany by name!), he should be reminded by the Secretary of State and the
President that what the Europeans decide about their relationship with Turkey is
their own business and a matter for their own Ministers of Foreign Affairs and
Governments to work on
. If the US wants, apart from a special relationship with
Turkey, to also give a bigger saying (possibly a proportional representation) to
Turkey in the US Congress, they may vote right away to invite them to become
their 51st State; I do not think that any EU country would interfere, either by
encouraging them to do so or by denying them the right to do so. A little respect
for the sovereignty of other countries and for their right of non-interference in their
domestic affairs never hurt anyone; especially by a representative of a bankrupt
Washington military establishment of the past, a failed politician, who did not
have the personal dignity to turn down a post at which he had failed when it
was offered to him again...

The Jewish state and its "citizens" have to, at last, stop exploiting issues and
citizens of third countries in order to resolve their own problems and to extract
revenge for their bankrupt foreign policies and military affairs
. After how many
decades are the victims of the holocaust choosing to remember the victims of the
Turkish invasion and occupation of northern Cyprus? After how many decades
of vacationing in and financially backing the so-called TRNC are now choosing to
condemn the Turkish invasion and occupation? But what else, what more decent
can anyone expect anymore from a state that practices state terrorism, hijacks
ships on the high seas and kills citizens of other countries? SHAME on Israel

If there is one politician for whom campaign promises mean something, that is
Barack. He would therefore be wise to take seriously into account the Japanese
Prime Minister's pledge about the American bases and the American presence in
the region. This issue is not primarily about US interests; it is primarily about
Japanese and other allied interests in the region and the US can assist best by
listening to their concerns and the opinion of the local electorate...

It is sad when the president of a democratic country is pressured to resign over
making a potentially politically unfortunate, but sadly accurate and apparently
true, statement...

If the reports that the Israeli forces have killed more than 10 people on board
the armless armada delivering humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip are true, the

whole world should be up in arms against an aggressive and intransigent Jewish
state that is out of control.  Is that the sympathy and the empathy that the
holocaust has imbued to the people of Israel? Is that the reaction of a civilized
nation? Is that the contribution of this underculture brewing in the post World
War II Jewish state to the new world civilization? SHAME, SHAME, just SHAME,
nothing more nothing less...

The director general of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Greece is right to
complain about the higher prices that Greeks are paying for the same drugs
as compared to other European countries. But Greece is, as usual, at fault on
how it is handling the situation.
A country where controls and oversight work
does not wait until its economy is at the edge of a precipice to artificially slash
(by decree) drug prices by 25%. Instead, over the several years when the public
and the insurance agencies were paying higher prices than those in other EU
countries, the Greek government should have encouraged a massive plan of
negotiations with those EU countries to buy those medicines through them at
the same exact prices that they were paying. Why did this NOT happen?
Either Greek incompetence and inertia or, more likely, during the good
times, some pharmaceutical companies, dealers and other intermediaries
were making excessive profits and paying substantial bribes to people in
charge, thus encouraging them to ignore, or delay action on, this very
serious issue...

Tasos Mantelis is admitting that the Siemens bribe was ostensibly a campaign
contribution only to obscure the reality that the money was really a personal
bribe for signing off to Siemens a Greek government contract.
How is it possible
for that money to have been a campaign contribution when it is now clear that
the biggest withdrawal went to pay tuition at Columbia University? George
Papandreou and the Greek Parliament should follow proper procedure, lift
any immunities sheltering this first of admitted thieves of public property and
initiate appropriate legal processes for his conviction and incarceration.

Why is it so difficult for these businessmen that are involved with either
Panathinaikos or Olympiacos to understand that professional football
clubs are companies and that, in the same way that they do not go around
in the press bad-mouthing their fellow shareholders and making informal
and irresponsible statements about their own companies, they should do
the same and respect the same principles when governing their football
company interests. Why do they exhibit such severe lack of judgment
and such lackluster professionalism when it comes to managing football?

Δυστυχώς, πολλοί πλούσιοι "ευεργέτες" στην Ελλάδα είναι αυτού του
επιπέδου, του επιπέδου Βγενόπουλου. Διαβάστε για να καταλάβετε...
Μετά τί μπορούμε να περιμένουμε σε μία χώρα που κυβερνάται από

Πώς είναι δυνατόν σε μία χώρα στην οποία οι μισθοί, οι συντάξεις, οι
παροχές κ.λ.π. μειώνονται δραστικά, οι αυξήσεις στις τιμές των προϊόντων
και των άλλων υπηρεσιών να αυξάνονται ταυτόχρονα με ξέφρενους ρυθμούς?

Ακόμα και σε τομείς όπως μέσα μαζικής μεταφοράς, όπου το κράτος θα
έπρεπε να έχει μία δυνατότητα συντονισμού και συγκράτησης, φαίνεται
ότι τα πάντα είναι πια εκτός ελέγχου. Ελπίζω, αλλά δυστυχώς δεν αισιοδοξώ,
ότι ό,τι λέγεται για ανάκαμψη έχει κάποια, ακόμα και ασθενή, βάση...

What I hear when I read the public statements by the BP CEO Tony
Hayward is a man that, clearly, does not know what he is talking about.

First, from BP's response to the oil spill, it is apparent that BP had not
planned for anything like what happened. How is it then possible for its
CEO to "underestimate" the disaster, if he does not have any reliable
estimates in the first place? Obviously he underestimated purposedly
to save as much as possible his company and his fat salary and bonuses.
Second, how can he provide an estimate of 60 to 70 per cent success for
a technique that the company has never used before, nor, obviously, was
it ever intending to use for the purpose it is forced to use it now? He is
again going to have to admit that he "overestimated", although no real
estimate ever existed for its success beforehand... Besides a mess in action,
this CEO is also in a big mess, and creates a big liability, in words...

According to new evidence, it now seems that the world's premier gangster
state had a very good reason for not signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation
. Not only does it own nuclear armaments, but it was also aspiring
in proliferating them...

Australia is right in expelling an Israeli diplomat over the forgery of fake
Australian passports used in the Hamas murder affair in Dubai
. Enough is
enough. The memory of the holocaust, its victims and its survivors cannot
justify illegal and agressive acts by a state claiming to represent and honor
them. Even worse, it cannot justify, under any provision of international
law, endangering the citizens of third countries, such as Australia, for the
short-sighted gains in a bilateral conflict, in which Israel, after all, is
partially to blame for refusing to abide by its obligations as laid out by
repeated UN resolutions on the conflict.

It is really sad that a regime that has been making the lives of the majority
of its citizens so miserable has been taking as agressive and dangerous a
stance against the lives of its relative citizens that have so often advocated
for help and support and brotherly attitude in this conflict
. I am confident
that, despite this unforgivable incident, the peaceful spirit and the dynamism
of South Koreans will again shine through in helping create a unified nation
without artificial boundaries and oppressive regimes.

One more peek at the true character of Evangelical Christian and abstinence
promoting conservative politicians that teach unto others the theories that
they are clearly unwilling to abide by themselves...
the November 2010 elections. Let us return an even more liberal and open
minded Congress with people that, instead of being bigots and hypocrites and
instead of professing an old and bankrupt version of Christianity for the sake
of electability, are ready to adopt modern ideas adapted to contemporary
needs and dealing with the concerns emanating from the current form and the
current demands of civilization; not those of the first centuries A.C.

There has been some sort of a deal between Brazil, Iran and Turkey on the
exchange of quantities of Uranium of various degrees of enrichment between
Iran and Turkey
. Of course, any deal or compromise that would return Iran
in a path of reintegration to the community of civilized nations without the
need for further UN sanctions would be welcome. On the other hand, the
deal attained is highly suspicious for several reasons. The most serious
among them are, first, that it does not address one of the thorniest issues,
which is Iran's continued uninspected domestic enrichment of Uranium, and,
second, Turkey's very suspicious bias in vehemently promoting Iran's position
and opposing international condemnation, even when it is deserved. This
policy has made Turkey's position inherently ureliable and is causing
concern of the possible existence of an undisclosed agreement between Iran
and Turkey on nuclear and security cooperation.

Δεν υπάρχει κανένας αποπροσανατολισμός της κοινής γνώμης. Ο Γιώργος
Αλογοσκούφης ήταν από τα πιο σημαντικά μέλη της συμμορίας που λεηλάτησε
τη χώρα και είναι ντροπή που δεν έχει ακόμα παραιτηθεί από το οικονομικό
πανεπιστήμιο, αλλά τολμά να παραδίδει μαθήματα οικονομικών σε μέλλοντες
οικονομικούς επιστάτες κράτους και επιχειρήσεων. Λίγη ευθυξία πια στην
Ελλάδα δε βλάπτει και κανέναν...

The Russian forces aboard the Marhal Shaposhnikov did the right thing by
releasing the pirates in the wild.
In the same way that these pirates are expecting
the sailors that they capture to do their jobs and survive in the wild, they should
know that there are serious and determined governments and navies that are
willing to use all means at their disposal to destroy them and their operations.

Η Μπακογιάννη είχε τουλάχιστον δύο-τρία χρόνια για να διαπιστώσει οτι η Νέα
Δημοκρατία, στης οποίας την κυβέρνηση ήταν μέλος, και οι αποφάσεις της οδηγούσαν
τη χώρα στην καταστροφή. Αλλά η Μπακογιάννη άρχισε να σφυρίζει στον καινούργιο
το σκοπό αφότου έχασε την Καρέκλα από τον Σαμαρά
. Μόνο αφελείς 'Ελληνες θα
μπορούσαν να αποδώσουν στη Μπακογιάννη πατριωτικά κίνητρα για την απόφασή
της να στηρίξει με τη ψήφο της τα μέτρα λιτότητας που έλαβε σήμερα η κυβέρνηση
του Γιώργου Παπανδρέου. Η Νέα Δημοκρατία ξεμπέρδεψε από ένα στέλεχος του
οποίου ο εγωισμός και η στενοχώρια ήταν επικίνδυνα για την παράταξη και είναι
επικίνδυνα για τον τόπο.

For all naive citizens out there: When the President says that BP will pay for
the Louisiana spill, he does not mean that BP will pay by decreasing its profit
margins; he means, as always, that you and I will pay by facing generous oil
price increases at the pump
, where BP and others are colluding and price fixing
to help each other's wallets for years...

I think that this article of the BBC, providing a comparison between the
Argentinian and the Greek financial conditions and currency policies that
have led both countries to financial ruin, is worth reading, as it rationalizes
some thoughts that economists in both countries should have taken into
account before deciding on adopted fiscal policies, but failed to do.

How is it possible for a U.S. based website not to be closed down by the U.S.
authorities and/or the FBI, when it is openly publicising threats on the lives
of the creators of "South Park"?
According to the BBC, the website was saying
"We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably
wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show".
Despite the fact that the same
website was also mentioning that
"This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of
what will likely happen to them,"
it is obvious that the latter statement contradicts
the former and it is only made to alleviate the website's blatant breach of its
legal responsibilities. Just imagine what would have happened if similar
statements had been made from anyone planning some horrible act and
announcing it in this open, but seemingly ambivalent, way on a website...

If what is revealing about the relationship between Inter's coach and
the referee of the Inter-Barcelona game is true, then Mourinho should be fined
and banned from participating in Champion's League competition for not
revealing such a heavy conflict of interest with a referee of the league.

What the f**k are they going to preach next? Some people do not realize they
are talking to humans, an intelligent species...

Barack, you have taken a softer and more conciliatory stance towards all peoples
of this earth with an understanding of their and our differences and their and our
political and social disagreements. This openness and good will has been helping
in bilateral and multilateral relations. You have even extended a hand of friendship
to regimes not yet ready to shake it, like Iran. And it is definitely not your fault
that the mullahs, for their own self-interests, are not receptive to closer relations
and cooperation and are, thus, betraying centuries-old traditions of the Persian
people. What you have not done yet, and this is your and our fault, is extend
a hand of frienship and offer help to the Cuban people, despite there being many
on the island and in the U.S. that are ready to work together under mutual
respect and understanding of each other's differences, political history and
political and social sensitivities.
NOW IS THE TIME. The regime will not fall
by an isolationist, hostile and introverted U.S. foreign policy. The regime will
change slowly by a constructive and healthy dialog, by economic and cultural
cooperation, by a spirit of universalism and human values that both countries
have been, and are still, aspiring to, despite their leaders' disagreements on the
means of achieving them.

The situation with the Olympic preparations for the Sochi 2014 Olympics is indeed
very worrisome
. It seems like many people are admitting that, instead of trying to
eliminate, or at least minimize, the possibility of human errors, the area is being
developed frantically and the organizers are relying on luck and prayers for the
successful and uneventful execution of the games. Furthermore, it sounds from the
various BBC interviews that, anticipating potentially hazardous and damaging
events, the IOC is already passing the blame to the local organizing committee
and the Russian state and, conversely, the local construction officials are passing
responsibility to the IOC and its oversight of the necessary research and venue

It was a big relief to find out that Huckabee has a degree in religion. I had thought
for a moment that he had been a lawyer and was astonished at his complete ignorance
and/or disregard of such basic principles of discourse as the fallacy of an argument
based on drawing analogies between two very different and completely unrelated

The Russian prime minister may be a hard bargainer and a rough politician,
and not the best person to lead a country towards genuine democracy, but he
is a human being; and all human beings live and suffer and die, and no human
being can remain emotionless in the wake of such a tragedy...

The Polish President Lech Kaczynski and many other Polish officials and
intellectuals die in a plane crash on their way to Smolensk
in what was described
by a tearful Prime Minister Donald Tusk as "the most tragic event of the country's
post-World War II history".

With one swift swoop by a subtle but dexterous piece of diplomacy, the United
States classified Israel in the same basket as Iran and North Korea without allowing
as much as a single word of protest from Jerusalem's side
. After all Israel gagged
itself diplomatically, since it "never confirms and never denies" issues concerning
the U.S. classification...

The Catholic Church has to realize that all modern secular states are viewing the
Vatican and its international network of employees as a human organization and,
thus, hold it responsible to abide by any laws, rules and regulations that other
organizations are supposed to abide by. The Vatican, therefore, has to either learn
to play by these rules, withdraw from countries whose rules it is unwilling to
follow, or, if it has stayed out of touch with this reality, dissolve as an organization
altogether to avoid paying a hefty price for its existence and non-compliance.
But it is definitely not helpful
at all to its cause to provide responses to accusations
that are not relevant to the matters that it is accused of...
Can it not see that its
condemnation of abortions and gay marriage are irrelevant to the issue at hand,
which is that some of its employees have gravely harmed part of the population
and, instead of their superiors exposing their actions, the organization itself has
installed an elaborate scheme of transfers and manipulations in order to suppress
and avoid dealing with these allegations? By now, Vatican may be honestly doing
what it can, but it still has to account for why it did so only after it was exposed
and forced to and not by recognizing a priori the legal and ethical responsibility
it had to address these issues immediately according to the law.

The Jews, as people, had done nothing to "deserve" the Holocaust. On the other
hand, the Catholic Church, as an institution, fully deserves the criticisms that it is
receiving. It is unfathomable and contradictory trying to guide and advise a flock
while, at the same time, protecting its abusers. In fact, the Church's current behavior
is highly reminiscent of the ambivalent and controversial behavior of its notorious
pope Pius XII. Cantalamessa, and every Cantalamessa, would better think twice
before uttering disturbing and disrespectful comments in yet another attempt to
mend the unfixable, thus making it worse...

Karzai says that the UN is responsible for him having rigged last year's presidential
The West needs to withdraw all financial aid and all political support from
his untrustworthy regime and it needs to do it NOW, before the consequences of
supporting him become irreversible and the situation irreparable.

Vatican's reaction to the renewed allegations about sex abuses by its priests is
sad and pathetic
. First, Vatican throughout its history has tried very hard to
spread its influence and authority over catholics in all corners of the globe. To
argue that, when these disciples misbehave, they are not under Papal authority
is contradictory and distasteful to say the least. Second, for a church to be mostly
interested in the legalese, rather than in the suffering that itself has caused to its
flock is abhominal and hair raising.

Netanyahu, his credibility at an all time low and morally bankrupt, shamelessly
arrives in Washignton making claims that  demands on the Palestinian side for
Israel to abide by its obligations are responsible for delays in the peace talks
What Netanyahu is not taking into account is that the international community
does not consist of a bunch of idiots. On the other hand, he is playing on the
willingness of the White House to pretend idiocy in the face of the latest insults
and intransigence of the Israeli side...

The Health Care Overhaul Bill was signed into law by Barack. Neither he nor
the Vice President could hide their exuberance.

Is this Netanyahu or Erdogan? We'll let them sort it out by calling ambassadors
and have them sit in chairs of various sizes...

It seems that a whole lot of British politicians are moving on the brink of
legality. It really stinks to have to deal with so many investigations about
lawmakers and lawyers not knowing even how to avoid the appearance
that they are breaking laws and regulations...

The Heatlh Insurance Reform Bill has cleared the US House of Representatives
with a dramatic 219 to 212 vote in a late Sunday night monumental voting session.

It seems reasonable to create (if one does not already exist) an international
database, possibly under the auspices of the World Health Organization, that
would include the profiles of all those medical doctors whose licenses have
been revoked in some country around the globe. The practice of medicine is
a sensitive enough issue that individuals who have been banned from practice
in some country should not be able to present a similar risk to the public of
other countries